Tears of a Helpless Woman


© Pauline Mumbi 
“Pastor please please continue” Shane said.
” no no he won’t, Shane mind explaining to me what all this is about???” I asked.
“I am his woman and I have been for many years now!” Linda yelled as she came walking to the front.
“Mwansa .. Listen to me” Shane started.
“Just tell her the truth!!!!” Another voice shouted from the crowd.
I immediately pulled out my veil and threw it on the ground together with my bouquet.
I was ready to walk away but Aunty Bertha came running to me before I could take my first step.
“Hold on my dear, Shane you better sort this mess before I….”
“Before you what mum!” Shane yelled.
I had never seen him so angry his veins looked like they would pop out..
“Am tired of making you happy! It’s my turn to be happy and my happiness lies with Linda not Mwansa” Shane yelled again.
“Aunty Bertha you knew about this?” I asked in shock
“Who on earth did you think funded the trips????” Shane interrupted.
“I need to sit before I pass out” I said as I held my head.
Someone came with a chair and I sat down listening to mother and son like I was conducting an interview.
“Am sorry my daughter. Am so sorry. I just hoped he would forget her, she caused him enough pain” aunty Bertha said.
“And you chose me of all people?” I asked her.
“You too had someone you needed to forget… Yes he told me everything and I really hoped the both of you would fall in love. I really tried and for a moment I believed it was happening” she said.
“Lord this family!!!! What else should I know????” I said.
“That am pregnant!” Linda yelled
“Wow… Shane… You are so good at what you do” I said in shock.
Aunty Bertha immediately pulled out a cheque book from her bag and she wrote something on it.
“Here dear, for all your troubles. Am so sorry for this embarrassment” she said.
“Just like that? So you will just pay her off like that?” Linda interrupted.
“Well you came to fight for your man he is here enjoy him and by the way congrats you own a car and a mansion too” I said before bending down to pick the veil and the bouquet. I wasn’t going to leave them behind, they were mine after all.
“Mwansa am so sorry” Shane said.
“No you don’t have to be, you two deserve each other actually”. I said.
I walked to the front and pulled the marriage certificate from the altar.
“By the way I will need this too” i said as I got the certificate.
“You might need an original if they’ll actually be a wedding taking place” I added.
“It was a fake certificate????” Shane asked in shock.
“So you actually get surprised too?” I asked him as I smiled.
I immediately made my way out with the veil, bouquet of roses, cheque and certificate in my hands. There was a lot of silence, almost like someone died.
“K50, 000 wow… Not bad” I said as I read the cheque.
I got to my hotel room and quickly changed, after packing all my belongings from the room I dragged my cases to the elevator.
When the elevator opened, an elderly man fairly huge and light in complexion greeted me. Just by appearance you could tell he had so much wisdom.
“Dear it is you I followed, I’ve been looking for you and found out it was your wedding so I showed up uninvited. Am sorry about the turn of events” he said.
“Sir who are you?” I asked him.
“Can we talk from somewhere” he said.
“Certainly not from this hotel as you can see am rushing out” I said.
“OK meet me at Radisson blu hotel by the pool area tonight around 7” he said.
“Sir.. I don’t want riddles. If you like my book and this is a business meeting tell me already so I know” I said.
“I love your book yes but I’m not here to sign you up for anything just be there. Please” he said as he he pat my shoulder.
I got into the elevator and it closed while he remained standing.
I didn’t have where to go but I rushed to the bank to cash in the cheque before finding a secluded lodge to stay in.
My mind was still confused I needed to know what this man wanted so I prepared myself and went to meet him.
I found him seated and looking very smart, in my head I was convinced this man was just trying to discuss my book.
“Hi dear glad you made it” he said.
“Did you think I wouldn’t come?” I asked.
“Even if you didn’t I would have found a way to see you but thank you for making this very easy for me” he said.
The man then placed an envelope on the table and asked me to open it.
“I’m proud of the braveness you portrayed at your wedding today, you are strong. Just like your father was” he said.
The moment I heard him mention my father, my heart bounced and I put the envelope down.
“Sir who are you?” I asked.
“OK let me open that for you” he said as he got the envelope.
The man then handed me papers from the envelope. The papers had a lot of property under my name. And I looked at him in shock.
“Sir what is this? I’m sorry I can’t accept it.” I said.
“Wait a minute this mansion listed here is the one my uncle is living in”.. I said.
” yes dear let me break the ice…. Your dad used to be my best friend. He owned shares in a mine and your uncle was an employee there. He was very wicked and misused company resources. I often told your father to fire him but I guess he loved his brother” the man said.
“What happened to my parents?” I asked
“Your parents died from food poisoning. No one really knows how it happened but I’m sure you can guess who would be capable of such” he said.
Tears washed out my makeup and I felt serious bitterness and rage. I just couldn’t stand the pain I felt in,side.
“Dear dry your tears.. Unfortunately your uncle already sold your father’s shares and he got away with the money” he said.
“Where is he!!!!! I’m going to strangle him with my bare hands when I find him!!!!” I yelled.
“I’ve been working on this case for sometime and planning my move very well while I was away in the states. Your uncle was arrested and your aunty and the children have already vacated the mansion as we speak. He will probably not stay there for long because the courts can’t link him to the murder and the case has been long overdue” he said
“So he will be out freely roaming the streets?” I asked him.
“Well that will have to surrender to God but these doc-ments have all the property your father left. That’s 3 flats a mansion and a business complex on the copper belt”. He said.
“Sir thank you so much and may God richly bless you. What I can say? You are indeed a blessing” I said.
“So where are you going from here? Do you have family?” He asked.
“Yes I do actually, but first they need to forgive me. I disappointed them badly” I said.
“OK i will leave now but this is my card. My family and I will receive you with open arms whenever you need to visit us. I’m leaving for the States in two days. My mission here is done and am sure my friends soul is now resting in peace.” He said.
“Thank you sir, go well” I said.
I immediately left after him and went back to the lodge.
I said a long prayer of praise, worsh¡p and thanks giving. It was just unbelievable how everything unfolded. I could hærdly sleep as the doc-ments scared me. Its like I was keeping billions of money in the house. I needed a place to save them properly.
This day had unfolded so much. What else could happen?… It was just the beginning of better to come. Indeed the tears I shed for so long were not in vain.
To b continued.. .
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