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Sold to a gang leader Episode 38


Episode 38
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes



Writer’s POV

An hour earlier.
Matthias knocked Shawna out when he was sure that the students has all left. He broke down the restroom door and carried her out to his car parked at the garage.

Then he drove out afterwards towards his hideout. He and few other boys actually stays there some times, he was praying that by the time he gets there with Shawna that non of them will be there. He really need to do the things he has been restricting himself to do.

But unfortunately for him, when he got to the hideout he met two other boys there. He had to beg them not to say a word to their boss till the next day and they all agreed in hope that they will also have a taste of Shawna.

Matthias carried her and led her on his bed and then he tied her hands together and removed the gag in her mouth.

He carried a little quantity of water and poured it on her face, her eyes flushed open.

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“What? Where are we?” Shawna asked her eyes running round the rough looking room.

“We are where no one can find us” he answered her with a big smirk plastered on his face.

“After I’m done with you, I’m taking you to my boss” he added and sat on the bed.

Shawna immediately rolled down from the bed hitting herself hard on the floor. She got up on her feet which wasn’t tied in an attempt to escape but matthias was faster. He caught her and threw her back on the bed, she landed roughly on the hard big bed and groaned.

“There is no escaping from me, Shawna” matthias groaned really angry she tried to escape.

“Stop all these madness, just let me go, I want say a word about you matthias. Please just let me go” Shawna cried.

“I’m sorry love, I can’t grant you that request” Matthias replied her.

He loosen the ropes he tied her hands with, he then tied it around he wood holding the bed together. Then finally he tied her hands to the wood.

“Stop…please Matthias, I didn’t mean all those words I said to you. I didn’t mean them okay?” Shawna pleaded but he turned deaf ears.

Shawna was putting on a gown, it made it a bit easy for Matthias. He held the tip of the dress from her shoulder and pulled it down forcefully.

He didn’t want her struggles to make things difficult so he was quick. The gown was completely off in the next second.

“No…No..!! Please Matthias” Shawna kept apologizing and pleading.

She didn’t know that Matthias’s mind was no longer with him the moment he set his eyes on her mini [email protected] body. All he wanted to do at that moment was to devour her.

Gosh! She looks so sweet, he thought in his mind.

Slowly he covered her body with his and posited her head in one place.

“I told you I’ll make it a little romantic for you, let’s start with a kiss” Matthias said and placed his lips on hers.


Meanwhile Dillion had managed to locate lasis and was now around there, so close to Matthias hideout.

He came down from his car and looked around. There weren’t much good looking buildings around.

Where is she? He thought his hands fixed on his waist.

He walked around the area and suddenly he’s eyes caught the weast bin just by his side.

He saw Shawna’s designer bag and went to pick it up, he opened the bag and found her cellphone inside.

No wonder the tracker stopped here, he thought.

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Then his eyes again caught a building, a small bungalow just few miles away from the weast bin.

It might be there, he’s mind told him, then he walked to the house and stood right outside listening to see if he could get a head.


Shawna shook her head repeatedly and tightened her mouth, she felt disgusted that Matthias had placed his lips on hers. She was also in tears.

Matthias became more angry at her, he slapped her again and she cried out.

“So, I am disgusting to you huh?” He read her facial expression and understood the meaning.

Shawna only cried because of the slap, it hurt her like hell, she thought her skin was gonna pull away.

“Well, I will no longer try to be romantic with you” he snarled and spread her legs open angrily.

Shawna screamed immediately, she screamed with all her might in case, just in case someone could run in and save her.


Her screaming only annoyed Matthias the more, he knew he had to gag her again in case, just to be careful.

He brought out the plain cloth and gaged her with it.

Shawna continued crying and screaming nevertheless, the last time Dillion did this to her, she knows how it had hurt her, she doesn’t want it again, especially from another, especially from someone like Matthias.

Matthias climbed onto the bed again and unhooked her bra, again he was mesmerized, everything about her is beautiful, he thought.


Outside Dillion had made to leave but heard a voice scream out, he wasn’t so sure, it sounded distant.

He doesn’t wanna barge into the wrong house too, he is being careful.

“Hey Matthias, make her keep her goddamn voice down okay, do not exhaust her completely, remember I’ll also f**k her” he heard another voice speak from inside the house then he concluded.

This was it. It’s the house.

He stared at the wooden door for a while.

Should I break it down or knock on it? He thought.

Knocking will be better, he concluded and knocked on the door which got opened by a guy who was obviously smoking.

“Hey, what do you want?” The guy questioned, his face hard.

He got replied with a slap that made he leave the door immediately. Dillion kicked the door open to see a second guy there but couldn’t see Shawna, but then again he could clearly hear her muffles. It angered him, it angered him to know that someone else was touching her, it made him so so mad. He is gonna kill each and everyone one of them there.




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