The Secret Wife

the secret wife episode 8 – 9

The Secret Wife💝💥
(Let’s keep this marriage a secret)🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: r0mance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter Eight💋

Jack nodded and sat with his sister. Asher was still standing.
“Sit already, I don’t like people staring at me” Jack said.

Asher nodded and sat down. Hudson never knew that jack would follow them here. He just stepped back away from their table.

“It’s nice to see you again after so long. How have you been?” He asked.

“I.. I’ve been good” he replied. Jack nodded and stared at his sister. He saw that she was still trying to hide her identity.

“You wanted to talk to her, about what?” He asked.

“It’s nothing important. We’ll be getting married soon, I have to be with my bride, right?” He asked with a shaky voice.

“I see. You’ll be getting married to my sister. How does that make you feel?” He asked. Asher swallowed hard. His meeting turned out to be an interview, he looked round and saw Hudson standing distanced from him.

“Nervous and good, I feel good” he said.

“I have some conditions for you if you have to get married to my sister” Jack said with a deep tone that has a lot of deep meaning.

“Stop it Jack, he wants to see me. There isn’t any need for you to get involved” Cora said.

“I’m trying to…” Before he could complete his words, his phone rang.

“Oh, she’s here already” he said and stood up. Cora stared at her brother.

“Who’s here?” She asked.

“I’m sorry Cora, my fiancee is here…”

“What?!! You have a..” Cora asked, almost yelling.

“Shhh, it was supposed to be a surprise. Just keep it down” he said and slipped his phone back into his pocket.

“We’ll talk later Asher, now do me a favor and take Cora home” he said and left.

“No, wait!” She yelled but he didn’t stop. She sat down and gazed at Asher. Asher sighed deeply and placed his head on the table.

“I want to go home!” She said, folding her arms. He raised his head and gazed at Cora.

“Do you have to bring your brother with you?”

She leaned forward, drawing herself closer to the table.
“I know how much you are scared of my brother but I’m not scared of you. This should be the last time you should threaten Thelma”

“What can you do if I threaten her? Nothing! You’re just a girl” he said. Before he could take another glance, Cora picked the glass of water from the table and splashed it on his face.

“Hudson! Thelma, let’s go” she said and left the restaurant. Asher was still trying to get himself. He saw people taking pictures of him. He stood up and left the restaurant. He already knew they took pictures of him. He got into the car and saw Cora on her phone. She didn’t even apologise for what she did. The driver started moving.
Thelma and Hudson were glancing at him.
He took his handkerchief and dried his face.

“Do you have to do that?” He asked. Cora acted like she didn’t even hear him. She was on her phone.

“I’m talking to you Cora!” He said, trying his best not to yell.
Cora started laughing. It started slowly when she bit her lips, trying not to let the laugh out. It got to a point when she couldn’t hold it anymore, she burst out into laughter. Everyone stared at her, giving her a questioning look.

“What’s so funny? Does my question sound like a joke to you?” He asked.

“No, it doesn’t. You are the joke” she said. Thelma brought out her phone and checked the social media. She didn’t even bother holding her laugh, she quickly let it out.

“What’s so funny,huh?” He yelled again.

Hudson showed him what they were laughing about.
He stared at it and rolled his eyes. He took his phone and called his friend again.
“I told you to never let any news about me leak out again!” He almost yelled.

“Relax dude, just this one please. I have made a lot of money just with this video”

“Are you kidding? Just… Hello! Hello! Dude!” He couldn’t believe that his friend could hang up on him. He watched the video again and threw Hudson’s phone back to him.
He wondered why and how they could upload a video of him when Cora poured water all over him. He gr0-ned and leaned back on the chair.
After some minutes, they appeared at the Brooks mansion.
As Cora alighted from the car, Asher followed her.
“I haven’t said what I have to say to you because of your brother. But I will say it now”

“Sure, go ahead” she said and folded her arms.


