His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 6 – 7


( Melting His Heart….)

Episode 6

By: Summer Gold

” What do you mean by hurting himself?? Why will he do that?? ” Kristen asked

” He’s very aggressive,, he always destroy things whenever he’s angry or sad,,,”

” How can I talk to him? I resumed just today,,he’s not going to listen to me. But let’s go ” Kristen said and Shane lead the way

They both entered his room,,,almost everywhere was upside down already. Kristen gasped and couldn’t say anything,,,

” Why is his hand bloody?? ” she asked in a whisper from Shane

” I have no idea ” He whispered back

Nicholas turned and walked out of the room without giving them a glare,,Kristen breathe out freely touching her chest

” That’s scary,, come on we need to clean these mess up ” She said

” You don’t have to worry,,The Maids will do that ” Shane replied and walked out

” Where is he going now??” Kristen wondered before heading back to Jenna’s room

She was asleep already almost in a sitting position,,Kristen laid her properly on the bed.
Kristen checked the time again,,,

” Gosh this is almost 10,,I need to go home. ” She complained pacing round the room

Jenna is not awake,Nicholas is not back too. Jenna haven’t eaten dinner,how will she go home??

Just as she was thinking about these things,, a call came on.

📞 For heaven sake Kristen!! Where are you
Tara shouted

📞 Am sorry Tara,, things are complicated right now. I don’t know what to do

📞 I don’t understand anything Kristen,,just don’t come home. Find a way to sleepover,, it’s damn late already.
Tara said

📞 I can’t,, am coming home soon

📞 Coming home?? Did you even check the time at all??


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Don’t worry Tara,I will find my way home.

📞 Kristen,,Kristen,!!

Kristen ignored her and hanged up,,she can’t stay here. She doesn’t even have any clothes here or any other thing.

‘ Mr Bill,,where are you’ she thought and walked toward the window again. She didn’t know when she smiled immediately she saw his car coming into the compound

Gosh,,finally ” She groaned and immediately carried her bag going out of the room.

She Almost walked out when the door opened and Nicholas came in,,what? So fast? How did he get here??

She couldn’t move,she just stood still looking at him. She looked down to his hand, it was not bringing out blood again but it’s not treated either.

None of them talked until a faint voice interrupted the silent moment,,

” Nanny??” She called and Kristen immediately went to her

” Are you okay??” She asked

” Are you leaving already?? ” Jenna asked

Yes Jenna,,you slept for so long. I need to go,,it’s late ” Kristen replied

” You can stay here,,,I don’t want to be alone ” Jenna said

Kristen looked up to Nicholas who haven’t said a word,,

” Mr Bill is here,,,I can’t sleepover,,I will have to change clothes and I have none,,,” Kristen said

” Am hungry ” Jenna said and sat up,,that was when she saw Nicholas.

” Daddy,,,,” She called with a smile

” Are you okay now??” He asked and she nodded

” What do you want to eat,,The maids can bring it,,,,”

” Nanny promised to make me something delicious in the morning,,, can you do it tonight?? ” Jenna grinned

” It’s Late Jenna,,,I promise am gonna prepare something tomorrow. ” Kristen replied

” Then make me tea before going,,” Jenna said

” Okay,,,I will do that ” Kristen said and immediately stood up walking out of the room.
She went downstairs to the kitchen, she immediately made the tea and went back to the room. She met them laughing together which made her glad at least,,

” Jenna it’s here,,I need to go now.” She dropped it

” Good night nanny ” Jenna smiled

” Bye Jenna,,goodnight sir ” She bowed

Nicholas nodded,,Kristen sighed and immediately went out of the room.

‘ Too grumpy,,’ she said inwardly as she went downstairs. She checked the time again,, it’s after 10.

” Gosh,,”

She walked out of the house,,she was about opening the gate when she heard her name

” Kristen,, are you done already?? ” Richard asked

” Yeah goodnight ” She replied still making an attempt to open

” Am taking you home,, come in ”

” What?? I don’t want you to get into trouble because of me, I can find my way home” she responded

” It’s Mr Bill’s order,,come on ” Richard smiled

” Mr Bill??” She Asked again and he nodded


immediately rushed to him and entered the car

” He’s not that bad as you’re thinking,, ” Richard smiled

” I guess so,,” She replied
” Thank you so much Richard,, see you tomorrow ” Kristen waved as she closed the door

” Yeah,,goodnight ” Richard replied and drove off immediately

Kristen smiled and then went in,,as she opened the door, Tara appeared.

” Who is that??’ She asked

” It’s Richard,,one of Mr Bill’s drivers ” She replied

” Oh,,,okay. But why so late??”

