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The Unfaithful Wife Episode 2



Episode 2

After about ten minutes, I managed to
calm myself down. All around me,
activities were going on. It was a typical
market scene. Taking deep breaths, I
drove away knowing very well my wife
was hiding somewhere in the crowd,
watching me.
I drove back to Prof. Laryea’s chamber
and found him and my lawyer standing
in front of his building. Both lawyers
looked worried. There was no sign of
Nana Kweku. I guess he had come after
me and his sister but lost us.
“Paul, calm down! You have to calm
down. What you did was reckless!
Where is your wife?” my lawyer asked
me, coming towards me. Prof. Laryea did
not follow him but he too waited eagerly
for my answer. Calmly, I told my lawyer
my wife escaped. I saw Prof. Laryea sigh
in relief.
“Paul, you cannot take the law into your
own hands. You could have gotten one
of you or both of you killed or you may
have killed somebody as you went
chasing her. I understand your anger
but you have to calm down. I am here to
represent your interest and I can assure
you that no one will take your children
away from you” my lawyer said.
I saw Prof. Laryea take out his cell phone
and place a call to somebody. I guessed
he was calling my estranged wife to find
out if she was truly fine. While he was
talking to her, my lawyer took me
aside and told me he had just managed
to talk Prof. Laryea out of suing me for
assault. I told my lawyer I would not be
“Paul, you don’t get it. Why get yourself
jailed? Do you think you would have
access to your children once you have
been jailed? Think well, man. Your wife’s
claims will be put to scientific test and
we shall all know the truth” my lawyer
“What do you mean we shall all know
the truth?” I asked him angrily. “I don’t
need to undergo a test to prove that
Peter and Pamela are my children. Or, is
it that you too believe that my wife is
telling the truth; that my children are not
my biological children?” I asked angrily.
“I am not saying your wife is telling the
truth” my lawyer replied. “She is taking
the matter to court. The court will order
a DNA test. This will prove she is lying or
Of course, I knew about DNA tests. But I
did not know what it had to do with me
and my children. I told my lawyer I was
not going to submit myself to any test to
satisfy myself my children are my
biological children.
We left Prof. Laryea’s chamber a few
minutes later. I returned home in a fit of
anger and placed several calls to my wife
but she would not answer. I sent text
messages but she still would not reply.
Since she moved out of her matrimonial
home, I had been able to locate where
she was living with our children.
I could not believe that my wife will so
cheat on me. Images of she and my best
friend making love on our matrimonial
bed as I walked into the room came to
mind once again.
“Unbelievable” I heard myself say after
the umpteenth call to my wife went
unanswered. I took off my dress,
showered and then went to sit in my
study to reflect on what had had
happened so far.
Thoughts of the Sunday I caught my
wife cheating on me came to mind once
again. She and our two children, Peter,
aged 9 and Pamela, 5, had seen me off
at the airport that evening. I was
heading for the United States of America
to attend a conference.
At the airport, we spent time at the
Landing Restaurant, eating and chatting.
Then at 7:00pm, I kissed her and our
two children good bye and then started
going through the departure formalities.
There was no need for them to wait to
see my flight leave because unlike the
days of yore, they would no longer see
me once I enter the depature hall.
Neither would they be in a position to
see my plane take off. At about 7:45, I
was through. At 9:00pm, I received a call
from my wife to say she and the children
had arrived home.
As I sat among other passengers that
evening, waiting to board our flight, I
exchange romantic text messages as I
always did with my wife. Finally, I bade
her bye as we began to board the plane.
I told her I would call her once I arrived
in the U.S.
We never took off because of bad
weather. After about forty-five minutes,
we were told the weather was so very
bad that it would be dangerous for our
plane to undertake the journey. As
result, our pilot had been advised to
abandon the trip. We were told we
would leave the following evening.
The airline had booked a hotel for all the
passengers so they could spend the
night there. But I chose to go back home
and return the following day.
I did not call my wife to tell her the trip
could not come on because I reasoned
she would be asleep by then, believing
that I was airborne. So, I got a taxi to
take me home.
It was raining when I arrived home to
find that the gate man was not on duty.
That was strange. I paid the taxi driver
