Too Late To Claim

Too Late To Claim -Batch 4

Episode sixteen

I was on my way to the market when I heard someone called me from behind.
I turned only to behold mother standing under a tree.
I couldn’t believe it.
I ran backward with speed and jumped on her as I embraced her tightly shouting with joy.
Mother smiled at me
“Mother,I missed you so much” I said to her.
“I missed you too dear”she replied.
“Why did you leave me like that?” I asked her.
“Am sorry dear but I won’t leave you again,am here now to stay”
“Really” I asked
“Yes Really” she responded
“Look at you shinning so beautifully” she praised me.
I blushed and smiled.
Mother sure know how to compliments me and I loved her for that.
“Mother you were so right, indeed God makes everything beautiful in his time.i can’t describe how I feel now.
Aunty Abigail is such a heaven sent,she loves and treats like her own.i wish you will get to meet her someday mother. She is such a woman with a heart of gold.”
“I will meet her someday dear, someday” mother replied me.
“Ok mother,I have missed you so much” I said as I hugged her again.
She didn’t say anything,I paused wondering why she didn’t respond.
Something wasn’t right because i felt a strange presence around me.
I released myself from her grip only to see that mother has transformed into a horrible looking monster with horns and teeth like a vampire. She was holding a dagger about to strike me.
I scre-med at the top of my voice.
Immediately another woman appeared, looking like my mother too then the horrible creature disappeared.
I froze on the s₱0t,trembling with fear all over me.
“Jessy” the woman called
“Who are you” I asked with a trembled voice.
The first woman had deceived me so I don’t believe this other woman is my real mother.
“Jessy” she called again “what happened here just now is an evidence that you need to be careful, things are not always as they appear to be… You are very young to understand this life. Don’t be carried away by things of this world.I have tried my best as a mother to impact moral disciplines in,side you. Be careful Jessy, be careful”
With that she disappeared.
I shouted and took to my heels.
Immediately,I heard a knock on the door and jumped up sweating.
I looked around and saw that i was lying on the bed and I was already morning.
Then I understood that it was only a dream.
Another nightmare again.
What is really wrong with me?
Why is mother disturbing me?
The door opened and Aunty Abigail entered.
“Didn’t you hear me knocking at the door” she asked
“Good morning ma,am sorry I just woke up” I answered.
She looked at me and moved closer.
“Why are you sweating when the AC is on?”
“I had a nightmare ma”
“Another nightmare again”
I looked at her, wondering what she met by that.
I don’t remember telling her about a previous nightmare.
As if she read my mind,she replied
“You think I don’t know you had one on our way here, what is wrong Jessy?”
I kept mute and bowed my head.
Tears dropped from my eyes.
“Is your mother right?” she asked
I nodded.
She sighed and moved closer to me,sat on the bed and placed my head on her laps.
“Don’t worry Jessy, you will get over her very soon.
You think too much about her that’s why.
It is called Illusion.Very soon, you will stop seeing her”
I nodded and wiped my tears.
“Is Sunday Jessy, you need to go freshen up and get ready for service..We don’t want to get late for church ok,come on, brighten up and don’t forget your promise.”
I forced out a smile and got out of the bed as I headed into the bathroom.
“Meet me downstairs when you are ready and don’t keep long”
“Ok ma” I replied
I heard the door opened and closed which means she has left.
I bowed my head on the sink and began to cry.
Why is mother continuously disturbing me?
And what does she mean by I should be very careful?
Chris and Chima walked along as they were discussing about NYSC.
“Oboy,I have never seen a service as stressful as this, imagine,five am,we are already up” Chris complained.
“Am telling you o,not as if they are giving people good money,no resting” Chima added.
“Can’t wait to get out of here oo Chima, seriously I am missing home especially momma’s delicious meals” Chris said and smiled.
“You see your life, na food go kill you” Chima joked.
“But talking about your mom,so she never settled with your f–k daddy?”
“Thunder with tribal marks fire you there” Chris shouted
“Na my daddy,you dey insult?”
“Of course na,Na f–k daddy he be.
Which responsible man go leave wife with four children go run after Oyibo women,I can see that’s the same lifestyle he gave you.
Follow every p—y in skirts.”
“I non get your time this morning,see who is talking, grandmaster of ashawo,Is it not you who taught me how to be a f–k boy?”
“Yes but you have grown pass my level na,I dey learn from you again”
They both laughed as they walked on.

