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What A Life – episode 6


Episode 6

Eno: “And what are those questions supposed to mean? You slept with me without protection and you are here asking me how comes I am pregnant? If I were you, I would be asking how we can begin marriage plans so that our child won’t be born outside wedlock”.
Dozie: “I slept with you or you sed-ced me into sleeping with you? “
Eno: “It doesn’t matter how it happened. What matters is that there is s€× between us”.
Dozie: “Look, I was tipsy that day because I had a little too much alcohol to drink. It happened just once and I am sure I am not responsible for that thing you carry. You better take it to its rightful owner”.
Eno: “Of course you are responsible. Who said having s€× only once is not enough to cause pregnancy?”
Dozie: “You know what? I have had enough of your stupidity and incoherent speeches. Now, get out of my compound”.
Eno: “I am going nowhere, young man. If you think I am Samantha that you can treat anyhow and break her heart, then you need to have a rethink”.
Dozie: “You are going nowhere? Okay, lets see about that” Jonny???” he scre-med at the uniform security man who came running and p-nting.
Jonny: “Oga, see me here”.
Dozie: “Throw this b—h out and lock the gate”.
Jonny: “Oga, you say?”
Dozie: “I said throw her out and lock the gate of my father’s compound. And, if you ever allow her in here again, you are fired!”
Jonny: “Okay, sir”. Turning to Eno he said, “Madam, come dey go”.
Dozie: “I didn’t say you should ask her to leave. I said throw her out”.
Jonny: “Yes, sir”. He suddenly grabbed Eno by the arm and dragged her out in spite of her protests.
Dozie: “Good riddance to bad rubbish. Come and force me to accept the pregnancy now, b—h!”
Outside the gate, Eno who had expected this kind of reaction brought out her makeup kit, applied her powder and took a cab to Samantha’s house. She met Samantha’s mother on her way to Church.
Mama Samantha: “You, what are you doing in my house again? Haven’t you caused enough harm already?”
Eno: “I am sorry, mum. I know I did wrong and that is why I am here to apologize and…”
Mama Samantha: “Eh-en, hold it there. Just hold it there you daughter of Jezebel. I don’t even know what has come over you girls of nowadays. You go about opening your legs for men anyhow. How can you be shameless enough to sleep with your best friend’s fiancé and still have the guts to come here looking for her? Before I open and close my eyes, you are out of here”.
Samantha rushed down when she heard her mother raising her voice against someone.
Samantha: “Mum, are you okay? Who are you talking with?”
Mama Samantha: “I am fine, my dear. I am talking to this devilish friend of yours”.
Samantha: “What! Eno? What the hell are you doing in my house? It’s okay, mum. You run along so you don’t go late for the home cell service. I can handle her”.
Mama Samantha: “Okay. Whatever it is, I don’t want to meet her here when I return and do not allow her deceive you with her countenance. There is something about this girl that does not agree with my spirit”.
Samantha: “Okay, mum. Take care”. To Eno she said. “Yes, what can I do for you?”
Eno: “I am sorry, girlfriend. It was a mistake. You should know that I won’t do anything to deliberately hurt you. I…I…just don’t know what came over me last night”.
Samantha: “Have you finished talking? Well, I have heard you. You can leave now”.
Eno: “C’mmon, now. I have missed you, I missed your friendsh¡p, I miss our hanging out together, I miss our going for shopping together. Can we have those days back? If I don’t mean well for you, will I tell you thatDozie said he was gonna ditch you in Church? If you had listened to me that day, you would have been the one to call off the wedding saving yourself all the embarrassment. Samantha, please accept me as a friend again”.
Samantha began to soften when she saw that Eno was looking sober and shedding tears.
Samantha: “But you shouldn’t have slept with my man, Eno. No matter what, you should have resisted that temptation”.
Eno: “I know and I am willing to make amends. In fact, if you want me to help you get him back, I will”.
Samantha: “It’s okay, I forgive you”.
Eno: “Thanks, girlfriend, you rock!” she drew her tight and hugged her.
Samantha: “Better don’t try that kind of a thing again o, else I will kick your ass out for good”.
Eno: “Cross my heart, I won’t. So tell me, are you still in love with Dozie? Will you still agree to marry him if he comes back begging? Have you made up with him?”
Samantha: “I think I still love him but I don’t know how to go about the wh0le thing. The other day he sent me a text that in as much as he wanted me in his life, he was staying away for the sake of his safety and mine, I don’t know what he means by that. I tried calling him, visiting the house, chatting him up all to no avail. Can you believe that I haven’t set my eyes on him since that bachelor’s eve day?”
Eno: “Are you serious? Na wa o. But why do you still love him now? After all he did to you?”
Samantha: “Love is not something you can explain”.
Eno: “If I were you, I will just forget him and move on with my life, after all he is not the only man on earth, there are many more better men around”.
Samantha: “Yeah, you right. There are many more better men around and you couldn’t find any to strafe except mine”.
Eno is angered by Samantha’s statement but she made effort not to show it.
Samantha: “C’mmon, don’t feel bad, I was only joking”.
Eno: “Of course I don’t feel bad. I mean you just said the truth, so why should I feel bad?”
Samantha: “I thought I just saw you looking sober when I said that”.
Eno: “Not at all. I love you, Samantha. You will always remain my best friend forever”.
Samantha: “I love you too, Eno. I am sorry about the way my mum spoke to you earlier. I will speak with her when she returns and I am sure she will accept you as she used to”.
Eno: “Okay. So, tell me,what have you been up to?”
Mama Eno walked up to her daughter’s room to see her crying.
Mama Eno: “Why are you crying? What happened to you?”
Eno: “I am tired of all these, mum. I told you this isn’t going to work. I went to Dozie’s house as you said and after giving me the insult of my life, he asked that stinking security man to throw me out. Can you imagine, mum. As if that isn’t enough, I went to Samantha’s house and after her mother gave me the insult of my life by calling you Jezebel and me the daughter of Jezebel, I made up with Samantha who kept making some sarcastic statements about how I can’t get a man for myself”.
Mama Eno: “Dozie did what? Anyway, It is a good thing that you have made up with your friend. You never can tell where we will be needing her help. Get ready, we are paying Dozie’s parents a visit”
Eno: “Mum! Don’t even try that. You will end up with the embarrassment of your life”.
Mama Eno: “Shut up and get dressed. I don’t have time to waste on useless talk. I will show Dozie and his people that nobody messes with my daughter and goes free. They don’t know me, I will shock them today. Maybe they think they can take advantage of you because I single handedly raised you, they don’t know that what a man can do a woman can do a million times better. They should prepare for trouble!”
Eno: “But what if they instruct the security guy to throw us out?”
Mama Eno: “They wouldn’t dare. You don’t know your mother that is why you are saying all these. Now, enough of the talk, go get dressed.

Eno: “Okay, mum”.

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