His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 28 – 29



🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 28🍭🍭




” It’s Iris” The voice replied

Kristen and Nicholas faced each other,,Nicholas left her

” What do you want Iris?” Kristen asked

” Can you at least open the door?” Iris groaned

Kristen turned to Nicholas and bite her lips

” What do we do?” She asked

Nicholas chuckled seeing her worried face

” Is this funny??” Kristen snapped

He lean closer and kissed her

” There’s another entrance,,guess you forgot” he said

” Oh,,,,”

” Goodnight” He said and kissed her again before leaving

” Kristen?” Iris called again

Kristen tied her towel and went to open the door,Iris rolled her eyes and entered

” What do you want?” Kristen asked

” Am sleeping here,,I couldn’t sleep in my room ” She replied and fell on the bed

” Good for you” Kristen rolled her eyes

” And besides,I was hearing your m0ans from my room. Is there anything going on that I have to know?” Iris winked

” Shut up and sleep or get out of my room” Kristen snapped

” Oh,,okay,sorry ” Iris said and immediately closed her eyes

Kristen brought out her nightie and put it on before joining Iris on the bed,she was asleep already

” So fast” Kristen muttered and covered her up with the duvet

She also closed her eyes and slept off.




The soft knock on the door woke Kristen up,she gasped when she saw the time. She immediately tapped Iris who was still sleeping

” Get up Iris” Kristen said and tapped her harder

Iris groaned sleepily and stood up,she walked toward the door and opened.

immediately Iris stepped out,Jenna frowned

” What are you doing in nanny’s room this early morning??” She crossed her arms

” I slept there,,isn’t it obvious??” Iris rolled her eyes

” You slept in her room? But I’ve never even done that before” Jenna said

” Well I guess she love me more than you” iris smirked and Jenna broke into tears


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chuckled wickedly and walked away

” Jenna? Are you okay?” Kristen ran out to Jenna

She keep on crying,,

Kristen took her in,,

” What’s wrong?” Kristen asked

” Is it true? You love Iris more than me?” Jenna asked and Kristsn was confused

Who said that?” She asked

” Iris,,you allowed her sleep in your room but you’ve never asked me to sleep with you ” Jenna said in tears

” That motherfvcker” Kristen muttered

” That’s not true okay? I love you more than anyone,,you are free to sleep with me anytime okay? So stop crying” Kristen said and helped her wipe her tears

” Can I sleep here tonight?” Jenna asked

” Of course,anytime” Kristen replied and hugged her


” Hey brother” Mitchell called
” Yes? What do you want?” Max asked
” That’s kind of harsh ,can’t I call you again?” She frowned
” Make sure what you’re calling me for is something meaningful please” Max said and continue to operate his phone

You look somehow,is there anything wrong??” Mitchell asked worriedly

” Am fine,” He replied

” Okay,,just wanna tell you that we finally met that girl who saved my friend from being raped,never knew she attends our school!! But am really sure she’s a new student,,we’ve thanked her though,,and I really like her boldness,she look like the tough type” Mitchell chuckled and immediately Max knew she’s talking about Iris

” So why are you telling me this?’ He asked

” Okay fine,,I guess I made a mistake” Mitchell said

It was all quiet until the driver announced their arrival ,,They got down from the the car and went their different ways.

” Bye brother!! Even though I hate you right now!! I love hate you!!” Mitchell screamed out and the student all turned to Max

” Gosh,,I hate her bad mouth” Max shook his head

” Wow,she’s your sister??” Iris asked and joined him

” When did you get here? I thought you can only fight,do you have superpowers too?” Max asked

” My wish” Iris scoffed

” Good thing you have none ” Max replied

” Am sorry for making you mad yesterday,,don’t act tough” Iris said and pat his hair

” Why are you sorry? Thought you don’t know how to say that” Max scoffed

” Seriously I don’t know why am saying this” Iris laughed

” Am not angry,,not like am your boyfriend or something” He said

” Exactly,you are not. And I am not even thinking of having one,so don’t think otherwise” Iris snapped angrily

” Who want to date you? You’re a boy not a girl” Max replied

” Anyhow” She said and walked away

” Is she angry now?” Max muttered watching her leaving


of a sudden,Iris bumped into someone and all her books fell from her hand.

