The Twelfth Disciple

The twelfth disciple 2 episode 14 – 15

🎓The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 14

By: Faith Lucky


I’m probably dreaming.

My eyes dilated in shock as I looked at the prince. This is not happening. It can’t.

“My prince…” I found myself calling in a faltered tone.
The prince looked at me but was speechless.

“Oh…..This is not good”, T-jay shook his head and laughed in the end.

“Our honorable prince!!! Ohh!! Please, step forward, please. Its going to be a pleasure!” The emcee sniggered as the hall was still litted in excitement.

Oh God! I looked at the prince and shook my head. I didn’t want to participate. I didn’t want to.

“Come on, Dan”, he sighed and held my hand, then started towards the stage with me.

“My prince…” I called in a faint tone. I don’t want to do this.
Good Lord! I don’t want to.

Rounds of applauds and cheers went round for the prince and I as we got to the stage and stood on it. G©sh! My legs were literally shaking. I hated the dirty game.

“Thank you so much, dear prince, for honoring us’ the emcee bowed with a smile.
“And you’ve got a lovely date, you know?” He added and I felt my cheeks flush.

But it still didn’t take away the nervousness I felt.

“What’s your name, beautiful miss?” He asked warmly and I was about replying when the prince interrupted.

“Go straight to the game. Wanna get this done as soon as possible” he started bluntly, making my brows arche

“Of course, my prince”, the emcee bowed and went to the box.

He took out a piece of paper, opened it and smirked.

“Wow! Looks like we have a dare here” he chuckled and the excitement in the hall resumed.
Good Lord! A dare!!

No, no. Please.

I sighed dejectedly and bowed my head, feeling troubled. I didn’t want to get involved in any stupid dare. H’ll no.

“Oh oh. Are you ready for this, my prince?” The emcee laughed and I looked at Nathan, but there was no expression on his face. I was deeply sure he didn’t wanna do this s well.

“Oh…..” The emcee cleared his throat. “Let’s take it this way….I dare you to run a r©mance section for 20 seconds”,.

What the……

I flinched and looked at him, what the hell does he mean by that?? Run what r©mance section???

My eyes were dilated in shock as I looked at the prince. There’s no way he’s doing this, is there?

There’s definitely no way.

Flashes of camera form the phones of people kept scre-ming at my face as everyone wanted to have a record of it. Oh, my! I couldn’t have this going viral, please. I couldn’t.

My heart raced heavily as I looked at the prince again.

“The clock is ticking, my prince”. The emcee sniggered. “I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want her to strip in front of everyone”.

This isn’t sounding good. Not at all. I never should’ve agreed to come to this party in the first place.

Prince Nathan sighed and came closer to me.

“I’m sorry, Danica”, he mumbled.
Goodness. No.

My eyes w¡dened more in shock as he lifted his hands to my wa-ist and the room became dead silent. Oh God! I felt shivers down my spine.

“Uh….I’ll do the countdown” the emcee cleared his throat and began from 20.

“I don’t know if I’m a good rom-ncer, Danica”, he whispered as he moved his hands from my wa-ist….up to my ribs

“My prince….” I called breathlessly.
I couldn’t believe he was really doing it.

“I’m not really a fan of truth or dare either…But I don’t have a choice”. He whispered still and I gasped when felt his hands on my b©©bs.

Oh my God!

I tried moving away but he didn’t let me move. Goodness!

The room was silent, and only the voice of the emcee doing the countdown could be heard.

He leaned close and placed his forehead on mine, making me shiver. The emcee was still 11

The h’ll, he should be fast. I couldn’t have a guy touching me this way, in front of so many people.

He pressed my b©©bs a little, then moved his hands down to my wa-ist again and I shook when he placed his hands on my b.utts.

“Oh….”, I mouthed uncontrollably, my hands on his chest and just when the emcee was on the last count, he brought his l-ips close and kssed me.

“Woah!!! That was a killer style”, the emcee exclaimed as everyone bursted out in excitement.
Shock was an understatement for what I felt.
Oh my God!

I pulled away from the prince immediately, my hands shaking.

What he did….reminded me so much of what Scott had done to me and I couldn’t help but quiver.

The ovation was going on in the room but I kept my eyes on the prince, not knowing what to say or do. I understand if he might have done it as a result of the dare, but….I still felt so uncomfortable.

“Ex…Excuse me,,my prince” I mumbled and ran out of the stage.

I ran out of the party and out to the open space and getting there, I whimpered.

Scott – every single thing from any other guy made me so scared as they reminded me of him – they made me so scared.

I felt I’d be used and dumped – just like he did. They made me so scared of opening my heart to anyone ever again and it was eating me slowly.

