The Inner Gate

The Inner Gate – Episode 10

Episode 10
Written by Bright Daniel
Captain Joe seated before Olivia, Dave and Rose who were brought to him with their hands tied from behind. He had a stick of weed in his hand which he occasionally inhaled through the mouth then blew out the smoke through the nose.
The three people watched him silently waiting for him to carry out his punishment on them.
All villagers knew what was happening at the moment therefore they kept talking about it from thèir various joints especially Olande and Mendel. They consoled Rose’s mother who thought her daughter would be harmed by Joe.
“Madam, if you’re worried about your daughter, take a bottle of wine, open your mouth and pour it in,side. You’ll be okay” Olande encouraged.
“Wine is the only solution to this situation” Mendel added. He was like a supporter to whatever his friend says. “Your daughter is in safe hands, not Joe’s hands but Dave’s” he added.
“Yes!” Olande exclaimed after taking a glass of wine. “A young boy who taught captain Joe and his men morals is capable of handling your daughter even in bed” they laughed with the influence of alcohol.
Captain Joe stood up from his seat to Olivia first, blew a smoke on her face and said, “You’re proving stubborn”
He looked at Dave with few steps away from Olivia, blew a smoke on his face too. “You challenged me” he said dryly before calling one of his men called Kacee to take them out and lock them up in a cell beside his house. Olivia and Dave knew he would do that, so they didn’t argue rather followed the man out.
Captain Joe met Rose. Before he could say anything to her, she said with a shaky voice, “I’ll marry you”. Joe got surprise at her statement, how would he had known they had a plan? “But before we talk about the marriage, untie me first” she added.
Within a twinkle of an eye after Joe ordered for her to be untied, her hands were loosened.
“So my lovely Rose, how do you want It?” he asked.
“Let’s talk in,side the room” she suggested.
They entered in,side the very sanctum of the great captain where no one could enter easily even his men. Rose first looked around the room to take record of everything found they. She gently sat on the edge of a bed by the corner of the room while Joe sat down on a chair opposite her. He was also observing her just as she was observing the room.
“What are you up to?” he asked her suspiciously.
“Nothing really. I wanna get familiar with you and your environment” she replied giving him a fictitious smile. “So as I was saying, I’m sorry for running away from you. I’m ready to marry you in two conditions” Joe listened as she continued. “ a condition that you give me two months to prepare and secondly, you release my friends from the cell”
Silence became the nature of the environment as she waited to hear his reply.
Captain Joe knew she was up to something but believed nothing can be done to him coz he knew who he was.
“I’m giving you only a month to prepare” he called Kacee in her presence and ordered him saying, “Release those idiots from the cell”
“Okay, captain” he replied.
The three people were allowed to go scot-free. They could be seen matching out of the environment heroically. When Olande saw them from afar, he shouted looking at Mrs Serah, “Didn’t I tell you? Look at your daughter matching to you with the very young boy. I believe he must have taught captain Joe more morals” he lowered his voice on the last statement.
Rose ran to her mother when she saw her already running to her. “Mother!” She embraced her.
Captain Joe called on Kacee again from his window where he watched Rose embraced her mother. He also saw Dave and Olivia entering Olivia’s house. When Kacee came, he told him saying, “Monitor those idiots and know what they are up to especially the one called Olivia. I think they want to play a game under my nose”
“Alright, captain” he left.
Dave and Olivia waited for Rose in,side the house but Nana came out from her room before her. She looked at the two curious people. Of course she had an idea what was happening in the village. Therefore she said to them, “You can’t win him. Captain Joe is not only strong physically but spiritually too. No one enters the inner gate and comes out alive but he did. That gave him the power and position he has now over the land of Jezra. So you can’t win him”
“What did he actaully do to come out from the inner gate alive?” Dave became interested on the topic.
“No one knows. According to him, he escaped from Defity”
“How can one escape from wind?”
They became quiet. Just then, Rose entered in a hurry while they turned to her immediately.
“How did it go?” Olivia broke the silence.
“He gave me only a month” she replied.
“I guess that’s okay, but what did you see in,side his room?” Dave interfered.
“Images, but one thing caught my interest. I saw a sward hanging horizontally on the wall with an old metal bucket hanging under it”
“Did you see the content of the bucket?”
Dave and Olivia looked at each other thus generating a minute silence. Thay actually carried out their plans successfully.
Nana left the arena to her room believing that their effort to defeat captain Joe or Defity would be in vain.
Rose grew worried not only about the strange plan they had but also the strange silence Olivia and Dave generated. So she broke it saying, “Can somebody tell me what will happen within this periods of time we gave Captain Joe for me to prepare for the wedding?”
“Dave will tell you” Olivia left.
“Listen Rose” Dave began by crossing a hand on her shoulder and walking towards the window. “We believe that before the period agreed, captain Joe will be dead. Therefore he won’t get the chance to marry you again” he explained.
“How sure are you, and what will kill him?” Rose looked at him.
“Defity will kill him coz he’s next to die on this land. Listen, I have the ability to see whoever that gonna be taken by Defity and Joe is next in line, though I doubt this particular one”