Episode seventeen

We arrived at the church in time and was led to the two empty seats in the middle by an Usher.
We arrived as the choir ministration was ongoing.
Alot of people were already present and joined their voices to that of the choir singing.
They sang so beautifully with wonderful voices that made some members began to share tears and throw their hands in surrender to God.
Some were standing while others had their knees on the floor with eyes shut tight and arms spread wide opened as they sang along.
For a moment,the presence of God overtook the entire building.
Some members were already speaking in tongues while others were jumping and shouting as if they were possessed with the ushers trying to hold them from falling.
It was quite an amusing scene but I tried not to laugh.
I turned to look at Aunty Abigail and noticed that she was sitting, singing with her eyes closed.
I was too young to understand what is going on as I have never been told about holy spirit before so I turned my focus to the church building, gazing at the magnificent construction of the building in,side.
It wasn’t that large but big enough to accommodate one hundred plus members.
The pulpit was well designed and looked beautiful.
The choir had their seat facing the pulpit while the pastor and his wife seats were facing the congregation.
I saw as the pastor knelt down praying.
An image of Jesus on the cross was hung above the altar turned towards the congregation.
The chairs were arranged in an orderly row which aided members to pass freely without disturbance.
After some minutes, everywhere became quiet as the pastor climbed the pulpit to preach.
He held a small bible in his hands along with a microphone which enabled him to be heard loudly.
Upon seeing his bible,I smiled and remembered the torn bible I left in the village.
Mother favorite book that she held even unto death.
Look at me now,holding a big beautiful bible, which Aunty Abigail had given me with all the verses intact.
After a little prayers,a power sermon was delivered titled “trusting in God”, offerings collected, grace shared and service was over.
I was feeling hungry and couldn’t wait to get home but we had to wait behind because Aunty Abigail requested to have a chat with the pastor in his office.
Minutes later,we were sitting in his office.
It was a pretty cool office that smelled nicely with the air conditioner working.
Sitting in front of him,I observed how handsome he looked.
I could see that he was a young man probably between 25- 35 years.
I wonder what he was doing as a pastor when he ought to be working in a company or enterprise.
None of my business though.
I quickly bruised that thought aside as I listened to Aunty Abigail introduced me to him.
He introduced himself as pastor Eric, shook my hand with a smile,asked about my welfare, encouraged me not to give up but continued trusting in God and so on.
He continued talking that at a point,I became angry with him but tried not to show it.
I grinned as the worms in my stomach continued to remind me about not eating since morning.
After what seemed like eternity,we finally left his office after prayers and drove home.
Chima stood with Chris discussing by the side when suddenly Chris eyes met a pretty looking damsel talking to a guy by the other corner.
He forgot what Chima was saying as his eyes were gazed upon that beautiful maiden.
He has never seen her before and never knew that such beauty existed in this camp.
He starred at her from head to toe and his eyes admired what he saw.
She was a beautiful damsel with a chocolate complexion,average height like him, naturally endowed with round buttocks and h¡ps perfectly fit into the trouser she was wearing and a firm b—–s that makes any guy to run mental.
She had a pretty round face with a nice weavon and makeup which added to her already natural beauty.
He smiled to himself imagining how great she will be in bed.
Chima raised his head to look at his friend.
He has been talking for minutes without hearing any response from his friend.
He followed his eyes to the direction Chris was looking and saw what has made his friend to suddenly become deaf and dumb.
He gave Chris a hærd knock on his head drawing him back to his senses.
Chris became annoyed
“Why did you do that?”
“Why won’t I you chronic womaniser?” Chima cursed.
“I have been here wasting my time talking not knowing you are busy raping someone daughter with your eyes.Did they swear for you?”
Chris hissed and walked away in anger while his friend followed him.
He didn’t care about Chima,the only thing is how to get that Angel he has seen.

