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Fate is a very interesting thing.. Some people tend to think Fate can be manipulated, that can control their own fate, People don’t accept their Fate, thinking its their own doing or someone’s doing.. Well, they’re wrong.. Fate can’t be manipulated, it can’t be control and it can’t be changed.. It’s not our doing, Fate determines our lives since the day we were born, even in the book of destiny, Our fate are written in there.. We all must accept our fate whether good or bad.. That’s the way it is, no matter what we do, we can’t change our fates, if you’re poor, then you’re poor, if you’re rich, then you’re rich.. Just embrace and accept your fate.. No man can change his or her fate.. No matter what.. Only God can change our fate………..



That was me, waking up from another yet terrifying dream.. A dream which I’ve been dreaming about for 3 years.
I woke up and sat on the edge of my bed sweating and gasping for breath.. Some people get over their nightmares but mine wasn’t like that, it was as if it was real, it was like I was experiencing them in real life, But honestly to me, they looked real cause dreams don’t keep showing up repeatedly for 3 years, its just too ridiculous

The first dream that I had, was so realistic.. In the dream, I was being tied by tree branches and was almost eaten by a witch.

The second dream I had, was realistic as well, In the dream, I was in a bar or club with some people who looked strange, they had human faces but then, their legs were hooves like that of goats and horse, some had fins like that of fishes.


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third one was the scariest and was the one I kept dreaming about constantly.. In the dream, I was being tortured by a witch, she was cruel, and heartless, as she tortured me, she was laughing calling my name.. Whenever I had that dream, I barely get hold of myself.. It was so terrifying that I couldn’t forget the name of the witch torturing me.. Her name is Rose.
I’ve had other dreams as well but these 3 were the most constant ones I’ve been dreaming about but in those dreams, there was something I couldn’t forget no matter what.. Inside those dreams, there was one particular lady that appeared in every single one of them, She was like the light in my dreams, I couldn’t forget her face, it was clear in my mind, as if I’ve met her before.. The only thing I knew about her was her name.. Which was Christen.


funny thing is, all these dreams were about witches… Back in my campus days, I was obsessed about them but now I’m not.. Times without number, I’ve visited Pastors and therapist, hell even herbalist to tell me about this dreams.. The doctors said it was drugs.. The therapist said I was going insane and the Herbalist couldn’t even say anything.
Seeing that I couldn’t get the help I needed, I decided to help and pray to God to block these dreams away. For some time, I no longer dreamt those dreams and I got a chance to sleep peacefully but now they’re back.
After sitting on my bed for some time.. I stood up and went to the toilet to pee.. After that I came back, took my phone, and checked the time.. It was 5:59 am in the morning.
So seeing I couldn’t go back to sleep, I decided to get ready to leave for work, At first boiled my water for bath and then I went to the kitchen to prepare myself some breakfast.

10 years has passed since Since I graduated from Ibadan university 🎓, Thanks to my High C.GPA, I was offered Lecturing in my department, But Lecturing wasn’t really my thing, so after my service, I tried looking for jobs, But considering the kind of Country we were in, it was hard to get a job, so without any options, I decided to go back and accept the lecturing offer.
It took a while before I got a hang of it though eventually it paid off in the end. During those years of my lecturing career, I went for my master degree and PhD and thanks to God, I was successful in all and within 8 years, I was a young and respected Professor.. Not only was a Prof, but I was also a member of the archeologist community here in Ibadan called Ibadan Archaeologists Society ( I. A. S), our job is to find ancient artifacts, study them and preserve them as a national treasure..


for my friends and family things turned out pretty well for them… Khalid my best buddy was now a business man dealing in exported cars from over seas or the Lagos / Benin border, we do keep in touch, he wanted me to join him in the business gig but I told him, I would think about it..

As for Tina, Well, the b*tch was married to one member to house of reps but they later got divorced, she has one child with the guy.. But despite being divorced she sure got alot of money 💰 from her child’s father for child support and all that, She used the money to open up a huge telecoms store, which has been fetching her alot of money.. What surprised me was, She and Khalid met during a few occasions and continued their erotic palava. I wonder why they didn’t get married to each other?

As for my brother Lionel.. He was now a changed individual, unlike before when he was wild and rowdy, He’s now a Manager in some company and he gets well paid, 350k a month ain’t bad.

My father, Mr. Femi is still a doctor but he said he’d retire in some few years. As for my mom, well, she’s still the same as ever, prayerful and supportive.. She’s now the women’s leader in their church ⛪️, she does her part by preaching to the women and constantly helps out in community service.

Well, that’s it.. The roads that everyone has taken, its not bad if you ask me.. At least everyone is safe and sound and well.
After I was done bathing and eating my breakfast, I wore my clothes and got ready for work, I prayed to God before leaving the house. I went down entered my car and drove to my place of work.
Ibadan had changed quite a bit during these years, There was new buildings, new neighborhood.. But one thing didn’t change and that was the bushes around Ibadan.. The government had insisted on preserving the forestation and made efforts to trim them and make them look so lovely to tourist who came to Ibadan.. Trash and other dirt was no longer thrown inside the bushes and if anyone was caught doing that, they get punished.