” Something came up,,am so tired right Now and hungry ” Kristen groaned walking into her room

” That’s weird ,,,,I prepared something!! Take your bath and come over!!” Tara called after her

” Thanks Tara,,will be there ” Kristen replied


” Good morning miss Kristen ” The maids all greeted

” Morning ” She replied with her usual beautiful smile before going upstairs

” Gosh I love her ” One of the maids said

” She’s so pretty,, ” another one said dreamily

” And Humane,,she’s so tender. I love her ”

” She reminds me of Lady Sarah,,” She whispers

” Wow,that’s right. Same pretty face and heart, wow ”

” But she’s so early today,,why?? Jenna is not going to wake up until 8 am ”

Just then Kristen came into the kitchen,,

” Am sorry,,,I will be preparing Jenna’s food this morning. Just this once,, I don’t want to disappoint her,I promised already ” Kristen explained gently

” Of course,,you can go ahead. We will help you to make it faster ”

” That will be so nice,,thanks ” Kristen said and put on the kitchen pinny.

” So Miss Kristen,,what are you cooking for the kid??”

” Something simple, I can’t call it a meal. Just a breakfast stuff,,,have you heard of PB&J waffles sandwiches?? ” She asked

” Heard of it but never tried it,,are you sure you can make that?? ” a maid asked

” Watch me ” She winked and rolled up and sleeves,,she tied her hair and then wore the hand gloves.

” Can you get me five frozen waffles please?” She asked

A maid immediately went to bring it,,

” Nut butter and Jam,,,” She demanded again………
” Oh my God!!! This is amazing!!! ” the maids all shouted as they tasted the fast food

” This is the best taste ever Miss Kristen ”

” Thanks ” She smiled

” Wow,,,,,just wow. ”

Kristen walked out of the kitchen with a glass of water in her hand and went upstairs,,Jenna was awake already. She was watching the morning cartoon,

” Jenna,morning ” Kristen said handing out the water to her

” I knew you were around,,your bag is right on the table ” Jenna said not taking her eyes from the cartoon as she keep on sipping the water.

” Yeah,,I came here quite earlier ” Kristen replied

” Am starving,,, that’s because I didn’t eat last night ” Jenna rubbed her stomach

” Let’s get you ready,,I made you something delicious ” Kristen said

” Wow!!! You keep your promise!! ” She shouted and Kristen nodded

” Now I like you more,,most people doesn’t keep their promises ” Jenna rolled her eyes and drop the water making Kristen to chuckle

” Let’s go greet daddy first,and then we can get ready ” She said

Jenna stood up and immediately followed her

They got to Nicholas’s door,,Jenna almost opened but Kristen stopped her

” You should apologize to daddy,,for making him feel bad yesterday ” She whispered and Jenna nodded and then opened the door

” Daddy ” Jenna ran to hug him

” How are you doing?? ” he asked and kissed her cheek

” Am fine,,, am sorry for making you feel bad yesterday. I promise it won’t happen again,,,,” Jenna said

Immediately she said that Nicholas looked at Kristen,,he knew she was the one who asked her to do that. He looked down at Jenna again with a smile

” Promise?? ” he asked and she nodded

” Good,,,” He smiled

” See you later dad ” She said running out of the room

” Morning Mr Bill ” Kristen greeted and he nodded as usual,she bowed and then went out closing the door behind her.
” Can you please be fast? I can’t wait to eat the food you prepared ” Jenna said and Kristen chuckled

” It’s going nowhere Jenna,,I made it specially for you ” Kristen said

” Still can’t wait ” Jenna replied

Immediately Kristen was done with her,she ran out. Kristen shook her head and took Jenna’s bag before going out.

Jenna was already sitting when she got downstairs,, she opened the sandwiches and placed two pieces in front of her with a cup of milk.

” This looks yummy,,,not bread ” Jenna said and Kristen laughed.

Jenna grab one of the pieces and took a little bite, it was followed with a gasp

” Do you like it??” Kristen asked

” I’ve never tasted something as delicious as this ” She said and bite it more hugely

” Jenna you’re gonna choke ,,,be gentle ” Kristen said taking it from her mouth

Jenna nodded and started eating slowly,,, just then they heard some steps and they all turned toward Nicholas coming downstairs but immediately looked away when they saw him.

” Good morning Mr Bill ” The maids greeted

He ignored their greetings and walked toward the door,,

” Mr Bill, you won’t eat breakfast? ” Jenna teased and Nicholas chuckled before turning back

” Mr Bill is not hungry,, ” He replied

” Wow dad,,come have a taste of this. It’s really amazingly made by nanny,,” Jenna said and Kristen gasped

( Melting His Heart….)

Episode 7

The maids all waited for his response,, he stood still for some seconds before walking back to them.

” Thank you daddy!!” Jenna said out loud and Kristen smiled as Nicholas sat down

She immediately served him and watched in silence,, he stared at it before picking one. He took a bite and chewed gently,.

