The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 4

Written by Bright Daniel
Of course Michael heard Shakiti’s hilarious query, but the suspicious eyes from the family couldn’t allow him react to it. He looked at the plates of rice on the table too as if there should be a visible coconut in a coconut rice before he averted the eyes to Eldeson who had begun to think he is responsible for the news broadcasted on the television.
“No, it’s not me” Michael began. “I mean, how and why will i bring down Gezos Hotel? Think of It. There is another person who is trying to set me up or get to me. Believe me”
“I don’t f-ckingly believe you!” Prisca stood up aggressively. “Dad, this murderer must leave this house” she ran upstairs.
Rose also reluctantly dropped her spoon, wh¡pped her mouth and walked upstairs without altering a single word.
Erick and the father were the only one left. Their mood changed to a traumatic disappointment. Even Michael didn’t know how to convince them. Therefore, he stared at the man of the house to make the last decision.
“Michael,” Eldeson called. “The only way I’ll believe you is to prove that the death note is not with you anymore, even Shakiti” he added.
That was a hærd task for young Michael because the man was trying to lior him into what he wanted to avoid, which is, keeping secrets. He had no choice. For him to stay in that house, he had to be pure and stay away from crime, but how would he do that when he had been given a great responsibility by Shakiti? How would he do it when Derick will start killing with his face? Nevertheless, he accepted to keep both Shakiti and the notes as a secret from the family. So he lied and said “I’m not with any death note, sir, neither is Shakiti with me”
“How would I know if you’re telling the truth?”
“For you to see Shakiti, you have to touch the Death Note, but since the note isn’t with me, Shakiti can’t be seen. In fact, the last time I saw him was a few minutes after I woke up from dead where he told me how Ashanti sacrificed her life for me. After then, he disappeared” Michael exhaled in conclusion while Shakiti giggled.
“I love the way you lie” he said then turned to the rice again still wondering where the coconut was.
“Alright, Mike” Eldeson stood up. “I’ll convince the women. But I wonder who the new Kira is” he thought for a while. “Eat your food” he concluded before going upstairs.
Erick met Michael then gave him a knuckle which after he hit his left chest with the hand. “I love you, boddy” he said.
“Thanks” Michael smiled at him. He had to carry his food to the room, not because it was a coconut rice but because he was damn hungry. Even at that, he couldn’t concentrate on the food. His heart pounded like where a drummer padel a drum with his legs during a church praise. He would walk around the room like a mad dog after taking a spoonful rice. There was also a television in,side the room where Shakiti watched how people where running out of Gezos Hotel as instructed by the police. He never cared about how woozy Michael felt, but he was forced to look back when Michael fell his food mistakenly.
“What is it young man?” he asked him.
“Are you asking me” Michael began angrily. “How do you expect me to keep you and the book as a secret for the second time after laying a great responsibility on me? I just wanna live a normal life!”
“I didn’t lay any responsibility on you, Mike”
“What?” Michael drew closer to him as if he didn’t hear him clearly. “If you didn’t give me any responsibility, then go away with your books. I don’t need you and them”
“You may not need me, but you need the books in order to correct your mistakes. And there is no way any of the books will be with you without me also being around. Very soon, Dakiti will frustrate you before killing you”
“He will make the new Kira kill with your face so that people will think you are the one that kills. Hope you know what that means; the police will keep looking for you and people like Dera, Prisca and the wife of the coconut head will hate you the more. But if you insist I leave, I will” Shakiti wanted to penetrate through a wall but Michael called him back after which he giggled coz he knew that he can’t let him go.

Wow, Shakiti was smart. Why? Because the truth is that he cannot go back to the land of the dead in as much as the forged Death Note and Dakiti are in existence in the human world, so there was no way he could get the Note and kill Dakiti without the help of Michael, not because he only found him intelligent, but because in their world, they cannot kill one another, so he needed Michael to Kill Dakiti and capture the forged Death Note, so that he would be able to go back to his own world. Therefore he never wanted Michael to see it as if he’s the one who wanted his help, rather he made it look as if Michael was the one who needed his help the more. That was why he giggled after he was called back.
“What must I do?” Michael queried.
“You must find who the new Kira is, capture the forged Death Note and kill his Dakiti” Shakiti replied.
“Dakiti is a god of death. How can i kill a god of death?”
“Point of correction, I am the only god of death. Dakiti wants my position as the god of death that’s why he wants the real Death Note. The only way you can kill him is by writing his name on the death note” Shakiti concluded.

Michael dragged the death note from Shakiti with a great speed, grabbed a pen from a nearby table, placed the book on It, opened it and wrote the name, ‘Dakiti’, only to hear Shakiti laughing from aside. “What’s funny? I have written his name on the death note, haven’t I?” he asked.
“Have you forgotten?” Shakiti began seriously. “You must see his face first, and before you see him, you must touch the forged Death Note”
“This is not as simple as I thought” Michael murmured with his eyes fixed on the television where occup-nts kept running from the hotel. “This is a hazardous task. First, I have to find the new Kira, touch the forged Death Note before I kill Dakiti” he added.
“Exactly!” Shakiti smiled.
After a few minutes, the land of Gezos city quivered like an occurring earthquake-that was the twenty-three storey building hotel collapsing. Everybody could see it on the television even Michael and Shakiti who opened their eyes widely watching the building fall to the ground like a melting ice.
After a while, people who died and those who injured were begin to carried out of the fallen building. Michael turned to Shakiti.
“What should I do now?” he asked.
“You have to write the names of the dead people on the life note so that as the new Kira is trying to frustrate you, you frustrate him back if you want. But the rule of the life note is; any life you save, your life span will reduce approximately by a year. That means, if you are to die in the next ten years, you’ll then die within nine years” Shakiti explained.
Michael became bold. He didn’t bother about the rule. All he cared for was to correct his past mistakes coz he thought that was the only way he could do it, even if he would do it with all his life span. Therefore, he began to dress up with a black cloth given to him by Shakiti. The cloth had a mask, therefore, nobody could recognize him in it. He tore a page of the life note, hid it in,side his shoe, took a pen then proceeded to the door. He looked exactly like a young superman. Before he opened the door, Shakiti said, “Mike, I want to ask you something before we leave” Michael stared at him to continue. “Where is the coconut in the coconut rice?” he asked.
“The coconut was grinded that’s why you can’t see it. In fact, only it’s water was used for the rice” Michael replied.
“Wow.. then it shouldn’t be called a coconut rice”
“What then should it be called?”
“Coconut water rice” he replied.
Michael smiled without knowing what to tell him coz he had a way of putting a smile on his face.
Shakiti suggested they leave through the window with a lowered rope which they did before heading straight to Gezos Hotel…….

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