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Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 6

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A story by Tisa Phiri

A week had passed, Scar was busy preparing for the truck deal.

It was the day for the job and Scar gathered 8 of his boys plus him and Jo making a crew of 10..

“listen up!” he called everyone’s attention.

“we all know what is required out there. You two ” he pointed at two guys.

” ensure that the traps to punch the truck tires are ready. you will throw it over the road one after the other at my signal.”

“yes boss” they nodded..

He pointed at the other guys.

“the 6 of you will drive the cars from the trucks. Jo and I will use our own truck back here we all meet up at the spot within 30 minutes after the job is done .

Any questions?” he asked them looking at his watch, it was going to be 7pm, in an hour’s time the trucks will pass kabwe..

“only one question” a guy asked raising his hand.

“what do we do with the drivers? ”

“Well” Scar told him.

” we are not killing anyone. I will take care of them. Those guys have families and I don’t want any of their blood on my hands.”

“sure boss” the guy acknowledged.. “we all wear masks as we go for the job, as always..” he emphasized

After about 30 minutes they had driven past kapiri town where they planned to ambush the trucks with cars.

Scar sat in the front seat of the truck, it was a Toyota hilux with an open van. the rest of the guys were in the van..

Scar pulled on his cigarrate, inhalling the smoke he felt relaxed as its warmed his inner organs. he loved the April Jobs, the weather was cool and perfect. The night was getting darker. He got out of the vehicle and stood 3 steps away, feeling the fresh bleeze of the night on his face and he smilled.

It was a good night, be just loved the tension and mood before a job is done.

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He observed his boys on the truck their faces were clear, everyone seemed prepared for the action. Most of the boys were from the streets, they had similar back grounds.

Scar loved the one thing about each one of them, loyalty. he knew all the boys would take a bullet for him. Especially Jo who was more like a brother to him..

He cleared his throat and everyone looked at him.

” I trust we will do a good job tonight as always.”

“yea ! Boss!” they all answered in unison.

Scar looked at his watch.

” it is time boys!” he told them when his phone beeped, it was the guy in kabwe. “the load is heading your way ready in 30” the text read.

Scar and his crew silently walked to the road side. The two guys with traps lay down 500 meters apart. The rest of the guys where still hidden in the long grass.

Minutes later, Scar who was standing along the road indicated the trucks where on the way Everyone was set, a couple of minutes later Scar shouted,


To be continued

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