Vanity Episode 28

© Akoto Alexander 

Happily I walked to the chop bar only to meet a none smiling face behind the food, I didn’t know whether to go back to my hotel or proceed, out of my selfish gain I didn’t carry money on me knowing that I will see my new friend there.

All of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder only to turn and see my pretty friend standing behind me smiling and looking very beautiful, hope was restored to my life again and I saw her in a polo shirt with the inscription of a catering school in, that very moment I did my assessment and calculation about her and my guess was very right.

She was in her final year in a leading catering institution in town and the day she doesn’t go to school, she came to help her mum at the chop bar, she asked me to follow her in,side and when we entered I greeted her mum and she introduced me as her friend, the mum gave this horrible look from up to down and after she gave out a broad smile exposing her well arranged teeth after her physical assessment on me, my good friend took over shortly and served me food immediately without even asking me what I wanted to eat, as if she was reading my mind she served me with exactly the food I wanted to eat.

 Shortly after her mum left her to the house and I was glad within me because I wanted to spend time with the only person I have come to know in the city of Accra, she served a few people and after came to sit by me and that was when we got to know ourselves better.

In short her name was Stella Afua Ohenewah Ansong and she was the only child to her parents, her mum owned the chop bar whiles her dad was a personal driver to the revenue authority boss, I also told her about my life and she felt pity for my late siblings and family, in no time we became tight friends who were inseparable, if I wasn’t with her at the chop bar, she will be at my hotel with food.

All this while I was as distributing my application letters to my targeted companies, in a week later, I went to do a follow up on the letters I distributed and on the way I met a Whiteman stranded, his car had broken down and it seems he didn’t know anything about cars, his right front trye had deflected and for him to replace it there was a problem.

 I wanted to pass by since that didn’t concern me but I remember my mum always said “do good and good will follow you”, always be ready to extend a helping hand to the needy and oppressed, I came closer to the Whiteman and he was having this hostile attitude but I pointed out to him that I wanted to help him, his English was not that good and he was a chain smoker as well, thanks to my former roommate Eddysongs I knew how to fix car tyres when there was a problem, in no time I was done fixing the tyre with his spare tyre and the man was pleased, he asked me where I was going and the work I was doing, I told him I was a job hunter and a university graduate, he in return gave me his call card to call him at 7pm that evening and he drove off.

That assistance I gave him was my turning point, as I checked the card the name written on it was Michel Muller and he was into Logistics, Sh¡pping Agency and Freight Forwarding, he was the owner of M2 Logistics Limited, as expected I went to a communication centre by 6:30pm to queue so that I call the Whiteman on time, you know white people didn’t joke with their time and your first impression always counted, exactly 7pm I called him and he answered his phone with a single ring as if he was waiting for my call, I introduced myself and he was glad I called, he told me not to waste time but come to his office which was close to the harbour the next day, I was so happy because I was about to be employed to a job I had studied hærd for, I passed by Stella’s end to break the good news to her but only met her outside weeping, I was scared that maybe something bad had happened to her mum or dad but I saw them both healthy in the compound, after a little persuasion she told me that her first lover has broken up with her just because the guy claimed she didn’t get time for him and also Stella wasn’t ready to have s€× with him, aaaaaaah is this why you wallowing in misery was what I told her(in my head I was so so happy that God had cleared that guy away from Stella’s life because I had started falling in love with her and that guy was like the red sea infront of the Israelites who was preventing me from crossing to the other side), you see what is rightfully yours you won’t lose and what you lose isn’t yours was the only thing I told her for her to stop crying, I told her I had good news so she should wipe her face and listen to what I had to say to her. She was very happy when I lied to her that I had gained employment because I knew that was the only thing that could bring excitement to her face that moment and the magic worked, she hugged me from the first time and I must confess if she held me any longer than she did, I could have ej×c×lated right there, Stella was endowed both front and back with a broad h¡p and her facial beauty and voice was astonishing, I believe she was the second female God created after Eve but He waited and brought her to the world that time, we spoke at length that night and she even advised me that if I had enough money on me, she would speak with her parents so they rent a small room they had in the house to me, she pointed the room to me and I was very excited, I liked the place so immediately we went in,side to speak with her parents, the mum was very helpful by persuading her husband to agree to rent the room to me and we agreed on a monthly rent I will pay, I told them I would be back in some few minutes time to pay for the room so I move in early.

Stella decided to go with me since I will be coming back to her house to make payment of the room and when we got to my hotel room we were caught up with a surprise of our life, I nearly collapsed with the kind of welcome we received in there…

As we got to my hotel room my door was wide opened and the room had been ransacked by God knows who, the wh0le place had been scattered with my things thrown to the floor, luckily for me all my certificates were intact with a little stain on my secondary school certificate, the last strength left in me, I stood up and rushed to the toilet to check if my money had been taken or was still safe, thankfully the money was very safe just the way i placed it in there, I heard sirens blowing from the other side of the road so I rushed back to the room, collected my stuff and told Stella that we should move immediately.

