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The changing tides episode 11


the changing tides

Episode 11

Paul, had been going to Maria’s place to check on her but to his surprise Maria was never home.

He tried to ask the neighbours who told him Maria was barely home those days.She would go for a

few hours, clean up and change then disappear again. Unfortunately Paul was not lucky enough

to find her home.

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One night, Paul decided to go round the night clubs in Kabwata where he was told were Maria’s

new places.

He was looking around when he saw her on the dance floor dancing wildly. Not understanding

what was happening Paul pushed himself through the crowds of people and went to grab Maria by

the hand.

Maria stopped dancing and looked at Paul.

“What do you want?” She spat drunk.

” I thought I was clear that you leave me alone,” she said pulling her hand from his.

Paul didn’t answer he just pulled her away to the back and shoved her towards the wall.

“You are drunk, since when do you drink Maria?” , Paul scolded angrily.

“Is this what you want? You want to disgrace your life like this huh? Are you nuts? What the hell Is

wrong with you.? You used to have dreams, you were determined. Now I can’t even understand

this person you have turned yourself into. Look at you, you can’t even think of your own son . You

have no idea where he is and who is taking care of him. And you are here dancing with those

good for nothing men.” He yelled in top of the loud music clearly upset.

Maria looked at Paul, her drunk eyes half closed.

“Well, I wonder what you are doing here then, let me be already.” she shouted in his face.

“You got what you wanted from me now just leave me already. I gave you a son and am sure you

are happy now. Stop following me around Paul.” she added with a laugh.

“Excuse me” she pushed him aside walking away.

“Stop being stupid Maria and let’s go out of this place already !” he screamed pulling her back.

Maria looked at Paul and smiled widely. “No!” She retorted and pulled her hand to leave. Just tocome back and shout in his face,

” get out!” And walked back her hands lifted up high as the sound of the songs played high from

the steroes..

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Paul folded his hands and shook his head in disbelief.

It was like each day that was passing Maria was becoming worse. He felt guilty that he somehow

contributed to that but she was frustrating all his efforts to help her.

He went back to his sisters house so upset.

“She won’t change sister, she’s become this horrible person I can’t cope with anymore. ”

Margret shook her head.

“I don’t know what to say anymore. I guess if you have tried and she won’t listen then it’s up to her

to make her choice, I just hope she won’t get sick at the end of the day” Margret sighed sadly.

Paul stopped going to follow Maria the weeks that came forth. He had decided to give her time to

decide on her own and concetrated on looking after his son.

He decided to hire his own baby sitter and had started staying with his son at his house. Every day

Paul would find time to be with his son and take him to play parks over the weekends.

One weekend, he had gone with baby Paul to East Park mall and as he went round buying things

for his child, Paul met with his ex girlfriend Tasha who was surprised seeing Paul with a child.

“Hey Paul, never knew you are married, ” she said looking at the boy he was pushing in trolley.

“I have a son yes but am not yet married Tasha” Paul told her after they greeted each other.

“What happened to the girl you dumped me for ?” She asked with a catching smile.

“Well, it’s a long story” Paul responded. “But I am staying with my son now” he smiled.

Tasha looked at him and couldn’t help admire the man that was once close to her. They sat at

Debonairs and had ordered pizza that day as they did some catch up.

“So how are you fairing? Are you married yourself?” Paul asked her.

She looked at him shrugging,

“Well not yet. I guess I too have not been as lucky.”

“am sure it’s time and soon you would find that special someone,” he told her.

She extended her hand and touched his,

“you are a good man Paul and I miss the times we had together. At least you were honesty even

when we broke up you told me the truth and I respect you for that. ”

Paul stared at her hand in his and smiled.

“Thanks for those words, I wish someone else would say the same.” he sighed sadly. .

Tasha looked at him and she knew if she could play her cards right, Paul could be hers again. She

knew from the look in his face that Paul was heart broken and she felt she could use that to her


She didn’t really love Paul much but if she could settle down with him, that would be good since all

the men she had dated after Paul where not as good as he was.

She walked him to the car holding baby Paul by the hand and talking to him like trying to win the

baby’s attentioMaria who was coming out of the boutiques from levy park too where a sugar dad had taken her

out for shopping saw them as they walked towards the Jeep for the man she was with. She

noticed Paul and Tasha holding her son as they walked.

Her heart beat faster and she felt the urge to go grab Tasha and give her a beating of her life.

