Shadows Of The Unknown

Shadows of the unknown episode 29 – 30

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By, Summer Gold R.


Natasha was sitting alone in the passage way when she felt someone sat down beside her,she turned and saw Eugene,she looked away without saying a word.

“Hey,are you okay?” Eugene asked.

“Not like you care” Natasha muttered and Eugene sighed.

“I guess I overreacted last night,I was just worried and…..”

“You f**king chased me out of the room for her” Natasha snapped.

“Chase? No I didn’t,that’s not the right word okay? I’m sure if you had insisted,I wouldn’t bother you because Lamia might not like it when he’s awake,what I was after was just silence like the master said,it’s not like I chased you out for her,I don’t own Lamia,he’s just my best friend and I was worried about you girls were screaming way too much” Eugene explained.

There was silence.

“Are you okay tho? You look sad” Eugene said.

“Did you check him?” Natasha asked.

“I heard him laughing with Heaven,then I saw you coming here and I followed” Eugene replied.

“I just…..hate the fact that he woke up to see her. Now I feel mad,he was in that state coz of me,the least I could do was stay beside him,and now what would he think about me? That I’m ungrateful or something? I just……” She stopped and took her lips in.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t think that way….”

“Of course he wouldn’t,he obviously loves the fact that he saw her first” Natasha said and Eugene sighed.

“Let’s go see him together” He suggested and Natasha shook her head.

“I don’t want to,you should go” She said.

“Fine,take care okay? And thank you for bringing him” Eugene said and Natasha nodded.

Eugene stood up and walked away,Natasha breathe out.

“Hey Nat” Damon also came over and Natasha looked up.

“Hey” She muttered.

“Wanna come with me? I might be able to cheer you up” Damon said,stretching his hand to her.

“How?” Natasha asked.

“Hmm… you wanna go get some apples with me?” Damon winked and Natasha smiled.

“I will only watch you” She said.

“Cool,let’s go” Damon said and Natasha grabbed his hand,they both left together.



Eugene entered the room just as Heaven left,Lamia was still on the bed,staring into space

“Hey Dude” Eugene grinned and fell beside him.

“I’ve been expecting you” Lamia muttered.

“How are you feeling?” Eugene asked.

“Perfectly fine” Lamia said.

“Thank God,I was f**king worried last night” Eugene said.

“I wonder how Tasha managed to bring me here tho,it must have been so hard” Lamia muttered and sat up

“She didn’t get hurt right?” He asked.

“Seriously? You’re just asking? If you were that worried,you would have asked Heaven how she is” Eugene scoffed.

“Of course I did,she told me Natasha must be in her room,I couldn’t ask more questions tho” Lamia said and Eugene sighed.

“Actually…..she was supposed to stay here with you,but then Heaven came and….it was quite complicated,you can blame me too” Eugene said.

“Why would Natasha watch over me? She also need to rest,we both barely escaped death” Lamia said.

“Yeah right….”

“Wait,don’t tell me they both fought because of that” Lamia said and Eugene nodded.

Lamia groaned and fell back on the bed.

“You shouldn’t have allowed Heaven stay either,I don’t need anyone to stay with me,I woke up thinking Heaven just came without anyone knowing,but it was supposed to be Natasha? That’s crazy and annoying,I don’t need anyone like I said but if it was necessary,you should have stayed with me instead” Lamia said

“I wanted to,but the master choose Natasha instead of me” Eugene said.

“So,why did Heaven ended up here instead of her? What happened exactly?” Lamia asked.

“She was just worried about you,and the fact that you got hurt because of Natasha…..”

“What are you saying? So you supported her too? I didn’t get hurt because of Natasha at all,we were both in danger,if I didn’t protect her then I don’t think any of us would make it alive,f**k” Lamia got down from the bed.

“Hey,I’m sorry….” Eugene said.

“Not like I’m mad at you,but I hate the fact that Tasha was blamed for what wasn’t even true” Lamia said and went into the bathroom.



“Hey dumb vampire,what are you doing? See that over there!” Natasha jumper,pointing at a big apple on the tree. Damon was on the tree.

“See you talking as if it’s that easy” Damon said.

“Oh please,I can easily pluck them with my eyes,it was you who wanted to make me happy so do it right” Natasha said and Damon chuckled.

