The Candle In The Wind

The Candle in the Wind – episode 2

The Candle In The Wind

Episode 2….

I heard on knock on the pew which I was seated on. My eyes still firmly shut, I smiled.

“Is that Jesus?” I asked, very happily.

Jesus had come to speak to me in a very different way. Wonderful!

“Speak on Lord. You daughter listeneth” I said when I didn’t hear any sound.

“Very funny. Ok, it’s not Jesus o. It’s His son” I heard a wonderful male voice.

Eyes still shut, I racked my brain.

Jesus’ son?…Jesus has a son ?

Still in my fantasy, i asked on.

“Angel, you mean?” I asked and I heard a very loud laughter.

I opened my eyes widely but it was blurry because I had closed my eyes firmly for a very long time.

When my sight cleared, right in front me was Tony!

He had drawn a plastic chair and was seated, staring into my face with a funny smile on his face. He obviously was not done making jest of me and I felt so foolish.

“Sis. Precious, you are supposed to be in the drama unit. You can really act” he said and I smiled

What could I say now so this brother wouldn’t think me weird?

“Well, you wouldn’t understand” I managed to say and he smiled again. The way his cheeks raised whenever he smiled was beautiful and my heart stirred again.

“I can relate to that. We just get to a point where we are so confused that we just want God to speak to us. We become so desperate that God just calms down and says, if I don’t talk to her, let’s see if she would still stay.” He said and I smiled

“Hmmmm, that’s profound!” I nodded as the words sunk into my skulls.

“Yes my sister. When we so desire that he speaks probably so we could brag about it to our neighbors that God said this or that to us, he withholds his voice. Then, when we do not expect, he would speak, he drops it gently and he waits to see who cares to even notice what He had done” he said on and I watched on with great awe.
He paused and smiled

“Sister Precious” he called out and I woke up from my fantasies again.

“Continue my brother. I am being blessed” I said and he laughed, clasping his hands together

“I am not a pastor o. this look you are giving me be like say you think say I be one kind apostle” he said again and we laughed together

“But really, that was deep. So so thoughtful! God bless you” I prayed heartily

“You are very funny Sis Precious. Whenever I see you, you remind me of my mum. Your stature, your clichés, your voice, your long hair, and your funny talks, everything, just like her!” he said and I blushed

“That’s wonderful.” Was the only sentence I could utter

“Yes…why haven’t you been coming for the choir practice? I had wanted to ask for a long time now but whenever I looked at your side when the service ends, you would have gone. God held you down for me this morning” he said again and I shook my head.

Only if you know what these praises of yours is doing to my heart right now. Please, just stop abeg!

I stopped because I couldn’t face you! Because of you

These thoughts filled my head but I shook then off and smiled

“I will resume soon. I just had to step aside for a while. Thanks for your concern” I said and he smiled

“Ok ma. Thanks too” he said and he stood up.

I felt bad of a sudden. I hope I hadn’t said something that had made him feel bad o.

“Which side are you going to if I could give you a lift?” I asked in compensation and he smiled

“Iwo-Road area” he responded, looking down at me. He is quite tall…nice one!

“Ok. Let’s go” I said and as I tried to start, I felt something w-t down my skirt.


Stains…Blood Stains? Oh no! Not at this point.

I was wearing a white skirt since I used heavy flow pad in the morning with the mind that there couldn’t be any stain… What shit!

“Is anything the problem?” he asked, concern written on his face.

“No. Let’s go” I didn’t want to appear foolish. It might be the sweat that was making me feel w-t. I stood up suddenly, checked the white pew and nah! It was soaked with blood. I sat down right back in the chair. My perspiration started. My heart started beating fast.

Oh why today o God!

“What happened that you suddenly sat down?” He asked and I smiled faintly, obviously embarrassed but grateful that he didn’t see it.

“I just realized that I wasn’t done with the prayers I was doing, I was praying for somebody when you interrupted” I said. Was that a lie? Well, maybe partly. Forgive me Lord. I just had to do it.

“Ok then. Thanks for the offer then. Pray for me too o” he smiled again as he walked away.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

“Let’s just assume that he is the person sef, would this be the right way for him to see me? Stained with my own blood? No, that would only show him how careless I am. I wouldn’t want that” I said aloud, laughing with satisfaction that I was not caught.

But I do I get out of the church like this?

I turned back and saw some men counting the offering and all…why wouldn’t they do that in the office ehn?

I turned forward and saw some others too, discussing in groups. What do I do oh my redeemer? I am done for right?

There was a tap at my shoulder and I looked up- Tony

“Yes?” I asked, almost sharply. He smiled

“You were supposed to be praying” He said, almost in a challenging tone

“Yes and you are intruding” I said defiantly. What a bother! He smiled once more

“I have this for you. I thought of sending someone but I found nobody around. Please, don’t be offended” he said, dropped a black polythene bag on the white chair before me and off he went before I could say a word.

I was perturbed.

What could be in the bag?

I opened and the contents of the bag dazed me, leaving me in total shock!

A new pack of sanitary pad, a small white towel, four sachets of water, a roll of tissue paper and a small white wrapper.

Tears streamed down my face.

Was I supposed to be angry at this guy now or be appreciative? Which?

What an embarrassing day to remember for me oh God!

A paper fell from the bag and I picked it up.

I unfolded it even as tears clouded my eyes.
“I am sorry. I just seemed to find out. A medical doctor would just know!”


Is this guy for real right now?

I folded myself in the corner where I was seated as if something should take a hold of me and make me disappear!

>>>>>it continues<<<<<

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