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The imperfect daughter episode 19 – finale


🌰The Imperfect Daughter🌰

🖎: Kaby Elisa
🍒Episode 19🍒
Tens days was up. Life has been hell for me.

No one loved me anymore.

Everyone saw me as a hour.. My mom had been sick lately due to excess packing.

My parents never talked to me… I was more alone.

Mr and Mrs Johnson just packed out recently biding us goodbye..

I saw Tia’s picture everywhere.. Her standing with Sandro while he wrapped her and around her waist.

She is now a celebrity. Everyone talks about her while I’m just some dirty trash.

It was very nice…

Today I want to see her…

To ask for forgiveness from her. I now realised how to feels like being in her place.

I hope she forgives me and after her forgiveness, I will move out of this city to start a new life..

No bullying.. I just want to be my real self.

Julia and Rose abandoned me. They just don’t want to be friends with me anymore.

I’m cool with it.. Who knows, if my life would be better out there.

I press the door bell..

Then I saw a young woman who opened up for me.

“How may i help you Ma’am”,she asked.

“Please I’m looking for Miss Johnson”

She opened the door wider allowing me to enter.

“Wait… Here please. I will be right back”

The maid left me while I stood there then I heard laughter…

I followed the sound and found Sandro tingling her while she laughed.

She looked so carefree and happy.

I felt a prank of pain in my chest.

I knew I was jealous and I was just wishing if it was me.

I cleared my throat making them froze. Tia sat up staring at me.

“I’m sorry to disturb you”,I said shyly.

Sandro kissed her forehead, “I will leave you two”

He stood and i stopped him, “Sandro?”

He turned staring at me, “I’m sorry”

“It’s okay”,he said softly before leaving me.

I stared at Tia expecting her to be angry but she wasn’t.

“Are you here to hand me the keys to your house?”,she asked.

I walked towards her and knelt down infront of her while she looked somewhere else.

“I’m so sorry, Tia for everything i did to you”

“Is that the reason you came here?”,she asked.


“Tell me why I should forgive you?”

“Because I messed up big time. I made your life hell.. . It’s all started because I wanted to be friends with you but you never gave me the necessary attention.. I became angry and hate you”

“You have told me back then. I would have said yes but you hate me because I never paid attention to you.. I must say it’s too bad”

“I’m sorry please.”

“It’s okay, I forgive you”

“Thank you”,I stood up.

“Please can you give us a little more time..”

“It’s okay.. the house is all yours”, my heart best with excitment the moment she said that.

I knelt down… “Thank you. Thank you so much”

She smiled at me and I was pleased. I hugged her surprisingly but she didn’t hug me back.

I’m so happy she forgive me.. At least we have a house as our only property.

Now i need to work to make my parents proud.

A month later, Cordonia at 7pm.

I stood infront of the pew with my best men, Mark, Jace(my elder brother) and his royal majesty Christian.

There were prominent people sitting down waiting for the bride.

Reporters and photographers were all around.

I was so nervous and my hands were damn shaky.

I knew this day would come but I never knew I will be this nervous.

I wanted Tia and i to get married in Cordonia. The reason is, this place is very magical. A beautiful place indeed.

Tia said she wanted us to honeymoon here… She wanted a pent house in Cordonia with just the two of us…

God, I can’t wait to mark her as mine.

For past three weeks, Ella (Jace’ s wife) and my sister Diamond and Dora (Mark’s wife) hid Tia from me for the past three weeks.

I have never set eyes on her and everynight, I just missed her more.

They made sure they cut all connections so we couldn’t make call.

They were doing this all in the name of they wanted us to miss eachother.

And they succeeded. I missed her very much.

I saw my mom and dad seated on the pew as they entwined their hands.

My mom waved at me and I smiled at her.

I checked my watch…

Only God knows how much i checked my watch.

Tia, where are you? You are late.

“This is the 16th time you are checking your watch and it’s pisses me off”,Mark seethed.

“Don’t tell me she had changed her mind about marrying you or she had decided to ran with her lover”,Jace teased making me tightened my jaw.

“Calm down, Sandro. She will be here. You know how ladies are. Waste so much time in dressing”,Christian said softly and i slowly felt at ease.