“Yes boss” he winked and finally plucked the apple and threw at Natasha.

“Wow,it’s so huge and looks delicious,you can come down now,I will enjoy this” Natasha said and sat down on the bench under the tree.

Damon jumped down and also took one apple before sitting beside her.

“How do you feel now?” He asked,staring at Natasha as she bite the apple.

Natasha said nothing but he kept staring.

“Why are you staring at me?” She faced him.

“Because you’re pretty,the most pretty I’ve ever seen” Damon said and Natasha looked away.

“Don’t you think you should stay away from him and focus on me? I’m hotter than him anyway” Damon muttered and bite his apple.

“Yeah you’re hotter” Natasha said and Damon faced her.

“But I don’t like you that way,so stop trying and eat your apple” She added and Damon smiled.

“You can still like me though,I’m always available anytime you need me, you’re the only girl I’m attracted to here,I’m not confused” Damon said and Natasha looked at him.

“Are you serious right now?” She frowned.

Damon brought his face closer to hers and she moved back.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Damon looked at her lips and moved even more closer.

“I will kill you if you do what’s on your mind” Natasha threatened.

“Then I will die happily” Damon grinned before moving back.

Natasha stood up.

“Thanks for the apple though” She said and walked out of the garden.

Walking toward her room,what Damon did made her remember when Lamia kissed her. She sighed out and drifted her mind away from it,she opened her door and let out a gasp when she met Lamia instead,standing there. He turned and faced her.

Natasha entered and closed the door.

“You’re awake” she said.

“You don’t sound too happy while saying it” Lamia smiled.

“I’m glad you’re awake” Natasha said.

“But don’t do it again” She added and Lamia raised his brows.

“Why?” He asked.

“I don’t have any reason,I just……”

“It’s not your fault” Lamia cut in and she looked at him.

“Others might have blamed you….that’s because they were not there with us,they didn’t experience what we saw,they don’t know how scary it was. I had to protect you because at least one of us have to make it out alive,it won’t be nice if we both got hurt,if you also got hurt then….I’m sure we wouldn’t be here right now,I protected you and you saved me by bringing me here on time even though you were exhausted,aren’t we even? So don’t listen to anyone who blamed you,I wouldn’t do that” Lamia said.

Natasha ran to him and hugged him tightly.

“It hurts…..last night. Seeing you that way broke my heart,but I couldn’t do anything to help,I’m sorry” She muttered.

Lamia pulled away from the hug gently.

“You brought me back here,that’s enough help already” he smiled,pulling her hair behind her ear.

“Where were you tho? I’ve been waiting for you” he said.

“Oh…I was….just….walking….” Almost immediately the door opened and Damon came in.

Lamia left Natasha and turned back.

“Here” Damon ignored Lamia and handed over the basket of apples to Natasha.

“You left them with me,it was you who said you wanted them,so enjoy” Damon smiled and touched her cheek,he glared at Lamia before going out.

Natasha dropped the apple and faced Lamia back.

“I’m sorry dor lying,I was in the garden with him” She confessed and Lamia nodded with a smile.

“You don’t really owe me an explanation,why are you explaining?” He said and took one of the apples.

“It’s the one she once gave me” Lamia muttered,staring at it.

“Who?” Natasha asked.

“Oh…it’s Heaven……” Lamia stopped half way and Natasha bite her lips.

Lamia dropped the apple back into the basket.

“You should also take enough rest,are your powers back?” He asked and Natasha nodded.

“See you later” Lamia turned to go.

“Wait” Natasha called back and he faced her again.

“Do you wanna go to the riverside with me tonight like the other night too?” She asked.

“I wanted to ask you that” Lamia said and Natasha smiled.

“Now I regret saying it first” She pouted.

“Pouting doesn’t suit you” Lamia shook his head.

“Hey,what do you mean?” Natasha hit him.

“I mean…….you look too pretty when you do it,so don’t do it again” Lamia said.

“Now I’m not going to stop” Natasha said.

“That’s unfair” Lamia chuckled.

“See you tonight” Natasha waved. He nodded before going out of the room.

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“Wow,so you mean this is how the beast looks like?” Speedy asked as she checked the drawing with Skylar.

“I wonder how Lamia and Natasha would have felt when they saw it,this is f**king huge” Skylar said.

