The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – Final episode



The question asked by Lucky to Vera still remained unanswered in,side the very house of the twins. Everybody including Shakiti moped at them at the beginning of the staircase. How would she answer such question? From where would she start explaining? How would she explain to find herself unclad in a hotel without knowing why especially telling her boyfriend such c*ck and bull story?
Lucky held her shoulder. “What happened? Where are you from?” he repeated the question. Others on each cushion in,side the sitting room listened attentively to know what she would say. She never replied rather began to shed tears like a child who was investigated and confirmed for stealing from his own mother. Only then did Michael stood up to her too.
“You can’t remember anything, right?” he ch¡pped in calmly, staring at his sister.
Vera nodded thereby increasing the tears. Lucky rubbed his head in disbelief as he gently turned away from her thereby leaving the floor for Michael alone.
“There is noting to cry for” Michael began to console his sister because he knew exactly the cause of the wh0le thing. “Anything one does unconsciously cannot be used against her. You were in the influence of the s€× note. So you need to tell me the first place you found yourself after gaining consciousness”
Vera swallowed hærd. For the first time, she saw herself being so weak and ashamed to speak up. She glanced at Lucky who faced the window then replied with a quivering l-ips saying, “I found myself in a.. in..” she swallowed hærd again. “In a hotel. Truly, i don’t know how i got there”
“Which hotel?”
“Bestway hotel”
Michael surged forward to the staircase, running down like an antelope. The anger in him could be used on anybody who would try to block him on the way. He had never got so upset like he did at that moment. Before he opened the door of their father’s car, Lucky arrived too then both drove off at the same time. Of course Shakiti followed them.
Back to the interior part of the house, Vera cried on her sister’s shoulder whlie Nelly consoled her. Definitely they knew the meaning of someone waking up unclad in a hotel. Therefore there was no futher interrogation rather consolation.

The tyres of the car Michael drove seemed to be rotating backward when he topped the final gear, using a hand to hold the steering wheel. He over used the speed limit expected on the road which attracted the attention of the police but he never cared. Even the speedometer of the car read above one hundred as if acking the movie ‘Fast and Furious’
“Michael, take it easy” Lucky suddenly became concern of the hazardous velocity.
“I swear i gonna kill the very idiot who did this!” Michael began harshly, hitting the steering wheel continuously especially when he got angry the more. “I mean for all the women in the world, how can he use my own sister? I guess the person tried to get to me to know what i can do. Sorry for him coz he just touched the lion by the tale” he concluded then drove in,side the hotel. It had no gate but had several storeys.
The owner of the hotel continuously prayed in the days of Derick, the second Kira, for the hotel not to be remembered and eventually breakdown, and God answered his prayers.
Michael met a young girl at the reception. She wore a longsleeve white shirt and a black plain trouser. She first marveled when she saw Michael approaching from the entrace because she wondered what Kira himself was doing in their hotel. A solf music circulated the arena from unseen speakers in a way it enables someone to hear from another.
Michael glared at the poor girl who had already stood up in fear. “I demand to see your CCTV now!!” he shrieked, hitting his hand on the cemented area that separated him from the girl. Before she regained the guts to reply, policemen came in too thereby increasing her fear. Michael had to explained to them about the s€× note and how it was used on Vera by someone in that hotel. The young girl used that opportunity to call the manager of the hotel. He appraoched the men wearing a black suit and a per of trousers.
“Hello, what’s the problem, officers?”
“We demand to see your CCTV” one of the policemen answered.
“What for?”
“Coz an idiot just used a s€× note on my sister” Michael interfered, moving closer to the manager. At the sight of him and hearing of the name s€× note, the man didn’t need to interrogate them anymore. He briskly took them to the control room as it was called where several televisions were showing different parts of the hotel. He set one of them in backward to commence showing activities that happened an hour ago. Sooner did Michael see Vera and a man entering the hotel. “Stop!” he shouted.
The manager zoom them for clearer view.
“Bullman” Michael straightened up.
“Do you know the guy?” One of the policemen asked.
“Yes, his name is Jumbo, my schoolmate. He follwed on the gang that never wanted to let me rest at school. He’s a friend of those who tried to rape Nelly in her lodge but were killed by Kira” Michael looked at the police to see the look on their faces when they heard his last statement because the Kira he mentioned was that of himself. In other not to look like the old Kira, he clarified and said, “I mean killed by me. I can remember Vera telling me that Jumbo disturbs her. I couldn’t do anything then because i had no powers, but now Jumbo gonna join his friends to hell” he left the room followed by Lucky.

Michael set his car in motion again. God knows that he wouldn’t be at rest except he brings Jumbo six feet to the ground. He had to call Vera on the phone to get Jumbos’ residential address which was given to him. He also called sir Rick to inform him of another note that had fallen in the city. He told him to come with some men at the same address not because he needed their help but because he needed a gun to send the man to hell. He looked at Lucky.
“You gonna do something for me” he said.
“I have always been doing something for you, man” Lucky replied then listened as Michael unveiled his plans on how he would get the s€× note. It wasn’t a hærd task for him, therefore, he didn’t use much initiative like he did on Derick.

