The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress episode 21

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(From a nobody to a Billionaire)

⚡Chapter 21⚡

Kathryn’s POV

I smiled satisfactorily as I stared at Melissa from the corner of my eyes. We’ve always been together since childhood and anytime we agree to do something, it always turns out successful.

She doesn’t know the reason why she’s here yet but I’ll let her know when I get home. I haven’t drafted the plan out perfectly but with her here, I know we will come up with something.

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“Welcome to my mansion!” I said proudly and swirled around

“It’s big and beautiful! Mehn! You’ve made lots of money, how did you do it?” she asked sitting on a couch

“I’ve been a model for years so if I don’t build a mansion, what am I working for?” I asked with an eyeroll

“What about your parents?” she asked

“Melissa….. ” I drawed and closed my eyes

“Sorry, I almost forgot for a second” she mumbled

“So why did you ask me to come over? I’m just going to take this as a long vacation so don’t make it too difficult” she added

“I have a small problem and I need you to help me with it” I ewid giving her my best puppy face

“Let me hear it out first, I’m not promising you anything” she said

“The thing is, I like a guy but he suddenly got married to one of my rivals. The girl isn’t even a model yet! She’s just a trainee but she acts bossy and rude.

I don’t know how she met with that guy but I want them to divorce and I need you to help me. After they divorce, I will step into the picture and take what was mine from the very beginning” I concluded

“You still haven’t stated what your plan is so I don’t fully understand”

“You need to make Chris fall for you and then, claim to be pregnant for him. It will cause a break up between them and I’ll deal with the rest” I summarized

“Chris is the name of the guy?” she asked curiously

“Yes! His name is Chris Rodriguez, what’s wrong?”

“There’s one Chris Rodriguez that is trending online, could he be the one?” she asked anxiously

“I guess so! He’s very handsome and he got married into a wealthy family so I guess he’s the one” I shrugged

“Oh my goodness! I’m so in for this! I’ve wanted to have a taste of his l-ips since I saw him and this is just the perfect chance” she giggled

“Listen to the plan I have! You won’t let him know you’re a rich girl. Just live as an average girl in a rented apartment and I think you need to work too but I don’t know which work that will be”

“It’s very simple! I’ll just work as a waiter in an average restaurant where he visits often” she suggested

“Wow! I knew you were brilliant when it comes to things like this. So when you start working as a waiter, you’ll make him notice you and create an event that will let him ask about your family.

You’ll tell him your family is dead and make up sad stories about yourself. Remember to pen everything down so you don’t ever mix anything up and we don’t get exposed.

When you finish telling him pitiful things about yourself, tell him that no one loves you without making it look suspicious.

After a while of being with him, you’ll let him know he’s the first person that has ever cared about you in this world and you’ll find a way to drug him.

When he wakes up, you’ll tell him he deflowered you and you will cry a lot. After about a month, you’ll lie to him that you’re carrying his child.

Make sure you s£nd a text to him about the pregnancy, don’t tell him in person. I will find a way to make Mitchell, his wife check his phone at that moment. That’s the plan!” I concluded

“Oh my world! You’ve gotten smarter over the ways, I find it h-rd to believe you’re still the same Kathryn I know. Being desperate really makes people change a lot.

Why do you even want that guy? Do you love him that much?” Melissa asked

“I don’t know! He’s handsome and h-ot, that’s the only reason why I want him. I don’t know about love” I shrugged

“Wow! So you don’t even love him and you’re going to this length for him?” she scoffed

“Let’s just say I’m killing two birds with one stone. I have to get back at Mitchell for being rude to me. She’s just a trainee in my modelling agency but she keeps acting like she has the wh0le world below her feet. I have to show her who’s the real boss” I said proudly

“Whatever! I will have to enjoy myself for one week before I start carrying out your plan. During that time, you will find out about the restaurant or café Chris frequently visits” she said and went to her room

One wh0le week? It won’t even take up to two days to find that one thing about Chris but she wants to take a wh0le week off?

This girl has finally lost it! Here I was thinking she would speed things up for me but it looks like she’s here to slow it down the more.

Mitchell’s POV

*A week later*

Chris has been so sweet lately and I feel like this should never stop. Ever since I returned from the hospital, he has been treating me like an egg and even placed a tracker on me so he can be aware of anything is wrong.

I stared at him as he moved about to pick ingredients for what he was cooking. I was seated on the cabinet while he cooked.