“Be brave,we are fighting against that monster” Sadie said.

“The masters already announced a break for us,so now we are all free at least for some days” Speedy said.

“Yeah,what do you think we should do during the break? Wanna go to the human world?”Skylar suggested.

“Are you crazy? The masters didn’t order us to get out of the villa” Sadie said and Skylar rolled her eyes.

“Anyone” Speedy muttered.



Lamia and Thatcher were both shooting their arrows to the bullseye one after the other.

“It’s like you’re good in everything” Thatcher smiled and Lamia nodded.

“Am I?” He asked.

“Why asking when you know already” Thatcher said and Lamia scoffed.

“There’s something I’m not good at though” He mumbled and shoot the arrow at once,as usual it entered the bullseye.

“What is that thing?” Thatcher asked as Lamia took another arrow.

“I’m too soft hearted” Lamia muttered.

“Really?” Thatcher grinned.

“Yeah” Lamia replied.

Eugene walked in and started clapping,Lamia and Thatcher turned.

“Are you seriously ditching me for him now?” Eugene asked Lamia.

“Yeah” Lamia muttered.

“Hey” Eugene frowned.

“Stop being extra” Lamia said.

“I thought you saud you’re not mad at me” Eugene said.

“That doesn’t mean I want to talk to you” Lamia said and started shooting the arrows again.

Thatcher winked at Eugene and he scoffed.

“But honestly,this is unfair,how can you neglect me because of this idiot?” Eugene asked.

“What do you mean idiot? Between me and you,who’s the idiot?” Thatcher asked and they began to argue.

Lamia suddenly remembered he was supposed to meet with Natasha tonight.

“Geez” He muttered and dropped the bow,he ran out of the training hall.

“Where’s he going?” Eugene wondered.

“How about a duet on this?” Thatcher asked.

“Sure” Eugene replied and took the bow Lamia dropped.


As Lamia ran toward the riverside,he ran into Heaven and she fell.


“Heaven” Lamia immediately called and squatted.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Flower?” Heaven called.

“Yeah it’s me,I’m sorry,I was in a hurry” Lamia said,helping her up.

“Where are you running to?” Heaven asked.

“Riverside” Lamia replied.

‘He’s meeting with Natasha’ Heaven thought inwardly.

“But,are you okay?” Lamia asked.

“Ahh!” Heaven groaned painfully when she tried walking and Lamia’s eyes widened.

“Does your leg hurt?” He asked.

“So badly,I can’t walk!” Heaven said tearfully and Lamia immediately carried her in a bridal style.

“I will take you to your room then,I’m sorry” he muttered and Heaven smiled.

“It’s not your fault,my legs are not just strong” She replied and rest her head on his chest.

“I’m sorry” Lamia said again.

They entered her room and Lamia dropped her on the bed.

“Will you be fine? I need to go” Lamia said and tried getting up but Heaven grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

“Do you need anything?” Lamia asked.

“Can you watch me till I’m asleep? Let’s say this is a payback” Heaven smiled.

Lamia bite his lips.

“Fine” He muttered.

“Thank you” Heaven smiled.

Lamia sighed out,thinking about Natasha.



Natasha was throwing small stones into the river as she waited patiently for Lamia,but minutes passed,then an hour without Lamia showing up.

“Did he forgot?” She muttered and took her lips in.

“Hey” Winter called from the back and Natasha looked back.


“Don’t tell me you’re still waiting for Lamia” Winter said.

“He should be here soon” Natasha replied.

“Oh please” Winter groaned.


“He’s in Heaven’s room right now,I saw him carrying her in his arms and they both went into her room like couples” Winter said and Natasha became speechless. She said nothing.

“Let’s go” Winter said.

She got up and dust her dress.

“What was I thinking when I dressed so nice just to see him here?” She chuckled and looked away.

“She must have got hurt and he tried to help her…..”

“Can you come off it already? Can’t you see that Heaven would do anything just to have Lamia to herself? I hate the way you keep getting hurt” Winter said.

“He likes me,he kissed me…..”

“He must have kissed Heaven too” Winter said and Natasha fell back down in a squat.

“I’m going to wait here,he will come when he’s done with her” she said and Winter groaned.

“You can leave,I’m waiting” Natasha said brokenly.


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