“Oh, look who we have here. My son in law, come here” Cora’s mother walked out of the house. Cora watched as her mother embraced him. She rolled her eyes and was about to turn when she saw her brother driving into the compound. She knew that her brother’s fiancee is back.
She waited to see her.
Jack alighted from the car and walked to the other side. He opened the door for her and she stepped out of the car.
She was very beautiful. She smiled at Jack and hugged him again. They both walked towards the entrance where everyone stood.

“Mom, this is my fiancee, Hazel” he said.

Hazel stretched her hand out to his mother for a shake.
“Hi… Hazel” she said without accepting the handshake. She didn’t like the way she was dressed.
Hazel slowly withdraw her hand, looking embarrassed and shy.
She turned her face and saw Cora. She shot her eyes and mouth wide open and ran to Cora.
“Oh my… Cora?” She called out.

“Hey” Cora called out slowly, just like her mother did. She was a high class model but her mom warned her about indecent dressing, so she wasn’t used to it.

“Excuse me” she said and left. Hazel didn’t like the way they treated her at first but she just had to take it.

“I’ll get going now” Asher said and turned to enter his car.

“Oh no, you can’t leave. Dinner will be ready soon. You can wait, can’t you?” She asked. Asher couldn’t say no. He just walked into the house with her. He caught Hazel staring at her like a fool. He neglected her and followed his mother in law into the house.
Hazel turned to face Jack. She wasn’t looking happy.
“Why did your family treat me like this?” She asked.

“I warned you not to dress like this when you’re coming. If you are staying here, you have to dress more decent. Come on, let’s go in” he said. He signal the guards to bring her luggage into the house. Hazel smiled weirdly and walked into the house.
Hazel and Asher were in the sitting room. Hazel kept on staring at him like what the f*ck. He noticed it and became uncomfortable. He wanted to be somewhere but not here. It got to a point that he couldn’t take it anymore, he raised his head and stared at her.

“Why are you staring at me?” He asked.

“Relax, I just find you familiar. Are you in anyway related to this guy?” She asked, showing him the video where Cora poured water on him. He hissed and stood up, leaving the sitting room.
“Mom, mom! Please, I’ve told you. There’s no way you can send Hazel out. I’ve told her about the dressing and I’m sure she’ll change. Please, she have to stay here. Our engagement is in a month time” he said.

“That will only be possible when she changes” his mother said and left. He sighed and went back to the sitting room. He didn’t see Asher anywhere but that wasn’t his problem.

“Come, let me take your room” he said. She grabbed her bag and stood up.

“Is your mom letting me stay here?”

“Sure, she’s a nice person. I told you” he said and grabbed her hand. They went to her room.
Asher was walking around the house. He admired the paintings on the wall.
He saw a huge portrait of Cora on the wall and hissed. He didn’t even want to stare at it.
As he walked away, he heard someone gr0-ning.
He walked closer to the door and placed his ear. He saw that it was Cora that was when he noticed that it was her room. That explains the portrait.

“What’s she angry about?” He murmured.
“Oh Thelma, tell me I’m dreaming. I don’t want to get married to Asher. Everyone know that he’s a playboy. What do I do?”

“I have no idea Cora, just get married to him. That’s the only option” Thelma replied.

“You aren’t helping. Just get me a glass of juice please. I’m thirsty!” She rolled her eyes and turned away from Thelma.

“Fine, I’ll be back soon” she said and walked out of the room. Asher already find somewhere to hide. He watched as Thelma walked away. He opened the door and got into Cora room without knocking. He met her packing her hair. As Cora heard the door sound.

“Oh great, you’re here. Come help me unzip my blouse” she said.

Asher furrowed his eyebrows, wondering why Cora would ask him to unzip her cloth.

“Don’t just stand there, hurry!” She yelled. Asher snapped out of his thought and walked towards her. He slowly unzipped her dress, staring at her bare flawless skin.

Suddenly, there was a loud shatter behind. They both turned, staring at the glass on the floor.
Cora saw Thelma by the door, she turned to see Asher by her side.

