Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 55 – 56

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I Saw myself standing at Rina’s door, I wanted to knock, but I restricted my hand from knocking further.

“Go on and do it mister.” I heard a voice making me to turn around.

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Instantly I saw an elderly black woman. She was approaching me.

“Good morning ma’am.” I managed to greet responsibly, who knows she might be of a help.

“You must be benny.” She uttered and I nodded in confusion.

“Trina has told me much about you. Even after seven years she couldn’t be in any sorts of relationship, because she strongly believe that you gonna come one day.” She uttererd happily and I gasped in shock.

“If that’s true, then who’s the little boy I always see with her?” I asked out of hurts.

“Oh you mean Thana?” she asked but I just looked at her brifely.

“I don’t Know his name.” I answered coldly.

“His name is athanasius but we call him Thana for short, Well he’s Trina’s……” she wanted saying when we heard a little s¢r-amed of excitement.

We both turned to see the little guy running happily to the elderly woman’s embrace.

“ Boyie bolamu Mama {welcome Mama, in Congo language} The little boy uttered hugging the elderly woman t¡ghtly.

“Thank my lovely Thana, how is you and your Mama?” The elderly woman uttererd happily raising the little boy up.

“Mama should be in her room, just coming from playing.” The little boy answered.

“Who is he mama, I saw him make my mama sad.” He uttererd pointing towards me.

“Thana, I will tell you who he’s later,but why don’t you go and play first, mama need to discuss with uncle.” The elderly woman uttererd dropping down the cute guy who nodded and ran into the local street.

“Come! Come one in, Trina must be in her room.” She uttered taking my hands while leading me inside.

We got inside, the living room was small and potable, for a small family,it wasn’t much expensive like my villa in London,but it was neatly arranged.

“Sit, she offered.” leading me to the couch.

“Sit here, I will go call her.” She uttered and I nodded while she went upstairs.

After waiting for some minutes, I started hearing footsteps descending slowly down the stairs, my heart was beating faster.

“Why are you here Benny, is this the right time for you to show up in my life?” Trina asked. Damn, she has fully transformed into a gorgeous woman.

“Look Trina, I would explain everything to you,and show you how truly sorry I’m, but right now, Anastasia need you, I promise to explain everything to you and show you how truly sorry I’m, i promise would bring you to her. Please don’t say no.” I said almost going on my knees. I have never knelt in front of anyone before, rather I got everyone at my command. But I don’t care, I will do anything for Trina and Anastasia.


That night everyone celebrated with us, Mom and Dad, brother Dave and dad even planned all the details for the weeding. Also I got to know that is brother Dave who told Jared about my wishes and bucket list.
Arrrggghhh Dave is a traitor!!!

I wanted my marriage to happen on a beach so we all decided to host it in Ruishl-ip Lido beach in west London, but mom, dad, bro, dad and even Jared went this marriage to be in all Media platform and also in a grand way, whee all the celebrities and all his business associates will be pres£nted.

Now am sitting for my final trial of weeding gown, it’s beautiful white princess gown, with white pearls and sweetheart necklace giving a rich and royal look.

“It suit you so well, and you look beautiful aunt Tiana, I guess when uncle Jared sees you, He’s gonna sourly drool over you” Anastasia compliment. Making blush.

“Well, she’s right Ana…. You’re looking absolutely beautiful, I bet you he won’t be able control himself on that day.” My dress designer, Hally also joined her. Hally is brother Dave girlfriend.

“Thanks so much Hally,we need to go now, my baby need some rest, Jared and Dave are both waiting for us. Why don’t you join us home Hally?” I asked her.

“Sure just let me pack your dress, so that I can s£nd it to your house.” She said packing up the dress, soon we three left the boutique and went home.

“Aunty Tiana, something isn’t right. But I can’t place it.” Tasia uttered.

“Really? But how?” I asked her.

“You see, my inner mind is telling me some one is waiting for me somewhere.” She said once more. Making me and Hally to Burst into laughter.

“Am f-cking serious here.” She pouted. And we laughed the more but my baby girl was all frown, she hissed grumpily, making her to be like a smaller version of Benny.

We were still laughing when a car came from behind and double cross our car.

Our laughter, died down immediately.

“I knew it!!!” Tasia shouted.

And immediately, some h-uge men about fifty came out.

And opened the black limo for some one. Instantly a tall feminine figure stepped out,

“driver hurry up and leave please!” Tasia cried.

Before the driver could reverse another car block them from behind.

Instantly some men opened the car roughly stretching their hands to take Anastasia.

“No! You can’t take her.” Tiana who was very scared to her bones speak up.

“We’re not here to hurt you,we only need to take the little girl.” One of the men uttered.

“Go away, queen Lilith, I don’t want to go with you.” Tasia cried.

Instantly the gaurds started clearing up for someone. And instantly a pretty lady surface.

“Come to mama baby.” The elegant woman uttererd.

“No! You’re not mama! You’re dangerous.” Tasia uttered.

“My dear Tasia, you gonna come with me, you must fight with the dragon Tasia, and that’s final.” She uttererd and instantly her pretty smile was replaced with anger.

