The President's Daughter And I 2

The President's Daughter and I 2 – batch 9


We turned around and saw Nancy standing in the middle of the entrance; I didn’t shut the door when I came in.

Me: Nancy, you’re back

Nancy: Yeah… I came to check on Promise and the door was opened so i… I’m here

Promise: Welcome

Nancy: Thanks! So… what’s going on?

Me: She has agreed to break-up with him

Nancy: Really? Whoa… great! Call him now and break the news to him

Me: Not on phone, she’ll have to meet and tell him face to face

Nancy: Huh?

Me: Yea

Nancy: Can she do it? Promise can you?

Promise: Victor I don’t think I can

Me: Of course you can, we’ll stay behind you

Promise: I can’t face him anymore

Me: He won’t leave you alone by just sending him a break-up text or call; you have to be bold to tell him to his face

Promise: I can’t

Me: You’re not going to face him all by yourself; we’ll be there for you. Just break the news to him with all sincerity and boldness and walk away from him, I’ll take over afterwards

Nancy: That could work

Promise: And if he keeps coming? I don’t want what happened to you and Mirabel by Dorothy and Marcus

Me: I don’t want that to happen either and that’s why we have to act now

Promise: Ok, we should do it tomorrow

Me: No problem

Nancy: What if he comes by today? I don’t think they’ve met today

Me: **Looked at the time** it’s 17 minutes to 6:00

Nancy: Not late for him, he even comes around 7 or 8pm

Me: Then we do it today if he comes around, Promise hope you can handle it?

Promise: Ok

Me: Good

Promise: What about you?

Me: What about me?

Promise: Will you sleep over or you’re going back?

Me: I’m sleeping over

Nancy: So… since she’s agreed to break-up with him, are we going ahead with the fasting and prayer?

Me: Yes so that everything will go well

Promise: Fasting and prayer?

Me: Well ermmm… the thing is, I thought you lost it because of how you reacted when I asked you to break-up with Fred, so we wanted God to intervened and bring you to your senses **teasingly**

Promise: You’re not serious

Me: You won’t understand, because I’ve never seen you like that before…

Promise: And whose fault was it?

Me: Mine

Promise: So you know? Good thing you admitted it

Me: So what’s for dinner?

Nancy: I think we still have some left over beans

Promise: Yea

Me: For who and who? Abeg make una go cook something else

Nancy: Yes sir

Promise: What do you mean by yes sir? We’re going to cook again because of him?

Nancy: Yes because I want to sleep peacefully tonight, let’s go if you want that too

Promise: Not me

Nancy: Ok o **walks away**

Me: You won’t follow her?

Promise: As your cook or gini? Better know those you boss around

Me: Really?

Promise: Yea

Me: Oya get up

Promise: No

Me: Get up

Promise: No

I rushed her and start tickling her playfully, she starts to giggle and laughing anyhow till I grabbed her up and took her out of the room heading to the kitchen while she was still laughing out loud. We stepped into the parlor and saw Fred stepping in as well. He paused immediately he saw us in that position and removed his glasses from his face.

Didn’t he come with a car? Why didn’t he horn so we’ll know about his arrival?? So he is so regular around here that the security/gateman will just open up for him???

Our laughing face immediately turned normal, and then I slowly dropped Promise on her feet. He let out a smile of which I know it’s a fake one. I’m sure he’ll try to beat her up for that.

Fred: I can see you guys are having fun

Me and Promise both didn’t say anything

Fred: Hey mahn **giving his hand for a handshake and I shook hands with him** Baby… go dress up lemme take you somewhere special

Promise: Fred we need to talk

Fred: Yea we can do that when we get there or on our way in the car

Promise: No, now please

Fred: You sound serious, hope no problem?

Promise: Let’s meet outside **walking outside**

He smiled at me while doing a cross sign before going out.

I sat on the couch to watch Tv but didn’t pay full attention to it. Nancy came to the parlor and said she heard Fred’s voice.

Me: They’re outside

Nancy: By their selves? What if he hurt her?

Me: I doubt it, he can’t do that

Nancy: But we have to be sure, lemme go and see what’s happening

Me: Nancy let it be, he can’t… (I got distracted when Promise stormed in and headed straight to her room)

I stood up then Fred also walked in following and calling her name. He came back to the parlor about two minutes after he knocked and knocked and called out Promise’ name but she didn’t open the door for him.

Fred: You got to help me mahn, Promise is breaking up with me

Me: **speechless**

Nancy silently walked to the kitchen.

