Soul In Tears

Soul In Tears episode 30 – 31

Soul In Tears

Episode 30

Clara scanned through the audience to see if she would locate Maame Adwoa but couldn’t locate her. The only two people she located were her father and mother. She stood among the graduating students looking very sad. She remembered haven difficulties with some of her subjects. Kwadjo Boateng came from nowhere and helped her. Had it not been for the young man, she knew it would have been quite impossible for her to graduate. Maame Adwoa’s absence from the audience worsened the case. Her presence would’ve consoled her but she refused to be there. Tears ran down her cheeks from her eyes. Clara’s father who returned from the states that very day to witness her daughter’s graduation saw her tears. He tapped his wife and told her to look at their daughter in tears. She lied to him that it was tears of joy.

Dorothy noticed her friend in tears and signaled to her that people were watching. Clara wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

After the graduation, Clara ran into the waiting arms of her father with tears. She wept uncontrollably. Her father was confused at what was going on. He again asked Mrs Benson what the problem was and she told him the truth. Mrs Benson thought her husband would be mad at his daughter but to her surprise, he pulled her into himself and consoled her. He was very strict when he was in Ghana but his travels had made him learn a lot and has changed totally. He held her and slowly took her to the parking lot. Standing beside her mother’s car was Maame Adwoa. She hugged her.

‘I thought you have abandoned me on my graduation day’ she said displaying a tear stained face.

‘my child, I didn’t want to be a distraction to you in the hall. My presence would’ve revived in you memories of my son’ Maame Adwoa said almost in tears.

‘no! Your absence from the hall almost mauled my day’… Mr Benson stood beside his car in confusion. He just didn’t understand what was going on.

Dorothy went to greet Clara’s father. She almost introduced Nicholas to him as her boyfriend but avoided that part because of Clara. Nicholas shook Maame Adwoa’s hand and told her how sorry he was for the lost of her son.

‘I saw it coming but as hærd as I tried, I was told by the Lord that, that was the young man’s destiny. The Lord knows best. Let’s give thanks to him for his doings’ Nicholas thought his words would comfort the woman but it rather ignited pain in her heart and tears ran down her cheeks. Maame Adwoa had wanted to probed further what he meant by ‘that was the young man’s destiny’. She avoided it knowing it will cause her to cry the more. Dorothy intentionally pulled Nicholas away to avoid further revelations which would bring more pain to the affected people.

Mrs Benson introduced Maame Adwoa to her husband. When they got to the house. Mrs Benson was sceptical about her husband being nice to Maame Adwoa after knowing the wh0le story. Mr Benson silently walked to his room after knowing what really was going on. They heard a car horn outside and Clara peeped through the curtains to see if the security was at post. The gate was opened and Kwabena Boateng drove into the house. He was welcomed by the security guards. He walked to the hall, greeted and was offered a seat. To Mrs Benson’s surprise, her husband emerged from his room wiping his face from tears. She came to a realization that her husband had indeed changed from being a heartless man to a man of understanding. Kwabena Boateng stood up from his seat wearing a surprised face when he saw Mr Benson.

‘Koo Nimo!’ Kwabena Boateng shouted the name. Mr Benson was caught off-guard. He stopped wiping his face and straightened up.

‘Eeeeii Abrokyire Akwantuo!’ Mr Benson shouted back when he saw Kwabena Boateng. The two men locked themselves in an embrace.

Back in the USA, there was one particular hospital in New York City that Mr Benson went to whenever he was in America. Aside Dr. Boateng, Mr Benson would never accept treatment from any doctor. His reasons being that they were from the same country and there was no way he would harm him. ‘Koo Nimo and Abrokyire Akwantuo were their greetings

‘what happened, why did you leave the hospital in the U.S’ Mr Benson asked when they both sat down. The women just stared on

Kwabena Boateng disclosed to his friend everything he went through because of the evil act he committed against Maame Adwoa. Mr Boateng understood why everyone was given the woman much attention. He bent down his head for some minutes. He lifted his head and all he said was ‘man, you have really caused this woman great pain’…

Episode 31

Kwabena Boateng glanced at Maame Adwoa to see her mood. Clara had her head on her chest and pleading with her not to cry. He was very hurt to see everyone in an unhappy mood because of him but the harm was already done and less he could do to erase their pain.

‘if not for my foolishness, my son would’ve graduated today with First Class I guess, I would’ve been a happy man. So is his mother and of course your daughter too but…’
He stopped and wiped a tear from his eyes.

‘the harm is already done. Let’s hope for a brighter future now that you have realised your mistakes’ Mr Benson comforted his friend.

Maame Adwoa excused herself and entered the kitchen. The men managed to put the pain away after talking about how the funeral would go and discussed about how life was in the outside world. Clara was not clear on something and wanted to find out from Maame Adwoa. She entered the kitchen to help Maame Adwoa prepare lunch and also clear her mind.

‘something really marvels me’ Clara said without looking at Maame Adwoa.
‘what is it my dear?’ Maame Adwoa stopped chopping the onion and gave her attention to the young lady.

‘according to what Kwadjo told me when I asked him about himself, his father was a doctor and very rich but I later got to find out his father isn’t what he told me and now the lies he told me has come out as the truth. Was he just exaggerating or he knew for a fact that his father was indeed a doctor’. The look on the young lady’s face told Maame Adwoa she was confused.

‘my dear child, my son knew nothing about his father aside what I told him. Whatever he told you was probably to him a lie he was trying to say to make you accept him but…’ she paused and bent her head relaxing her arms on the kitchen cabinet. A tear dropped from her eyes.

‘I am very sorry mum, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I loved Kwadjo Boateng not because of the lies he told me about himself but because I felt save and secured around him. He was my happiness and strength. He knew my meekness but never took advantage of it. He rather strengthened me. He gave me hope when I almost gave up on my studies due to some difficulties I faced in some subjects but he gave me a reason never to quit no matter what..’

‘I think the men are starving. We have to be snappy with the food’ Maame Adwoa said when she realized the conversation was only going to make them shed tears…

‘we have walked for days without saying a word to each other. What is it that you want to show me’ Kwadjo said desperately.

‘I was waiting for your eagerness to know. Your mother told you have of the story. Here comes the wh0le truth concerning the past’ the angel said and lifted his hand. A giant screen mounted in front of them and the first thing Kwadjo saw on the screen was his teenager mother discussing her pregnancy with her class mates in school.
Two girls laughed when she broke the news to them that she was pregnant. Another girl chided the two for laughing. The two girls disclosed to the others that pregnancy was not a new thing so far as there was a way out. They got the attention of everyone. The way out was abortion. ‘Abort it and be good to go. With that you have nothing to lose. Your education is intact and you can go and do the thing again and again’ one said and all the girls laughed.

Maame Adwoa boldly told them there was no way she was going to terminate the life of the innocent child. The girls tried to convince her but she stood on her grounds. A teacher bumped on them and heard their conversation. He took Maame Adwoa to the principal and told her what he heard. The principal asked Maame Adwoa whether what the teacher was saying was true and she confirmed it. Being pregnant meant dismissal. The principal typed a letter and gave it to her to be given to her parents.

In the house, Maame Adwoa with shaky hands handed the letter to her father. Mr. Fosu tore the envelope and read the content of the letter. His eyes went red after reading the letter. He gave her daughter three slaps before her mother went to her rescue.
Kwadjo’s tears flowed like a river…

To be continued………

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