The Commissioner Son And I

The commissioner son and I episode 52 – 53

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀 {why me!}

Chapter 52


Unknown POV 📍📍

The crazy best friends drive roughly to the airport only to meet Lawrence crying on the ground going crazy not caring the way people are staring at him.

“My love brings back my love!”that is all that he has been saying since her plane took off.

The three best friends rush to Lawrence and Scot down beside him.

They know what happened, they don’t need a seer to tell Daniella their best friend has finally gone but the two guys James and John manage to compose themselves like the man they are and stay strong.

Kelly stared at how crazy Lawrence has gone and immediately it clicked that her best friend is gone. Tears she has been holding in the car hoping they still meant her at the airport and try their possible best to stop her from leaving.

“Don’t…don’t tell she’s gone..just like that!”she yelled painfully, making John hug her instantly.

She struggled off.
“Leave me!

“Just like that…is she gone?”she asked with her voice cracking…

“Sh..she does not love me!”Lawrence cried out…”she never loved me!”

“What the hell are you splitting out!”Kelly yelled angrily, struggling off John Hold forcefully.

“Kelly stop it please.”John pleaded, trying his best to hold her down but trust Kelly to always be crazy.

“Don’t calm me!”she fired making john to quickly move back.”can’t you hear what your stupid brother is saying?

He caused everything that is going on now!

He brought everything that is happening to that poor innocent girl who has done nothing to deserve what your fiance mother {pointing at Lawrence} who also your stupid crushed mother {pointing at james} did to that girl….”

“Kelly stop it!”John yelled at but she only glared at him and continued.

“She is just an innocent girl who doesn’t know….”

“Who does not know what?” Lawrence cut her off.“she never loved me but just after my wealth she made it clear to herself!”he growled.“and you called that innocent?”

“Enough of this stupid drama guys!”james finally speak up.
“We are in public crying out for sake and you guys are not behaving maturely at all.

There are more things behind this than we thought….let us go home and look for a solution because I know this game can’t end here..”James said and they instantly calmed down.

“There is more than our knowledge…let go home and fight and put the wicked ones to judgment!”

Back to Nigeria.

Daniella POV🍭🍭.

My plane just landed in murtala Muhammad airport in Lagos.with my heavy painful eyes I took my bags walking away from the airport.

Everywhere looks scanty and weird in my eyes…which I guess it might be because I have been away for a long time.

I stopped a cab driving by and zoomed in after telling him the address and he drove off.


Throughout the driving I kept thinking about the mess happening in my life. I don’t even the cab man has stop.

“Aunty you won sleep inside my motor?”he asked and rolled my eyes at him.{are you sleeping inside the car?}

I came down paying him off and he drove away…i Hisss…character have started!

I came down wearing a face cap to avoid attention…I trust Niger people.

Thank goodness that there are not many people outside…and even some shops are open with their owner sleeping inside.. Which means there are no sales..

I am happy because I am ready to answer their amebo greeting.

I got my house to meet everywhere empty and dirty as the result of my parents not being sad.

All the doors are locked with a new padlock and immediately went to check where we Normally hide the key whenever we are going out to avoid getting lost.

I checked the place but I couldn’t find any keys, so I go to my room window and opened it.

Don’t be surprise I normally make use of my window whenever my parent don’t want me out of the house… {that is a secret😎 I don’t want to hear it outside}

I have successfully dropped my bags inside my room through my window and about to jump inside when the main devil I have been running from caught me red handed.

“Ummm…Daniella you no sabi greet again?” Junior mums, my neighbor said, staring at me from her window.

Gosh…I should have been more carefully to make noise.

“Good afternoon ma.”I mutter, jumping back on the ground.

“You are back?”she asked and I shook my head mentally.stupid questions.

“Yes, just now.”

“But I thought you will stay more than six years there before coming back?

What happened?

Are you sick?

Why do you come back to dis Niger nau..”

“Aunty please i am tired of talking to you later.”I said cutting her off..many questions did she want me to answer.


Your parents and your brothers have left home since last week…I don’t if they travel but I think something is not right because they left the doors open. I am even the one that brought a new padlock and locked it.”she said sadly making me sigh..

“Have you reported it to the police?”I asked purposely and she shook her head.

“I thought they travel and… The thing be say i no know who go follow me go police station.”she said making me to furrowed my brow.. {I did not know who would follow me to the station to give a report.

“My family is missing…”

“They are not missing… They might travel.”she struggled.

“They travel leaving the door open?”I asked with my eyes raised.

“That is what has been confusing me…but you know say I dey fear the polices.”

Omg…so since my family has been kidnapped nobody… I mean no one has looked for them.

