Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 53 – end

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( Bounded With You )

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By, Cisca. H.

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Chapter 53,54&55:


Natalie was returning back from the hospital. Ruthie had esc-rted her back home but left almost immediately.

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She was so eager and over joyed to tell Draco of the good news.

She quickly changed to a different wear, stepping into the car as she zoomed off to his home.

She had talked to her father early in the morning. Then he wasn’t even prepared yet, still asleep according to him.

But that’s by the way, Nat said to herself. His return will be a shout of joy for tonight.

Right now, something is taking its place.

The gate opened automatically and she drove in without hesitation.

Stopping before the mansion, she opened the door, stepping out of the car and making her way up into the building.

As she made her way to his room, Tony came out from nowhere.

He was surprised to see her and likewise her. But something about his facial appearance told her that something wasn’t right.

He wasn’t looking happy as usual and that was unlike him. Whenever she came visiting, no matter the distance he had sighted her from, he would always wear the broadest smile ever.

” Hey, T, what’s up?” She asked.

” Nat…” He paused, like he had a stone to swallow.

” Did something bad happen?” She asked, curiousity written on her face. ” Talk to me, what happened?”

With a frown, Tony replied. ” Draco was taken.”

She grew cold. ” What’s that supposed to mean?”

” He was kidnapped, by his own men. ” He answered.

” Why would his own men take him? That doesn’t make any s£nse. ”

” I don’t know, but it just happened unexpectedly. ”

” Have you tried calling him to check if he is okay? ” She asked.

” Yes, but it keeps saying it’s switched off. ” He said.

” D… Do you know where they might have taken him? ” She asked, trembling in fear.

” I’m not sure, but I know of a place.” He said.

” Then let’s get going.” She said without hesitation.

” Nat… ” He wasn’t expecting her to go with him.

” What? There’s only one person who must have done this to him.” She guessed.

” Who’s that? ” He asked.

” His father.”


With the full speed, Tony accelerated out of the compound down to the street to where he suspects Draco has been taken.

Natalie grew scared and troubled for Draco. Why would Mr Luciano want his son dead?

Why would he be this wicked and heartless for no reason?

Why… Why now?
When she needed him the most??

It took them thirty minutes to get there. It was an abandoned warehouse, from the 18th century.

” There it is?” He said, bringing the car to a stop.

Natalie rose an eyebrow, ” What’s the place? And how possible is Draco in here? ”

” Very possible. ” He said with certainty. ” This is were the previous Mafia Lords had their international meeting. But when the government found out about this place, no one dreamt of coming here.

So, I’m very sure Mr Luciano will be in here. Since no one suspects such criminal act will take place here, the government doesn’t seem to care either. ”

They open the doors, stepping out of the car. ” We need to get in or someone sees us.” He said and secretly, they sneaked in.

They got to a place where they began to hear voices and the sounds of punches.

Natalie almost ran out the moment she saw it was Draco who was the punching bag but Tony was just so fast to stop her.

” Let go off me,” she said in clenched teeth. ” They are gonna kill him if we don’t stop them.”

” And you’re going to get yourself killed too. You’re gonna make things worst if you go out there.” He whispered.

” But…” She looked at Draco, his face bruised with his blood. ” he’s bleeding. They might stop if they see me.” She whispered.

” The Mafia’s aren’t just peoples, they are killers. Draco might be ruthless, but he’s got a humanity in him. Not everyone has this soft part in them.” He convinced her not to go.

She looked at Mr Luciano who was busy with his cigar, loving the fun of how the guards threw punches at Draco.

This only got Natalie angry the more. Anger grew in her, and so did hatred.

But what can she do? Nothing.

She froze by the touch of a h-rd object on her head, slowly raising up her hand.

She moved her gaze to Tony who had done the same too. ” Spying on some Mafia business?” Said one of the guys.

” No. We were just leaving.” She said, making an attempt to leave but he held her back.

” Can’t let you walk away, Miss. You’re coming with us.” He grabb£d her arm, dragging her out of their hiding place.

” Let me go!!” She scre-med. ” Let. Me. Fu*king. Go!”

He threw her to the ground. ” Fu*k off, d**k!” She cursed.

” No. No, don’t hurt her.” Draco pleaded. ” Let her go! Let them go! It’s me you want.”

” Come on, Draco, have you lost your manners already? You just want to move your guests out so soon? Isn’t that a little… unfair of you?” Mr Luciano said, standing to his feet.

” And besides, what makes you think I’ll hurt her. She’s the daughter to my best friend. I’m not so stupid.” He bends towards her. ” I’ll make sure you watch him die. Slowly… Painfully.”

” No! Please don’t!” She pleaded.

” Natalie…” Draco stormed, hating the way she pleaded for his sake.

” Let him go. I beg you.” She ignored him. ” Please…”

Mr Luciano was pleased with the new observation. ” Wow! What am I s£nsing here?” He smiled. ” Love? You finally fell in love? Oh, come on, Draco, this is a wow!” He laughed.

” Cut the crap and let them go ” he said, not finding anything funny. ” She doesn’t deserve to be here.”