“Hey it’s this way,” the man told her bringing her back to her senses. Maria looked at the direction

Paul and Tasha walked to and turned away following the man she was with not wanting to create

a scene.

“Is there a problem sweety?, you look sad” the man asked her as they got in the vehicle. Maria

had become quite her temper up. She struggled to push the thoughts of jealousy out.

“I can’t believe he has the guts to let that Tasha hold my son like she gave birth to him,” Maria

shouted telling Doro .

“Well my friend, remember you are the one that pushed that man away, stop your jealousy and

live with it” Doro scold her firmly.

“Am not jealousy they can do whatever they want I just don’t like him handing my son to another

woman. No way am going to allow that.’”

“Maria, come on listen to yourself, what do you expect huh ? He won’t wait for you for life

girlfriend, he’s a man and he has what it takes too. He will find a woman who he derseves and

whether you like it or not that woman will raise your son for you.”

Maria was quite for a while her head bowed down to the ground.

She patted her feet on the ground the sound of the slippers hitting down echoing in her ears. She

stood up and walked around Doro’s room.

She was so jealousy the images of Paul, Tasha and her son walking like family haunting her

conscious she felt like kicking something, bitting her manicured nails, Maria could not get to sit

down and this made Doro laugh .

“Mmmmh wonder show never end, the might Maria is jealousy. Leave that innocent girl alone.

You gave away your man and now this is just the beginning. Soon you will hear of their wedding

and that’s when you will feel the real jealousy, a walk by the park is nothing ” Doro teased clapping

her hands in Maria’s frown face.

Paul was home playing with his son a week later, he heard a knock on his door and called the

maid to open the door.

He was busy talking to baby Paul when he heard Tasha’s voice greeting him.

“Oh Tasha what a surprise I didn’t know you will be coming here. Come on in and sit please” he

welcomed her, putting the boy in the couch.

“I was just helping the little man with his toys” he smiled pointing at Paul.

Tasha smiled as she went to sit down letting her short dress expose her thighs delibearately .”So what do I offer you? ” Paul asked her with a smile.

“Water is fine” she smiled back .

“Hey Chanda bring a glass of water will you?” He shouted for the maid.

“I was just passing to see some friend around here and I remembered you told me you stay here

so thought I could pay you a visit too and see How you are doing with the little man there”, Tasha

smiled widely .

“We are doing fine imagine Paul will be turning 2 next month” he smiled.

“Wow, he’s a big boy already, am happy for you” Tasha let a laugh.

“So what about the mother, won’t you bring her to stay with you or something, I mean Paul needs

a mother,” she added with a chuckle…

Paul frowned and sat back.

“It’s a long story Tasha but I don’t want to discuss Maria now. Things are not so good you won’t

understand so lets just leave that topic..” Paul told her and changed the subject .

Paul’s eyes where sat on the TV as Tasha talked. He was not even there to listen to her. He could

see her gestures and movement of her mouth but he could not hear any words she was uttering.

His mind wild to the day he went back to the bar to watch Maria weeks passed.

He recalled sitting in the corner and watch as Maria sat on the other side of the bar drinking with

an elderly man.

He watched her sit and smile as the man talked. He wished she could smile like that at him.

Painfully Paul had seen Maria being lifted by the waist and saw them walk out to the door.

From that day Paul had decided to stop following Maria around and he was trying to forget about

her. It was not easy though.

“Hey! Did you even hear a word I said?” Tasha waved her hand at Paul, he startled.

“Am sorry Tasha, what did you say? I was just.. never mind. Please tell me what you were saying”

he looked at her.

“Well I was asking if you are planning anything for the boy for his birthday.?

I know of some people who do organise baby’s parties. They are great.” She told him excitedly.

“I don’t think thats a good idea Tasha. I mean am a man I don’t even know some kids to invite for

the party. I will let it pass. Some other years May be.” He frowned sitting back.

Tasha smiled.

“Leave it to me Paul, I can help, I mean for old times sake. I know of some friends who have kids

and you can invite some relatives too. We both can make this happen Paul. ” she held his hand

gently assuring him.

Paul looked at her,You would do that for my son?” He asked.

“Yeah why not,” Tasha smiled.

” Just let me know when you are ready and I can organise the rest.”

“thank you so much Tasha, my son will be excited seeing so many kids around. I feel he’s lonely

sometimes and that he misses his mom. The party can really give him some break” Paul

acknowledged with a smile looking at baby Paul who was playing near him.

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