So if we are killed we are gone. Nobody will look for us…this world does not favor poor people.

“Okay thanks Aunty.”I said and made to climb up the window when her voice stopped me again.

“Did you know their whereabouts?

Have they called you?”she asked.

“Yes they are coming today or tomorrow.”

“So you know their whereabouts and you have been scaring me since!”she glares, making me smirk at her.

“I wantes to know if you are doing your job as a good neighbor and thank God you got 50℅.”

“Go and rest for now and come back to answer my queries later.”she said glaring at me.

“I laughed and jumped into my room and the sadness came back again.

Then my phone started rigging.. That witch is calling again.

“So sorry that you have to pass through the window…”

“Where are my families?”I asked, cutting her off…for crying out sake I am tired of hearing her ugly voice and how the hell did she know I passed through the window. I guess that is how powerful she is.

She laughed mockingly.
“Calm down baby girl, your families are on their way home. They will soon get to you now.”

“Okay thanks!”I mumbled, scoffing.

“if you are born in the next world I hope you won’t cross the line with the dollar family?
Hope you enjoyed your experience with the dollar family?” She said that and hung up.

“Welcome back to Nigeria Daniella!”I thought sadly.

🎀The commissioner son💕

And I🎀 {why me!}

chapter 53

Daniella POV🍭🍭

“You know the background you came from and the only thing you could do is bring disgrace to us.”my dad said sadly.

My family came back just now and the time is 9:00pm.they look messy and unkempt and tears rush down from my eyes on seeing them.

They look thin and sick.

Now we are in the sitting room as I told them everything that happened that led to their kidnapping.

I voice out everything kneeling on the floor with tears flowing down my eyes.

“Da…daddy I… am… sorry.”I cry out and bring my face to the ground because I am too ashamed to look at them.

“Others study hard to become successful but go there to look for rich friends and boyfriends who brought destruction to your life. Where will you start from?
We are happy that we have a daughter who will make us proud someday but now where is our fate?…of course is gone!”my dad said queries with his voice filled with pains breaking down my heart.

“I never expected this from you Daniella. I am really disappointed in you!”

I cried out crawling to his fit.
“Daddy.. I …am sorry pl….”

“You are very stupid for letting that out of your mouth!”my mum barked angrily like a lion who has been caged for long and he finally let himself out by all means.

I moved quickly to my dad of fear because when mum spoke English which meant…she was damn angry and when she angrily… Trust Nigeria mother to be violent at the moment but when you hear my mum speak English hmmm my dear breather runs for your life!

“What is the main purpose you are apologizing for?”she asked standing up from where she sat.”Is it because the suffering you made us pass through for a whole week or because you destroyed your goal and brought shame to your families?”she asked.

“I need an answer Daniella!”she yelled angrily walking to my side, making me too quickly made to hold my dad’s legs but when I saw the way he was glaring at me I instantly moved away from him and crawled back to the middle far away from my mum.

“I will answer my question before I bounce on your ugly face now!”

“Mu..Mummy please I…am sorry..”

“Shut up!
I don’t want to hear that!”she fired.

“You lost everything both the money they offer you all because of stupid love!
You went for life but you’re so sad you ended being a lover girl!”

“I thought I have a smart child who plans her mission and won’t rest until she reaches her goal but I was wrong…I was… very wrong…”she broke down crying.

“Why..why did you do this to us?

“Mummy I am sorry..”

“We have a bad experience with one of the wealthiest men in this, Commissioner Otedola, they make us pass through hell all because of you.

What kind of deal did you have with commissioner Otedola?”she asked tearfully.

Her questions surprised me…I haven’t seen him talk more about having a deal with him.
‘You are a fool!”my inner self yelled.’are his sons not your best friends and ….?”

Then it clicked on me…so Commissioner Otedola and Mrs dollar work together. They join hands together.

“Be grateful to that rich woman who made a video call asking them to release us.”

“Gr..gratefully?”I asked with tears flowing down my.what the hell is my mum saying!
I should be grateful to someone that ruined my life and future?

I should be grateful to her?

“Yes, be grateful to her because without her we would have been dead by now.

Commissioner Otedola want to kill us but she told him not to dare touch matter what how wicked she save us at a dial seconds.”my mum sadly.”Commissioner Otedola is against that we go home alive because he said we are the hindrance that is stopping him from becoming the owner of one of the biggest companies over there…the way I am thinking… He is still after us; he is not happy with the order the white woman made.”

I sigh bitterly.. This is a war!
But one thing is still confusing me: why is Mrs Dollar afraid to kill me if when she kidnapped me she didn’t tutors me and now my familys..why is she scared to kill us because I know she can and nobody will dare question her except God.

