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Sweet but psycho episode 18


Sweet but Psycho 😽😽😽

🍹🍷 His perfect antidote 🍷🍹

🔥🍒 Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel 🍒🔥

😋 Segment 18 😋

🍪🍘 Cookie 🍘🍪

I squirmed slightly, I felt really really cold which was so wrong. I can swear that in the middle of the night, I woke up partially and felt someone holding me very very tight. I didn’t wake up to see his face but I assume it’s Bruce, that hugging thief. He’s better than that Ted who couldn’t even stay with me…why do I even want him to stay with me? Whatever. I sat up from the bed and pouted, it would have been better if it was Ted.

I stood up and screamed, that was when I remembered I had injured ankles. I whimpered and broke into a sob; I thought the cast was suppose to stop the pain! So much pain. I sniffed and rubbed my eyes, how’s Ursula? I haven’t heard from her for a day now.

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‘Vee,’ Yolanda called walking into my room. ‘Are you feeling pains?’

‘Forgot my ankles were bad,’ I said with a painful laugh, the bittersweet feeling was back. ‘I’m fine though,’

‘Where’s that bastard called Bruce!’ Yolanda shouted. I sighed and gave her a look. ‘I’m sorry,’ she sat down on the bed with a little struggle and placed her hands between her legs. ‘How was yesterday with dad?’

‘It was okay, I frustrated him very well.’ I grinned while trying to dig my nail into one of the cast.

‘Okay, he didn’t hurt you?’ She asked with concern

‘He didn’t, just forced me to take drugs which is very malicious of him,’ she rolled her eyes. ‘But it’s true! Drugs are alien weaponized poisons in tablet form. One by one, it will wipe us all out.’

‘Sure it will,’ she said sarcastically. Bruce barged into my room, obviously not expecting Yolanda to be there.

‘Oh! I’m sorry little M…’

‘Swallow that little back into your throat or I will show you what it means to be little,’ she said with a glare. He bowed his head with a straight face.

‘I’m sorry, what name should I address you as?’

‘I wasn’t born without a name bitch,’

‘Sorry Miss Allen,’

‘Yolanda will do,’ she corrected. ‘Now what the fvck were you thinking rushing into a woman’s room like that! What if she was [email protected]!’

‘I’m sorry Miss Yolanda,’

‘Stop the royalty act, it’s sickening,’ I hissed. ‘Bruce my man! How was your night? Terrible because you missed me.’

He snorted and looked at Yolanda who rolled her eyes away. ‘If I should miss anything about you, I’ll miss your crying.’

I frowned. ‘What’s that suppose to mean?’

‘Huwei! I can’t take drugs!’ He screamed babyishly, mimicking my voice. Yolanda burst into laughter.

‘Did she really cry?’

‘Yes, also took an hour to take the drugs, boss almost clawed his eyes off.’ Soon they were laughing their stomach out as he narrated everything I did to Ted yesterday; he was spying.

‘Well, I was in pain.’ Was my only defense.

‘Do you know he went all the way to Naples to get her food and returned freezing cold at night…’

‘He did?’ Yolanda and I asked simultaneously.

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‘Yeah, to think about it…’ He stroke his chin thoughtfully. ‘He never came out for three hours and when he come out, he dismissed me. I wonder if he went back to sleep or…’ He left his words hanging and looked at me, my hands instinctively flew to my body. I checked myself frantically, I was safe.

‘My dad can’t do such a thing,’ Yolanda defended. ‘I am eighty percent sure,’ she added sheepishly. Then I remembered someone slept beside me, had me in his arms. I smiled creepily and nodded; somebody wants to be nice to me.

‘Where’s Ted? Tell him I want my soup!’

💚 Ted 💚

I punched the bag angrily, sweat flowing down my body profusely. I woke up very early to overwork myself; maybe then I can get this psycho off my mind. That odd feeling of having her in my arms, it turned to peace and satisfaction. I spent hours scrutinizing every corner of her face; her cute button nose, her pretty plum lips, her cheeks, the way her lashes flapped and the way she murmured. I get that wanting to use her body was a normal thing, simple lust and that’s all. However, what I felt last night wasn’t anything close to lust, it was something else – I can’t quite place my finger on it – it was stronger and very different.