Episode eighteen

We arrived home, after changing into normal outfits,I helped Aunty Abigail set the table.
We had rice and chicken sauce prepared the previous evening along with a bottle of cold water and orange juice gotten from the refrigerator.
Thereafter we prayed Grace before meal and we ate lunch in a quiet manner.
I hurriedly rushed the food because of the hunger I have kept since yesterday.
I haven’t learned how to use knife and fork so I simply held my spoon and used my other hand to hold the chicken.
I expected Aunty Abigail to frown or be embarrassed at my poor table manners but she wasn’t.
She told me to enjoy my food whichever way I want and promised to teach me with time.
Aunty Abigail noticed how I ate with haste and asked if I wanted more food, which I refused because I don’t really eat much.
After eating,I cleared the table and washed the dishes while she dried them.
Surprisedly I didn’t have anything to discuss so I kept quiet.
After all the work was done, Aunty Abigail left for her room to have an afternoon nap.
I didn’t feel like watching cartoons so I went outside to have a talk with Johnny our gate man.
Being older than my mother,I referred to him as” Uncle Johnny” despite the fact that he worked as a gate man for my new mommy.
Mother has taught me never to disrespect anybody regardless of their status in life.
I got out and met him sitting by the gate, nodding his head and humming to an old school music played on his radio.
I smiled at the way he was nodding.
I guess he must really be in love with the song.
I coughed as a signal to make my presence noticed and he turned around.
“Ha,small madam good afternoon” he smiled and greeted showing his yellow and brown set of teeth which had been damaged by kola and tobacco.
“Good afternoon Uncle Johnny” I responded”I have told you not to called me small madam, you are old enough to born time ten of me”
“Na true o,but I must still show you respect as my daughter pekin” He said in pidgin as he off his radio.
I gave up changing the topic because I know he will never agreed to call me any other name apart from that.
“I can see you are enjoying yourself with old school”
“Yes o small madam,na this song we dey take find woman during our small days,once you sing am,her head go dey big”
I laughed out loudly as he joined me to laugh too.
This man is really funny.
“Really” I asked “tell me about it please” I begged as I sat down next to him on the long bench.
He smelled of snuff and sweat but I had to bear.
“Leave that one small madam, where is big madam?” He asked
“She is sleeping”
“Eya,na good woman she be, nice woman,too kind,I non know why her husband go pregnant another person when he get fine woman like her with children.”
I became interested and drew closer to him not minding his offensive body odour.
“Is that what happened?” I asked with shock.
“Yes na,he go pregnant madam friend wey dey come visit us before na”
“Oh my God!!” exclaimed in shock.
I didn’t know when I shouted making uncle Johnny to jump in fright.
I laughed and apologized while he sat back understanding why I shouted because it was too hærd to believe.
“Na so e happen o,I dey feel pain for that woman shaa, anyways,I know say you dey bored but no worry,her pekin got soon come back from America,na nice girl,both of una go like each other” he told me
“I pray so o, but what about the one that is schooling?” I asked him.
“Which one, hope non be that yeye Chris you dey talk of,see my daughter I take God beg you,non near that guy,I know say u be small Pekin but that guy non correct at all,na real ashawo man he be.
Na becos of him,all the house helps run leave this place.
He non gree let them stay.
They non tell madam but they told me as their papa wey I be.
He non get one girlfriend, anytime him mama go work or travelled na different girls dey come here and madam never catch am before,I non know how he dey take do am.i know say he non go near you but pls non see that one as your friend at all.”
I became confused.
I didn’t understand what he meant because Aunty Abigail was too strict to allow her children become wayward.
I remembered her telling me that she doesn’t need house helps because she is not the lazy type.
What is Uncle Johnny talking about?
And is this right about Chris behavior?
I got up,thanked him for keeping me company and headed to my room.
Uncle Johnny previous words kept ringing in my head.
“Hello o, excuse me, young lady, pretty lady” Chris continuously shouted as he ran behind the pretty chocolate beauty in front of him.
“What do you want?” She stopped and yelled turning to face him.
She had purposely ignored his calling yet he won’t give up.
Chris paused catching his breath.
He had been chasing her for minutes now without her replying, thankfully,she had stopped.
She looked at him and rolled her eyes.
“I am sorry but please I mean no harm, just want to be your friend”
“And what part of I don’t want to be your friend, you don’t seem to understand young man?” She asked
“Hey easy,we are not fighting” he said
“Yes, but we will soon be if you don’t get your ugly face out of my front, you think I will be moved by your innocent handsome looks?
hell no,I know your type” she hissed and walked away.
Chris stood speechless for a moment.
He had expected her to be freed and easy to get.
Seems like,she is a tough one.
Afterward,he smiled.
He has met alot of girls who were so tough back in university, but they all ended on his bed,this girl is no exception, just a matter of time.

