Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 3

Episode 3 & 4
The meeting ended hilariously by Dike’s grammar. None of the elders including the king understood his grammar not knowing that he wasn’t in support of involving the police on the issue of criminality that went on in the land because of a selfish reason which shows that Dike had a skeleton in his cupboard.
Nevertheless, in the evening, Ngozi, Mr. Kelechi’s daughter could be seen hurrying on a lonely road. She wore a brown local gown and a weaved hairstyle. She was totally having the outfit of a ‘village girl’. She wasn’t too beautiful and also had a slim body typology, but her butt was something that men couldn’t resist due to it’s attractive, large and curved shape. As she hurried on the road, she saw Chioma, Dike’s daughter coming from the opposite side. They had been close friends from childhood. Chioma’s body complexion was totally fair looking beautiful but had a flat butt unlike Ngoz.
“I am heading to your house” Ngozi told Chioma.
“Me too. It seems like we have the same thing in mind” Chioma replied and both giggled.
“I don’t know oh” Ngozi spread her hand sincerely. “I was coming to tell you how your father nearly killed me with his grammar if i hadn’t run into our house” she added.
“If you are complaining of that, what about me who live under the same roof with him? I must have been killed by his grammar and resurrected again” both laughed.
“I wonder how you live with him”
“He’s my father, i have no choice” Chioma looks around, dragged Ngozi to a corner and lowered her voice. “Guess what?”
“What?” Ngozi returned the question swiftly.
“Ubiji just proposed to me”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, he said he wants to marry me but my problem now is my father. He’s a difficult human being, i don’t think he’ll allow me to marry him”
“That’s what i was about to say. Your father will definitely chase Ubiji away with his grammar” Ngozi laughed aloud while Chioma frowned.
“It’s not funny oh”
“I know” Ngozi held her breath. “Do you know why your father won’t aprove the marriage? It’s because Ubiji is only a farmer” she added.
“But that’s what he read in school na” Chioma defended. “He studied Agriculture in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture. He’s even a graduate just that he doesn’t have enough fund to establish commercially. Moreover and most importantly, i love him”
“Hmm.. my sister, he should come and see your father first”
“He said that he’ll be coming with his people in the next three days”
“I’m happy for you dear” Ngozi concluded and lowered her voice too. “Have you heard that armed robbers invaded someone’s house last night and raped a sixteen year old girl after they must have collected the mother’s money?”
“Yes oh, poor girl. I wonder what this village is turning into” Chioma complained.
“That’s probably what the elders went to discuss in the palace today. My dear i will be coming to your house in the next three days for the marriage introduction” Ngozi walked out smiling.
“Busy-body! No problem i will be expecting you” Chioma smiled too.
At night, the wh0le village was quiet and calmed except the distance chattering of children who were planning under the bright moonlight. The crickets and other notorious animals took up a noise making in nearby bushes.
In a single room located at a lonely place, there were four boys who were smoking seriously to the extent the room saturated with smoke of cigarette. The room had only a bed and few bags. Suddenly, a knock came from the door and one of them stood up to open it. Surprisingly after opening it, Dike entered angrily. From all indications, they were the group of boys who were causing trouble in the village with Dike, but all became confuse to see him angry.
“You vagabonds!” Dike began. “You decided to deviate from the stumpy instruction i gave to you. There is a big clunker which you have cogently made and will definitely metamorphos to a hazardous holocaust in this village”
Obinna, one of the boys who was also their leader blew out a smoke of cigarette and said, “Oga, you just dey speak big big grammar for us. Why can’t you tell us the cause of this ranting in a simple language we can understand”
“Nonsense! I sent you to steal some money from a woman but you ended up raping her sixteen year old daughter. I never knew that you have no control of your d*cks for a perfidous sadomasochism which i doubt to be coitus interruptus”
“Oga, that girl’s body was so tempting. We couldn’t resist it”
“Yes, my boys and i did it” Obinna replied pointing at other three boys.
“Jesus Christ!” Dike exclaimed. “You mean as voluminous as your d*cks are, all penetrated into the girl’s…” he paused and shook his head sadly. “Just pray nothing happens to that girl” he concluded.
“We are sorry sir” the boys apologized.
“You better be”
“What is our next mission?” Obinna asked.
“I’ll get back to you tomorrow” Dike turned to open the door but suddenly looked at the boys again. “That reminds me; the elders are trying to formulate a vigilante group and also inform the police about what is happening”
Hearing that, the boys looked at one another….

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