Unwanted Twins

Unwanted twins episode 5 – 6



( We don’t need a female child)

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Episode 5

Writer p.o.v

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Clara did you hear what she said is it true senator cole asked with rage. Honey why will you believe this brat.

Did you believe I can do something like that Mrs Cole said. Enough Clara I Know what you can do.

If I was it there when you gave birth to them I will said she’s not yours Clara can’t you see she needs parental care senator cole said.

Since you believe her fine I did it. But are the maids not also humans I never said that but you don’t have the right to park my daughter luggages to the maid quarters.

Clara you mustn’t touch Dora again. Anytime I heard you touch or scold her you will be in trouble senator cole said.

If look can kill Dora will be dead by now due to the way Clara glare at her. Ok am done here am not eating again Clara said. Who cares senator cole said and move closer to Dora.

Am very sorry for how we have been treating you. I wants to make it up to you he said and hug her. Dora felt happy she hasn’t felt happy like this before.

I will tell the maids to return your things to your room no don’t cloth are not good for my daughter we will go shopping tommorow and I will have them furnished your room to your taste senator cole said. But dad won’t you go to work Dora asked.

Don’t worry about that I will leave tommorow for you cause I will be traveling out a day Next tommorow he said. Come and join me let eat senator cole drag Dora to the dinning.

It’s 12: 00 am Mrs Cole was fuming in anger this is twelve and cole hasn’t come to the room he was busy with that useless girl she said.

I will makes life a hell hole for her when her father travel she said.

Where are you coming from by the this time of the night senator cole asked his drunk son Dan.

Are dad you are back how was your trip he asked drunkenly. Senator cole move closer to him and gave him a resounding slap.

That’s not the answer to my question senator cole said angrily you have been drinking.

Clara come and see your son senator cole shouted darling what’s wrong she replied.

Oh my darling you are back she said hugging the shocked Dan who hasn’t recovered from the fact that his father slap him.

He hasn’t touch him before. Darling what did you do to him, he is nothing but a child Mrs Cole said a child right,

look here young man you are grounded I will seize your car keys senator cole said and walked out with Dora Dan was shocked.

Are you sure dad is okay Dan asked his mother he is okay it’s just that he is in bad mood today she replied.

The next day

Dora take the car key to the new car I bought you senator cole said. Aww thanks Daddy Dora said hugging her dad happily.

But dad I can’t drive Dora said giggling like a child.

don’t worry about that my driver will be your personal driver as from today she said.

Hello Gabrielle call.

Hi baby Dora said happily

You sound happy today any good news she asked.

Yeah there’s good news but I will tell you when I get to school.

Should I come to pick you she asked.


am on my way she replied.

The driver park into the school garage and Dora get down, the students started murmuring among there selves.

Is this not the latest Ferrari car wow my dream car.

Who’s this is this not Dora i thought where did she get the car from.

I thought she’s a maid in the Cole house

Don’t you see him and Dan look alike.

They kept murmuring while Dora ignore them.

Aww girlfriend are you the one that brought that car Gabrielle asked yes babe Dora replied. Come here you need to gist me Gabrielle said pushing her to the class.

Dan came with his mother car and walked into the class angrily. He see Dora and Gabrielle gisting move closer to her and drag her with her hair.

How dare you, you think you can take my place in Father heart he said.

If you don’t stop this madness right now it over between us what’s your problem?

Dan what did your twin sister do to you that makes you hate her like this she said and Dan came back to her senses. Am sorry he muttered and walked away.


( We don’t need a female Child)

By Three star

Episode 6

Writer p.o.v

Leo mansion

Babe I have good news for you Nora said happily. What’s the good news all about Leo asked.

Remember I told you am feeling somehow this days and you advise me to go for check up in the hospital she said. Yeah so what’s it.

Am gonna be a mother soon and you are gonna be a father gonna said happily. What did you mean Leo asked. Are you that dumb,

The doctor said am 3 week pregnant she Break the news happily. Wow tell me you are joking baby leo asked feeling happy. Nope I wasn’t joking I mean it wow this cause for celebration Leo said.

Yeah but not now till Gabrielle come back from school she said happily. You don’t have to disturb yourself in this house again just sleep and wake up leo said.

Alright but you’re also gonna promise me something Nora said. What’s it babe Leo asked. Promised you won’t be harsh on people again she said.

I can’t promised you that don’t spoil this happy moment go and dress up before Gabrielle come back.

Cole mansion

Clara went into Dora room and met her in the bed. Hey fool you wants to turn my husband against me right.

Enjoy while it last cause I will make you regret having me as your mother when your father travel she said and went out.

Where are you coming from senator cole asked Clara oh I went to check on dora she said. When did you start checking on her senator cole asked.

Am trying to reason with you now, don’t get me Angry you’re the one that beg me to be nice to her and am trying to be nice she said. Am sorry if I get you wrong senator cole said and hug his wife.

Senator cole walked into a boutique with Dora on his side reporters are everywhere , oh jeez who told this reporters am here he exclaims.

Senator cole good afternoon they greet him and he simply wave at them while his guards prevent the reporters from touching him.

Sir who’s this by your side cause she really look like your wife but we haven’t seen her with you before they said.

She’s my daughter Dan twin sister he replied. Oh sir but did you have any reason of hiding her all this while.

Sir someone said she’s working as a sales girl in a cafe how true is that sir they asked.

Senator cole felt he has heard Enough he hold Dora hand and walked into the boutique with her.

Dora shops as many clothes as she wants. she even get some for Dan and Gabrielle. She felt happy. She hasn’t felt this happy before.

Back to the mansion

Welcome my darling Mrs Cole said hugging and husband. Welcome darling Mrs Cole said and hug Dora tightly she was surprised.


hug is so tight that she can’t breathe she felt her mother’s doing it on purpose I can’t breathe she said rolling her eyes.

Hope you enjoy your self am sure by tomorrow your father will be gone she whispered to her.

Dora unpack the things she bought and arrange them on her wardrobe. She took the one she bought for Dan and head to his room.

When she got to his door she was still contemplating whether to knock or go back before the door open.

What are you doing here Dan asked. I went out with Dad for shopping and how’s that my husband Dan cut her in.

Dora breathe in, she was about to turn back before Dan see she’s holding something and what’s that with you he asked.

I bought it for you she said biting her nails nervously.

Dan felt guilty dispert the fact we aren’t in good terms she still bought something for her.

She really have a good heart he thought but why did I hate my twin sister he thinks. Thanks he said and that shocked Dora.

He open it and gasped am planning to buy this and you bought it for me he said happily and hug her. Dan kept thinking till he slept off I don’t even know why I hate her.

I think is because that’s what I grow up to learn our parents only care for me then he thought and slept off.

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