Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 4

Episode 4

The four boys kept starring at one another over what Dike said. Already, Chidi, the youngest boy became afraid. He doesn’t want to hear anything about police or armed group of people called a vigilante group. Upon all the surprise faces, Dike wasn’t worried. Therefore Obinna asked him, “What do you suggest we do?”

“Nothing, just be vigilant too” he replied, clutched the doorknob and went out.

“Listen you all” Chidi stood up. He wore a sagged three-quarter jean trouser with black singlet which exposed his muscles. “I don’t know what your next plans are but i think is time we stop this. I don’t know why sir Dike would tell us to be vigilant too knowing very well that the police will be involved”

“Boy relax! Stop acting like a coward. Who are the vigilante group and police men? They can’t do anything. Moreover we have guns” Obinna encouraged him.

“I have a strange feeling about this” Chidi added.

“Guy, you too dey fear” Kachi, one of them said.

“Don’t mind him. If it is to rape a girl, he won’t have strange feelings about it” Ebuka, another guy concluded.


The next day at Ubiji’s compound, the compound has an orange tree infront of it giving the arena a shade. Ubiji came out from his local house left for him by his late parents. He hung a hoe on his shoulder and a machet in his hand. He wore only a dirty trouser without a shirt thereby making his hairy chest visible. He was tall, slim and a bit dark in complexion. As he tried to walk out, Chioma arrived in a long milky gown. She stood before him smiling.

“Good morning, Ubim”

“Morning, Chim. You look more beautiful toady” Ubiji smiled looking to her eyes.

“Thank you, i can see that you are on your way to the farm” Chioma said.

“Exactly, i want to start cultivation before the downfall of the rain” he replied then Chioma crossed her hands around his neck and looked at him rom-ntically.

“You work too much my love, why don’t you take a day break?” She siad then Ubiji smiled.

“I was brought up to be hærdworking by my late parents. Moreover, this is what i studied in school. I believe that one day God will favour me with enough capital to start up a commercial farming system so that i will be able to take care of you and treat u like a queen you are”

“Thank you, i guess your name is affecting your life”

“What do you mean?” Ubiji wanted to know.

“Your name is Ubiji, right?” Chioma asked smiling and staring at him.

“Yes” Ubiji replied.

“Which means farm-yam. So you love farming!” Chioma explained and both began to laugh aloud.

“You can say that again” Ubiji concluded while Chioma suddenly remained quiet. She disengaged her hand from his neck and moved away. “What’s it?” Ubiji asked.

“Have you told yout uncle about you coming to see my father?”

“Yes, i will come with him next tomorrow ”

“Okay, have a nice day at work” Chioma hugged him happily and began to leave.

“And you too. Take care of yourself” Ubiji replied.

“I will” Chioma turned. “One more thing; make sure you kill bush animal for me” she added then Ubiji smiled.

“I never told you I’m a hunter. My name is Ubiji not Ofia-anu”

“Alright, bye”

“Bye” both smiled away to different directions.

To be continued

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