“If Thelma is there, then who unzipped my…”

The Secret Wife💝💥
(Let’s keep this marriage a secret)🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: r0mance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter Nine💋

Asher furrowed his eyebrows, staring at Cora.
“You asked me…”

“You touched me?” Cora yelled.

“You asked me unzip your dress” Asher said, trying to make his point but Cora didn’t want to listen to him.

“How the f*ck did you get into my room?” She asked again.

“I just… Argh! There’s no need explaining any sh!t to you. I needed to talk to you urgently” he said, sliding his hands into his pocket.

“I don’t want to listen to you, just get the f*ck out of my room!” She yelled, pointing at her door. Asher stared at the door and stepped forward, towards Cora.

“Try talking to your parents about the marriage. I don’t want to get married to you. You are way to boring for me” he said.
Cora smirked and pushed her finger into his chest.

“I pity the woman that you will get married to”

“Don’t you dare talk about my future wife, because she’s gonna be the best” he interrupted her.

“Fine then. Talk to your parents that you also don’t want to marry me while I’ll talk to mine. Then we don’t have to get married” she said.

“Great, see you at dinner!” He said and left. He walked pass Thelma and winked.
Thelma slammed the door close and walked towards her friend.

“He.. I can’t believe he could touch you” she said.

“Whatever!” Cora said and left into the bathroom.
During dinner, everyone sat on the table, eating slowly. Mr Brooks was there. He went on a business meeting.

“Dad?” Jack called out. He raised his head and stared at his son, giving him an answering look.

“This is Hazel, she’s my fiancee” he said. Hazel waved at him.

“Hello sir!” She said, smiling. She had changed into a better cloth but it wasn’t still enough to impress Mrs Brooks. She didn’t even want to stare at her.

“Hello, it’s nice to see you” he said and continued eating.

“We’ll be getting engaged next month” he said again.

“Fine, congratulations dear. Welcome to the family” he said, smiling at her.
Cora and Asher were glaring at each other. They were playing with their food, shooting hard glares at each other.

He cleared his throat and stood up. Hudson also stood up from the table.
“We’ll get going now. Thanks for dinner” he said.

“You haven’t even had anything” Mrs Brooks said.

“Oh, I did” he said, smiling.
Jack stood up and walked towards Asher.

“I’ll escort my brother in law out” he said and held Asher. They both walked together out of the house.
Cora watched as they left, she rolled her eyes and continued eating.
“You just don’t need to follow me here senior” Asher said.

“Of course, I have to. And yes, don’t call me senior. We aren’t in school anymore and… I’m a changed person” he said.

Asher nodded and lowered his gaze.

“And yes, about the conditions…”
Asher heard that and raised his head.

“What is it?” He asked.

“I know all about you Asher. You are a very good womanizer and I’m proud of you, I thought you well but no! All this can’t continue. I don’t know if you will end up with my sister but for the meantime, I don’t want to see you with any lady” he said.

Asher nodded.
“I.. will stay away from any lady for now”

“Not just any lady, all ladies! I have eyes and they are watching, be guarded” he said and went into the house. Asher heaved a breath of relief.

He got into the car before Hudson and they drove off.
After dinner, Cora head to her room but someone blocked her.
“Hey Cora!” She said.
Cora was almost frightened. She turned and saw Hazel, staring at her and acting childish at the same time.

“Hello” she replied.

“Are you getting married to Asher? He’s a good guy to me” she said.

Cora secretly gr0-ned, wondering why she was asking.
“No, I’m not” she said.

“Why does jack call him brother in law?” She asked.

“Have a good night Hazel, bye!” Cora said and left. Hazel frowned.

“Why is she…argh! I hate everyone here!” She murmured and left.
The next day was Monday! Everyone was ready to go to work, including Asher.
Hudson was helping him with his tie as he stared at his reflection on the mirror.

“I need it badly” he said. Hudson furrowed his eyebrows.

“Need what?” He asked.

