The Power Of Destiny

The Power Of Destiny : Episode 15

…The more he thought about it, the more he could not believe that Purity could do all she did. Then he thought of Queen, the innocent faced woman was even deadlier than Purity.
Mukuka flew back to Lusaka for his meeting with Queen as scheduled. He chose a quiet bar in the coastal of Makeni, there was no chance of running into someone he knew here. He sat closest to the waterfront terrace, and ordered a glass of c*cktail. It was not long after he was settled, Queen strutted in, wearing a fitted denim trousers. Mukuka wondered how a woman so beautiful as Queen, could be so deadly. He imagined that somewhere in the recesses of her mind, she felt she was doing the right thing because she was doing it for love and her marriage.

Mukuka: “Leave the boy alone, he is not going to hurt you because he doesn’t plan to come back to Lusaka” he said the moment Queen sat down.
Queen: “What is this, did you suddenly have an epiphany?” she asked sarcastically.
Mukuka: “You have done enough harm to the boy, Chisala is now a member of a notorious gang which we have known for a long time, people think they are armed robbers, but actually they are assassins. It is only a matter of time before Chisala meets his death, don’t make it faster” he said emphatically.
Queen: “Really, you thought you could just call me and start telling me what to do. Are you forgetting I hold the ch¡ps?”

Mukuka: “No, I hold the ch¡ps because I have the original copy of the video where you confessed to Purity and almost killed her. I also know you have no record of our debauchery, and even if you do, you cherish your marriage, that is the reason you want Chisala dead. So, yes Queen, I had an epiphany” he said with a sly grin, and brought out a disc plate. Queen made to grab for it, but he took it out of her reach.
Queen: “So what exactly is the deal you want to make?” she asked, with desperation in her eyes.
Mukuka: “I will give you this disc, in exchange, you will leave Chisala alone, and you will never call me to do any of your dirty works. I am a police officer, not your henchman” he said emphatically.
Queen looked at him for a short while, then she nodded her head and agreed to the deal. But when Mukuka handed the disc to her, she smiled wickedly.
Queen: “And now that I have this in my hand, what would make me keep to my end of the bargain?” she asked, with a devious glint in her eyes.

Mukuka: “You will keep to your end of the bargain because, your word is your bond, but most importantly because, there is more where that came from.” He replied and walked away from the bar. Queen looked after him with anger in her eyes.
Unknown to Queen however, Purity had turned into a private investigator overnight, and had decided to find evidence to nail Queen.

She felt that the only way she could really be safe was with Queen behind bars. So, she followed Queen everywhere. She had seen Queen meet with Mukuka and had remembered Mukuka from the warehouse, he was the one who had lied to her that he had secrets about Queen.
“ They are working together, what are they planning now?” she mused, as she watched them. Then, she saw Mukuka give a disc to Queen, and she determined in her heart to get the disc and find out if it was evidence to nail Queen.


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