Fred: Why’d she decided to break-up with me all of a sudden? Please help me talk to her

Me: Sorry I can’t do that

Fred: What? Why??

Me: I don’t want to meddle in her private life anymore, I’ll respect whatever decision she decides to take

Fred: But this is a terrible decision! Please talk her out of it

Me: You’re a man, talk to her and fix your relationsh¡p and leave me out of it. If she accepts you, fine, and if she refuses there’s nothing I can do about it

Fred: She doesn’t want to listen to me, she listens to you more than anyone mahn… please talk to her for me, I really love her

Me: No you don’t

Fred: Excuse me?

Me: You don’t love her

Fred: Of course I do!

Me: How can you be beating up the girl you claim to love? A gentle and responsible man will never do that to a lady no matter what she did to you

Fred: She told you that I beat her up?

Me: No she didn’t had to, the constant bruises on her says it all

Fred: It could be something else that happened to her, like an accident or…

Me: **Cuts-in** Spare me all that Fred, Promise has never had a single scratch on her body for the past four years that I’ve known her then she started having them constantly from when you both started your relationsh¡p

Fred: The truth is I didn’t mean to be hurting her, just that, that ugh, just some little misunderstanding that every couple have and i….. Ok look I promise never to hurt her again

Me: Go tell that to her not me, I will respect whatever decision she make

Fred: You and I know she’s not coming back to me if you don’t interfere, and you also know we would never have dated if not for you

Me: And that made her loses her trust and respect that she has for me because I got her involved with a guy that hurt and disrespects her

Fred: I’m sorry it’s all my fault, it won’t happen again trust me, just give me a second chance

Me: Sorry mahn, I’m not gonna do that mistake again. It’s her decision to make

Fred: You don’t want to help me because you’ve been sleeping with her!

Mirabel: What?


I turned around and saw Mirabel standing at the doorpost; it’s surprising because she came unannounced.

Mirabel: Fred, what was that you just said?

Fred: I think your boyfriend and my girlfriend having an affair

Mirabel: Oh really?

Fred: Can’t you see their so-called friendsh¡p? They’re having an affair right under our nose

Me: Mirabel…

Mirabel: **cuts-in** Wait, I’ll handle this (gesturing her hand towards me) You Fred, we had the wrong impression towards you

Fred: What are you talking about?

Mirabel: You’re not good for Promise and I’m telling you now to go your way and never come back, it’s a clear warning

Fred: Warning for what? Why telling me I’m not good for her? No, I’m going nowhere! You can’t tell me to leave. I love Promise and will not let go of her just like that

Mirabel: You’re not getting it, do you? Are you tired of being the son of a minister? That can be arranged and you’ll be the son of nobody. Are you tired of running your night club? That can also be arranged and the club will be shut down permanently. Or are you tired of living a good life? That can be arranged and you can imagine what will happen next

Fred: Are you threatening me?

Mirabel: Not really, just telling you what will happen the next time you show yourself to Promise or to anyone that’s related to us one way or the other

Fred: Can we talk privately?

Mirabel: There’s nothing to talk with you, just go away. We’ve forgiven you for the wrongs you did to Promise and our trust that you betrayed, so just go now!

Fred: Why are you doing this? I really love Promise; I sincerely apologize for my shortcomings, please give me another chance and I’ll be the best man I can be for her

Mirabel: Like I said earlier, we’ve forgiven you, but we’re not taking any chances no more

Fred: Please, I promise never to hurt her in whatsoever way again

Mirabel: Get out of here Fred!

Fred: Plea….

Mirabel: Get out!!

Fred: Ok alright, I’ll leave… but, I will advise you to watch those two closely; they have something hidden under the radar

Mirabel: One more word from you and I promise you’re not gonna like the outcome of it. Frank!

Frank: (from outside) Yes?

Mirabel: Come get this ingrate out from here!

Frank walked in with Jummy and two mobile policemen; they wanted to drag him out, but he behaved himself and told them not to touch him that he’ll leave and he left.

Mirabel: (to me and Nancy that’s with her) it is done guys! Where is Promise?

Nancy: she’s in,side, lemme go call her **ran off**

Me: Thanks for not listening to what he said

Mirabel: That’s nonsense, why would he be after the girl that’s cheating on him? And besides, I trust Promise can’t do such thing **walking in,side**

Me: **confused** wh… what?

Mirabel: What? **turning around**

Me: What do you mean by you trust Promise can’t do such a thing? What about me?

Mirabel: What about you?

Me: Are you kidding?

