The Possessive Snob

The possessive snob episode 26 – finale


The possessive snob

Chapter 26 🍒

By Jennifer Owens 🍅🍎

🌷🍁 Finale 🏵🌺

🌻 Andre’s P. O. V🌻

“OMG Lola, my child ” Matt and I ran to where their car is.

We tried opening the car door but it was stuck.

I broke the window glass with my elbow and found Lisa on top of Lola covering her with her body.

Lisa was badly hurt as her body was bruised, her forehead was bleeding badly and I wonder if she’d survive it.

I carried Lisa out and Matt took her then I carried Lola.

She was barely hurt, just a bruise on the fore head and a little bruise on her ankle.

We got in the car and rushed them to the hospital.

It’s been an hour now and the doc has said nothing.

“Mr Salvatore ” the doc called behind me and I turned to face him with a pounding heart.

“you both should see me in my office ” he said and without wasting a sec, Matt and I followed him to his office.

“so Mr Salvatore, Lolita Sanchez is alright as there’s no much damage on her ” he said and I heaved sigh of relief.

“and my child ”

“and Lisa ”

Matt and I asked at once and looked at each other.

“your child is perfectly fine, what we should worry about is Lisa ” he said and Matt and I looked at each other.

I could see the hurt in his eyes.

“Lisa is in a critical condition as she suffered many damages, she’s still unconscious but she’ll be fine, what I don’t get is why Lola didn’t sustain much injury ” he said and I arched an eyebrow at him.

“all the same, let’s pray the same miracle that happened to Lola happens to Lisa too ” he said and I nodded.

I patted Matt’s shoulder as a tear slid down his cheek.


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” I said smiling as I took Lola’s hand in mine.

She smiled warmly and I pecked her lips softly.

“Andre our child ” she asked.

“he’s perfectly fine ” I said and her face beamed with happiness.

“you mean “she” she said and rolled her eyes then wince in pain as she touched her fore head that was bandaged..


how’s Lisa ” she asked and I sighed.

“she’s still unconscious and in a critical condition ” I said and she started sniffing then tears started strolling down her cheeks.

“hey why are you crying ” I asked wiping her tears.

“Andre Lisa can’t die, she saved my life so she can’t die ” she said and I gave her a look

“she saved your life ” I asked not believing my ears.

Isn’t Lisa the cause of all these?

“when we were about to hit the trailer, she used her body to cover me and maybe that’s why I’m not badly injured ” she blurted out and it dawned on me.


was the reason we found Lisa on top of Lola.

So she actually saved her?

“Lisa won’t die okay, just rest ” I said and caressed her hair.

Soon she was asleep.


“Matt, maybe you should go to my house coz Alec is all alone in the house and he might freak out if he finds no one in the house ” I said and he nodded then left.

“Lisa is awake now ” a nurse said to me and I ran to her ward.

This is the better time to carry out my plan.

Well I didn’t plan on hurting her.

When I think it through, Lisa is human and a human must have a feeling and a weakness.

Lisa left me for Matt and left Matt for me again, there must be someone she truly loves.

She’s my first love and I’m hers too so I think if anyone is gonna change Lisa, it should be me.

“Lisa ” I breathed out and she burst out in tears as she saw me.

I gently hugged her while she still laid in the bed.

I pulled away and caressed her hair.

“Lisa ” I called and she looked at me not moving coz of the things attached to her body.

“Lisa what happened to you, this is not you, the Lisa I knew is different form this one and you saving Lola’s life gives me the guarantee that the Lisa I once knew is still in there ”

“you’re not this person, so don’t be this person ” I said caressing her cheek.

She opened her mouth trying to talk but found it difficult

“sshh, you don’t have to say anything ”


life is a mess Andre, I’m miserable ” she said in a whisper.

“no don’t say that, you’re an angel and your life will be so beautiful if you give it a chance to be ” I said and wiped the tears that kept sliding down her cheeks.

“do you hate me ”

“of course not, you’re my first love and I still love you… But as a friend ” I cleared her and she smiled.

“I’m sorry ” she said and I smiled then kissed her forehead.

“Lisa, Matt loves you and you already have a child with him so give love a chance, give him a chance”

“you think he’ll still accept me ” she asked.

“I’ll always accept you ” we heard a voice behind us and and we turned to see Matt and Alec smiling.

“momma ” Alec called and ran to her.

I stood up and Matt took my place beside Lisa.

They stared at each other, not saying anything and Alec kept looking at them simultaneously.

You know that awkward stare… Right?

I winked at Alec and left.

I went to Lola to find her eating.

“hmm already ” I said and she smiled.

A month later.

🌺 Lola’s P. O. V🏵

🎶 you got up on one knee you know I had to say yes 🎶

🎶 catch me walking down the hall in my all white gown 🎶

“looking for a honey moon we aren’t done yet, thank God that I found my one 🎶

I waked down the hall in my all white gown as the song played in the back ground.

I couldn’t stop drooling at Andre in his white suite.

He’s just so cute.

“do you Andre Salvatore, take Lisa Sanchez as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for better or worse till death do you apart ”

“I do “.

The priest repeated the words and I said it then Andre and I kissed and everyone cheered.

I couldn’t be more happy.. I have the love of my life with me and Lisa couldn’t be more caring and loving.

She signed the divorce papers, reunited with Matt and there, she got her complete happy family.

“Lola slow down, you don’t have to rush the food like its running away ” Lisa said and everyone burst out laughing.

We are all eating dinner at my house, Lisa, Matt, Andre, Derek, Anna, Alec, me and my little unborn child.

My belly is already out as I’ve become fat.

“yeah she’s eating like a prisoner ” Derek said

“more like a pig ” Anna added and I flared up.

“oh really ” I said angrily and dropped my eateries on the table then folded my hand around my chest.

“and she’s so fat ” Matt added and everyone looked at each other trying to hold in their laughter even Andre.

“you’re laughing at me too” I asked Andre with a serious look and he burst out laughing and every one joined.

“you know what, I’m outta here ” I got up and turned to leave but Andre pulled me back and stood behind me.

“you know what, no matter how you are, look, behave or act, I’ll always love you ” he said and my lips curved into a smile.

I turned and kissed him while everyone screamed.

I turned and brought out my tongue mocking them.

Oh did I forget to tell you Anna was the one dating Derek?. Didn’t see that coming.

All the way, we’re all happy.


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