Episode nineteen

The girls were sitting in front of their hostel gisting about what’s trending on social media when she walked to them with an angered expression written all over face.
They stopped talking and turned looking at her.
“Babe, what’s wrong? Why are you fuming with anger?” The first girl asked
“Can u imagine,one foolish guy just blocked me on my way and started vomiting trash” she shouted in annoyance
“Guy block you,I don’t understand” the second said
“What did he say?” The first girl asked again
“Wants to be my friend” she replied
They all bursted into laughter.
“Just because of ordinary friendsh¡p,girl you self chill” the second one said.
“Is that all you are going to say?” She asked
“Girlfriend,I don’t see anything wrong in a guy trying to be your friend,you are a grown up woman, you never can tell where you will meet your husband, after NYSC is work or Marriage.
You need to free yourself and associate with people” the first one advised
“Yes but not definitely a f–k boy like that” she replied
“How did you know he is a f–k boy, have you seen him with any girl on this camp, not every guy has a girlfriend here?”
“He is cute and fair with a nice stature,he definitely couldn’t be single,I know their type,they think their look will make every girl to fall.i am not interested”
“So someone cannot be handsome in peace again?” The second asked
“See girlfriend” the first said “you and I know where you are coming from,we don’t have it and you don’t know whether your help is in this camp, free and associate yourself,get to know the guy and drop him if you don’t like never had a boyfriend so you need to and drop this mentality that all cute guys are womaniser”
“And you know what” the second added “I think I have seen this guy from your description.though there are alot of cute fair guys here but I just hope is not the one I am eyeing o”
“Ashawo” the first girl joked.”how did you know he is the one? You like man too much o”
“I just hope he is not the one because I have been in love with this guy for some times now,his friend Chima promised to help me talk to him”
“So I came to explain something to you girls and you simply saying rubbish,I don’t blame you people” she hissed and walked out.
“You better free yourself o” the first shouted after her “beauty is like flower”
“Don’t mind her” the second added “but girl,if you see this guy i am talking about ehh, I swear,the guy is so cute. Fine boy with a white man color, average height,pink l-ips,if the guy smiled ehh, you will run mental”
“All this description just for one boy” the first asked
“I am telling you,I fell in love instantly when I met him during our early morning training, I asked his friend to help me talk to him because I know his friend”
“So you are the one toasting a guy now,you don’t have an iota of shame”
“Whatever, at least I know how to appreciate good things,stay there and be forming, you that is talking to Vero to be freed, where is your boyfriend on this camp?”
“I don’t need one because I already have a finacee at home waiting for me to be through so we get marry, at least I am better than you that keeps dashing to every d–k n Harry here.Aids is real oo, let’s forget about pregnancy because abortion na small thing for you”
“I non blame you,shebi na your papa I dey remove for” the second hissed and walked away.
“Guy how far” Chris greeted shaking hands with Chima
“I dey o,wetin dey sup?” Chima asked
“Oboy, the way I am angry right now eh?”
“What is the problem? Or is it confirmed that you have AIDS?”
“Na your father get AIDS.why don’t you shut up and listen when sensible people are talking?”
“Oh I am sorry”Chima apologized
“Anyway, you remembered that girl we saw the last time while we were discussing about what the government has said concerning our matter.” Chris asked
“Which girl?” Chima asked too
“Fool, the girl that made you to knocked my head”
“Oh ok, that chocolate babe,I remembered but guy that girl go make sense o,I believe say she Sabi rock d–k for bed,see h¡ps and yansh,see Bobby meh, that kind yansh dey good for spanking ehh,the thing go just dey enter easily” Chima praised naughtily.
Chris stood speechless looking his friend.
Chima kept quiet when he realized that Chris was starring at him in anger
“Why are you looking at me ?” Chima asked “I won’t take her from you,I am just admiring nature”
“Chima” Chris called “how did I really become your friend,was I high or drunk?”
Chima hissed “Go ask Google,abeg talk what you were saying before”
Chris sighed
“Anyways,as I was saying before your “he goat of a brain”got loose,I met her today,I tried talking to her, you won’t believe how she insulted and walked out on me”
Chima laughed.
Chris frowned
“Can’t you be serious for once, what is funny na?”
“Seriously Chris, you f—-d up, you supposed to know that you can’t get such beauty easily,you know women especially those who are beautiful,they will want to form hærd to down and plan on how to get her or allow me to make the move”
“You are mad” Chris cursed while Chima laughed
“I should allow you so she will end up for your d–k,no way,I will get her. just a matter of time unless my name is not Chris again” He bragged.
“I trust you na, Chris ,The only brostitude, after you na you” Chima hailed
“Na your father be brostitude,fool, please I am hungry, let’s go find something to eat” Chris said as he and Chima walked along.

