The wolf among us episode 32 – 33




Episode 32

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

★Josephine Office★

Josephine was busy with some books which she was marking.

The book are of course for her class which is class B of grade 11.

So she was busy marking the papers and some of the important document of hers.

And then Dizzy and Sarz stepped into the office.

Their footsteps and the stylish way of their steps makes the aunty to look up but she still ignored them because she needs to have a peaceful statement with them.

“Hi guys you are welcome to my office” the teacher said with smile.

While they gives out a little smile too as they stand close to her table.

“And why are you guys standing?” Josephine said as she arranges the seat for them.

“Please have your seat” Josephine requested as they kindly takes their seat and sat gently.

“Thank you ma…” Dizzy said happily as he seats gently meanwhile Sarz has already sat down.

“Don’t mention”

Josephine said as she then steps to her professional seat and sat down.

While Sarz was busy swiveling the chair since it is a rotatable chair.

“Sarz please can you stop that? I want to have a serious discussion with you guys?” Teacher Josephine said with her fingers folded together.

While Dizzy was looking at him with a specific eyes, it was all like they planned for something.

And then Sarz swiveled it once again and then paused.

“Okay what is this thing that you would want us to discuss about” Sarz asked as he placed his hand on top of Josephine table.

“Okay…” Josephine said as she takes a breath while Sarz and Dizzy was busy waiting to hear what she has to say.

Which they of course know that it must be all about Aaron.

“Well, it us about your friend” Josephine said to them while they stares at themselves.

“What?” Josephine asked as she noticed the look on their faces.

“Nothing” Dizzy said but then Sarz interrupted.

“So teacher please which of our friend are you actually talking about?” Sarz asked.

While Josephine surprisingly looks at them.

Because when she tell them that she wants to talk about their friend.

They are supposed to be aware of the person she is talking about which is of course Aaron.

“Am talking about Aaron of course” Josephine said while they looks at themselves again.

“I don’t understand, why the sudden change?”Teacher Josephine asked.

“Teacher please we are not understanding what you are trying to say” Sarz said.

“Well” Dizzy interrupted when the teacher wanted to speak.

While the teacher pause and waited for him to say what he wants to say.

“So what’s this that you wanted to discuss with us about this our friend? Or whatever you call it” Dizzy asked while Sarz interrupted.

“Our friend!?” Sarz asked.

“Yes!?” Teacher Josephine replied as she widens her two hands.

“Oh gosh…” Sarz said as he bends his head and takes a deep breath.

“Please he is not my friend, a murderer can never ever be my friend…” Sarz said.

“Sarz….?” Teacher Josephine called his name in surprise.

“Yes….? What’s it?” Sarz replied rudely to her.

“Is this really you?” Josephine said as she puts her head on top of her hand.

“Oh yes…” Sarz was still saying but then Dizzy interrupted.

“Sarz it is okay, so… Josephine what do you have to say about him?” Dizzy asked.

“I just want to ask if what you guys said about him is really true” Josephine asked.

“Of course it is true, he is dead and that’s just it, he is dead”

“He was arrested by the hunters and since then we have never heard from him” Sarz explained again.

While Josephine was just looking at them in shock.

She does no longer know what to say she only keep quiet at them.

“Ah… Gosh…. This is really serious” She murmured as she looks down.

While Sarz and Dizzy was only looking at her with a secret mocking and painful smiles on their faces.

“But… Why would you guys be saying bad about him in public”

“He is your friend for God sake” Josephine said to them in other to encourage them to stop saying bad about Aaron.

But yet they disagree and still stand on their words proving to her that they are right in everything they were saying.

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“Teacher we are not saying bad about him, what we are saying are fact instead” Sarz replied.

“It is okay we have heard you, is there any other thing you wants to tell us?” Dizzy asked.

But then the teacher nods as they looks at themselves again.

Besides they might not know what it might be this time around.

“So… What’s it?” Dizzy asked while Sarz was just looking so restless.

He just feel like leaving the office because he still thinks that it must be all about Aaron that she still wants to talk about.

“I need a class captain and since Aaron is not around, you guys will be fit for the role”

She announced and then Sarz smiled as he seats properly.

“Wow you think so?” Sarz asked while Josephine nods.

“Dizzy leads why you assists, so are you guys good to go like that?” Josephine asked while they smiled and nods happily.

“Yes of….” Dizzy was still about to reply but Sarz interrupted being over happy.

“Of course we are happy about that” he said happily as he looks at Dizzy.

“Right Dizzy?” He asked Dizzy while Dizzy nods happily.

“Okay in that case, you have been giving the order by me to take care if the class” She said as she opens her table cupboard and bring out a badge and handed it over to them.

“This is for you” She said as she gives to Dizzy.

“And this is for you” She said as she gives the remaining one to Sarz.

“Oh thank you so much” Sarz said as he collected the badge happily.

“Go and tell them your new level in the class” She said to them and they happily left the office.

While Josephine looks at them and smiles.

“Foolish guys, I must expose you guys” She said with smiles.

Sarz and Dizzy was walking out of the office while they were also discussing.

“Dizzy you see? Aaron could have been offered this position of ours” Sarz said to Dizzy.

“Don’t bother about him again, his reign is already over” Dizzy replied.