” Oh my!!” Natalie shouted

Iris looked at her face and scoffed,

” You should just watch out ,what is wrong with you??!” Natalie yelled

” Why are you screaming? If you really watched out like you’re advising me right now,then this wouldn’t have happened so why blaming me?” Iris asked with her arms crossed

” I don’t care okay? Am still the victim here,,pack my books for me” Natalie said and Iris laughed dryly

” You want me to help you pack your books?” She asked pointing to herself

” Am not begging you,it’s your province to pack the books ” Natalie said

” So what if I don’t?? What will you do?” Iris asked

” Wait,,are you crazy?? Who the hell do you think you are?!!” Natalie yelled

The students are gathering already

Iris eyes became red immediately she said that,,

She grabbed her hair and pushed her to the floor angrily

” Oh my God!” Natalie screamed

🚺 Wow🚺
🚺she hurt her🚺
🚺 I hate the new girl🚺
🚺 How can she do that to our lovely Natalie? 🚺

” Natalie,,are you okay??” A familia voice said and bend down before Natalie

Iris became even more mad when she saw Max trying to help her up

” Am not fine! This girl is a crazy type,,she hurt me” Natalie said almost in tears

” You still have the gut to call me crazy?!!” Iris shouted and tried hitting her again but Max stopped her

” Iris stop,,what do you think you’re doing right now? You should apologize to her,you’re at fault” Max said

” What?? Apologize??” Iris asked

Max helped Natalie with her books,,

” You fell her books Down,and you still pushed her. Isn’t that bad?” Max snapped

” And who are you to tell me what’s bad and not??” Iris asked angrily

Max rolled his eyes and faced Natalie whose arm got bruised

” Let’s get it treated ” He said and they both walked away leaving Iris

She bite her lips so hard that she could feel the pain,,she felt even more hurt seeing him taking Natalie’s side and even leaving with her.

” fvck you Max ” She muttered and walked away

She got to the school garden and pulled out a wrap of weed from her bag,she took the matches and then turned the light on the weed. She almost inserted it into her mouth but a hand stopped her by holding her hand,,she looked up angrily with her red eyeballs.

” Max?” She called
” Are you smoking again? Thought you stopped” Max said

” You made me Angry” she said
Max ignored her and threw the weed away

” Why did you do that!!” Iris yelled
” It’s bad for your health” He replied gently
” And what’s your business with what’s good for my health or not? Am not Natalie,do you get that??” Iris snapped and brought out another one

” Iris stop,,I only did the right thing. I can’t support you when you’re entirely wrong,it was all your fault” Max said

” I don’t care,,just leave me alone. I am really mad right now,” Iris said

” Fine am sorry,,”

” I don’t need it okay? I want to be alone”

” So you can smoke?? You’re going to get into trouble if any of the teachers catch you,so stop acting silly ” Max said

” You’re the silly one here,you claimed not to like her but your attitudes are all different. I hate liars” Iris snapped

” I don’t like her that way,but she’s still a friend ”

” Friend my foot,,” She hissed and Max smiled

” Am sorry okay? Just drop this,,” Max said and took it from her again

” Do you smoke anytime you’re angry??” Max asked after throwing it away
” I already promised Kristen am gonna stop smoking,,but you made me mad ” She scoffed..

” Are you serious? If you really want to stop,then what are those wraps doing in your bag?” Max asked .

” That’s my problem not yours,,just shut up before I break your big head again” Iris said and they both laughed


🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 29🍭🍭



Kristen groaned out loud again,she got down from the bed and walked toward the door. She felt so lonely staying alone,gently she opened the door and went out of the room.

She went downstairs,the house seems so empty even though the maids and guards are all available.

” Hi Miss Kristen” A maid greeted with a smile

” Hi” Kristen replied and went out ,,she met Richard about leaving the mansion

” Kristen” Richard called

” Hi Richard,,where are you going??” She asked

” To meet boss,,I need to do something there” Richard replied

” You mean you’re going to the Bill’s Company??” Kristen asked

” Yes ”

” Can I go with you please??” Kristen pleaded with her cute puppy face

” Are you going to meet the boss too?” Ruchard asked

” No,,I will stay in the car while you meet him. I just want to go out,am bored ” Kristen replied

” Who can ignore this face of yours? Let’s go,,” Richard said

” Thank you!! Can I go this way? Or do I need to change??”

” You’re perfect this way” Richard replied.

She immediately joined him in the car,he drove out instantly.


” How many minutes left till we get there??” Kristen asked

” 30 minutes ” Richard replied

” What the hell? Are we traveling or what??” Kristen half yelled..

” It’s just an hour drive Kristen” Richard said

” Okay Fine,,can you please stop by? In that fruit store?? I need to get some,,,,”

” Strawberries” Richard completed it

” You got me,,” Kristen laughed

Richard stopped and she got down to buy whatever she wanted,few seconds later she came back

” Can we leave now??” Richard asjed

” No,,I still have things to do” Kristen teased

” What?” .

” Nothing” Kristen replied

Richard chuckled and started driving

” Do you want some??” Kristen asked showing him the strawberry

” No,,it’s all yours” Richard responded.

” I insist,,am keeping it for you” Kristen said

” Okay mam”

” Don’t call me that,,”


” Finally we are here,,are you coming in? You can’t stay in the car,you can just come in ” Richard said

” Am going to wait,don’t worry about me” Kristen replied

” Nope,,you can wait in the reception okay? But not out ”

Kristen agreed and they both went in,, she waited while Richard went upstairs.

