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V ghost episode 1


V Ghost
❣ Dripping ghost’s Romance❣

Here is Yoo Rachel, a new ghost who was brought into heaven today.
She started shouting on everyone and yelling “Hey I think you’ve gotten the wrong person”
“How did I die? How dare you try to cheat me?

I’m still a virgin I don’t wanna die yet😭😭😭

A ghost who said the gods are crazy that she wont enter the gate unless they explained to her how she died.
To stop her commotion, she was given three months to work on three things.
-Find out how you died.
-Why you died.
-and your virgin problem
Failure to succeed in these three quests, you will be sent to hell.

” what if I was able to get the answers?
“We will restore you back to your body… You fell into Coma actually. So at the first rainfall which is in three months, you will disappear from Earth forever.

Theres someone who will always watch over you and to remind you always the time you have left.

Edward -Rachel’s fiancee who was broken after he was lied to that Rachel is dead and since then, he turned to a cold player. He’s a s£xy CEO of Britanny

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Rachel- The young s£xy ghost given three monthe to find answers to her quests.

Ha ni- The borrowed body

Gu Black- The hottest celebrity in south Korea. Half human, half spirit.(He must keep watch on Rachel)

Rachel, now living Ha ni’s life started working at Brittany to seduce the cold but s£xy CEO to find clue about her death.

What bitter truth did she found out?
What happens when Black falls in love with a ghost? Will Rachel really fulfil her three quests?
She’s gonna borrow a body, do you think she will win the cold Edward’s heart again?

Who’s ready?

😍Episode 01😍

The Yoo’s family is the 5th wealthiest in south Korea and unfortunately there’s no male successor but a female heiress instead, Yoo Rachel.
Rachel is the perfect definition of s£xy and she’s very tempting with the shape of her body.

Men and women love to hang out with her and some girls even desires to spend a night with her.

Someone so beautiful you, must be curious to find out how she died right?.

Rachel refused all the men asking her out because she’s in love with Edward. A demigod of glamour.

He is hot, handsome and cute. He’s every ladies secret fantasy but he’s a player.

He attended the same college with Rachel and he knew about her feelings for him.

Edward’s family got greedy and decided to eat up the Yoo’s wealth by getting their own son married to Rachel.

Edward is well aware of his family and how dangerous they can be after they’ve gotten what they want.

He couldn’t risk Rachel’s live by bringing her into such family but he had no choice than to trick Rachel that he loves her.

But one day, Rachel was found dead in her room a day to her engagement. How she died and who killed her remained a mystery to be unraveled.

They rushed her to the hospital and straight to the ICU because it was reported that she was injected with a very dangerous toxin.

She fell into coma but the Yoo’s family got scared that if someone can enter their mansion to do such then their daughter’s life is in danger.

They lied to the Mark’s family that Rachel is dead.

Edward felt broken and he almost lost his senses.

He spent days drinking and getting into trouble.

His Father treated him like hell dog and threatened him again with his weakness.
“If you don’t get back on your feet and manage the company, I’m gonna tell the whole world about your sickness”

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.”Father… Am I even your son?” He said as he struggle to stand up(he’s drunk)

“Well now she is gone you have to forget her anyway”

Edward sunk into his bed and cried for days.

“Hey… I think you’ve gotten the wrong person.. I’m not dead I can’t be dead yet don’t you get it?

” Get what? Aish why are you so stubborn?”

“I mean I’m not going inside unless you tell me why I should die”

“Girl you’re dead already… And people die because their time is up”

Rachel didn’t stop screaming and causing trouble everywhere.

Then a young s£xy god appeared to them,he’s so hot and he’s dressed in silver garment. Rachel was stunned by such a great beauty.

“What is the noise all about? Did you swallow a stereo system? Was that why you died?the s£xy god inquired

” Seems I can talk to you… See I was sleeping and when I opened my eyes I found myself here with these guys dragging me away”

“Yes because you are dead”

“I won’t stop unless you tell me how i died”

“Okay tell me why you must be alive”

She started faking tears and moving forward in a slow motion like a witch “I’m a virgin… I can’t die a virgin”

“This girl is creepy”
“Ghosts are creepy”
The grim reapers discussed among themselves

“You are annoying and i know what to do with ghost like you… Okay, what do you want?”young god asked

“Send me back to my body… See that’s me lying on the bed”

“I’ll send you back but with three quests instead”


“Yes i will send you back to Earth where you will live for another three months and within this period, you must complete three missions.
-Find out how you died.
-Why you died.
-And solve your virgin issue.
Failure to complete these three missions, you will be sent to hell.

” What if i succeed in these three missions?

“I will restore your soul back to your body”

“Deal” she said making a sign to the young god.

“She’s crazy” one of the GM mumbled.

“So you are going to possess a body for three months… white flower is there any case on ground?

” Yes Blue lord”
The grim reaper showed him the book and he explained it to Rachel.

Look over there….
Here is a girl called Ha ni…
Kim ha ni she’s endowed and beautiful almost like Rachel but her boyfriend dumped her. With the depression of being dumped after 8 years of their relationship, she went to the bridge to commit suicide by jumping off.

A passer-by saw her drowning and got her out, now she’s being rushed to the hospital.

Young god: You will borrow Ha ni’s body for three months.

Rachel: Awwn so sad… Well i like her body.. Hope she’s a…

Young god: Yes she is… And that’s why her boyfriend broke up with her… She’s conservative.

Rachel: What? What’s there to be stingy about?

Young god: Shameless ghost. Now look over there…
Here is Gu Black, half human half spirit.

He’s a descendant of the Gu family who helps ghost in crossing to the afterlife and they are very rich.
He’s Korea’s top singer. A model, and an actor.
He’s a tall drone and his six packs are tempting. When someone is dripping hot… God… That irresistible face and great body he’s got.

Rachel: I know him… Wow so he’s mysterious no wonder why he’s so good looking i should have known.

He moved his hands in the air and Rachel’s ghost disappeared.
Her soul entered Ha ni’s body and Ha ni’s soul went to heaven.

A month later, Edward is now a total cold CEO.
He’s harsh and people fear him. He is a total bad boy but his charm keeps drawing girls day by day.

Despite his cold attitudes towards them, they still want to fvck him dry. But what to do? He now dislike girls and anything relationship.

🏥 Hospital🏥
It’s been a month and now Rachel is back.
Rachel tried to open her eyes but felt strong headache coming up. She m0an out in pain and adjust her retina to the sharp light infiltrating.

“Hey girl… Are you awake?”

“Who are you?” She asked softly
Just then the doctor came inside
“He’s the man who saved you”

“Oh.. Thanks a lot”
“Young miss life is very precious you shouldn’t take it… Okay?

” So any family we can call?”

“I have no family.”

Minutes later, Rachel was seen walking out of the hospital holding her hands and crying
“Oh God i don’t even know her house why did i said i have no family? Goashhh” she cried out and sat on the floor.

She then saw people rushing and pushing each other as they ran towards an approaching car.

Seems a celebrity is around.
Girls screaming and shouting
“oh my God… Oppa”
“Black i love you… I love you please look at me”.
” How can a boy be so pretty… He’s a vampire… Let me be your bride”

Rachel though feeling headache, she could not hold back her laughter at such ridiculous comments.

She sigh and left the hospital.

She was walking on the street when someone called her…
“Hey Virgin ghost”
She was surprised to hear that out of nowhere. She turn around to look at the stranger… She saw his black dope sneakers….up to his handmade dress…. He’s wearing black all through… Who is this? Did i offend Lucifer for him to come looking for me?.

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