THE MARINE : Episode 2

Episode 2

…As l got to the river side l was happy because it looked pure and my swimming appetite rose, l never believed in such superstitious believes, l jumped in and swam my heart out but as l was swimming something else was happening at the base of the river.
The discussion was going on at the base of the river between the goddess of the river and her servants.

At the river base
Servant: Look at that young man swimming in the river my queen.
Queen: he shall die now because he has disobeyed us.
Princess: No! Queen mother, please don’t kill him, please he looks so innocent and calm.
Queen: no my daughter he must die now because no one disobey my instructions.
Princess: no mother l love him, please don’t kill him l will marry him.

Queen: my daughter do you understand what you saying? he must die…
Princess: no mother please forgive him, servants help me plead with Queen mother…
Queen: if you really want to marry him then l will spare his life.
All: thank you Queen Mother, may you leave for ever. I shall go to him now.
As l enjoyed my swimming l began feeling cold so l left the water and was preparing to go home.

As l finished dressing and was about going home l saw a very big fish so l decided to kill it and send it home. As l went in search of a stick to kill it l met this beautiful lady walking towards me. Ever since l was born l have never seen such a beautiful creature before. She finally got to me and stopped with a basket in her hands.
Hello handsome dude! my name is Chanda and l am from this village, what is your name? Her voice went straight to my heart as l was confused starring at her, for the first time l saw someone with a blue eyes, her body can’t be attributed, she’s just perfect.
Chanda: hello are you deaf?

Me: Am sorry, my name is Vinnie I stay in Lusaka but l came to visit my parents here, you look really beautiful dear. What are you doing here by this time?
Chanda: you were swimming my mother’s river so l came to meet you.
Me: excuse me,what do you mean by your mother’s river and who is that your mother?
Chanda: Don’t worry about that Vinnie, take this, it contains fishes from this river.
I took the basket from her as she walked away. I was a bit confused about her words but l had to forget and go home as it was getting dark. I got home and my mother started asking

her questions. I gave her the fish and the only question she asked was; where did you get this fish from? l told her everything that happened at the river side and she started crying.
Mum: my son, why did you swim in the river and why did you accept this fish?
Me: mum chill, look that lady is harmless and those believes of yours in this village are just bull sh*t.
Mum: the lady is not human son, she might be the goddess or her servant, you must leave the village tomorrow dawn before the elders come for your head.

Me: hahahaa, look at this old woman, see am not going anywhere until l feel like leaving and before l forget prepare the fish for me to eat.
I was angry because my mum did not use the fish to prepare food for me, l went to sleep. In my sleep l had a dream where Tasila was crying and waving me good bye and also Chanda standing starring at me, l went to her as Tasila fade away and as l was about hugging her she turned into a mermaid (A mermaid is a mythological creature with a woman’s head and upper body, and a tail of a fish) and start running after me. I ran till l get to the same river in my parents village and as l was about crossing it a huge and bigger mermaid appeared with

some smaller ones! blocking my path, l began scre-ming till my father’s touch woke me up.
What is it my son my mum asked.
I….l..saw her mum… the big mermaid and the small ones mum… she was after me mum.
Come down my son, tomorrow you shall leave to the city there you shall be free. I went back to sleep and in about 5 minutes time it was day break. I dressed up ready to take my leave unfortunately something happened……


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