The moment we stepped out of the hotel premises some police vehicles parked infront of the place and some armed officers stepped down from the cars, anyone seen in,side there was arrested, we were just saved by the bell that if we delayed any further we would be part of the people who got apprehended, on our way I told Stella about the money and she was shocked I carried such money on me but yet still looked simple, she adviced I open a bank account and make a deposit there since that was the only safe place to keep my money, we got to her house and she narrated our encounter at the hotel to her parents and the dad told us that, the hotel was a hiding place for some notorious armed robbers and that even GBC radio had reported that there has been some exchange of gunshots which has taken the lives of 2 policemen and 1 robber, we were shocked because we left that same place just some few moments ago, I made payment of my room and the key was handed over to me. Luckily there was a mattress in the room already so what to sleep on the night wasn’t a problem, I made a list of the things I would need to purchase to start my life with, the following day I took my doc-ments and left the house early to meet Mr Muller for a discussion, when he saw my crenditials he was impressed and immediately offered me a job as his Freight Forwarding and Consolidation Manager, he taught me alot in the work and in no time I was running the affairs of the business very well, Mr Muller could travel to his country for a month and leave everything in my care without an fear because he trusted me very much, I bought a small car called Morris and rented a bigger apartment later and came to take Stella along to see my new place, I dont know what happened but all I can remember was that we ended up having s€×, oh yes we f**ked the living hell out of ourselves, after we were done I realised my bedsheet was stained with blood, I started checking myself if I had wounded myself or that of Stella but I didn’t see any open wound or cut on any of us, Stella was looking at me smiling whiles I was busily searching our bodies for a cut, I asked her why she was smiling and she told me she was enjoying how I was making a fool out of myself, she asked if it was my first time of having s€× and I told her yes, equally it was her first time also so she gave me a little tuition on a lady when she first goes down with a man, she told me the blood we seeing is her V-rginity been broken and she gave it to me freely, that was how our love life started, I later went to ask for her hand in marriage. Her mother was so happy but her dad didn’t like the idea even though he didn’t have a problem with me, everyone in the room apart from me knew something was not okay somewhere, a little investigation by her mum revealed that her dad had been taking money from his boss all in the name of giving the hand of his daughter to him to marry as his third (3rd) wife, can you imagine, a 70year old man chasing after a lady who was 25years old, the annoying part was that Stella’s dad mistakenly damaged one of his bosses car by putting petrol instead of diesel into his E class Benz and the man planned to lock Stella’s dad up, as he was pleading for mercy, Stella was sent to give food to his father at his work place and that was when his boss s₱0tted her and decided to trade the damaged car for Stella. Was Stella’s dad Mr Ansong having a choice? Hell no!!! He decided to play along and dance to the turn been played by his boss, infact money ruled the world and if you don’t have money your case is always small or little, the man started giving Mr Ansong money regularly but he was also foolishly using it on alcoholic drinks and spending it on useless friends, he forgot he even had a 207 Benz bus that had broken down and he could use that money to repair it, time came and Mr Ansong’s boss wanted Stella to warm his bed so he started visiting the house and made his intentions known to Stella and her mum, along the line also my boss Mr Muller called me to inform me that he was down with cancer and because of that he won’t come back to Africa or Ghana again so I should take care of the business as my own, that was when I injected the money I came to the city with into the business and in a few months time my business was booming with customers and clients, the company sat on top of all the people doing the same business with me and in no time I started getting enemies and rivalry threats, my one day show with Stella brought results which was pregnancy and that helped me to go ahead with my marriage plans with her because her mum termed it as an embarrassment to her family for her daughter to give birth out of wedlock or not to have a man responsible for it. Even when Stella’s pregnancy was showing this old man wasn’t giving up on her, he could come around the house and be hiding behind tree’s and buildings to be watching Stella, unfortunately for him one day as Stella was done washing and going to throw her dirty water away, she threw the water straight to the oldman’s hideout and what pained him most was the fact that, there was a p-nt left in the dirty water and it landed straight on his face, that was what made him come out from his hideout ranting and shouting but what added the icing to the cake was when he slipped and fell down from the water that was on the floor. He saw that as an insult, he sacked Mr Ansong from his place of work and gave him 2months to come and pay every pesewa he owed him or else he will throw him to jail. Stella gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom I named after my mum and shortly after that we went to the alter for our union to be blessed and recognised by the society at large but something happened on that day which nearly spoilt our happy day…………
Can you guess what happened at the church that nearly destroyed the wedding of Nana Yaw and Stella?
To be continued… …

To be continued.

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