When Fate Strikes

When fate strikes episode 59 – end

{ Destined Hearts… }

THEME: Roll Of Twist.


By, Lisa (A.O)



“Stop following me,will you!!!” Gianna growned and swiftly turned to Dean.

“I’m sorry!” Dean quickly walk up to her before she would enter the house.

“Fine.. I’ve forgiven you” Gianna heaved.


“I’m serious,I already make you suffer enough.. and besides I miss you so much already. I’m only hurting myself even more” Gianna muttered and a smile appeared on Dean’s lips.

“Really?” He replied emotionally.

Never in his dreams did he ever thought she’ll forgive him so easily,but he’s glad she did.

“Of course” Gianna said and pulled him Into the house with her.

“Now that I’ve cleared my mind.. You should be ready cos I’m never letting you go tonight,not ever.. I miss you so much. A month felt like a year to me” She pouted sadly.

“I miss you a lot too” Dean pouted too.

“Awwwn… Kiss me!” She shut her eyes and Dean immediately held her waist and slammed her lips hungrily like a starving wolf.

Only God knows how much he missed those lips, everything about her. His favorite backside too.

“Hmmm!” Gianna moaned softly as Dean lifted her off the ground. He dropped her on the couch and they began kissing again.

Gianna’s hand moved to his shirt and she began unblottling it impatiently.

Dean broke the kiss to stare at her.

“Why? You don’t want to?” She mumbled.

“No I mean.. Are you sure?” He asked and she held his face and brought it closer to her face.

“I’ve never been so sure.. I miss everything about you, especially the f*cking part! You’re really good!” Gianna rubbed his chest and Dean smirked.

“Like right now,on this couch?”

“I don’t mind.. Stop asking and let’s start already!” She replied and Dean’s reconnect thier lips, grabbing her @ss,he gave it a hard press and Gianna moaned out sweetly.

The sound only turned him on more.

In a twinkle of an eye,their clothes were already all over the floor.


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“Gosh! I’m so tired!!” Lisa muttered tiredly and sank onto the couch as soon as they got in.

“I said I would carry you but you didn’t agree…” Dylan scoffs and bent in front of her. He helped her take off her heels and Lisa smiled in relieve.

It’s as if the pills to her tiredness was in the shoe.

“Thank you”

“I’m so tired but I had fun.. My head is spinning. What to do?” She graoned and stood up wanting to go to the kitchen but Dylan suddenly grabbed her and before she could say a word he carried her in a bridal style and she blinked.

“What are you doing?” She asks as he began taking her into the kitchen.

“Saving you from the stress of walking.. You said you’re tired” He replied.

They got to the kitchen and he dropped her on the counter. He opened the fridge and brought out a soda and opened it’s before handing it to her.

“Thank you…” Lisa smiled and drank from it immediately.

“Hmmm!” She suddenly moaned out and Dylan looked at her.

“Stop doing that_” He cautioned.

“Why? Does it turn you on?” She giggled and did it again.

Dylan didn’t reply so she continue repeating it.

“What if it’s does” He suddenly spoke and Lisa chocked on her drink.

“Huh?” She blinked.

“Have you ever had s*x?”

“Why are you asking all this questions? You’re making me feel scared of staying under the same roof with you tonight!” Lisa blinked and made to get down from the counter but Dylan stoped her.

“Maybe.. I’m a guy after all” He winked and Lisa swallowed hard.

“Stop.. You’re scaring me” She said childishly and shut her eyes.

“Are you a virgin?” Dylan asked.

Lisa opened her eyes.

“Of course,what do you think of me” She rolled her eyes.

“Me too”

Lisa’s eyes widened. “Really?”

“I’m serious. So what do you say.. Should we make tonight more fun?” He kissed her and she reciprocate immediately but then she broke it.

“I heard first time always hurt. Please take it easy with me…” She bit her lips and Dylan almost laughed out.

“I promise” He replied and she finally nodded. He carried her in a bridal style and left the kitchen.



Lyric successful got both Pearl and Starr to sleep after so many questions they kept asking her. She heaved in relive as she covered them with a duvets,she kissed their forehead and take one last look at them before leaving the room.

She got into the living room and met Leonardo waiting,his face expression says it all that he’s already impatient.

“Bell…” She called and he turned and immediately pulled her to his laps,she was facing him.

He made to kiss her but she placed a finger on his lips.

“I haven’t taken a shower yet…” She said.

“I don’t mind” He replied and tried kissing her again.

“I smell terrible..” She added

“I don’t care” He replied and kissed her neck.

Lyric chuckled. She was just pulling his legs to see how impatient he his. She knew she should be ready for him tonight.

“Let’s go to your room…” She whispered but he didn’t reply,he was still sucking on the particular spot sniffing her scent as much as he wants.