“Drag her, with you guys.’ She commended the men and instantly, they wanted dragging her with them.

“No, before you touch her you must first of all take me.” I uttered tho I have already texted Jared and he’s coming with his men.

“You bunch of idiot, why did you stop huh? Kill whoever tried stopping you from taking her.” The lady blurted angrily.

“There’s no way you gonna do that, I will only come with you on one condition and that’s if you challenge me in a sword fight, if you bring me down then you take me, but if I bring you down, then you go alone.” Tasia uttered.

“No way Tasia!!” I and Hally shouted at the same time.

“Haha! Look who wants to challenge me in a fight, my little baby girl, well, well, I accept your condition.” She uttered and snap her f-nger, instantly the men moved out of the way.

“Tasia you can’t do this,she might kill you.” I whispered in her ears.

“Don’t worry aunt Tiana, I will only distract her until uncle Jared arrive.” She said smartly and I nodded coldly, I wish am brave enough like her.” I thought feeling bad.

“Be careful Tasia.” I uttered while the little girl stood up from the pass£ngers seat.


Somewhere in a local airport, some group of men and some women together with a little boy all climb£d into the private airplane.

And instantly the airplane took of from Africa. The two ladies were looking at each other fiercely.

One was angry, while the other one was guilty.

“Look am sorry Trina.” Stephanie uttererd.







“Sorry? You’re actually sorry? Did you f-cking think your sorry will straighten all what has gone wrong?” Trina asked and scoffed.

“Because of your wickedness, my baby girl didn’t experience any mother’s love, because of your wickedness I couldn’t even get to see how she looks like, I suffered in Africa for some years before I could adjust to their ways. Steph you’re a black spots to friendship, and I won’t forgive you I hate you with everything within me.” Trina uttered angrily remembering all she went through all these years, if not that Mama Caro was good and kind enough to accommodate her in her house, what could have become of her and her little boy back then.” She thought and instantly stood up from her seat and walked up to Steph dragged her by her hairs and started bouncing on her.

“Let go of me, ya hurting my hair, somebody!! Please help!!!” She yelled pulling Trina’s hands from her hairs.

“Sir milady has picked up a fight with Steph, what should we do,you know is kinda risky since the plane is already on the air.” One of the gaurds reported to Benny who was focused on flying the plane, he decided to drive the airplane so they could be in London ASAP.

“Let her be, Steph needs to be punish before facing the real punishment.” He uttered with his eyes focused on the drive.

“Enough Mama! Enough already.” Thana who wasn’t satisfied with her mother Fighting like a female super man uttered using his little hands to pull her up from Stephanie.

“No Thana, I got to teach her a lesson, because of her, you grow up in the street, you leaved your complete seven years without a dada, son go sit down, mama needs to teach her some manners.” Trina uttered not sparing Thana a glance.

While the gaurds were all sitting and peeping at Trina and Steph.

“Good for her most of them cursed Inwardly.


Tasia was having a heated fight with queen Lilith.

Using all the necessary skills Benny has taught her.

The sound of the clinching of sword filled the air, as everyone all circled around the two warriors,

“Tasia, remember I’m your mother, you’re supposed to be listening me and not Benny, remember he is just your uncle but am your real mother.” queen Lilith uttered attacking Tasia so fiercely with her Sharp long blad less sword.

“You might be my mother, but I love Uncle Benny more than I love you, and I am going to listen to him everyday, and not you cos you’re evil and full of evil deeps.” Tasia uttered fighting and defending herself from Lilith every attacks even though she was getting tired,she chooses to hold on a little more, she could feel some help coming her way.” She thought.

“Jared where the f-ck are you? Please come fast, a lady wants to kill Tasia.” She uttered with a hint of panicked over the phone.

“Am on my way love.” Jared uttered from the other side.


Lilith knew time for play is over, she needs to take Anastasia before her brother arrived, Anastasia must fight with the dragon.” She thought and raised up her Sharp sword, enchanted some strong magical words which she knew Tasia can’t control or withstand. Instantly what looked like lightening circulated around her sword, and she instantly used the sword to strike Tasia on her right hand which was holding her sword, the little girl fall further away and some good amount of blood rushed out of her mouth.

” You used magic, how shameless of you.” She uttered vomiting more bloods.

Lilith moved closer to her and raised up her legs to smashed her on the t-ummy.. when she instantly felt a powerful aura behind her.

“How dare you hurt my baby girl huh? Why don’t you go and fight the dragon yourself.” Benny uttered and kicked Lilith from behind, making her to fall face down.

Everyone gasped in shock.

No one saw when Benny got here. Instantly the men that followed queen Lilith instantly started bowing down for him.

“Am her mother Benny, and I know what’s best for her.” Lilith uttererd sitting on her butts.

” No Lilith! The game is over, you can never be her mother, I kept shut all these years because I never wanted telling her the truth since her real mother wasn’t available, but the table has turned Lilith I need to tell her the truth right now, so stop the act.” Benny uttered moving closer to Tasia who was laying weak on the ground due to the effect of the magic Lilith used on her.