“You are playboy. What does she sees in you anyway?”,Jace asked.

“Yea… I was thinking the same thing”,Mark continued.

“Will you guys shut the fvck up!!!”,I said through gritted teeth.

“Relax, but it’s the truth, I don’t know why that beautiful lady had to fall for a heart breaker like you”, Christian said.

Him too.

“Okay… Sandro, don’t get pissed, we are just happy that you finally know what love is”, Mark said.

I just nodded.

I turned and saw my niece, June who face was stuck in a book.

That girl is really wierd. She just remind me of Diamond, my sister.

“Does she have to read on my wedding day?”,I asked Christian.

“That’s how is ? Just like my wife”,he grins.

Jade and Jimmy were just around.. playing.

I hope she is here on time. I missed her.

Then suddenly the organist started playing the wedding song.

I stood up… and faced the altar waiting for my lovely bride.

She was with her dad as the song played slowly while they walked on the aisle.

“Wow, she is hot”,Jace whispered to me.

I smiled.

Ella, Dora and Diamond were behind her…

His father kissed her knuckles ab d stared at me, “Please take care of her”

I just nodded and stared at her.

She is so beautiful.. .

I stared at her whole the priest started preaching about love and honestly I heard nothing.

I was lost in her eyes.

“Do you Alessandro take this man to be your lovely wedded husband to have and to hold in all times, in good times and in bad times till death do you apart”

“Yes I do”,I said softly.

“Do you Athena take this man to be your lovely wedded husband to respect and obey in all times, in good times and in bad times till death do you apart?”

“Yes I do”,she said nodding..

We both wore the rings looking at each other.

“I now pronounced you as husband and bride. You may now kissed your bride, Sandro”

I smiled moving closed as we noses touched.

“I love you”,I whispered before kissing her deeply.

She responded while her hands were fixed in my hair…

All we heard was applause but we didn’t ..care.

“That’s enough bro, save it for tonight”,Jace said to me and I bite her bottom lip before i let go…

Two hours of excess dancing. I was still in my gown and I was so tired.

Everyone was happy especially me.

Sandro was the best thing that ever happened to me..

We danced slowly while he whispered love words to me..

Then I felt someone pulling my dress.

I turned and realised it was Jade. One of the twins.. I wonder where the other one was but at last I saw the other twin with her mom, Diamond.

He just gave me a rose, “This is for you Miss Beautiful”,He smiled and i went down kissing his cheeks and he ran to his mom.

He was so shy.

I smelled the rose and Sandro kissed my forehead.

“I shouldn’t be saying this but I’m jealous”

I rolled my eyes, “I’m yours now, Sandro so don’t be jealous of your nephew… He just seven”

He chuckled,”Let’s go home baby and let me make love to you”

He kissed me once more before i bid everyone goodbye.

An hour later, we reached the pent house..

Sandro wrapped his arm around my waist.

The moment we opened the door, they were rose petals everywhere and red candles with balloons.

It was so beautiful.. .

None of us talked… Three weeks without seeing him was like hell for me..

I missed him.

The moment we reached the bedroom, he pushed me against the door, capturing my mouth, taking everything from me while I was breathless.

He place soft kisses around my lips and slowly lowered his mouth on my neck, sucking and licking where my shoulder and neck meet and damn my legs were like jelly.

His hand wrapped around my waist supporting me while he continued his assault.

He bite my neck making me m0an…

He stopped kissing my forehead and slowly kissed the tip of my nose before taking my lips again.

His fingers entwined with mine as we moved the middle of the room…

He stood behind me and I felt his cold fingers on my back..

“Tia…. can I touch you?”,His voice was rasp.

“Yes…”,I whispered.

I heard the sound of my zip… He removed the strap of the dress before pulling it off my skin… I was just in my bra and panties and in heels too.

He pressed his hard body again mine making me feel his er£ction directly on my ass.

“I’m so hard for you”,he whispered and pushed my hair behind my nape and he sucked on my neck again while I was lost in his touch..

He removed my bra before squeezing my bre@sts while he still sucked on my neck..

