The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

Others held Karina from attacking Jennifer trying to calm her down except Hannah who folded her arms watching them steadily.
Meanwhile, outside the house, Doedo watched and listened to them through the window. When he saw the seed, he turned into a bat and flew away.
Back inside the house, Hannah couldn’t bear the ranting anymore, so she shouted, “Quiet! You’all should stop this!”
Karina and others remained calmed while Hannah continued, “What you are doing isn’t helping. Now Jennifer should tell us how these hunters can be stopped and why she chose to do it with us”
“You guys may think I’m insane” Jennifer began. “But u need to believe everything i say. I have travelled to the future, I’ve seen and learn many things about this seed and myself. This seed is indestructible and it is the only thing that can end the lives of the hunters”
“How?” Randy asked.
“We have to travel to the past, decades ago and cast the seed into a fire where these hunters are made and multiplied” Jennifer replied then all began to look at
one another.
“How do u know all this?” Jack asked.
“A woman from the future told me. I have visited her twice, the first time was when Ann pushed me down the cliff. I never hit the ground but found myself in another world”
“I need to understand something here” Hannah began. “You are the seed bearer, Jane. You are made to protect the seed and probably terminate the lives of the hunters too. Then why must u drag us with u to the so called past?”
“I don’t know. The woman said i should take my friends along especially u and Karina. That’s when she told me that Karina is also a witch but isn’t aware of it coz her mother had been hiding it from her” Jennifer replied then
all became quiet.
“Karina?” Hannah called. “Is your mother or father a witch?” she asked.
Karina glanced at all of them and said, “Excuse me” she walked out angrily.
“Who else is leaving?” Jennifer asked.
“Nobody, we are with u” Jack replied.
“But how are we gonna travel to the past?” Randy asked.
“That won’t be a problem. I need to speak with the commander of the police first and also the mayor. I’ll let you guys know when I’m ready, so get prepared” Jennifer concluded.
Hannah didn’t say anything and walked towards the door but Jennifer called her back saying, “I don’t trust your friend”
“You mean Doedo?” Hannah asked.
“Me too” Randy supported.
Hannah said nothing, so all went outside to meet Doedo but he was nowhere to be found again, then Hannah looked at Jennifer who said, “I told you”
Yelash was like the dweller of witches and wizards. It is their hometown. One could see houses surrounded by trees and flowers. The ground was much more of sandy soil. Suddenly, Doedo flew down and changed back into a human being then witches and wizards surrounded him.
“What news do you bring?” Jufu, a
wizard asked.
“The seed is indestructible” Doedo began. “I have found it and the bearer, Remina who is also a friend of Hannah”
“You mean Hannah the daughter of Hecza?” Jufu asked.
“She’s a fool!” Jufu began. “She gonna die like her parents. Get ready you’all coz we gonna be hunting the seed tonight, and guess what? If we get it, we shall never grow old and die!”
“Yes!” others shouted.
“Hey, Jufu” Doedo called his attention. “Just get the seed and do no harm to Hannah”
“Shut up, Doedo!” Jufu shrieked. “What are you claiming to be after setting her parents up. Do u know you are the reason why her parents were killed because of your greed for power? So shut a hell up!” he walked out.
As Jennifer hurried to uncle Ben’s office with the seed, so as Randy hurried to Karina’s apartment and saw her packing her belongings. She had already put her clothes inside a box dragging it towards the door.
“Karina, what are you doing?”
“I’m going back to my place, Texas”
“My mother needs to answer some questions”
Randy gazed at her for a moment then embraced her warmly. “I’ll be here waiting for you dear” he said.
“Thanks” Karina replied and finally went out.
Jennifer arrived at the police station and pushed the transparent door opened then two policemen blocked her. Of course the recognised her as Remina the bearer of the seed of life.
“How can we help you ma’am?”
“I want to see your commander. It’s urgent”
“Wait here”
The men informed uncle Ben about Jennifer so he permitted her into his office. The office had the flag of Zumga city and that of the police org-nization. On the wall was the picture of the mayor of the city and on the table were books and a desk top.
“Sit down Remina” uncle Ben said.
“I don’t have such time” Jennifer replied and brought out the seed from her bag, then dropped it forcefully on the table thereby scaring uncle Ben away.
“What?! Ha.. ha.. how did you..”
“The seed is indestructible, commander” Jennifer interrupted unabashedly.

To be continued

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