Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate – episode 7

Twisted Fate (episode 7)

The news of Sophie’s pregnancy hit Dave so hærd that he couldn’t utter any word. He was dumbfounded and in denial as he kept asking her if it was a joke. He couldn’t believe that Sophie was pregnant with his child. It was a wh0le lot for Dave to take in and it made him break down in tears.

“Sophie please are you serious?” He asked with tears in his eyes, “Yes baby, a third party has been with us for the past 3 weeks” she replied sobbing. “When did you find out?” He asked, “Just today” Sophie replied.

It was a very emotional moment for them as they kept crying. Sophie has never been more happier in her life, she couldn’t still wrap her head around the fact that she was going to be a mum soon. It was truly a dream come true for them.

Dave wasted no time in telling Sophie’s parents and his dad about their bundle of joy that was on the way. Everyone was so happy and started making preparations for the big day, when the baby would arrive. Sophie was watched closely by Dave and her doctors, as they didn’t want any stories.

Dave had to take a break from work so he could spend more time with Sophie. He over pampered her and made sure she didn’t lift a pin.

Everything went on smoothly until one fateful day, Dave left the house to his office for a brief meeting. Before he left, Sophie was watching a movie in the living room. “Hey babe, I just got a call from the office and my presence is urgently needed” he said in a rush. Sophie was having a slight headache the night before so she was lying on the couch. “Ok babe, I miss you already” she said as Dave k-ssed her forehead and left.

At that time, Sophie was already 8 months gone. While on the couch, her crisis started and she was having a difficult time breathing. She got up to pick her phone to call Dave but fell down in the process. She blacked out and kept struggling with her breath while still unconscious.

Fortunately, the lady that usually come to help with the house chores walked in at that moment and found her unconsciously lying on the floor. She panicked and quickly alerted the gate man.

Sophie was rushed to the hospital and the doctors tried to revive her but it wasn’t working. The doctors figured she was in a state of Coma so they quickly put her on life support machines. She was breathing through the help of an oxygen at this point as she couldn’t breath effectively on her own.

While at the meeting, Dave’s secretary called his attention and beckoned on him to come that it was urgent. Dave excused himself and went to find out why his secretary called him. “What’s the problem?” He asked, “Sir your in-law just called the office and said you should call her back as soon as possible, she said it’s very urgent” the secretary said.

Dave panicked but quickly put himself back to order. He went to his office and tried calling Sophie but no one picked, he then called her mum and she picked. “Hello mum, how are you?” He asked, “Dave my son! The worst has happened” she said crying. Dave started panicking and asked what the problem was. “Sophie collapsed and she’s presently in Coma as we speak” she said still crying.

Dave almost dropped dead, he was going crazy and his body wouldn’t stop shaking. He asked for the name of the hospital Sophie was admitted in and zoomed out of his office.

In no time, Dave was present at the hospital. The sight of his pregnant wife lying on the hospital bed with the numerous life support machines connected to her body made him cry. He couldn’t hold the tears that were falling off uncontrollably from his eyes. “No! Oh No! Oh please what’s going on here? Ha! Sophie can you hear me? Baby please” he said as he cried.

The doctors tried to calm him down but it seemed impossible. “Is our baby alright?” Dave asked the doctors, “The baby would be fine as long as she’s still alive, we would look for alternative ways to feed both of them so they can stay alive till Sophie becomes conscious again” the doctor said.

Dave was so heartbroken and sat on the hospital floor for hours crying. Sophie’s mum tried to console him but it was all in vain. “Mum she can’t die, please tell her that” Dave said in tears, “Don’t worry, she would be fine my son” she said as she sobbed too.

Dave couldn’t leave Sophie’s hospital bed, he was always there day in day out. Sophie’s mum brought his clothes and food to the hospital everyday. Dave was not himself, he was losing his mind. He didn’t want to imagine his life without Sophie or their bundle of joy.

His dad came some days later to comfort him. “My son don’t worry, both the child and your wife would make it out alive” his dad said. “Daddy I’m losing my mind, I can’t picture my life without Sophie. I don’t think I can survive without her, I don’t think I would ever remain the same if anything happens to her or my child” he said as he sobbed. His dad was so heartbroken seeing his son in such condition and prayed that Sophie gets revived again.

As Sophie’s delivery date drew near, everyone was worried because she was still in Coma. The doctors had started making preparations to perform a C-section on her. Dave prayed everyday for God to bring Sophie back, he woke up everyday with the hopes that she’ll open her eyes but got disappointed each day.

The day scheduled for the operation finally came and Dave was so scared. He knelt down in front of Sophie’s bed and prayed. When he was done, he held her hand and said “Baby, I wish you were here to hold our baby once she arrives. Yes it’s a she! We did a gender reveal while you were still unconscious. I don’t know what today holds but the one thing I don’t want is to lose you, I don’t know if I could survive the shock of not having you raise our child with me. Please wake up Sophie, please wake up”.

Dave burst into tears afterwards and bent his head downwards. He kept praying that his wife would come back to her consciousness.

As he was drenched in his tears, he noticed Sophie’s hand move. He thought it was his eyes deceiving him and ignored it. He laid his head on Sophie’s body and kept sobbing. After a while, he noticed her hand move again and this time he looked up and saw her eyes blink.

“Baby can you hear me?” He asked as he cleaned the tears in his eyes. Sophie finally opened her eyes and said “Hey baby!”

End of episode 7

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