He thumbs brushed my n!poles making goosebumps rises on my skin..

“Lie on your stomach”,he said softly and i obeyed walking towards the bed.

I laid on my stomach. I heard the sound of his zip and I knew he was removing his clothes…

I felt his hands removing my heels… then followed by his soft kisses running on my legs, the back of my thighs and he ran his tongue on ass making my giggle.

“You have a beautiful ass Mrs Anthony”,he whispered giving it a kiss again.

I felt his mouth on my back, putting light kissed there.

I was so w€t..

“Turn”,he said and i turned kissing him deeply.

He groaned in my mouth while I opened my legs for him.

He was between my legs, while our kisses become rough..

He kissed my neck moving downwards..

His mouth wrapped around my n!pole while he twist the other..

I m0aned gripping his hair.

He kissed my stomach before removing my panties…

“You are so beautiful, Tia”,he whispered before moving his head in between my legs.

I grabbed the sheets tightly the moment i felt his tongue on my cl!t.

His tongue moved against my cl!t and slowly entered my virgin hole.

“fvck, Sandro…. it’s too intense”,I m0aned.

“Relax and enjoy it”,he said before attacking my s£x again..

I m0aned once more, my legs shaking while he lapped my juice..

“Please…”,I m0aned.

He moved on top of me, pushed my hair behind my ear and kissed while I taste myself..

“You taste amazing..”,he whispered. I felt his er£ction at my entrance.

He pushed into me slowly… I closed my eyes as tears flowed..

He kissed my temples and my nose. He doesn’t have to talk . His affection shows everything…

Finally he moved slowly while I m0aned..

“I love you Tia”

“I love you so much”,I whispered and he entwined his hands with mine and he made love to me.

After our love making, I couldn’t move. He carried to the bathroom, while we bathed together.

He wrapped a towel around me and changed the blooded sheet before we cuddled together.

Nine months later.. New York.
“Sandro!!!”,I shouted.

“Coming love”,he wore an apron moving to the dinning..

He served me some salad while I pouted..

“I don’t want this… I want ice cream”

“God, Athena. This is fifth I cooked in just two hours”

“So do mean you are not going to buy me the ice cream”,my cheeks were w€t with tears thanks to my crazy hormones.

I was nine months pregnant for Sandro…

He had been caring but I was crazy. I know it.

I demand for things and when he doesn’t give it to me, I cry for hours.

“Don’t cry baby…i will get the ice cream”,he said and went to the kitchen to bring me one…

I took the ice cream and he sat beside me.

“I’m sweaty Sandro, fan me”, I said lapping the icecream.

He chuckled taking the plastic fan while he fanned me…

I pout, “You are moving to fast. It’s melting my icecream”

Then he fanned me slow…

“Sandro… come on, it’s too slow”

He frowned, “What have sin have I committed to go through this he’ll with you”, he asked.

“You impregnated me”

He chuckled, “If that’s a sin then I don’t regret it”, he kissed my temples.

“I know baby…”,I kissed him as I felt a hot liquid.

He is too fast to come… such an impatient baby just like his father.

“It’s coming..”,I said..

“fvck!!”,he cursed and quickly rushed to the bedroom, taking everything..

The truth is we are already prepared for it.

He brought my stuffs and carried me in arms as we drove to the hospital.

I was in a wheel chair while i groaned in pain…

Thirty minutes later,
“Aargh!! The baby is too big, my pvssy hurts”

Sandro kissed my sweaty forehead, “You are going to be fine baby”.

“One more push”,The doctor said.

My face was w€t with tears and sweat.

I screamed one last time while I pushed with all my strength before hearing the sound of the baby.

I was weak while Alessandro kissed my temples again.

“I’m so proud of you, baby”, he said in a shaky voice.

The doctor gave me the baby. He is so
cute and looked a lot like Sandro.

“I can’t believe I’m a dad “,he cried..

I kissed him, “You are now a dad, my beautiful husband. What are we going to name him”

“Louis”,Alessandro said softly, “Thank you so much, Tia”

“I love you”

He kissed me once, “I love my beautiful little crazy wife”

He took the baby from my arms while he stared at him with full adoration.

The End.
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