” But she volunteered herself here. ” He said still laughing.

” Why are you so wicked?” She said, referring to Mr Luciano who was quiet now. ” Even to your own son you will do anything to have him dead? What’s so funny to watch him in this way?”

” Guess he didn’t tell you about us. We Mafian’s aren’t CEOs who walks around in suit looking for people to praise and worship them. We hunt. We fight. And we kill for our glory.”

” What does Draco have to do with this?”

” A lot. It’s still part of the game, sweetheart. Kill for glory.” Places his first two f-ngers by the side of his head. ” Boom!” He laughs.

” Fu*k you! Fu*k the rules!” The guard who held her dragged her to keep quiet. ” Don’t you dare touch me, assh-le.” He let go off her.

” I’m sorry, sweetheart that you have to watch this happen. It’s so sad to say, we can’t do anything about it.” He said, faking a pitiful face.

Natalie looked over to Draco, it hurt her to see him this way. Tears had already made its way out of her eyes.

She was going to watch him die? By the hands of his own father??

She didn’t know when she started crying. The tears weren’t just rolling out, they were gushing.

” Draco…” She sniffed. ” No, Draco…”

” It’s okay. It’s okay.”

” You said you were never going to leave me, you promised me that. Are you gonna give up on your words?”

He couldn’t say a word but stare at her. ” Sometimes things happen for the greater good.”

” I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want any greater good!” She wept. ” I want you. It is you I want! Only you. ”

” I wish I can make it up to you. I honestly do.” He said.

” What am I going to tell them when they grow up?” He didn’t understand what she was talking about. ” Are you gonna let them become fatherless even before they are born?”

Now he was beginning to understand where she was going to. ” Nat…”

” I’m pregnant. I’m carrying your child.” Everyone stared at her, surprised but not as surprised as Draco himself.

” They need you, Draco, as much as they need the both of us.” Even as Mr Luciano went ahead laughing, Draco’s gaze never left hers.

He desperately wanted to get out and pull a trigger to every single one who wants him dead. Especially his father.

But what can he do, he’s locked up in chains.

” Unlock him.” He said and the guard did so.

Mr Luciano walked over to Draco who was kneeling on the ground. He was damn so weak to do anything.

He bent towards him, and to everyone’s surprise, he gave him a hug. ” I knew you’d make me proud. I knew you’d do more than your father, and I am happy you’ve become the man I have always dreamt. I really am proud of you, son. We all are.”

Draco was so surprised to understand a thing that was going on. One minute his father wanted him dead, and the next he is congratulating him.

Natalie on the other hand didn’t believe she had said all those. She had wanted to make it a surprise, but she knew saying it at that moment worth it.

After all, Mr Luciano isn’t as bad as they all thought. He’s still the good man Natalie believed in.

” What are you still standing there for? Get your hands off them!” He yelled at the guards who held Natalie and Tony.

Holding Draco’s cheek, he said. ” Don’t make the same mistake I made. And I hope you’ll forgive my past.” He said, referring to his mother. ” She was a good woman, but I never saw that. Take good care of your new home.”

Then to Natalie, he held her up. ” I’m proud you accepted the Mafia family. Please take good care of my son.” She nodded. ” And…” He paused like he was forgetting something. ” Say hello to your father.”

He gave her an eye sign to the back. Natalie followed the sign, to see her father standing at one corner of the room.

His both hands were buried inside his pocket, and his face was plastered with a broad smile.

” Dad?” She called, not expecting him to be here. She ran to him, falling in his arms. ” Dad. I’ve missed you so much. ”

” You definitely don’t know how much I’ve missed you too, sweetheart.” He placed a k-ss on her forehead.

” Did you… How did you know…” He had already started smiling. ” You knew don’t you? This trip of a thing was all a set up, right?” She asked in suspicion.

” It wasn’t but…” he looks over to Mr Luciano then back at her.. ” it’s complicated.”

She rose an eye at him. ” We thought the trip will be of an advantage to bring the both of you together.”

” You’re a Mafia Lord?” She asked.

” Me? No, I’m not. I’m just a friend to one.” He defended.

” You know what dad… No more secrets.” She said.

” No more secrets.” He agreed.

He gave her an eye sign to Draco. ” I think he needs you.” She nodded with a smile, running towards Draco.

She flew her arms around his neck. ” Ouch!” He gro-ned painfully.

” Sorry.” She didn’t let go off him as she buried a deep k-ss on his l-ips.

The both father’s watched them happily.

” Why didn’t you tell me sooner that you were pregnant?” he said, weakly.

She held his cheeks, ” I wanted to make it a surprise. But I thought it would be better if I said now.”

” You really are pregnant? You are carrying my child?” For the first time since he lost his mother, he was shedding tears.

Natalie nodded, tears threatening to come out. ” Yes. Yes, I am. You’re gonna become a father very soon.” She chuckled.

He chuckled too. ” I’m gonna become a father.”

She nodded again.

” Let’s go home. And together, we start a new family. Just the two of us.”


~ THE END ♥️

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