I don’t kiss, I never kiss any female, ever! Yet, I was yearning to but afraid to at the same time. I don’t understand a thing and it was bothering me! I finally fought the urge to kiss her and make her want me but then I fell asleep feeling at peace; contended to have her in my arms. THAT IS fvckING NOT ME!


‘Tell me there is someone I can shoot at until I can’t feel my hands!’ I shouted at Carlos.

‘Dominic called, he’s asking to keep Marilyn for his stay…’

‘Bring her back!’

‘She already have a long file of every info we would need, we can always call her if…’

‘I know Dominic more than anyone else, I know all my threat and I fvcking know never to trust anyone! Now, get that girl back and tell me there is someone for me to kill!’

‘The boys are already attending to Lucius’s trouble, I was able to get Malcolm’s boyfriend though…’


‘You know where,’ I turned and walked out on him, heading down to the base. I flung my towel away, pushed the door open and growled animalistically. The man was cuffed down by the chair, his face bruised badly.

‘Dave!’ His body stiffened with fear, complete fear. I pulled out another chair and sat down. ‘As you can see, I am furious and when I am, I kill a lot.’


‘What do I want with you? Where is Malcolm hiding? That prick who thinks he can doublecross me and get away with it. Now, start talking before I give you a very painful and slow death.’

‘I don’t know where he is, he abandoned me…’

‘Do I look like I’m joking! Do you see this face as Joker’s!’

‘I really don’t know, I swear!’

‘Get me a knife!’

‘Please, I don’t know where Malcolm is, please don’t hurt me…’ Carlos gave me the small dagger.

‘Last chance, where – is – Malcolm?!’

‘He…he…’ I shoved the dagger into his eye and gorged it out. He screamed in exquisite pain, shaking his head violently. I trailed the dagger down to his throat.

‘Again, where is Malcolm?’


‘Why are you protecting him? He left you.’

‘Malcolm is dead,’ he sobbed. I drove the dagger to his hand and chopped off his little finger. He screamed again, blood running down from his eyes and finger.

‘Where is Malcolm!!!’

‘I can’t tell you, please don’t kill me. If I tell you, you will hurt him and our daughter.’

‘Oh fvck!’ I laughed. ‘Daughter? The adopted daughter Malcolm abandoned? The pretty little girl who was unfortunate to be your daughter is dead, Malcolm left her in a house to burn.’

‘That’s not true,’ he refused to agreed. ‘Malcolm will never abandon Missy,’

‘Should I gorge out your other eye too?’

‘Please, don’t…’

‘Where is Malcolm?’ I asked with a menacing grin.


‘In where?’

‘Hiding at my grandmother’s old cottage. He will move to New Haven in three days time…’

‘Good enough for me,’ I smirked.

‘Please, promise me you won’t hurt our daughter,’

‘I’ll make that promise when we meet in hell,’

‘B…’ I sank the knife into his brain, feeling satisfied with the look of horror on his face. I turned and walked out, blood covering my tank top. I got into the lift, my anger was yet to be pacified, I was angry at myself. I sighed as the door slid open, I walked out and stomped to my room door, fighting the urge to check on Cookie.

‘Aaaaaaah! Bruce!’ I heard her laugh. I clenched my fist, him again! I walked to her room which was opposite mine, opened the door slightly to see him teasing her legs. Wasn’t she noticing his hands between her thighs? Wasn’t she realising how close there fvcking where!

‘…picking up stone
Down came an ogre
And crushed Cookie’s toes
Aah! Said Cookie
That’s not fair
But then cry the grumpy ogre
“I don’t care!”…’ They burst into laughter, are they mocking me? Calling me an ogre?

‘He crushed my ankles, not my toes, dummy!’ She laughed, hitting his head.