Mirabel: **laughs** I trust Promise 100% and I trust you over 100% darling… so if I say I trust Promise, you should know your where you stand, and please it’s enough, let’s not talk about what doesn’t make any sense

Me: **relaxed** Yeah… that’s my fiancée

Mirabel: You said Promise refused to listen when you told her to break-up with Fred, hope she hasn’t fallen in stupid love with him?

Me: Which love? She later came back to her senses and broke up with him the moment he came here, that’s why he’s been talking rubbish

Mirabel: Oh…

Me: What?

Mirabel: I thought I was the one that took care of him not knowing that she already broke up with him

Me: Hey sweetheart, you did something great here, you finalized everything because if not for what you just did, i’m sure he won’t stop coming for her.

Mirabel: Yea… I had to warn him to clear off so Promise won’t go through what we both went through in the hands of Marcus and Dorothy

Me: That’s right

Mirabel: Where are they na?

Me: Maybe we should go in there

Mirabel: Yea let’s go **walking in,side**

Me: Sweetheart…

Mirabel: **turns around** Yea?

Me: You know we haven’t seen each other for a while

Mirabel: Yea, I know… (walking back to me) so sorry my love, I was just so focused on fixing Promise’ predicament

<She gave me a tight hug>

Mirabel: Missed you so much

Me: I missed you more

Nancy: **coughs** Promise is here o…

Mirabel: **breaking off from the hug** Promise…

She went to her and they hugged each other for some seconds…

Mirabel: How are you holding up?

Promise: I’m fine

Mirabel: Sure?

Promise: Sure **smiling**

Mirabel: Good then, I was so worried about you. Sorry for hooking you up with that pervert, now we’ll understand and respect your decisions

Promise: It’s okay… I understand you guys were worried about me and you all care for my happiness, of which I appreciate

Me: Boring…. **teasingly**

They all laughed

Me: Nancy, where the food na?

Nancy: I thought we’re discussing something important?

Me: Discussing what? Go bring food abeg

Nancy: Nawa o…

She went into the kitchen, Mirabel joined and they came with the food and we ate peacefully but Promise refused to eat, that she’ll eat the remnant beans later.

Me: Nancy, you should update Vincent

Nancy: I’ve already done that but not in details though, I’ll tell him everything when we meet tomorrow

Me: Of course, that’s what you do best

Later that night when we all bade ourselves goodnight and went to our bedrooms, Mirabel and I discussed on many things before she slept off while I was working in my website. It was around when a text message came from Promise and it read “Thanks for always been there for me, no one can beat the s₱0t you have in my heart”

I smiled and replied her “I know that *winkz*”

I took it as a friendsh¡p thing and nothing else, and I’m sure that’s the same way she also took it as.

Then we started chatting like-play like-play through SMS where each message costs ₦4.00

Promise: Why can’t you just say thank you instead of that reply? It’s embarrassing na

Me: Embarrassing for what? Or don’t you also know your s₱0t in my heart? *winkz*

Promise: Whatever!

**Minutes later**

Me: Why are you still up?

Promise: Can’t sleep, trying to watch tv but it’s not helping, what about you?

Me: Surfing the web… you’re in the living room?

Promise: Yea

Me: Ok I’m coming

Promise: What about Mirabel?

Me: Sleeping

Promise: Ok

I put on a shirt and went to the sitting room. I sat with her while we talked, teased each other and laughed out till she felt sleepy. We bade each other goodnight for the second time that night then I walked back to room. I opened the door and met Mirabel who seemed to be going out. She stopped when she saw me and then stretches her hand towards me handing my phone over to me.


The look on her face when she was handing over the phone to me was so unusual; i collected the phone from her thinking I got a night call or something.

Me: What’s up dear?

Mirabel: Victor where have you been?

Me: What’s wrong that you even called me by my name?

Mirabel: I’ve been up for some minutes and I didn’t see you here or in the toilet. Then a message popped into your phone from Promise telling you to try and sleep immediately you get into the room, I scrolled up out of curiosity and found those chats you both had, what explanation can you give me Victor? I trusted both of you with all my heart!

Me: Honey what are you saying? That’s nothing I promise

Mirabel: Nothing?