I saw the prince coming not long after and my heart skipped a bit.

“Danica” he cooed. “What’s wrong?”

My head was dazed as I searched for a reasonable answer to give to him.

“I’m….I’m sorry, My prince. I mean…it’s nothing. I just needed some air. I’m sorry, Please”, I gibbered, almost unable to understand myself.

He got to where I was and stood very close to me.

“Hey; I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry for what happened in there. It was the dare…”

“I don’t have a problem with it, my prince. I just….”
I paused and bat my lashes.

“I just wanted to be alone”.

Suddenly, there was a gunshot.

Episode 15

By: Faith Lucky

I gasped when I felt something hærd hit me on my tummy. It was cold at first, but in the next second,,all I felt was fire.

My heart skipped as I looked at the prince who’s eyes were glazing.

There was another gunshot, but I had no idea where it landed as I found myself sliding to the floor.

“Danica!!” I heard my name indistinctly, but my vision was too blur and my l-ips too weak. I couldn’t do a thing.

I had been shut – wounded. But by whom? Who could’ve done this to me, huh? Who did I ever offend?

“Danna?” I heard my name again.
There had been so much noise already, so many gunshots.

“My prince! Protect the prince!” I heard in my subconsciousness.

I felt a hand touch me and opening my eyes slowly, I discovered it was the prince.

“Danica…” His voice cracked. “Danica”.

I wanted to say something to him, ask him to help me, save me from what was going on, but my l-ips were too weak and I couldn’t move them.

He placed my head on his thighs and yelled: “get the car ready;”

And that was the last I remembered as I passed out.
“Get the car ready!!” I yelled as I held Danica in my arms as she bled uncontrollably.

She was shot; she was hurt. And it’s all because of me. I brought her here to the party.

I felt a cut in my heart when her eyes went close. No.

“Danica”. I shook her roughly.

“Hey; look at me. Look at me!”

There was no response from her and I almost lost kt. Almost lost it. But thankfully, the car arrived and I carried her up in my arms.

The securities were already running after the shooter, but my major focus at that moment was Danica. She was hurt.

I p-nted as I ran towards the car with her, into the backseat that had already been opened for me.

I settled there and ordered the driver to move immed and he did.

Oh,, dmn it!


My heart broke when I looked at her. She was hurt; badly hurt. No! She was losing a lot of bl©©d.

Tears threatened to drop from my eyes, but I didn’t let them. Noway, I couldn’t let them drop.

As I held her in the moving car, I felt I was holding a treasure; something extremely important to me. I couldn’t let go of her.

I continued breathing heavily all through the drive, wishing we’d get to the hospital in no time.
I returned home with my bags, feeling so tired – so tired, all I wanted to do was get on the bed and sleep.

“Danica?” I called tiredly.
I needed her to get me something to eat from the kitchen.

“Danica?” I called again, but there was no response.
Huh? Could she be asleep already?

I climbed feebly on the stairs and went to her room, but she wasn’t there. She wasn’t in the kitchen either. Where could she be?

And Kim – where’s Kim? Why’s none of them home?

It was so late already and Danica should be back from where ever it was she must’ve gone to. So, where was she?

I stood In bewilderment and shortly, I heard a knock from the sitting room and went down to check it out. Who could be knocking by this odd hour, anyway?

Well, considering how confused I was about my children’s whereabouts, I decided to risk it.

I opened the door and was shocked to see a royal guard in front of me.

I ran into the hospital, my hand over my chest as I helplessly hyperventilated.

Danica was shot.

My Danica was shot.

A million questions were running through my mind. So many questions.

What was she doing with the prince? How did she get shot? Why? And who was behind it?

How did it happen?

I had so many questions, but I couldn’t think straight or get any answers to them as the only thought on my mind was seeing Danica.

Oh! What has she done? What was she doing with the prince for heaven’s sake???


“I’m looking for my daughter. Please, my grand-daughter. They said she was shot”, I said anxiously to the receptionists who were a little surprised.

I had refused coming with the guard that had informed me. I didn’t want to be seen with any member of the royal family – never.

“Go that way, ma’am”, one of the nurses pointed to a particular direction and even before she finished up, I ran away towards it.

I got to the hallway and found the prince moving sitting on the floor, his head in his palms.

Whaaat?? I froze and stared at him.

This was true. It was so true. What connection does he have with Danica? What exactly? When did this even happen?

Oh, Danica. After all my warnings to you. How could you risk your life this way? How could you risk everything?

I slackened my steps towards him and probably noticing, he lifted his head to look at me.
I was shocked when I found tears in his eyes.

Where’s my daughter? What happened to her?

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