“Are you okay baby, am here.” Benny uttered raising her up.

“Where the hell have you been uncle Benny, what if Queen Lilith has killed me before you came.” Tasia uttered angrily.

“Am sorry baby, but am not your uncle anymore, call me dad from henceforth.” Benny uttered pulling Tasia to her feet.

” I know you are my daddy, for so long now, I was just waiting for the day you gonna tell me yourself.” Tasia uttered.

Everyone gasped in shock including Tiana who was standing with Jared.

“How did you know baby?” Benny asked.

“I always wished you were my daddy, since when I was a child, the first day I was admitted in the hospital, when I was beaten up by the dragon, and you fell asleep beside me, I took some of your hair and gave it to the doctor together with mine so he could run a DNA test for me, and that’s how I find out your are my daddy.” Tasia explained with a big smile on her face, Benny looked at her with shock.

“Don’t look at me like that, where you able to bring Mom?” Tasia uttered searching the crowd with her eyes.

” Yes I did,I brought her as promised.” Benny uttered and snap his f-nger, instantly some men led a lady and a little boy towards Benny and little Tasia.

Instantly Anastasia widened her eyes blinking h-rd, and instantly to the women’s embrace.

Instantly the world stop moving, all that matters was the warmth that Tasia felt while on the arms of her real mother..

“Mother!! I missed you so much, thanks for coming to me.” Tasia uttered still hugging Trina t¡ghtly, while Trina was crying already. Only Heaven knows how she has dreamt of having her baby girl in her embrace even if it’s just for once.

“Hey your hugging s-cks, enough already.” Thana uttered angrily trying to pull Tasia from the hug,no one can take her mother away from him.” He thought but instantly Tasia kicked him so h-rd which made him to fall slightly on the ground.

“No Tasia, you don’t do that.” Benny uttered raising Thana up from the ground.

” So sorry Thana, she’s also your sister and she missed mama so much.” Benny uttered to the little boy.

“No my sister can’t be a hooligan, can’t you see the way she kicked me like a real hooligan.” Thana pouted making everyone to Chuckled.

“And I can’t have a weakling brother like you.” Anastasia uttered dis£ngaging from the hug. Benny felt genuinely happy once more, likewise to Trina who was smiling at the two kids.

Instantly Benny went on his knees, bringing out a gold circle ring, it was looking simple but everyone can tell it worth some billon dollars.

“Please Trina, I knew we had a thing for each other several years ago, but we weren’t able to stay and watched it grow due to some challenges, but this time around, I won’t let the chance of proposing to you pass me by without me grabbing it, these years that I wasn’t with you was just like leaving a lonely life, just accept me, and forgive me all I’ve done wrong, I promise to love you deeply and cherish you till my dying days. I can’t waste more time again, Please Trina will you marry me?” Benny uttered.

Trina was speechless, it’s seems she was dreaming, she pinched herself, but the pain was damn real. Her Benny was actually proposing to her, and she also has her baby girl with her. What more can she asked for, she thank God that all her seven years of waiting wasn’t invalid.

She covered her mouth with her palms.

“Say Yes! Say Yes! Say!! The people started singing. Trina looked at the crowd and saw mama Caro who nodded happily at her.

“Yes my prince! I will marry you, and I love you!”Trina uttererd happily.

“WOW! Benny uttered happily sliding the ring on her f-nger instantly he stood up and k-ssed her passionately. While the people cheers happily and wished them well.

“Haha! It’s seems some one has broke out of his brain boredom.” They heard a voice Making them to dis£ngaged from the k-ss.

“Oh my, Jared!!!!” Trina uttererd excitedly hugging Jared t¡ghtly, while Benny hugged Tiana also.

“I missed you too my talkative Rina, thank God you are good, you are looking so pretty and gorgeous huh?” Jared uttered happily.

“Look at you, oh my, is that your wife? She looks damn pretty like a super star!” Rina uttered pointing towards Tiana who was still hugging Benny t¡ghtly.

“Thanks for taking care of Tasia.” Benny whipped into TIANA’S ears.

“Oh please! You know I should be the one thanking you Benny… Thank you for everything, thanks for making Jared fall in love with me, thanks for defending me when I mean nothing to anyone, thanks for all your sacrifice to ensure my safety. Thanks for everything Benny, thanks a lot.” Tiana uttered.

“You’re looking bossy and gorgeous, and I like how you deal with that idiot husband of yours.” Benny uttered pulling from the hug making Tiana to blush.

“I don’t want you to blush for anyone except me, your blushing is meant for only me.” Jared uttered with sad face. Making everyone to Chuckled.


A lady was standing in the crowd with envy and jealousy.

“You all don’t deserve to be happy when am sad, I hate you all, am gonna kill all of you.” Stephanie thought and moved towards some of the gaurds, she forcefully dragged a gun from one of them and ran towards the four people who were chatting happily. First she pointed the gun at Jared and fired him on the chest. Making him to fall to the ground she started firing randomly on the three who looks shock instantly.


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