Me: Come on dear, you have to calm down, what is the thing you saw that’s making you to react this way? It was just a harmless friendly chat

Mirabel: Stop making a fool out of me, what did she mean by nobody can beat the s₱0t you have in her heart? And you also confessed that she also have a s₱0t in your heart, what kind of s₱0t is that? You went to meet up with her because I was sleeping. Victor why did you do this to me? Why? I gave you my everything

Me: Mirabel you have to calm down and allow me to talk

Mirabel: Of course I’ll let you talk, go on and give me another definition of the chats and the meeting you both had

Me: Please sit down

Mirabel: I’m fine standing

Me: Mirabel you have to sit down so we can talk and reach an understanding, this is not how a couple can settle their misunderstanding

Mirabel: **sits down**

Me: (I sat down on the bed too) you have to trust me; I cannot do anything like that. She was only thanking me as a friend and how I’ve been there for her, that no one can replace me in doing all that. Sweetheart please don’t misinterpret it. You know too well that I can’t do something like that and neither can Promise do such thing

Mirabel: Yes I trust you both, but that chat is like that of those having an affair

Me: It’s nothing dear

Mirabel: Like when you said you’re coming and she asked what about me and you told her that I’m sleeping before you went to meet up with her… what did you even go to her for by this of the night when everyone is sleeping?

Me: She couldn’t sleep just as you see in the message, and I thought it was about Fred, so I went to her in the living room to cheer her up.

Mirabel: It’s just too suspicious Ok? Please I don’t like something this. I have to say your closeness with her should be redefined so I won’t be suspecting anything please… I have never been suspicious of you for anything; I always believe whatever you say until I saw those disturbing messages that got me so worried

Me: You have nothing to worry about dear

Mirabel: No let’s make some things clear, I’m here to be your friend and companion and everything you need, so please… your friendsh¡p can continue but not this close anymore

Me: Alright, no problem

Mirabel: I will let this go, but I’m begging you now, don’t cheat on me and never give me any reason to doubt you

Me: Ok my princess

Mirabel: I am very serious

Me: Relax na, it’s me oh… (Going for my magic move)

Mirabel: You that got me very worried this night abi morning

I threw my phone on bed and drew her closer to me by holding wa-ist

Me: Sorry for the misconception… I hope I didn’t lose any percentage of your trust for me?

Mirabel: You lost 80% of it

Me: Ah!

Mirabel: Kidding buh you almost lost it

Me: That’s never going to happen; I rather gain more of your trust than lose a single percentage of it

Mirabel: Okay… now can you let go of my wa-ist so I can sleep?

Me: If not until you smile, I won’t

Mirabel: **She let out a fake smile** Can I go now?

Me: Okay…

I let go of her, then she climb the bed facing the other side. I knew we were not all cool yet, so I thought of doing something about it. I joined her on the bed and placed my hand around her wa-ist

Me: Sweetheart…?

Mirabel: What now?

Me: I can see you’re still mad at me, I will just tell you what I wanted to tell you later in the day **withdrawing myself from her**

Mirabel: What is it?

Me: Don’t worry… I’ll just tell you later

Mirabel: No I want to hear it now

Me: Ok, if you really want to hear it, come rest your head on my shoulder

Mirabel: **Hesitating**

Me: Come na… it’s about our wedding oh…

When she hear that one, nobody told her before she brought herself closer to me.

Mirabel: Ok what is it?

Me: Uhmmmm… I think we should start taking our pre-wedding pictures from now

Mirabel: What for?

Me: You don’t like it?

Mirabel: No, we don’t need it

Me: Why?

Mirabel: It’s just not needed, what are we going to do with it? To post on social media and all, I don’t like it

Me: I thought it’d be fun

Mirabel: You know what?

Me: What?

Mirabel: Instead of this pre-wedding thing, let’s just have all the fun together without the world knowing about it until the day we’ll get married

Me: Okay…

Mirabel: And stop holding my wa-ist anyhow anytime you want, because it’s not yours yet.

Me: **Laughs** No problem, I’d be the proud owner come next month

Mirabel: Until then, you’re strictly restricted

Me: It’s okay… I’ve heard you, we need to sleep now

I took my pillow and positioned myself on the floor to sleep

Mirabel: What are you doing?

Me: Well… so you won’t rest on my chest later while I’m asleep, as it’s not yet yours to lay on whenever you feel like

Mirabel: Oh really?

Me: Goodnight, love you…

Mirabel: Goodnight!


I woke up the following morning and saw Mirabel resting comfortably on my chest while on the floor; I just smiled and placed my hand around her wa-ist.

Later that morning when Nancy has gone to school, and Promise to her computer institute leaving Mirabel and I in the house while Frank and Jummy were also around.

Mirabel was in the kitchen preparing lunch while I was in the room working in my website with hollandia yoghurt by my side, sipping it little by little until Mirabel suddenly stormed into the room looking infuriated.

Mirabel: Victor what’s the meaning of this rubbish?!

Me: **Surprised and bemused** what is it?

