The Fierce Chase

The fierce chase Episode 1


The Fierce Chase (episode 1)

Have you ever had to experience first-hand the emotional torture that comes with someone else outrightly going after what belongs to you? Have you ever had to put up with the jealously that comes with several guys/girls making advances towards your partner even when they are aware that he or she is taken?. There’s a lot that comes with dating someone that is highly desired by so many other people and this could be as a result of their beauty, financial status, physical attributes etc. However, no rational person ever wants to share their partner’s attention, affection and feelings with another and that’s why jealousy creeps in.

Have you heard of Love Triangle? If no, then it is a situation where three people are trapped in a confused state because two parties from the three individuals has feelings for the third person. Love triangles can be emotional exhausting because the parties involved are always on edge on who would win the heart of the one person with the power to make the choice. This and more was the reality of a certain man named Jason.

Up in the hills of a beautiful city lived an eligible bachelor named Jason. He was a hardworking man in his mid thirties and a workaholic at that. Jason was a medical doctor and worked in one of the finest hospitals in town and that was where he met Paris; It was on a rainy afternoon. On that day, he was done with his shift and was closed for the day. As he walked towards the entrance hall, he noticed it was still drizzling outside so he stood at one corner of the hall waiting for the rain to subside so he could run to his car.

For about five minutes, Jason stood there waiting for the rain to stop a little and as he waited, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful damsel that added color to the hallway. This lady was beautiful beyond words can describe. She was dressed in a corporate attire and seemed as though she came to the hospital to visit someone. Luckily, she caught sight of him but removed her eyes almost immediately to avoid eye contacts.

As the atmosphere began to get heated up for the two individuals, the rain ceased and Jason walked outside the hospital and headed straight to his car. Just as he beeped his car open, he heard footsteps behind and turned to see who was coming behind and it was no other person than Paris. Before he could process why she was walking towards his direction, she pressed her car key and a white Ford car beeped open. That was when it dawned on him that they both parked close to each other; what a beautiful coincidence.


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car, I love Ford brand” Jason voiced out just to start a conversation. Paris smiled and also complimented his car too. They got talking briefly and in no time, they were both smiling from ear to ear at each other’s sense of humor and jokes. Jason liked her personality and knew for sure that he had to see her again. He politely asked for her number of which she gave her card to him. It was then that he got to know that she was a newscaster for a popular news station. He was shocked!


Jason stood there trying to process where he had seen Paris earlier, it dawned in him that she was a lead anchorwoman of a popular news station he watches from time to time. He wasn’t a big fan of televisions so it explains why her face wasn’t clearly registered in his memory, otherwise he would have recognized her the very moment he saw her. The conversation now took another turn and got more interesting. “So you are a newscaster? I think I have seen you before on my TV” he calmly said and she smiled, “Yes I am a newscaster for Star TV” she replied. They spoke for a little more while before finally parting ways.

After that day, Jason and Paris became good friends. They went on dates together and loved each other’s company a lot. It wasn’t long before they realized that they were gradually falling in love with each other. Jason officially asked her out and she accepted to be his lover and partner. Their relationship was highly admirable and beautiful. They were both career individuals who were doing amazing in their different career fields and not forgetting to mention, they were full specs and this attracted intruders to their relationship. However, one thing they strongly had for one another was Trust.

Whenever they went out, Paris usually had more people walking up to her to ask for a photo or to compliment her looks. She was drop-dead gorgeous so it explains why other guys wanted her regardless of the fact that she was Taken. Jason nurtured his mind to be carefree and not get jealous over minor issues like that but it was just a matter of time before it began to get to him. Whenever he showed any sign of jealousy, Paris would reassure him that she belonged with him and no one else. She wasn’t a cheat and was totally committed and faithful to their relationship. The only thing that usually got to Jason was the constant outright approach from other guys which he actually began to get used to with time. However, everything seemed less threatening till a persistent and smooth shooter came into the picture; he name was Kelvin.


was a real estate mogul that worked with one of the best real estate firms in the city. He was a cool dude and had this aura around him that screamed “Hot Alpha Male”. He was a bit authoritative and dominant in nature. He hardly ever backs down if he sets his mind towards getting something and this made his overall personality look endearing. He had an accent and was bodily built. Ladies hardly resisted his charm and this gave him a big ego. What a man!

It happened one day that Star TV wanted to expand their territory so they contacted the real estate where Kelvin worked at to discuss their expansion plans. As a senior staff, Kelvin was sent as a delegate to go for the briefing. When he arrived at Star TV, he was directed to the Managing Director’s office and a meeting began.

As they talked about the expansion, the television was on and the Live news was showing. While Kelvin listened to the briefing, he couldn’t help but admire the pretty news caster. She seemed fearless as she gave a befitting break down on the current happenings in the nation. He was lost in her eyes and was quick to see her name “Paris Nelson” boldly written on the screen. It was too early to identify what he was feeling but he was for sure deeply in awe of her.

As the meeting with the Managing Director finally came to an end, Kelvin couldn’t help but ask abstract questions to find out who the pretty anchorwoman was. “Thanks once again for trusting our firm with this project of yours, we promise to deliver more than expected” Kelvin said as he shook hands with the MD. When they were done shaking hands, he proceeded to indirectly ask about the pretty newscaster. “You have news shows here in Star TV? The news is amazing and I am impressed at your news caster; she is really doing an amazing job breaking down the news for we listeners” he said. The MD was pleased with the compliment and showed his appreciation. “Thank you, we try to give our viewers the best and nothing but the best. That is Paris Nelson, she has been with us for almost 3 years now, she is good” the MD said, “Do you want to see our broadcasting studio so you can see how best you can structure the new one?” The MD asked and Kelvin gladly accepted.

There and then, they headed for the door. When they arrived at the news studio, Paris had less than 5 more minutes of airtime so Kelvin was opportune to watch her broadcast live. He was smitten and couldn’t process any other thing the MD was saying to him at that moment, all his focus was on Paris. Finally, the news came to an end and she got off the stage.

Immediately she walked down the stage, Kelvin made a fast move on her; “Nice job Paris, you killed it” he said, “Thank you so much” she replied with a smile on her face. Without hesitating, he pushed the conversation further. “I know this might be too sudden but I would do anything just to have you read the news to me everyday, you are amazing. I have to go now but see you later; especially since I have been contacted by your firm to do the expansion of this TV station. Have a good day!” He said and walked away.

As Kelvin headed for the door, Paris couldn’t help but notice his outright nature and forwardness. It was a little awkward but felt cute especially since his handsomeness was on another level. It took a while before his perfume smell subsided in the atmosphere.

As Paris walked to her office, she couldn’t help but wonder “Who is that guy?”.

End of episode 1 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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