” Daddy,,how is it?” Jenna asked

He nodded with a straight face, his expression was as dark as ever.

‘ Gosh,,this man is something else’ Kristen thought

” I need to go Jenna,,,take care ” Nicholas said and walked out.

” What’s wrong?? Did something happen?? ” Jenna asked sadly

” I think he have a urgent meeting,, don’t worry about him. Eat up and let’s go ” Kristen said patting her hair

” Peck my cheek” Jenna said and Kristen was shocked

” What are you waiting for??” Jenna asked

Kristen smiled and kissed her cheek,

” The food is yummy nanny,,can I take this to school? I want to share with my friend ” She said

” Oh,,Alex?? ” Kristen asked

” No,,Jenny,, she’s my best friend ” Jenna replied

” So Alex is not your best friend? ”

” It’s a secret ” Jenna chuckled and got down from the chair

” Oh Jenna ” Kristen chuckled

” They are so cute ” The maids whispered among themselves


” Mr Nichols?? Are you okay??” Megan called when she noticed that Nicholas wasn’t listening to her.

” What were you saying?? “He asked and she sighed

” I was talking about the Preview Of the business with Mr Ben,,,we are to have a meeting tomorrow and it include two other companies,, we really need to prepare so we can win this. Mr Ben’s company is the best in France,,heard he arrived last week and he’s searching for the best company to partner with. If we can do this,,, our company is going to become more popular,, not just that Mr Ben is really some wealthy man too. I believe we are going to win this,, but the INITECH company is our competitor and they are included in this Sir ” Megan concluded

” Get me a cup of coffee” Nicholas said and Megan bite her lips wondering if she have been talking to herself all these while

” Okay sir ” She said and walked into the inner room in the large office,, it’s like a small kitchen where few things are kept including water dispenser and others.

After making the coffee,she came out and dropped it on the table

” Here sir ” She said

He took it and sipped from it,,,

” The INITECT COMPANY is included? ” Nicholas asked

” Yes sir,,they are ” She replied

He nodded and made a call through the line phone,,

📞 Yeah Shane,,Find out everything about Mr Ben,having some business with him tomorrow. Okay good

He dropped the call and Megan smiled happily

” we are definitely going to win this as as usual Mr Nichols ” She said and Nicholas nodded

” Thanks for the coffee ” Nicholas said

” It’s nothing,, I guess you like it. I will go now ” She bowed lightly and walked toward the door

Nicholas looked up and watched her until she was out of the office,,he was interrupted when the door opened again and a young man in his early 30s came in with a wide smile on his lips.

” Nicholas” He called and Nicholas eyes brightened immediately

” Hey Tim,,what’s up ” Nicholas said stretching his hand for a shake which Tim took gladly before sitting down

” How have you being?? Missed you a lot ” Tim said

” Been good and bored without your silliness ” Nicholas laughed

” That’s a lie,, you’re too busy to miss me. ” Tim said

” So,,how was your trip? ” Nicholas asked

” Fruitful,,,”

” That’s great,,you’re welcome ” Nicholas said

” What are you doing?? I mean right now??” Tim asked

” Nothing important,, ”

” Let’s go eat somewhere good,,,it’s on me ” Tim said

” Okay,,,,”

Nicholas stood up inserting his hands into his pocket with his forever emotionless expression,

” You look amazing,, ” Tim teased

” Should I just sit down?? ” Nicholas asked

” No no,,,let’s go ”

They both walked out of the office,,

” I will be back Miss Megan,,,you can just call me if something comes up. Or you can call Shane instead ” Nicholas said

” I will do that Sir ” She replied

” Gosh your secretary is hot,,” Tim grinned

” Do you have to say this in front of me right now??” Nicholas mumbled

” Why?? Don’t tell me you have a thing for her ”

” What thing??” Nicholas asked

” Like,, do you like her ?? She’s not bad,” Tim said

” She’s not bad,but she’s not my type ” Nicholas said

” Oh come on,,you don’t even know what your type is. I’ve never heard you saying a lady is your type,none of them is your type. Like seriously,, ”

” I know what I want Tim,,but it’s like what I want doesn’t exist. Am not rushing things,, I rather remain unmarried than getting married to someone who will only love me and not my child ” Nicholas said

” You are right,,most girls are attracted to your face and wealth. But that doesn’t mean they are all the same,,”

” Can we not talk about this please?? Let’s just go out and have fun,,thanks ” Nicholas snapped

” Yes Boss ” Tim said


In a small building,,at the back of this house,a young teenager of 18 years could be seen smoking a pack of weed crazily. It doesn’t seem like her first time ,,

She was dressed in a loosed shirt and trousers,,a face cap which was turned to the back was placed on her head also.

She immediately threw the weed off when she heard the gate opening,,,

” Iris!!” A woman called in a loud voice
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