Episode Twenty

One month later,I was no longer the dirty village girl but have beautifully transformed into a city girl.
My h¡ps,buttock and b—–s have fully developed,my face looking fresh and my skin glowing with beauty just like Aunty Abigail.
Aside the beauty,I have learned almost everything about city life.
I have learned to prepare both local and continental delicious delicacies, how to use the washing machine for clothes,how to use the gas cooker and microwave for foods,how to bake different kinds of cakes,breads, doughnuts and others.
In addition to that,Aunty Abigail enrolled me in a tutorial class to enable me prepare for upcoming school exams.
I knew some places around and have some friends in the neighborhood which I visited sometimes and verse versa.
Aunty Abigail worked from Monday to Friday and came back mostly when i am asleep.
She had her own keys so she opened the door whenever she comes back from work.
Sometimes if there’s an emergency at the office,she leaves as early as 5 am so that she won’t get stucked in the traffic.
During weekend,we spend our time discussing about school or something interesting.
We once went to the beach,which was my first time of seeing a sea roared with so much anger.
I began to shiver and cry which made Aunty Abigail to take me from there and we later settled for a children’s park.
One thing I loved about Aunty Abigail was that she understood me very well.
Once she noticed that I feel uncomfortable somehow,she quickly changed location instead of forcing me to stay.
This made me to be freed with her and I never hid any secrets from her.
I spent most of my days either at my school or home with Uncle Johnny who never ceased to entertain with different kinds of stories.
Whenever I don’t feel like conversing with Uncle Johnny, I picked my books and studied either in the palour or my room.
I have stopped seeing mother in my dreams and I was grateful to God for that because that appearance of her always makes me to panic.
I know she is in good rest and I wish her eternal rest.
Too bad she didn’t get to enjoy the fruit of her labour.
After many years of toiling and suffering from hand to mouth,i have found a true happiness at last and words couldn’t express how grateful I was.
“What exactly is your problem Mr? Why do you keep stalking me always?” She shouted with anger.
What kind of guy is this that has bluntly refused to let her be.
It’s been one month now of constant stalking yet he is still on.
Is she the only girl on this camp?
Why has the nigga refused to let her be?
At first she thought he was a player but seriously a player would have quit by now after all the insults and curses she has rained on him yet it seems as if those insults only energized him to do more stalking and toasting.
She is beginning to fall in love with him.
Everything about him is so cute yet her heart is still hærdened.
She won’t give in like that, not after series of heartbreaks from exes.
Chris paused and smiled showing his sparking white set of 32.
The kind of smile that makes every girl hearts to melt.
His smile and smooth sugar coated tongue has been his weapon of destruction since he got into the game.
He is surprised that this girl is yet to fall under the spell.
It is a mystery to him why she is still proving stubborn to him but whatever the case,he must get to have a taste underneath.
She stood looking at him.
He is yet to say something to her after yelling at him.
“Are you deaf dummy?” she yelled again
“Oh i am sorry” He finally said.
“I didn’t ask for your apology” she scoffed “I said why do you keep stalking me?”
“You already know my reason,I just got attracted to you,am not asking you to be my lover,I just need your friendsh¡p”
“And what if this friendsh¡p leads to something else?”
“Well,I will be happy but for now,I just want to have a beautiful and intelligent lady as my friend”
She blushed a little but tried not to show before he thinks she is falling”
“Well” she sighed “Friends then but no attachment”
Chris let out a huge smile
“Deal my lady,My name is-”
“Chris yes I have heard that over a thousand times” she interrupted
“My name is Veronica,but Vero for short”
“Wow, beautiful name for a pretty angel”
“Please save it,I am not one of those that blush with your flattering and sugar coated tongue, please excuse me” she said walking away.
“Level one accomplished, Chris you are the bad guy” He thought and smiled.

