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The Choirmaster episode 2


The choirmaster 2

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After the wild smile, Edna brought out her phone and started making a video of the ungodly scene. She calmly videoed as the choirmaster meticulously explored every part of the pastor’s wife’s body. She videoed as the paschal caressed her c——s with his tongue, squeezed her [email protected] with one hand and fingered her v—-a gently with the other hand. As he took his time in delivering multiple doses of pleasure to Abigail, she (Abigail) let out soft m0ans and pressed down Paschal’s head harder inbetween her thighs. After a prolonged foreplay, Paschal slightly slanted her hips and introduced his already hard big ‘third leg’ into her dripping w€t v—-a. With this introduction, Abigail gave out a louder encouraging m0ans while Paschal continued digging it out on her waist.

While videoing this erotic scene, Edna was totally aroused. Enough w€tness had gathered inbetween her legs, w€tting her pant. She was so carried away by the pleasure of what she was seeing that she didn’t notice when the memory space of her phone got exhausted. Thanks to her stars that the phone was on ‘auto save’ mode. She only noticed that the phone had stopped recording after they (Paschal and Abigail) had both reached o—-m and relaxed on the bed. She quickly checked her recording and smiled when she saw that it stopped just after the thrusts started. She got what she wanted. She calmly walked to the front door and sat on the pavement in wait. About an hour after the explosive round of s£x, Paschal and Abigail walked out of the door laughing heartily.

On seeing Edna calmly sitting by the door, they were startled. Abigail tried hiding her face but it was too late. Edna smiled mischievously and greeted them. They couldn’t respond to her greeting, they were utterly surprised seeing her there. They wondered in their individual minds if she saw any other thing aaise seeing them walk out together. As if she saw their minds and what they were thinking, Edna calmly handed her phone over to Paschal with the video playing. Immediately they saw the video of themselves engaging in that ungodly act, Abigail screamed and broke into tears while Paschal stood speechless. Edna looked on with a smile of satisfaction on her face.

“You’re going to give me twenty thousand Naira now and pay fifty thousand Naira into my account every month. I don’t care how you get the money but if you fail to do that, this video will appear on the church’s Whatsapp group. Bro Paschal, I believe you have my aza”, Edna said in a bossy tone. As she collected her phone from Paschal and was about leaving, Paschal giggled. “You no longer have any evidence of that moment, I have deleted the video and no one will believe you”, he said through giggles. Edna didn’t say anything, she pressed her phone for some minutes and handed it back to him with the same video playing. Paschal’s jaw dropped. “You think I’m daft? I have since saved this video on my Google account and it’s forever in my possession. And for doing this, you are to pay thirty thousand Naira into my account before the next one hour or this video flies”, Edna said before taking the phone from him and walking out on them.

They were dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe what had befallen them. Abigail continued crying for a while before talking to Paschal angrily. “I told you we should stop doing this but you refused. You kept saying you cannot do without me. I even told you we should stop doing it in your house because of the neighbors but you wouldn’t listen. Now look at where it has landed me. What do I tell my husband, my parents, my in-laws and even the church? A pastor’s wife. You have ruined my life”, she cried bitterly.

While she was still crying ,Paschal retorted back at her harshly. “Stop this nonsense whining woman. This is not the time to whine, you should be seeking for a solution to your problem and not crying like a little baby and making noise. As if you know what is o—-m before you met me. Could your pastor husband give you o—-m and you followed me? Listen, if that video comes out, you will be hit the most. You will lose your husband, your marriage, your family, your place in the church, your face in the society and many more. I’m a man, I will only lose the choirmaster position but that would be all. I can still marry any woman I wish to marry and nothing can stop me. So you better start making plans on how to pay the thirty thousand Naira she requested and stop whining like a kid”, he retorted at her.

Abigail couldn’t believe her ears. She wondered whether the man saying those awful things to her was the same man that professed unending love to her just some minutes ago in his bedroom. She couldn’t believe that the man who had constantly told her how priceless she was and how she was not properly taken care of by her husband would say such callous things to her. The same man that had pressured her to divorce her husband and get married to him. It was too much of a surprise to her. She then realized that all those sweet words, all the eulogies, all the care and attention, were just plots to take her to bed and continue having her at will. She cried more bitterly, not because of her predicament but out of regret and self-pity. After crying for a long time, she collected Edna’s account number and left.

Back at the hostel, Edna laid in bed replaying the events of that evening in her mind. The thoughts of the s£xual scene still w€ts her pant as she relished every moment of the live pornography. She thought herself lucky for being there at the right time to witness the scene and gain a new meal ticket. While she was still thinking, her phone’s message tone beeped. She read the message and smiled. Her account had been credited with the sum of thirty thousand Naira by Abigail Usman. She had received the first payment from her blackmailing business.

What happened next?

Find out!!!


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