” Hi mam,,what can I do for you??” The receptionist asked

” nothing,,am actually waiting for Richard,he will be here soon” Kristen replied

” Oh,, okay. ” The receptionist said.

She sat down and waited patiently for Richard,,


” Kristen?” A voice called her name and she looked up,It’s a guy staring straight at her with a confused face.

She also gasped with surprise the moment she saw him.

” Are you really Kristen??” The guy asked again

” Felix right?” Kristen stood up and the guy nodded

” Oh my God,,” Felix said and immediately hugged her

” Can’t believe am going to see you again,,it’s years already” Felix said after letting her go

” It’s three years ,stop that” Kristen scoffed

” Three years feels like ten years already,,I missed you so much,what are you doing here anyway?” Felix asked

” I came here with a friend,,waiting for him ” Kristen replied

” Your boyfriend??”

” Of course not,,He’s just a friend. How about you? What are you doing here?” She asked

” I work here,,” Felix smiled

” Wow,,that’s amazing. Can’t believe am ever going to see you again,,this is so surprising” Kristen said ..

” Really surprising,,you’ve really changed a lot. You look so,,beautiful ” Felix said

” That’s funny ” Kristen chuckled


” Thank you so much boss,,I will Leave now” Richard bowed

” Why are you in a hurry? Do you have somewhere else to go?” Nicholas asked with his brow up

” Kristen is waiting,,,,,,” Richard immediately regretted ever saying that

” Kristen??” Nicholas aaked

” Am sorry sir,but she insisted on coming with me. She told me she felt so bored staying home so she came here with me,I didnt mean to,,”

” Where is she??” Nicholas cut him off

” Waiting in the reception sir ” Richard replied

” Okay,,,” Nicholas said and stood up

” Are you coming with me?” Richard asjed

” Yes,,” He replied

Richard bowed and they both left the office,,Meghan stood up almost immediately

” Are you going out sir?” She asked .

” Is there anything you want me to do?” Nicholas asked

” No,,” she replied nervously

Nicholas nodded and walked away with Richard behind him,,,they used the elevator and in few minutes they are downstairs.

” Hi sir ” A lady greeted as they walked pass her

” Thanks” Nicholas replied

He was feeling so eager to see Kristen,he couldn’t even talk to her before he left in the morning because of an important meeting.

They finally got to the reception,,

” Oh she got a company” Richard said with a sigh of relief that she’s not bored.

They both stood still watching as Kristen and the person talked.

” You look really beautiful,,it’s not funny” Felix said and Nicholas scoffed

” Thanks” Kristen smiled

” Can I have your contact?? I really can’t afford to miss you too much again” Felix said bringing out his phone

After Kristen gave him her number,he hugged her and Nicholas’s eyes grew wild immediately.

” What’s going on right now?” He spoke up

Felix and Kristen immediately turned and Kristen gasped

” Am sorry sir,,” Felix apologized

” You know this is an office and you still have the guts to do that here? ”

” Am sorry,,I think I lost control of myself” Felix bowed

” Lost control of yourself? Is your job a joke to you??”

” No sir,,am so sorry ” Felix pleaded

” Leave” Nicholas snapped trying not to get mad

Felix left immediately he said that,,

” Hi,,,,” Kristen said to Nicholas spookily

” We are going to leave now boss” Richard said with a bow still wondering why Kristen greeted him like that. Without waiting he walked out,,,

Kristen immediately turned to Nicholas

” That was nothing,,,I,,,,,” She was interrupted by Megan

” Mr Nichols,,” She called from the back and Nicholas looked back..

” You need to come with me,,it’s the AMAZON on line ” She said

Nicholas faced Kristen again and without saying a word,he left with Megan.

Kristen sighed and walked out.

” Are you okay? Why is your face like that?” Richard asked

” Am fine,,” Kristen replied

” Who was that? Your friend?” Richard asked

” He was my best friend back in school,,somehow we lost contact with each other. I was so surprised to see him in there” Kristen explained

” Wow,,that’s great” Richard said

” I think we should just take Jenna from school,it’s almost time” She said

” Yeah I was about saying that too” Richard said


” Am sleeping in your room tonight nanny,,,” Jenna said and fell on the bed with happiness all over her face

” are you that happy? Jenna’s room is more beautiful than nanny’s room remember?” Kristen said

” I want to stay with you” Jenna pouted

” So good to have you in my room ” Kristen chuckled and kissed her cheek

” I will be back Jenna,,I need to take care of something” Kristen said

” Can you help me change the TV channel to cartoon? Please?”

Kristen changed it and then left the room,.
She opened the door and went in,Nicholas didn’t notice her coming in. She just walked toward him and hugged him from the back as he was standing.

” Am sorry,,” She muttered

” Trust me,,He’s just an old friend.” She added

Nicholas turned and hugged her tightly,.

” Don’t let any other guy hug you that way,,,it’s annoying” He said

” I won’t”

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