Episode Twenty-one

As the weeks passes by.
Chris and Vero got closer exchanged numbers and soon began dating.
Chris sometimes visit her with provisions and other whenever he wanted to.
When the second girl who was interested in Chris got to find out about the affair,she became angry but since fighting was prohibited in the camp, she couldn’t do anything than to let it slide though she bore grudges against Vero and both didn’t communicate with each other till they left.
Soon,Vero fell deeply in love with Chris that they were seen almost together everyday except maybe during busy hours.
Chris in turned,loved her but not as strongly compared to what Vero felt for him yet he continued to roll with her.
He loved her, yes alright,but that wasn’t his main intention of getting closer to her or dating her.
His major reason was to bang her which he finally succeeded in doing.
After months of being together,Vero thinking that she has found the man of her dreams,finally allowed him access into new Jerusalem.
What a lucky and happy day it was for Chris as if he has won a trophy.
He bragged to Chima about his adventure and they laughed it off.
Chris and Vero had made love uncountable times at weird places and she really knew how to make a guy cry for more which was the major reasons he got stucked to her.
To admit,he had beeped alot of kitties in the camp but non were compared to that tight,sweet and soft h0le Vero has between her legs.
He decided to keep her for long even after the camp as to have the opportunity to beep whenever he wanted to.
Money was never the issue as his mother and father embarrassed him with money every week and most of them were spend on flexing and the rest on Vero.
Months later,his friend Chima has decided to quit the game of lust leaving Chris alone in it.
His reason was because he has now genuinely fell in love with one of the female corper and has the desire to wife her and set his life in order once youth service is completed.
He advised Chris to do the same and forget about those promiscuous lifestyle as they have nothing to offer except deceit.
He told Chris about the dangers involve and begged him to stick to Vero and put his life in order, sadly his words fell on deaf ears.
Chris mocked him tirelessly yet Chima didn’t mind him.
There is nothing like love in Chris dictionary.
“f–k,pay and part ” that was his slogan.
“Girls are bitches and are to treated as such, what’s the essence of staying with one girl when there are numerous P—y to f–k, simply bang the hell out of her, pay if you want to and dump her, you can still keep her on the side for rainy days” He would say to his friends as they chatted and enjoyed themselves over bottles of drinks.
Finally after a year or months of serving our motherland or fatherland, whichever way you put it,it was time to k-ss the camp goodbye.
One could hear the sound of jubilation as well as cries of missing loves one too everywhere.
Corpers could be seeing hugging and k-ssing each other goodbye.
Lovebirds used that time to propose to each other and confessed undying love.
Others posing with various styles as they took pictures with friends and uploading on social media.
Strangers that have became good and even best friends exchanged contacts or home addresses promising to pay a visit oneday.
It was really an awesome sight to behold.
Love and unity is indeed the best.
Chris packed his luggages as he rolled them out along with Chima.
Both of their girlfriends were outside waiting for them with their luggages too wearing happy faces.
Chima lifted his girl up in the air as she shouted with joy.
They k-ssed and hugged.
Chris however hugged Vero.
They were all so happy.
“Finally it has ended after all your complains” Chima said to him
“Am telling you oo guy, can’t wait to get home to my wife,I miss her so much and her delicious meals” Chris shouted in excitement
“Are you married?” Vero asked in shock
Chris and Chima laughed
“Don’t mind the idiot,na him mama be his wife, you know na mommy toy” Chima replied
Vero felt relaxed as she hugged him
“I will miss you baby” she said
“Missing you more, promise to always come visiting”Chris replied
“I Promise bb and you promise to never cheat on me” Vero said
“I promise” Chris replied k-ssing her
Chima coughed
“Guy please let’s go,my parents are eagerly waiting to see me” Chima said
“Let’s take a selfie” Vero said bringing out her iPhone and selfie Stick as they position behind the camera.
“Every body says cheese” She shouted in joy.
“I don’t like cheese,so Rice and stew” Chima responded
They all laughed as they took pictures to celebrate the everlasting memories of NYSC.

