Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate – episode 8

Twisted Fate (episode 8 )
Second-to-last episode

Sophie’s revival made Dave leap for joy. There’s no word on earth that can be used to describe how Dave felt at that moment. His joy and happiness knew no bound. He couldn’t believe that the love of his life was back to him, he smiled for the first time in weeks, he was relieved at last.

Dave rushed out of the room to call the doctor. “Doctor she is awake!” Dave scre-med as he arrived at the doctor’s office, “Who?” The doctor asked in a shocked tone, “My wife is awake” Dave replied.

The doctor rushed out of his office and headed to Sophie’s room with Dave. Before they reached Sophie’s room, she was already in labour. Sophie kept scre-ming and Dave was confused as he didn’t know what was up.

The doctor quickly alerted the nurses on duty and they hastened to come to Sophie’s aid. “What’s going on?” Dave asked the doctor, “your wife is in labour” the doctor replied. The doctor had to ask Dave to leave the room for them to properly do their job.

As Dave was in the waiting room, he couldn’t sit down. He was restless and kept walking to and fro. He picked up his phone to call Sophie’s mum and told her everything that happened. Sophie’s mum was there in no time and they both waited together in the waiting room.

After about an hour, the doctor came out of the labour room with a tensed look. “Doctor how’s my wife?” Dave asked nervously, “Things aren’t looking too good” the doctor said. Dave was tensed and scared at that moment and asked the doctor what the problem was. “Sophie is too weak and don’t have the energy to push the baby out” the doctor said.

Dave was trying so hærd to put himself together and not lose it. “What are we going to do now?” Dave asked, “We are going ahead with the initial plan of C- section. You have to pray for both of them to come out alive, because if things get too complicated and critical, one person might not come out alive” the doctor said and hurriedly walked away.

The doctor’s words almost gave Dave and Sophie’s mum a heart attack. Dave kept replaying what the doctor said in his head and when he couldn’t hold it any longer, he burst into prayers. “God I know I’m not the best person that have served you, I know I don’t pray like I have to, I know I haven’t served you as I should, but please God, don’t let death take away the only person I want to live for, the only person that gives me a reason to be a better person, the only woman that has changed my world. God please help me because I’m so tired at this point as there’s no more strength left in me, help me Lord” Dave prayed with tears in his eyes.

After about 2 hours, the nurses came out of the labour room smiling. Dave was anxious and wanted to know what was going on so he tried to ask one of them, but they politely told him that the doctor was coming to attend to him. Sophie’s mum was restless and kept stopping every nurse that came from Sophie’s room direction, asking about her daughter but they told her to wait that the doctor was on his way.

Finally, the doctor came and Dave rushed him. “Doctor how’s my wife and child?” He asked, the doctor smiled and said “I have both good news and bad news, the good news is that both mother and child is alive but the bad news is that Sophie lost a lot of blood and might not be alive for too long”.

Dave was happy and sad at the same time and asked to see his wife. When he entered Sophie’s room, he couldn’t contain his excitement seeing her br-ast feed their daughter. Dave walked to where she laid and hugged her from the side and k-ssed her head. Tears of joy kept flowing from his eyes and that of Sophie’s.

“Baby see our daughter” Sophie said with a faint smile on her face. Dave was so emotional at this point and rested his head on Sophie’s head as he cried. “I love you so much and I thought I had lost you” Dave said sobbing. Sophie stretched her hand and touched his head, “You are my strength and my hero, I love you forever and a day more” Sophie said with tears on her eyes. Sophie’s mum couldn’t hold her emotions and didn’t know when she started tearing up too. The doctor came in after a little while to give Sophie some injections.

After about a week of staying in the hospital, Sophie got up one morning and told the doctor that she wants to be discharged. “Why?” The doctor asked, “Since my condition has become more critical and my fate is certain, I would like to spend my remaining days at home with my family and not in the hospital” she said. The doctors and Dave tried to talk her out of her decision but her mind was already made up.

Sophie was discharged afterwards and was taken home. Her mum threw a small welcome party for her with the help of Dave’s father. Everyone was very excited to see her again with their little bundle of joy.

Sophie was walking with an aid at this point because she couldn’t walk properly on her own. It killed Dave each time he remembered that her time was near but he had faith that his wife would beat this sickness.

Sophie tried her best to be strong for their daughter and wanted to experience the joy of motherhood like every other woman, but her strength failed her at every attempt.

One evening, while they were both talking, Sophie asked Dave what name he wanted to give their daughter and he said “Faith”. “Why faith?” Sophie asked, “Because I believe and have faith that you would be alive to see her grow into a beautiful and kind woman just like you” Dave said.

Sophie was moved by what Dave said and silently prayed to God to grant his prayers. She made a resolution that day to be more positive concerning her health.

The next day, Dave woke up early to prepare breakfast and couldn’t find Sophie beside him. He went downstairs and saw the dinning table already set. He was surprised and thought someone came the night before to help without his knowledge. He quickly went to the kitchen and saw that food had already been prepared. “Ah ah! Who’s responsible for all this?” He asked himself.

He went to their daughter’s room to check up on her and Lo and Behold, Sophie was bathing her baby by herself. Dave was shocked because Sophie hasn’t been able to do anything since she left the hospital due to her critical condition. “Honey, what are you doing?” Dave asked shockingly, “I’m bathing our baby” she replied smiling.

Dave was surprised at her response and asked “Are you sure you don’t want me to help?”, Sophie looked at him, smiled and said “Nahh Babe don’t worry, I’ve gat this!”

End of episode 8

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