Meanwhile, Jumbo was actually having s€× with two girls at a time when Michael pulled the break of his car in front of the compound. He had the girls rom-nced him unclad. He laid face up on the bed with legs and hands spread as if had a fatigue. While the girls rom-nced him from the chest to his thighs. One of them grabbed the big d*ck, positioned in a way she was able to have it into her vag-na. Jumbo opened her mouth to release the pleasure he got from the warmth org-n especially when the girl began to ride on him as if riding a horse thereby flapping her two br-asts up and down.
However, the other girl concentrated on his l-ips, k-ssing him like never before. Both were in the influences of the s€× note which made them behave like pr-stitutes.
s€×y Kiti, on the other hand, hung at the corner watching the er*t*c show. The s€× note rested on the floor as an ordinary book, just like the p-nties and bras including the cloths of the girls rested on the floor too. Suddenly, a knock came from the door.
“Kiti, check who is at the door” Jumbo commanded with his eyes closed. He never wanted to be interrupted by anything coz the pleasure alone seemed to penetrate into his brain.
“Are you crazy? Have you forgotten that i’m invisible?” Kiti replied.
Jumbo ignored, but when the knock came for the second time, he reluctantly moved to the door after wearing an underwear. He opened it to see Lucky standing strangely. “Who the hell do you want?” he provoked.
“You” Lucky replied.
“Who are you?”
“Vera’s boyfriend” Lucky punched him on the face. He recovered the pains immediately then returned the punch which sent Lucky down on the floor. He was actually more huge and muscular.
“You made a big mistake by coming here alone” he surged forward to grab him again, but Michael’s voiced from the door interrupted him.
“He’s not alone, Bullman” he said.
Jumbo turned to see him with the s€× note. How did he enter in,side the house? Was the next question on his l-ips. Though it was obvious that he entered into the house through the window after Lucky distracted him but wasn’t funny. Of course Michael saw s€×y Kiti after laying hands on the note, but ignored her at the moment as he went to the door with it.
Jumbo did not make a move, rather stared at him with a smile. “I know you’ll come for me, Michael” he began. “I purposely used your sister. What are you gonna do? Write my name on the death note? No, it can’t work”
“But a gun can” Michael said. Instanly, the police arrived with guns. They pointed it at Jumbo who raised his hands up in the sky. The shape of his d*ck was clearly seen from the tight boxers he wore as Sir Rick and Oscar walked to him. Sir Rick met Michael while Oscar handcuffed Jumbo.
Meanwhile, Michael had left the doorway.
“Impressive, Mike” Sir Rick saw the s€× note in his hands. “Who else do you wanna kill or send back to his world?” he asked.
“See for yourself” Michael handed the note to him. Both saw s€×y Kiti at the door looking at them like a goat that missed road.
“Oh..” Rick covered his face. “She looks tempting. Please do something, Mike” he requested.
“Can i have your gun?”
“For what?”
“To kill her”
Sir Rick gave him the gun as an afterthought. He turned immediately and shot Jumbo two bullets each on the legs thereby paralyzing him because he knew that it would be a crime if he had killed him. The young man fell on the floor with a loud scre-m. One could see blood rushing out of the bullet wounds.
“No one messes with my family and go free” Michael brought out a paper and a pen then wrote Kiti’s name on the death note. Just then, she vanished as a smoke likewise the s€× note which rested in Rick’s hand. Even the two girls regained themselves. Michael handed the gun back to the speechless commander and hurried out. On his way, he said, “Now it’s over, Rick!”
“Yes, Michael, i believe so” Sir Rick replied staring at him, wondering the type of person he was.

Before Michael could get home, the news of the s€× note and Jumbo had been taken by Gezostv already. Even on how Michael shot him and killed s€×y Kiti.
Vera, Nelly and Dera watched the news in,side the living room of the twins. They could see how Jumbo was detained by the police. When they heard footsteps from the staircase, Vera ran to meet Michael and Lucky immediately after they climbed the stairs. She hugged Michael tightly.
“Thank you so much” she said from his shoulder.
“As long as i live, nothing or no one must harm you again” Michael patted her back.
She left him to do the same with Lucky who embraced her warmly too.
“I love you dear” he said.
“I love you more” she replied.
All this while, Dera and Nelly had been smiling at their victorious attitudes.
“Okay, time to go” Shakiti broke the silence. “I have overstayed my stay” he added.
Michael handed his death note to him. “But one more thing before you go” he said.
“Aaahhh.. what again? Has the red moon appeared for the forth time?” Shakiti peeped through the window.
“No” Michael smiled. He took him to Eldeson’s residence, knocked at the door then Eldeson himself opened. He allowed him in coz the truth had aready been revealed. Eric ran out from his room that moment then hugged Michael, while Prisca stood at the staircase staring at them just like Rose and her husband.
“I knew you would come back, Kira, god of the new world” Eric said.
“Yes, and i came to show you something” Michael replied.
“Wow” Eric exclaimed in joy. “Where is he? Please, show me” he jumped curiously.
Michael smiled as he handed the death note to the little boy. When he saw Shakiti, he shouted, “Oh my God! It’s really him! Shakiti!!”
“Hi, Eric” Shakiti waved at him.
“He knows my name! This is cool! Can i take a picture with him?” that was the happiest moment of his life. All in the building smiled at his joyous charisma.
“Sure” They took picture before Shakiti finally went back to his world.
Eldeson and his wife apologize to Michael. He welcomed them, walked to the exit then turned in a way his eyes went to Prisca.
“He lives, and i guess he loves you too” he told her then walked out  through the door freely.

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