“Woman” he said. Hudson ruffled Asher’s head and walked away.

“You can’t possibly be thinking about having s*x, remember Jack. He’s gonna crush you” Hudson said.

“But I can’t hold myself. I’m…”

“Shut it dude. Let’s go, we have models to interview” he said and they left.
Thelma was with Cora, they were both walking down the stairs.

“Why can’t you just tell me where I’m going?” Cora asked.xZ

“No, it’s a surprise but not the kind you’ll not like” Thelma said. Cora stood and stared at her.

“Why do you keep telling me that? If it’s bad, then I should just stay home” she said.

“Come on, let’s go” Thelma said and pulled her towards the door.
They bumped into Hazel by the door.

“I’m so sorry. This house is so big but we keep bumping into each other” she said and laughed.

“Let’s go Thelma” she said and left. Hazel rolled her eyes and left with a bottle of water in her hand.
“Why are you acting like that?”

“I know her but she doesn’t know me” she replied. Thelma furrowed her eyebrows.

“What? Where have you seen her before?” Thelma asked.

“You visited Fransisco at the last movie we shot” she said.

“What? The.. french guy?” Thelma asked and she nodded.

Cora knew she was not someone to be trusted. She never liked her from the beginning. She wondered what her brother could be doing with someone like her. She shook the thought out of her head and wondered where Thelma was taking her to.
“I’m sorry, I can’t give you this job. You aren’t a model” Asher said to the last person up for the interview. As she left the office, he stood up and gr0-ned. I have just thirteen days left and I haven’t found any model” he gr0-ned.

“You have just one left. She’s probably late for the interview” Hudson said.

“Hold on, who?” Asher asked and took the files. He went through the models.

“She will be here…”
Suddenly the door went open as Cora marched in.


“Cora?!” They gr0-ned. Cora wanted to leave the office but Thelma blocked her.

“Now I understand why you don’t want me checking the company name. What the f*ck am I doing here?” She asked.

“Yeah, what the f*ck is she doing here?” Asher asked Hudson.

“You should let her to the commercial. It will make your father happy and also proud of you” Hudson said. Asher took a quick glance at Cora and shook his head.

“I can’t let her do the commercials”

“I won’t even do it. I don’t care” she said and wanted to turn. Asher got pissed and walked towards her.

“What? Do you think I’d walk up to you and ask you to do my commercial? Hell no!” He said.

“You disgust me Asher. I hate you” she said.

“That was the last word you said to me before you left” he said. She furrowed her eyebrows and took a step closer to him.

“So what?” She asked.

“I can’t believe you’re still telling me that” he said in a low tone and took another step towards her.

Cora chuckled.
“You’re a joke Asher. Stay away from me” she said and wanted to leave. Asher grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

“Fine, I’m sorry for what happened in the past. Can you do the commercial for me?” He asked.

Cora smirked and lowered her gaze.
“You’ve apologized to me more than a hundred times and I’m fed up. You don’t need to… I’ll do the commercial but not because you’ll be my husband which I definitely know it’s impossible but because of your father” she said.

Asher sighed deeply and they sat down. They signed the contract. Asher was happy that he had gotten a model already.

“I’ll tell you when we are going to shoot the commercials. All the bills are on us, including the flight and stay”

“Where am I shooting the commercial?” She asked.

“We are going to Paris. We have a branch there, so we are going there”

“Argh! Whatever, just let me know when” she said and stood up, wanting to turn.

“It’s tomorrow” he said. Cora stood and turned to face him.

“How can I just sign the contract today and get to work tomorrow?”

“I don’t know Cora. You have to be ready. Hudson book us a first class flight and we need privacy” he said.
Cora rolled her eyes and left. Thelma gave Hudson a thumbs up and left also.
“You’ve become nice, I’m proud” Hudson said. Asher bluffed.

“I can never be nice to Cora. I just need to act for the meantime. After the commercial, I won’t even see her ugly face” he smirked.
Wicked Asher!!😴😪

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