“I don’t know. My spirit just tells me Joe cannot die like that”
They became quiet again.
“So you knew that all the people who died were going to die” she broke the silence.
“Yes, that’s the secret you felt I was hiding from you” he replied.
“But what if he doesn’t die?”
Dave stared into her eyes coz he knew the next thing that will happen if captain Joe doesn’t die in approximately one month. He thought for a while before replying the question. He said, “If he doesn’t die, you’ll marry him”
Rose gasped inwardly hopping he was letting her go to Joe without a second thought of their feelings but he took her by surprise when he added, “’ll marry him and poison him” he left her a alone in,side the house. He closed the door behind him when he finally left.
Back to the glorious city of Gillary, Diego kept experiencing serious predicament since he had refused to do as was told by Elina Celina. He had not also seen her again since the very day he discovered that she’s an angel or God from heaven.
He was in the bathroom bathing under a shower. One could see his face and body soupy. Suddenly, the shower stopped running. “Oh, not again” he murmured, hit the shower seriously but nothing happened. He managed to open his eyes, took his towel and bucket to go get water outside. By just opening the door of the bathroom, soupy water entered in his eyes. “Aaahhh!!!” he shouted rubbing his eyes. A step on the tied floor of his room slipped him down. Therefore he fell on his back. The bucket flung away while the towel on his wa-ist loosed opened. His d*ck dangled, yet, he couldn’t open his eyes. “What have i done to deserve this!?” he cried.
Without giving up, he blindly located the door of his room, held the knob to open it but it broke in his hand. “God, I’m finished” was the last thing that came out of his mouth.
A day before the last day to make a month, Olivia could be found outside the walls of Jezra at the mountains of Etha. She was actually looking for a particular plant which she needed the root for a herbal mixture as directed by her mother. When she saw the plant, she bent down to uproot it but a rattling noise of leaves drew her attention. So she stood er-ct, brought out a small knife and began to move towards the direction. Getting closer, she sighted a fabric then jumped on it only to discover that it was a human being. She position the knife to slay him as she sat on the stomach of the very spy – Kacee.
“Hey, take it easy! It’s me, Kacee” he shouted from the ground. He was a man of her age but three years older. A bit fair in complexion with bushy hair.
“What are you doing here?” Olivia asked refusing to bring down the knife.
“I came to pick a poison oak. Joe sent me”
Olivia gradually brought down the knife then stood up from him without a comment. She returned back to her initial position.
However, Kacee had stood up, dusted his body. He was quite tall and handsome.
“You are so mean young lady” he approached her. “I never knew you are this strong” he added yet Olivia never replied. “Trying to get a medicinal root?”
“What does your captain use a poison oak for?” Olivia asked without looking at him or replying his question.
“For its purpose”
“I see…”
Both became quiet. As Kacee was admiring her so she was too but didn’t show it rather began to leave the area. When she turned to see him staring at her butt, she asked, “What?”
“Nothing” he looked up in the sky to see it changing and sudden wind began to blow. “Defity is coming and we are outside the walls of Jezra” he said.
Olivia confirmed it to be true. “Run!” She shouted then both began to run at the same time. They were lucky to had entered in to the village before the tornado approached but were still outside and needed to run in,side a building. Luckily for them, Kacee sighted a nearby old and empty building, so he shouted, “Over here!”
Meanwhile the tornado was coming towards their direction because they were the only people outside. Luckily, they ran in,side the house before it came. The tornado circulated the building and left without harming them.
However, In the course of not being familiar with the building, Kacee stumbled and fell down while Olivia fell on top of him in a way both stared at each other rom-ntically. With that passion, they began to k-ss and rom-nce each other without minding if any of them was next to die.
Kacee took off her top then turned her around in a way he became on top. She also helped him to take off his shirt too before they resumed the k-ss. Kacee’s hand never departed from her br-ast which he suddenly began to s-ck the n-pples at the same time. Olivia mo-ned.
He went down to her trouser, unbuttoned it then flopped it down with her p-nt. He could see some hair from her p*ssy to her stomach looking attractive. Already his d*ck wasn’t dancing but stood er-ct. When he took off his own trouser, Olivia grabbed the d*ck to feel it in her hand before the passionate rom-nce continued until the d*ck found its way into her vag-na. She mo-ned again with eyes closed….
Defity had gone already. People gathered at the village square to pay their last respect to the dead victim.
 However, only Olivia had not come out from the empty building with Kacee. Though she decided to go out without him to witness the person taken by Defity.
People who sighted her running to the crowd began to murmur. She didn’t understand why until she approached closer to see everybody looking at her. When she saw captain Joe at other end she became curious to know who died.
“Why is everybody looking at me?” she asked.
Dave came to her and said, “Sorry, Olivia, she took your mother”
“You must be joking” tears ran down from her eyes. “No, No, mother!!!!” She kept exclaiming running towards the road to the inner gate.
“Olivia come back!” Dave ran after her while people like Rose began to cry…

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