off and carried my suitcase through the
rain to the living room door. With my
key, I opened the door gently and
entered the living room. All seemed to be
quiet; I guessed my wife and children
were asleep. Not wanting to wake them
up, I tip-toed to my bedroom door and
gently turned the knob. The door
opened. I stepped into my bedroom only
to find my wife and my closest friend in
my bed, making love.
My heart must have stopped beating. I
starred in horror and disbelief at the
two [email protected] people on my bed. So much
deep were they in the throes of
lovemaking that they were not aware of
my presence.
All kinds of thoughts run through my
mind in those few seconds as I stared at
them. I am sure if I had a gun in my
hand, I would have fired and kill them
without blinking an eye. I also felt the
urge to run to the bed, grab Edwin and
beat the life out of him. However,
somehow, I restrained myself.
Recognizing that this was the end of my
marriage as far as I was concerned, I
quietly reached into my pocket for my
phone, got the video working and then
started recording what was going on.
For almost twenty seconds, I filmed my
wife and my best friend making love on
my bed in my bedroom. The most heart
wrenching of what was going on is the
groans of pleasure coming from my wife
and the sort of things she was saying.
She was the one who saw me first. She
screamed and pushed my friend away
from her the moment she did. Then with
her eyes wide open in fear, she pulled
the bed-sheet to cover her nudity. It was
then that Edwin too saw me.
“Oh my God! Oh my God!” he kept on
repeating as he stared at me. I was still
recording them. I heard my wife plead
with me to stop it. I ignored her. In fact,
her voice was very provoking but I
simply ignored her.
“Paul, please, forgive me” Edwin started
saying as he made towards where his
clothes were. I moved quickly to the
clothes and got them before he got to
there. Looking back, I can only be
thankful that I didn’t own a gun.
Definitely, I would have killed the two if I
My wife was at this time crying. I
switched the phone back from video
and then placed a call to the police. I told
them I had an emergency so I needed
them within minutes. The officer who
picked my call promised they will be at
my place in five minutes.
Edwin went down on his knees and
started begging me to forgive him. I
screamed at him to shut up. The venom
in my voice when I ordered him to shut
up rattled him. He could see that I was in
a murderous mood and if he gives me
the cause, I could kill him.
My wife, on hearing that I had called the
police tried to reach for her dress but I
got to it and tucked it under my arm pit.
She burst into fresh tears saying she still
loved me and that it was the devil which
had made her do what she did. I
ignored her.
Soon, the police arrived. They came to
the bedroom door. I let them in. They
probably were expecting an armed
robbery attack on me or a murder. What
they saw was one they were not
“Officer, I returned home to see this
man, my b—m friend, having s-x with
my wife. As you can see, he is still [email protected]
because I will not let him dress up. My
wife is also [email protected] I recorded what they
were doing,” I told the Sergeant who led
the police team into the room.
The police officers pleaded with me to
give Edwin back his dress so they can
deal with him. Reluctantly, I agreed.
Quickly, a shame- faced, he dressed up.
My estranged wife, Nora, was also given
one of her dresses to dress up. She did
so while still sitting on the bed with the
bed-sheet still covering her.
Finally they were done. The police told
Edwin he was under arrest and then
proceeded to tell him his charge and his
rights. I told the police to their surprise,
and to Edwin’s surprise and relief, that
there was no need to arrest him.
“Pardon, sir,” the Sergeant said.
“Officer, no need to arrest him, I will not
be pressing charges against him. I only
wanted you to see everything yourself.
Please just take this man from my
house,” I said.
Edwin began to thank me, compelling
me to scream at him to shut up. I told
him the sound of his voice was
something I did not want to hear again.
The Sergeant insisted that Nora too has
to leave the house. I saw his point. He
was afraid I may do something nasty to
her if they allowed her to spend the
night under my roof. I said I will be
happy if they took her too away.
The police thus led a shame-faced but
grateful Edwin as well as Nora away. The
Sergeant promised to call me later. He
did; she said my wife had checked into
the Marriot’s Hotel and that she would
spend the night there. Seriously, I didn’t
care where Nora will spend the night. I
didn’t care even if she was going to
spend the night at Edwin’s place. I no
longer had any interest in her.

To be continued

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