Episode Twenty-two

As he sat at the back seat of the cab finally going home,he couldn’t helped but smiled as he remembered his just concluded journey.
It has been both awesome and stressful at the camp.
Though humans will never stopped learning till death,he was glad that the educational aspect of his life is finally over.
Kindergarten to primary to junior to secondary to teitary and now NYSC.
Meh, though he is not a good Christian or good at praying but he still extend his profound gratitude to the maker.
It has to be God.
He smiled w¡der as he remembered his sweet, charming and ever looking s€×y mother.
He didn’t call to inform her that he is on his way home. His surprise arrival will be a bomb.
He missed her so much and couldn’t wait to finally get to see her face again.
She is the strongest woman ever.
Despite the emotional challenges,she still managed to keep her head above the water.
His facial expression changed to that of pains as he recalled how his daddy impregnated Miss Lucy,his mother best friend.
Someone they took as a part of their family, unknowingly was having an affair with his daddy.
He also recalled his first love Diana who cheated on him with a guy simply because she asked for money and he told her to bear patience.
Since he experienced this two acts,he automatically threw love out the door and concluded that s€× and money rules the world.
He was brought back to reality at the sound of his ringing tone.
He looked and saw that it was Vero.
He cancelled the call and sent a text promising to call back later.
She better not waste her time with him.
He has no future with her.
As far as he is concerned,her chapter is closed.
He was done with her so she had better clear any thoughts of ever building something between them.
As far as he is concerned,she is an already used product but maybe he will just continue to enjoy her till he finds another chick to replace,by then she would have gotten the signal and leave willingly.
“Chris you are the main guy” He bragged to himself.
“Please right or left” the driver asked him
“Right please” he replied.
Thanks goodness he still remembered the location of his house.
“Please pack in front of that big black iron gate” He commanded the driver.
“Ok” the driver replied as he slowly drove on and finally making a stop in front of the gate which has house number 10 boldly written in black at the gate.
Chris smiled as he got out of the cab.
The driver came out too and removed Chris’ Luggages from the booth.
Chris handled him his money.
He thanked,got into his car and drove away leaving smiling Chris at the gate.
“Welcome back home Christopher”
There wasn’t any class today so I was home in the sitting room watching children’s reality show on the television where kids demonstrated their Talents.
It was an interesting show and I was so into it when I heard a bang at the gate.
Aunty Abigail has never knocked at the gate before except to horn with her car.
The heavy banging continued so I had to peeped through the window.
I didn’t see Uncle Johnny at the gate.
Where could he have gone to?
I became afraid as the banging increased.
Should I go and open it?
After much thinking,I rushed outside to open because the person continued hitting the gate h-rder.
As I opened the gate,I met a huge,cute,fair guy standing starring at me.
I looked down at his feet and saw that he was holding some luggages.
“Good afternoon sir” I greeted
He didn’t reply but only stood starring as if he has seen a ghost.
He stood starring at her wondering if he was in the wrong house.
He doesn’t remember seeing his mother bring another girl before he left.
It’s been about six months that the last maid left and his mother has vowed never to employ any again.
He would have thought that they have vacated the premises but his mom would have informed him.
He went out to verify the number whether he was in the right place and it was the correct number.
He came back asking
” who are you young girl?”
“My name is Jessy,I stayed here with Aunty Abigail” I replied
Chris sighed in relief.
There are some explanations to do but that will wait, he needed to rest.
“I am Abigail Son Chris”. He introduced himself.
I paused and stood starring at him.
“So finally I have gotten to me the Mr. Chris.
I just hope it turns out to be a good one” I thought to myself
She smiled as she arranged her desk preparing to go home.
Why she was so happy today she couldn’t tell.
Perhaps because of that little intelligent beauty in her house.
She doesn’t know what she loved that girl so much.
Maybe because of her story but that girl is an amazing person.
Always making herself busy with one chore or the other.
Since she has learned how to cook,she has never gone home without meeting dinner ready and they all tasted delicious.
Her clothes were always cleaned and well Ironed.
The house so clean and flowers well trimmed.
She is such a hærd-working girl.
She just prayed things run smoothly between them.
She made a call to the secretary to cancell all appointments as she took her bag and came out locking the door.
She got into her car, ignited the engine and zoomed off.
Such a stressful day.


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