The Heiress

The heiress episode 4

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{She is cold, he is secretive}

Episode 4


By : Kebby NG Media Services


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Celine woke up feeling tired and haggard, she sat up stretching and yawning out loud

What had happened last night! The last thing she remember was throwing that surprise to her mom and Bruce.

They both deserve it, how dare them have a party right in her father house.

She do remember having thrown that fit but she doesn’t remember what happened next, she don’t even remember how she got to b£d .

Probably Stacey took her to b£d.she shrugged as she got out of b£d feeling happy and triumphant about what she did yesterday.

With out bothering to knock, Stacey walked into the room.

“Isn’t it a lovely day Stacey”Celine asked knowing who walked in even with out bothering to check

“It sure is! “She replied having a edge in her voice

“Why don’t I pay my mom and step father a visit, they will be so angry when they see me, you saw what I did yesterday! I can still remember the look on their face, it was”

“Celine Clifford!!!”Stacey yelled out suddenly startling Celine

“What’s wrong?”Celine asked as she stared into Stacey angry face.

“How could you do such a thing, to think that I was so worried about you!”Stacey said again

“Say whatever you have to say and Stop beating around the bush”

“The break in, the snake being put in your room, the falling of the vase, those things that endanger your life were all planned by you your self and all for what…..all to punish your mother for leaving you”She yelled at me

“What? What sort of nons£nse are you saying?”

“I think have said enough as it is, come downstairs, the people there will clarify it all to you “She said and head out of the room

Still thinking about what Stacey just said, she took her robe and pulled it on and then she began to head down stairs.

She was heading towards the lift when she realised that the maintenance haven’t been dealt with.

She began to limp down stairs and she got there to see her mom and Bruce waiting for her.

“Finally the princess is up!”her mom said acidly and Celine gave her an angry look

“What are you doing! Didn’t I make it clear to you two, I want you out of my house right now!”Celine yelled

“We want to talk to you and we won’t leave until you do”Bruce replied

“I don’t have any thing to say to you all and so you should leave before I get some one to do so”

“Who exactly? From what I heard from Stacey,you have fired almost all your worker”he said and Celine gave Stacey a look which told her that she knew that Stacey have told them about it.

“And?you can still be kicked out of here, there is such things as the police and I bet that you won’t want more scandal ” Celine said as she walk towards the phone dialling the emergency number.

“I can bet you that I won’t be the one going to jail when the police arrives, you will” Bruce said as he walked towards her

“What do you mean?”Celine asked as she put the phone down.

“I think you read this before you think of calling the police “He said as he threw her diary on the floor.

How on earth did they get their hands on her diary , she thought still starring at it

“Before you ask any question, take a look at what you wrote your self and there is no mistaking it, that is your hand writing “He said.

She opened the diary and what she saw there surprised her

” Hiring some bunch of fools to break into

The house certainly didn’t work at all ”

“The snake cost so much and yet I didnt

Get to use it, it was all a total waste”

“The timing had been wrong, the vase

Plan is off”

“A new plan to make mom suffer for

Leaving dad!”

“What’s this?”Celine asked as she stared at Bruce and her mom.

“It’s simple, just to make your mom and i worried, you planned all of this to get your self injured but it all didnt work”he said

“This is crazy! Why would I try to harm myself this is ……”

“You can’t deny that that handwriting is yours Celine”he said taking the diary from her

“This is my hand writing but i didn’t write this and …….”

“I never knew you hated us this much Celine, Was the car accident too a ploy to get back at me and Bruce”Her mother yelled out angrily

Celine shut her eyes, clenching her hands in anger. how dare she bring up the past , she knows how hurt she gets each time she remember the accident that took away her career and also made her an handicap.

“If you insist that you didn’t write it, I will term it as you being crazy”Bruce said suddenly jolting her out of her reverie

“What do you mean?”she asked

“Am saying that you are crazy Celine, your anger towards us is making you do things that cause harm to you any one who does that will certainly be referred to as crazy”Bruce said

“Am not crazy!!” Celine yelled out

“I wonder what the doctors and also the press will think about this !”He said starring at the diary

“They won’t believe it and I won’t let you use that against me”

“But I plan to that Celine, I plan to and you have no choice but to listen or I will take this diary with me and let me assure that as soon as I leave with it, the press will surely be here and also the looney hospital will surely be here too and am sure that they will be coming here to admit you into one of their looney hospital”He said

“You bast……”

“Watch your mouth Celine, for the past months have tolerated your insults and all that is because of your mom but it turns out that you aren’t in your right mind, some screw has been loose some where and the only place you should be right now is the psychiatric hospital”

“Am not crazy!!”

“This proves different and so my darling Celine, if you don’t want this to be leaked out and also to lose this house and every thing you posses cause am sure that as you soon as the hospital confirms you crazy, all of the things you own will be given to your guardian and who is your guardian, no one but me!”He said

“You are crazy if you think I will let you have my father wealth ”

“As have said you have no choice in this Celine and so it’s either you sit down and listen to me or we do this the h-rd way, you have been a spoilt brat and that is why you have turned out this way”He added

Celine stared at her mom, hoping that she would at least do some thing to help him but she kept quiet, acting like it was none of her business.

Knowing what she would lose and knowing how Bruce is like, she took a seat and waited

For him to start his negotiation.

“A wise choice,I must say”He said as he took a seat himself

“What do I have to do from keeping you away from the money my father left me”Celine asked

“Well for one I have no use of the money your father left you but I do want some thing, your father founded the company and he is the chairman and when he died, no one could take his place because he left all of his shares to you, you are the one with the majority owner of the company and can also be the chairman but as it is, I doubt if you are interested in it and so I need you to make me the chairman my dearest niece “He said

“And the only way to do that is by signing this contract,it says here that you will be appointing me as the next chairman and also as your guardian”He added as he brought out a doc-ment

“Why do you need this when you already in politics?”she asked

“I learnt in the same politics that the more power you have, the more things will be easy for you and so the more I have, the more I can possess, sign it Celine!”he said giving me a pen

Feeling so angry, she took the pen from him and sign with out reading it.

“You have the power you need, now hand over my diary and get out of my house”She said

“I think I will hold onto this, it really worked on you and so I will be keeping it for future purpose”,

“Don’t you dare think that I will be giving you any other thing in the nearest future and has have said I want you to leave right now!”She yelled

“Easy my darling, have told you what I want but your Mother haven’t done hers”He said touching Stephanie who had been quiet through the wh0le disscussion.

“What? Does she want some thing out if my father wealth too!”I yelled starring at her.

“No Celine, that will be the last thing I covet, what I want from you is to go back to school, your running career made you quit and now that you won’t be doing that, you should go back to school, finish your education and restart your life” Stephanie said

“This is as far as I can take! Why are you pretending to be worried about me?” Celine yelled out angrily

“She is not the only one worried , I also am , I wouldn’t want to see you wasting your wh0le life inside this h-uge place” Bruce added

“I will decide what to do with my life,now please leave!”Celine said

“You will do as we say Celine and as a bonus or let’s just say a pay back to what you did last night, I brought some one for you” Bruce said and immediately the door opened to admit a tall looking guy.

He had on black all through and even though he had his glass on, he looked familiar.

“This is Nick Edmund, your new body guard”He said and that got Celine mouth gap open

The man himself took his glass and Celine found her self starring into a deep blue eyes.

The both of them stood starring at each other and suddenly he gave her a devilish smile making Celine more furious and Angry.


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