“Let’s start from here” He finally said and claimed her lips hungrily. Lyric hunged her hands around his neck and began kissing him back.

Leonardo dipped his hand under her big shirt and Lyric shivered immediately she felt his hand on her bare back,he slowly unhooked her bra and her average breast fell directly in his palm giving it a steady squeeze.

“Hmmm!” Lyric moaned cutely.

Her moans alone is already making him so hard that he’s at the verge of losing his mind.

Still kissing hotly,he grabbed her @ss and he stood up with her,his palm holding her her @ss,he began heading upstairs.

Till they got to the front of the door,they never for once broke the kiss.

Leonardo opened the door with his right hand and Lyric did the closing with her back.

He gave her @ss a hard press and dropped her on the bed,coming on top quickly.

He pulled off the top she was wearing immediately and went for her
b**bs,the last time he did.. He wasn’t chanced to suck it as he want but he got the chance now.

Lyric watched as he took off his shirt and swallowed when she behold his mighty d*ck wondering if it would really fit in there. The last time she has s*x is when he rapped her and that’s 5 years ago.

Is she really ready to feel the pain again?

“Are you ready?” Leonardo held her gaze and she slowly,they held the gaze as he pushed his full length Inside her and Lyric gasped.

“Are you okay?” He stopped moving and she nodded. She was expecting it to hurt but it’s didn’t she was surprised but happy that this would feel different from the first.

Leonardo lost his mind immediately he felt how tight she was,what he needed exactly. This is his first time having s*x after a long time too.

He began slamming her really hard and Lyric eyes widened. He wasn’t taking it easy with he anymore but she seemed to enjoy it and she want more,and more.

“Faster Bell!” She moaned out as pleasure hits her.

He continued slamming into her, screwing her so hard.

He captured her lips with his own, kissing her roughly, and their tongues battled in their mouths.

He was still thrusting, still digging deep into her, till f**cking her mercilessly as they kissed harder.

When his lips finally left hers, he went down to her b**bs and took the n*pple into his warm mouth.


He teased her n**ples with his sharp tongue tip, and her eyes rolled to the back of their sockets as earth-shattering pleasure hit her insides.

“Ouch.. Leo!!”




“Prince! Let’s get this and this too…” Mikaela pouted as she pointed at all the dresses she want.

“Seriously? I thought you promise to-”

Mikaela immediately kissed him before he could landed and she chuckled when she saw he stopped talking.

“I’m sorry,I just can’t stop being me! Get used to it” She smiled and led him over to the hat section, where she picked out a few matching hats.

She stood on her toes and he put it on for him, looking adorable. She then put on the second hat, and the two of them looked like a perfectly matched pair.

“Looks great,let’s pick a few more things for my friends too” She pouted and Princeton nodded.

She’s always bent on getting whatever she wants anyway.

“Do you think Kelly will like this?” Mikaela suddenly showed him a hat and a frown.

“Why are you picking one for him?” He asked jealously.

“He’s my friend and I want to pick matchy hats for Nikita and him.. You don’t have to be jealous…” Mikaela chuckled.

“Who said I’m jealous?” Princeton rolled his eyes.

“I’m all yours okay?” Mikaela winked.

“Of course.. You are all mine… Alone!” He said and She smiled.

“When did you became this possessive!”

“You made me like this so deal with it” Princeton replied.

“Whao,my prince is growing.. I love this jealous side of you more. Should I get the same hat as him….”

“Don’t you dare!” Princeton glared.

“Copied.. Jealous cutie!”



Leonardo literally rushed over here immediately he was told Lyric passed out. His heart racing as his eyes searched for her.

“Bell…..” Lyric suddenly called from behind and he turned quickly.

“Peach!” He called and rushed to her.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere.. Why are you here in the first place?!” He threw her questions at once.

“Relax.. I’m fine!” Lyric replied,beaming with a smile.

“But why do you keep smiling? You’re scaring me! What’s wrong?” He said and Lyric chuckled.

“I have good news!” She said and Leonardo just stared at her as she hand him a paper. She gestured him to check it.

Leonardo eyes widened as he read the content,the first thing his eyes caught was *POSITIVE*

“Is this true?” He asked,his voice trembling with excitement.

“Of course! I’m pregnant, we’re going to have a baby, again?” Lyric squealed and Leonardo immediately pulled her into a tight hug.

“Thank you! Thank you for making me the most happiest man alive… For not leaving me! For loving me and being the mother of my kids! I promise to be the best husband you could ever ask for. I promise to love you,our kids and unborn baby too! Thank you so much Peach!” He said emotionally and Lyric broke the hug to look at his face.

“Don’t tell me you’re crying…” She chuckled.

