Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 6

Episode 6
The saliva in Ngozi’s mouth nearly dried off as Dike glared at her and Chioma. Due to how they composed themselves quietly, Dike averted his eyes from them and entered into his room without saying anything. Therefore Ngozi exhaled heavily holding her chest. “That God” she said looking at Chioma. “My sister i have to be on my way now before your father comes back again because i can’t stand his grammar” she added and left immediately.
Umuye village was the most known peaceful village across other neighbouring lands and kingdoms, but what she was experiencing at the moment made people wonder what was going on and they had vowed to get to the root of it and fish out the very person behind it. How would they know that Dike, the grammarian, the highly respected and educated man was behind their predicament?
Nevertheless, Chioma hurried to Ubiji’s compound few minutes later without minding her father’s opinion. In front of the compound, Ubiji sat on a stool under the orange tree thinking sadly. As he thought, Chioma arrived from behind without his knowledge and slowed down feeling his sadness too. Suddenly a gentle wind began to blow thereby generating an atmosphere of rom-nce. When Chioma drew closer wearing pink leggings trouser and white top, she called, “My love”
Hearing her voice, Ubiji stood up and turned arround.
“Chim..” he called too looking into her eyes.
Chioma ran to him and hugged him warmly controlling her tears.
“Please, I’m so sorry about my father’s aggressiveness ”
“Is okay my love” Ubiji began to touch her cheeks and hair rom-ntically. “I’m not worried about your father or anything because my love for you will never die. There is always a joy in my heart that flows like a river whenever I’m with you or even think about you. And this joy i will always maintain and retain till the end of life. I will do whatever your father wants me to do, I’ll be whosoever he wants me to be in as much as i wake up each morning to see you by my side”
“Yes my love ” Ubiji smiled.
“I love you so much”
“I love you too” they hugged each other again.
“So what’s your plan” Chioma asked then Ubiji walked to the stem of the orange tree and leaned on it thoughtfully and Chioma followed him.
“I want to collect a loan from the bank” he replied.
“A laon?”
“But what will you use as collateral?”
“I will use all my father’s land including this house” Ubiji looked at the local house. “Even without the house, the lands will be enough” he added.
“How many land are we talking about?” Chioma queried.
“Five hectares”
Chioma held his hand gently. “Ubim, this is risky. What if you are unable to..”
“I must bre able to pay back” Ubiji interrupted. “I will make sure i establish a large area of farmland for mechanized farming which will generate a lot of income. Our soil is fertile and we have good roads, so to transport the farm products to the urban areas won’t be difficult” he stared into Chioma’s eyes. “Believe me my love, this will work” he added.
“I hope so. I shall keep praying for you and waiting until you are ready to come back to my father” Chioma said.
Both smiled and hugged each other tightly.
Back to the single room, Dike stood before the four criminals ; Obinna, Kachi, Chidi and Ebuka. Had had a big envelope in his hand which he threw to Obinna. All the boys concentrated to know the content of the envelope except Chidi who was operating his mobile pphone. Obinna opened the envelope, brought out a paper and glanced at it. “One million naira from chief Ebube?” He asked surprisingly then Chidi turned swiftly.
“Yes, i want you to invade into his inner sanctum and belligerently get the money from him” Dike replied.
“How are you sure this man will release such amout of money?”
“Don’t interrogate the feasibility of this onslaught planned by a tactician like me. Chief Ebube is not a cantankerous old man rather a benevolent paragon who has voraciously donated benefactions to the widows and widowers of this village. So i don’t have a qualm that he will perfunctorily release the money without withholding a single kobo”
“Okay, if you say so” Obinna put back the paper into the envelope.
“Wait oh” Chidi began”What about the vigilante and police the elders talked about?” He asked then Dike glared at him angrily..

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