Silence echoed everywhere until my dad finally broke it.

“A knife that cuts a child and child throws it away immediately still remains that the knife cut the child Hand……the deed has been done.

We have no one to help except God the creatures of heaven and earth so we leave everything to God’s hands and let him fight for us.”my dad said as he walked out of the sitting room.

My mum also stood up calling my junior brother Bobo to her side then turned to me.

“Welcome back and thank goodness you came back safe and sound and I hope you will work hard for your future and take us one out of this suffering.”she said and walked away with my junior brother.

I turn my head to his side. I mean my brother Jide expects him to also say something but he only glares hard to quickly return my head back.

By the time I could turn back again he had already walked out also.

I cried out like a baby hugging myself in my lonely world.

Mid night 12:00 Am.

I cried until I fell asleep there in the sitting room. By the time I woke up, everything was already quiet, meaning people had gone to bed. I check the time to see is 12: 00 am dot.

I felt weak with a headache . I stood up walking to my parents room to check on them. They were all fast asleep when I got there. The same goes to my brother’s room.

I went back to the sitting room walking towards the door that to the outside.

I walked out and sat down in front of our house staring at the sky watching the stars and the moon.

I got lost in my own world thinking about how it started with tears flowing down…I felt someone sitting beside me and I turned to see my brother.

“ jide.”I called tearfully and was surprised to see him.

“Shhhhhh.”He placed his figure in my mouth and pulled me into an unexpected hug.

I thought he was mad at me.. .

I cry out the more I hug him back because I think that is what I need right now.

After some minutes I calmed down and he pulled away.

“I thought you were angry?”I asked, staring at him. He shook his head.

“Why will I be?”

“You are not angry with me?”I asked in surprise.

“Why will I be?”he repeated the question again making me scratch my head thinking.

“Umm.that I disappointed you..because you advise me that I should make use of every opportunity that comes my way but I fail.”I explain taking my eyes back to the sky.

He chuckled.
“No.I am not!”

“Real?”I asked with my face beaming with happiness and he nod making me to hug me.

“But I am angry!”he said, suddenly pulling away from the hug, making my smile die down.

But you said…”

“Yes but I am angry!”he said, making me confused.”Oh boy if you see the kind of food wey we dey chop I swear you go dey pray make rich man dey kidnap you every time!

I had a heart break when they said we can go home.”he said frowning and I stared at him with my eyes almost popping out.

Something is wrong with my brother because of food..

“Brother sorry but you are really sick!”I said, bringing my hand closer to his neck to check his temperature.he slapped my hand away jokingly.

“I am kidding but seriously that Commissioner Otedola is wicked, they are just faking it on social media.”

I chucked.
You haven’t seen wickedness come and have a second’s experience with that white witch dollar you will wish you are never born.

Everywhere became quiet with two of us staring at the sky.

“Did you love the guy?”His questions caught me unaware.

Yes I love him….I know I love that guy called Lawrence but it is so sad that he doesn’t love me. All his words are just lair’s.

“I will take that as yes,”he said when I didn’t say anything.

“But it is so sad that he doesn’t love me.”I said bitterly disappointed.

“Don’t say that Daniella, the guys who can go to the lengths to win your heart according to your study love you, this is just a battle that both of you need to fight…”

“Not us..I am done with him!”I cut him off and he let out a sigh.

“Daniella everything that happened is bound to happen. It is already written down that both of you will pass through it so just take that as a destiny. The only thing you need now is to sit down and watch God fight for you.”he said smiling, making me feel relieved.

“Thank you, thanks for understanding.”I appreciated it and he smiled.

“Have they called?”he asked and I shook my head. They haven’t called to check on me since I arrived.

“Did you have their number?”

“Of course I have my best friends numbed with that dummy boyfriend.”

“Silly girl!”He laughed at my words, hitting me lightly.”Go get your phone and let’s call them.”

I stood up immediately running inside the house, picked up my phone and also ran back outside.

“Call your boyfriend first.”he instructed and I instantly searched for the number but couldn’t find it.

My expression changed immediately.
“Are you okay?”he asked, sensing my mood.

I..I can’t find his number.”I reply, still retrying again.

“Call your friends numbers.”he said.

After all the searching it ends up the same thing.. I couldn’t find their number.

I switched to WhatsApp,Facebook with all the social media and the result remains the same.

I didn’t even see any traces of them…

My brother took my phone from me and started his own search.

After some minutes the expression in his voice made me break down.

“I am sorry Daniella but your phone has been formatted.”he said.”everything in it has been wiped away.”


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