Mirabel: I saw this diary somewhere in the kitchen which is supposed to be for Promise; take and look what I found in,side…


I dunno what’s in the diary, but her reaction just got me feeling so nervous and scared on what she might have discovered.

Me: Why would you go through her diary? It’s so not right na, you’re invading her priv…

Mirabel: **cuts in** If I hadn’t gone through it, I wouldn’t have discovered this secret you both are hiding

Me: That diary must be containing her private life, please respect it and go keep it for her; I don’t want to know what’s in it please…

Mirabel: Do you even know what I’m talking about here? I’m talking about a lady professing her love for my man that’s supposed to be her friend. What do you know about this victor?

Me: Her diary should be her 100% privacy; I didn’t even know she has a diary till now. So… whatever it is you see in it is her privacy please Mirabel, stop all this doubts for it’s not helping matters at all. How can this help our marriage that’s coming next month? Please don’t give the devil a chance to destroy us

Mirabel: It would’ve been mare doubts if I had no prove, Fred warned me about something like this, and look what’s happening? From flirty chats to professing of love in a diary, that you’re the only man she loves, is that also just a friend thing? So you’re even the reason why she can’t have a boyfriend? No wonder! I thought it was about her being a good girl and a saint, not knowing she has my man at heart; Victor are you having an affair with her?

Me: Of course not!

Mirabel: You’re lying,,, there’s no explanation for this anymore! Fred was right all along

Me: Mirabel… I have nothing to do with her; I never had any intimacy with her even before I got to know you

Mirabel: You both are deceitful!

Me: How can be saying something like this? We’ve been together for four years and I’ve never for once proven to be unworthy in any way, how can I be having an affair with Promise, for what?

Mirabel: **silence**

Me: Could it be for $ex of which you and I agreed to abstain from because we know it’s not right for the unmarried? Or is it for love? Why then will I be getting married to you? It’s not making any sense can’t you see?

Mirabel: Don’t even imply that I’m insinuating nonsense when I the prove in my hand

Me: What prove? How can that diary be a prove that I’m cheating on you? It’s someone’s privacy for goodness sake. It could be her thought or something that she wouldn’t want anyone to pry and it could be very embarrassing to her if she finds out about this

Mirabel: Embarrassing? She should be ashamed of herself for professing such rubbish for you

Me: Mirabel what’s going on with you? I mean… this is not you, why the sudden temper?

(We heard Promise’ voice from the living room asking where is everyone)

Mirabel: She’s here **walking out of the room**

Me: Where are you going to? Mirabel don’t… (She slammed the door behind her)

Chai! What’s all this for goodness sake? Why is Mirabel changing all of a sudden? This is nothing but the hand work of the devil, the destroyer. Just when everything was going well, now Mirabel of all people is the one causing headache and nagging around on everything….. God have Mercy. I dunno why Promise could be so careless to forget something like that in the kitchen. I’m already losing the trusts Mirabel have for me, I don’t think she’ll be comfortable with me again, she’ll be suspecting my every move. So this how innocent people get accused wrongly? I really hope that we push through with the wedding and pursue our dreams instead of arguing and fighting unnecessarily with words.

Just then I ran after Mirabel to the living room where she’s already confronting Promise.

Mirabel: Promise what is all this you wrote in this your diary?

Promise: Why are you in possession of my diary?

Mirabel: You haven’t answered my question, what is the meaning of this love confession for
Victor who you know is my fiancé

Promise: Mirabel that diary contains my personal and private life with my thoughts which I don’t intend to share with anybody

Mirabel: Oh really?

Me: Mirabel please you have to stop this, she has no evil intention towards our relationsh¡p

Mirabel: Of course! The saint who is in love with my man will never have any evil intentions

Mirabel just start to annoy me for the first time since we started our relationsh¡p, this is not the Mirabel that I know, what has happened to her? Or is this her true colours? Definitely not! She’s been humble from the start, she’s shown me nothing but love, she’s always been there for me, she’s always ready to do anything for me, she’s ready to submit to me. This is all Fred’s fault! He was the one that started all these perils. I regretted hooking him up with Promise, he brought nothing but trouble which is now affecting my relationsh¡p with Mirabel.

Promise: **tears soaking in her eyes**

Me: Mirabel…

Mirabel: You know what? I’m stopping the wedding

Me: No Mirabel, you can’t do that please…

Mirabel: Yes I can and I will!

She said that then furiously rushed to the room. Then I started perceiving something smelling, the food is burning in the kitchen!! Somebody should just wake me up from this nightmare!!!
I turned and saw Mirabel at the doorpost.

TO be Continued

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