“But I think that there is one thing remaining for us to take” Sarz said as he paused from moving while Dizzy equally paused

“What is it?” Dizzy asked.

“You know we have been crushing on Juan and because she has Aaron she have been rejecting us” Sarz said

“So…?” Dizzy said.

“Don’t you think that it is the time we should take it by force?”




Episode 33

✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“Don’t you think that it is the time we should take it by force?” Sarz suggested.

Whole Dizzy folds his hands as he nods his head.

“You are actually right Sarz, she have been ignoring us right?” Dizzy asked.

“Yeah, simply because of that silky thing called Aaron” Sarz replied.

“Then this must be the thing we take what we want” Dizzy said.

“Yes I…” Sarz was still about to say something but Dizzy interrupted.

“But….” Dizzy said as he raised his finger up.

“Yes?” Sarz answered as he rests his backbone top of wall.

“Are you sure that Juan too could still be alive?” Dizzy asked.

While Sarz smiled a little “Why did you say so?” Sarz asked.

“Of course you can notice that she has not been coming to school since the miss of Aaron” Dizzy said.

“Mmm!” Sarz thinks of what to say as he smirks.

“You are actually right but we will still visit her maybe after school maybe right now…”

“But…” He said as he started leaving the passage.

“Come on let’s go show the class what we got” Sarz said.

“Oh yeah!” Dizzy said as he joined him and they both walks to the class.

★Claas Room★

So the real time is over.

Just like a class use to be, some were busy reading their books.

Some where solving their maths assignment whole some was walking around the class.

Playing and discussing inside the class when Dizzy and Sarz stepped into the class.

“Hey bro, where have you guy been? I looked for you guys around the school..”

“But couldn’t find you” One of their guy said as he gets up from his seat and can’t to shake them.

While the guy bring his hand forward requesting for a handshake, they were only looking at him.

“What’s wrong bro?” The guy asked.

“Why sh
Should you be looking for us, do we have any meeting with you?” They asked.

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While the guy stares around in confusion, like is it bad for him to look for his friends just to stroll with them.

Besides he had been doing it before, he use to look for them and find them and still stroll with them.

But the sudden change face him ko words.

“Don’t understand you Dizzy” The guy said to them while they smile.

“It is okay dear” Sarz said as he taps him on his shoulder.

“Thank you very much for looking for us, you can go and have your seat now” Sarz said to him.

But he thinks that he was joking so he totally ignored Sarz and continue talking with other students.

“Are you guys not hearing us!” Dizzy shouted as he hits his hand very hard on the desk.

And that made everywhere to go silent and then the class concentrated on him.

“Dizzy why should you hit your hand on the desk you don’t know you are distracting me?”

“Please I beg of you lot to do that ever again” A girl stand up and said to them.

While Sarz looks at her and smiles as he steps closer to her and looks at her eyes ball to eyes ball.

“You take the trouble upon your head by yourself” Sarz said to her and then left her behind.

“Well, it is a good news to us and we didn’t know about you guys” Dizzy said and then everyone left what he is doing and focus on him.

All eyes was on him as he was giving out the speech.

“So those of you that would enjoy with us, it is a good news to you”

“While as for you” Dizzy said as he pints at the full class.

“Those of you that will lot be happy with us just have the idea that it gonna be a bad need to you” Dizzy said.

While then some of the classmates foods their arms while looking at him.

“So and this news is…!” they said as they put their hands inside their pocket and then bring out the captain badge and show it to the class.

“We are now the new class captain!” Dizzy shouted but yet.

“Oh yes!” Sarz shouted with him as they were busy celebrating around but them they noticed that nor even one person was happy about that.

They paused and looks at the class and all they could get from the class was a murmur of people.

While most of them hissed and went back to their seat.

None of them could be happy about that because they are all aware.

That they all gonna suffer in the hands of Sarz and Dizzy.

Either you are their friend or not, you still gonna get the same punishment just like the gave to others.

So non of the class could be happy about their Captainship.

While they looks at themselves and then placed their two hands on their back.

And then started walking around the class like a captain which they are.

“So u can see that many of you are not happy seeing us here as your captain” Dizzy said ad he takes a breath.

“But there is nothing you can do about it, this is not our choice”

“We never thought that as to be giving the captain…” Dizzy said as he collected the book of the girl who was writing.

“Don’t write when am talking” He said to her and then seized the book from her.

“So… What am I saying?”

“Am saying that this is our teachers doings, teacher Josephine of course”

“She gave is this role because she must have been aware that non of you can fit into this role” Dizzy addressed.

“So from today, you guys will abide to our rules” Sarz said to them.

This day was of course the saddest day of Juan the death of Aaron has already made everyday of her life the worst day.

She has already dug two graves which she is to put Aaron’s body and as well Josh’s own.

She dug two graves and she just finished the last on and then she tell on the ground and started shedding tears even though she is tired of crying.

But then she heard a sound of car from afar coming to her house.

She stands up and looks at it from the hill that she is in.

It is a white car but she can’t recognize who it maybe.

Or can it be the hunters, they did not bring their black car along with them because they are aware that Juan already know their car.

Or can it be Dizzy and Sarz?

Who is the person coming to visit her

…….To Be Continued……