‘I tried,’ he laughed, plopping himself into her bed. I kicked the door open and stride into the room, my eyes on one person and one thing on my mind to do. ‘Sir,’ he stammered, scrambling to his feet.

‘Bruce Henderson, right?’

‘Yes sir,’ he said shakily.

‘When I called you here, what were your orders?’

‘To watch over your lady, sir.’

‘Did I tell you to mingle with her? Touch what is mine?’


‘Ted, he was keeping me company since I was…’

‘Speak again and I will cut out your tongue,’ I threatened and I certainly would. ‘Now, what right do you have to smile at her, make her laugh and giggle when I don’t permit you to?’

‘None sir,’

‘So, why did you do it?’

He glanced at trembling Cookie. ‘I…I…’

‘Ted, he’s my only friend here, please leave h…’

‘I said you shouldn’t utter a word or I will vent my anger on you! Why did you let him touch you!’

‘He didn’t do anything! What’s so wrong in what we did! At least he isn’t forcing his damn cock down my throat!’

I angrily turned to him, grabbed his head and without thinking, I pulled him to the plasma and smashed his head on it repeatedly. ‘Ted! Stop! Ted! You’ll kill him!’ She screamed. ‘Carlos!!!! Yolanda!!!! Somebody!!!’

‘You don’t fvcking touch what’s mine!’ I roared. I whipped his head on the glass table and let his motionless body fall to the floor.

‘Bruce,’ she wailed, crawling to his body. I watched with an intense feeling in my chest, one I couldn’t understand then but I knew it was anger for seeing her cry over him, frustration for giving her another reason to hate me forever. She will never smile like that with me; not without me yelling at her. ‘Bruce, please, Carlos!!!’

I rolled my eyes as my hand inched to grab the gun in my boot and finish him off so she will focus on me alone.

‘Don’t just stand there enjoying my pain, save him!’

‘Why should I,’ I sneered.

‘Because if he dies, I will never forgive you!’

‘Do you think I give a damn if you forgive me or not? You can as well commit suicide, I don’t bloody care.’

‘You care Ted, if you don’t care, you wouldn’t have travelled all the way to Naples to get me a plate of food. If you don’t care, you wouldn’t have stayed with me all-night while I mourned my best friend’s death. If you don’t care, you wouldn’t be finding yourself going easy on me when you are a ruthless killing machine! I know you care Ted, stop being a fvcking asshole and help me save him, please.’ She cried.

I don’t care, I won’t care and I will NEVER CARE!

Another rush of negative emotions flowed into my head, pumping from my heart. I reached out for my gun in my boot, brought it out and fired at the stupid guy’s head. I never saw what she did next; she covered him with her body making the bullet hit her at the back, right below her right shoulder. The gun dropped from my hand in shock.

‘Cookie? Oh shit!’

‘Viona!’ I bit my lip as Carlos and Yolanda ran in. ‘What have you done to them!’ Carlos lifted her body up.

‘Bruce, he needs medical attention away from that maniac,’ Cookie murmured. ‘I’m not going to die yet, I haven’t eaten some food for the road…’ She winced.

‘Daddy,’ Yolanda cried. I stood there numb as Carlos carried Bruce out. ‘Don’t just stand there! Help her!’

Like her words snapped me back to reality, I reached out to carry Cookie but she squat my hand away with her other hand. ‘Don’t touch me!’

‘Cookie, we need to get you to a hospital…’

‘Why not take a syringe and inject me to death so I will know that I died by your hands,’ I winced at her words but still forcefully carried her. ‘Put me down! Get your hands off me you monster!!!’ She screamed at the top of her tiny voice, thrashing about in my arms. I didn’t let go, held her tight. Struggling wasn’t helping her bleeding so I made her sleep.

This might be the biggest mistake of my life.

To be continued.

Don’t blame him, he ought to act crazy because he is confuse.

It’s like being afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Like me being afraid to drink watermelon related things for fear of puking – what am I saying – abeg, I won sleep.

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