“Isn’t the food ready yet?” I whined

“It’s almost ready and stop acting like a baby okay? I know you were only putting up an act earlier on, I just decided to cook because I felt like” he said rolling his eyes which made him look cuter

I had actually pretended to be extremely weak and I acted like I was dying. Chris got scared and immediately went to cook for me after I told him that was the remedy to what was happening to me.

I guess he found out about my little prank after a few minutes. He must be mad at me now.

“I’m sorry” I mumbled fiddling with my f-ngers

“Why are you suddenly acting like this?” he asked after few minutes with a confused look on his face

“I don’t understand” I said slowly

“You just said sorry but I don’t know what you’re sorry for” he explained

“Sorry for playing a prank on you” I said again

“A prank? That wasn’t a prank and you don’t need to say sorry, stop making me feel bad” he said

“The food is ready, I’ll dish it out now” he said and picked up plates

After dishing the food, he put them on a tray and set the table below coming back to carry me.

He knows I’m only pretending but he’s still carrying me? I said it that he has changed but he still won’t confess his feelings. Maybe he doesn’t even love me after all, he’s just being nice to me because Dad helped him.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked after dropping me on the couch

His face was just few inches away from mine and I h-rd to gulp h-rd. What was I thinking about that I didn’t even realize we were this close?

“Sorry if I made you uncomfortable” he said and tried moving back but I stopped him

“Chris” I called softly

“Y.. yes” he stuttered a bit

“Is there anyone you love?” I asked dumbly

“I don’t understand” he stated confusedly

“I mean, I…. I” I stuttered not knowing what to say

“Are you trying to say you love me?” he asked and I immediately snapped my widened eyes at him

“What?!! No, I mean… What are you talking about?” I asked and stylishly pushed him away

“Nothing, let’s eat” he said and sat down picking up a spoon

I should have just said I love him, I’m so stupid. I’ve not dated before and I want to feel loved for the first time but what if I make a fool of myself? I haven’t even confirmed if he truly loves me or not so is it right to confess my feelings?

“Mitchell?” he called

“H…. Huh?” I answered jolting out of my thoughts

“Something is wrong right? Do you want to say something?” he asked dropping his spoon

“I… I… ” I stuttered and lowered my gaze

“Say it please or are you scared of me?” he asked staring keenly at me

“I love you” I said slowly and closed my eyes in embarrassment

“Y… You love me? Uhhm! I… You’re pranking me again right?” he asked nervously

“I mean it, I love you for real” I said now opening my eyes as I stared at him expectantly

“Well, I…. I need time to digest this. Let’s eat first” he said picking up the spoon again but I held his hand

“Just say something! Have you ever felt anything for me? Or should I say, do you have feelings for me?” I asked staring at his eyes

“Honestly, I do have feelings for you but…. ” he tried saying but I cut him off

“You also love me and that’s more than enough. Can we start afresh then? Forget about this contract marriage and let’s date” I said

“I…. Mitchell, I don’t think we can be together. We are two worlds apart and you know that quite well. I’m sorry” he said and walked to the b£d

“You will just give up on us without even trying? Dad has employed you already so you can buy land with your first salary. I will help you with some things too so you will be able to build your own company.

How can you think of just giving up without trying? I’ve never fallen in love, it’s my first time but you’re making me feel like I made a h-uge mistake” I concluded and stood up to leave the room

“Mitchell!” he called holding my hand just as I was about touching the doorknob

A smile curved on my l-ips and I lowered my head. How did he get here within a few seconds?

“What is it?” I asked slowly turning around

“I’m sorry! I’m just not bold enough please. How do you think I will feel knowing I can’t afford to get anything for you? You’re times ten richer than I am so I feel we’re not compatible” he said with his voice breaking at the end

“Don’t say that please! I understand you more than anyone else and I reason with what you’re saying but then, I only want to feel loved. A love that is different from my parent’s. Do you understand?” I asked

“I understand! I never imagined there will be anyone who would love me for who I am. I thought I would have to work for years and earn a lot before anyone will agree to go into a relationship with me.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity Mitchell! I promise to love you wh0leheartedly and shower you with lots of care” he said happily

“D…oes this mean we are dating now?” I asked slowly

“Yes, I guess so!” he shrugged

“For real?!! I’m so excited! I finally have a boyfriend” I scre-med jumping around

“Do you want someone to hear you?” he asked covering my mouth with his hand

“I’m not so dumb” I said slowly taking his hands off

“Before you moved into this house, I made my room fully sound-proofed so no one can listen to our conversation. Am I not just so smart?” I asked giggling

“You’re the smartest. Uhhm! Sorry, but I’ve always wanted to do this” he said and placed his l-ips on mine without warning while I widened my eyes in absolute shock


©️ Tricia
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