“Com’on babe.. I’m serious” Leonardo muttered and peck her lips softly.

Lyric smiled.

“Be my Glamour and Empress only… Now and forever?” He whispered affectionately.

“Forever and ever, I’m all yours!” She replied passionately.

“I love you Peach…” He brushed his nose with hers and she chuckled.

“I love you too Bell……” Lyric smiled and like that, Leonardo claimed her lips and the began kissing as if the time stopped for them alone,not minding the people watching.

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Awwn!!!

โ‰พโ–ฦฌสœแด‡ Endโ‰ฟ



Time flies by really fast with just a twinkle of an eye,Everyone is happy and peaceful.

Dean and Gianna are still together and happy. Princeton and Mikaela are still happily dating,planning to take thier relationship to the next level soon.

Meaning? They’ll be getting married.

Lyric and Leonardo already get married and had a baby girl like the kids wanted. A cutie named Sophia.

Lisa and Dylan are still together and very much happy,same as Kelly and Nikita.

Eclipse and Lance just discovered thier feelings for each other,they began dating recently.

Josephine returned to New York after Lyric and Leonardo wedding,and she’s happy with her family too.

Pierce is not alone too, he’s dating Sia. Jayden returned from Singapore with his girlfriend too,soon wife to be.


Lyric graoned as she heard Pearl and Starr screamed from thier room and she got up from her bed weakly,carrying little Sophia in her arms as she walked out of her room.

She got to the living room and met them arguing as usual.

“What’s the matter?” She asked the both of them.

“Pearl won’t stop making fun of me cos I’m the only guy in the house.. Why did Sophia has to be a girl!” Starr pouted

Lyric held her head frustratedly. “The same matter again?” She muttered.

“Don’t you guys get tired?”

“Don’t mind him mummy.. He’s just jealous he didn’t have a partner..” Pearl pouted and cupped Sophia’s cheeks.

“I need a baby brother too.. You already gave her hers!” Starr frowned and sat.

“What?” Lyric raised her eyebrow.

The door suddenly opened and Leonardo came in.

Starr was the first to rushed to him. “Good thing you’re here.. The girls won’t stop bullying me” He muttered like a kid he his.

Leonardo chuckled and carry him.

“Is this true?” He asked when he got to them.

“No dad! He keep insisting he want a boy and not Sophia!” Pearl defended.

“Seriously?” Leonardo chuckled and looked at Lyric.

“Yes dad!” Starr pouted.

“That aside, Dad got a good news for you guys” He squatted in front of both of them.

“Are we going to an amusement park?” Pearl immediately asked.

Leonardo shooked his head.

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“I got a leave from work.. We can finally go to New York to spent time with your Momma Josephine!” He announced and their face brighten immediately.

“Yay!!! I can’t wait!!” Pearl gushed.

“Me too.. We’ve to start packing our stuff.. We shouldn’t forget anything Pearl” Starr said and Pearl nodded. They both rushed up to thier rooms.

Leonardo smiled as he watch them,he went to Lyric and took Sophia from her. She’s already awake,and she flashed a cute smile at him.

“She never gets tired of showing her love to me” Leo said referring to Sophia. He placed a short kiss on her face as she smile again.

“I bets she loves me more.. I’ve her food” Lyric smirked.

“When is she gonna stop sucking? I miss that so much?” Leo pouted like a kid.

“For real? You’re unbelievable!” Lyric shakes her head.

“I’m serious! You’re willing to share with dad right?” Leo turned to Sophia as if she could hear him.

“Stop scaring the poor kid” Lyric took her from him.

“Now that I think about it, we should grant Starr his wish too.. Don’t you think?” He winked.

“Don’t even think of it.. I’m not ready!”

“Let’s see if you can resist me-” Leo smirked.

“Sure” She smirked back and they both laughed.

โœจ ๐šƒ๐™ท๐™ด ๐™ด๐™ฝ๐™ณ ๐Ÿ’‹

๐‘ท๐’†๐’๐’” ๐‘ซ๐’๐’˜๐’..โœ

๐‘ป๐’‰๐’‚๐’๐’Œ๐’” ๐‘ญ๐’๐’“ ๐‘น๐’†๐’‚๐’…๐’Š๐’๐’ˆ WHEN FATES STRIKES. ๐‘ป๐’‰๐’‚๐’๐’Œ๐’” ๐’‡๐’๐’“ ๐’”๐’•๐’‚๐’š๐’Š๐’๐’ˆ ๐’˜๐’Š๐’•๐’‰ ๐’Ž๐’† ๐’–๐’๐’•๐’Š๐’๐’ ๐’•๐’‰๐’† ๐’†๐’๐’…. Both active readers and Ghosties

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