Minutes later, I arrived at the campus, The structure was still the same as it was but there were some few changes in it.. New departments were opened and new lecturers were hired to mold the mind of the student body.
Immediately I parked my car at the Faculty’s drive way, I came down and went inside the faculty. One thing I’ve learnt during my years of Lecturing was try to be both hard and soft on the students, that way you can establish a good relationship with the students.
As I entered my Office, I dusted my chair and table, I arranged my files neatly and removed my coat and hung it on the hanger close to my book shelf, After that, i sat down and began checking some projects reports of the graduating students, every time I go through this, I feel bored… The damn students couldn’t make things easier by writing a less report ; But no.. They’ll write more than enough a person can read.. As I was going through the reports, Mrs. Amelia entered my office.
Mrs. Amelia was the department’s examination officer.. She’s a woman of 29 and a very attractive one at that, but her bizarre nature makes men try not to approach her. She’s quite energetic and a dedicated staff, but she has this happening of staring at me giving me winks and s£xy smiles but any man would have taken her offer but I’m not interested.. She’s not my type.

Amelia ➡ Good morning, Prof. Riley.. How’s your night?

Riley ➡ Mrs. Amelia.. It was quiet well. You?

Amelia ➡ It was a bit chilly, I’d like some company to keep myself warm at night.

Riley ➡ (coughs) ahem.. Well, what brings you here? Is something wrong?

Amelia ➡ Sir, tomorrow you’ll be supervising the new staff joining us here tomorrow.

Riley ➡ What else?

Amelia ➡ Uhm, Prof. Adeyemi isn’t feeling fine.. He’s supposed to lecture the level 3 students.

Riley ➡ Okay.. I’ll feel in for him. When’s the class starting?

Amelia ➡ in 10 mins…

Riley ➡ Okay, looks like I have to get going.

I stood up took my lecture notes and headed for the lecture hall, but before I could leave my office, I was halted by Amelia.

Amelia ➡ Sir wait..

Riley ➡ What is it?

Amelia ➡ Your tie! Let me straighten out for you.

Before I could give her the approval, she stood right in front of me, and adjusted my tie, I stood firmly without saying anything, my eyes was just staring at her down her cleavage, her [email protected] were quite firm and plum, I resisted and controlled my urges so I wouldn’t lost my cool; as for Amelia, she was smiling and taking her time adjusting my tie, while she was doing that, I noticed a small tattoo on the side of her neck, it was quite artistic .. I wasn’t surprised though, Considering how she was, I could bet she was quite a flare back in her youthful days.
Seconds later, she was done and I went my way, I was in no mood to lecture but nothing can be done.. Apart from Prof. Adeyemi, I’m the only person who’s specialized in this course.
As I entered the lecture hall, the students were already seated but in an awkward manner, this sure brought back memories.. I was the same as these chaps back in the day… As soon as the students saw me, They quickly arranged themselves in an orderly manner.. In class I don’t smile at them but outside the class.. We were friends.
After that we exchanged pleasantries and then began the lecture.. I don’t give them everything but I give them enough materials to go and study.
Hours later, I was done with the lecture and I asked the students If they had questions, no one said anything except Cassandra Obaro. (A. K. A Cassy).
Cassandra is a girl of 23, an ebira/Yoruba girl, very attractive, arrogant, and a smart cookie.
She’s one of ace students in this class and has no respect for nobody cause her father is an ambassador.. Like Mrs. Amelia, this same girl has a soft spot for me as well, she couldn’t approach me so she uses this opportunity to give me the green lights.

Cassy ➡ Sir..

Riley ➡ Yes.. What is it?

Cassy ➡ it is true magic exists in Dark ages sir?

Riley ➡ Magic?

Cassy ➡ Yes sir (winks) 😉

F*cking b*tch… Wasting my time on a silly question like this.. I took a deep breath and gave the b*tch her answer.

Riley ➡ My dear.. There’s no such thing as magic.. It doesn’t exist..

Cassy ➡ Really? But Cults do use dark magic..

Riley ➡ Well, I’m not a cult member so without any more questions, I’ll say the class is… is.. is..

In that moment.. I felt something strange within me.. I saw images flashing in my mind, As I closed my eyes and stood quietly for some time trying to get hold of myself.. But then as I opened my eyes, I saw something that shocked me beyond belief.. Among the students, I saw that lady in my dream, the lady that was my light in that nightmarish dream.. What was her name… Yes Christen.. She’s the one.. But how? It doesn’t make sense.. I left the podium and went to where she was, the students were looking at me awkwardly as if I was mad.. But as i got there.. She wasn’t there.. She was never there.. I quickly went back to the podium, dismissed the class and went back to my office, As I was on my way to the office, I saw her again, I saw christen again but this time.. She was everywhere.. I quickly hurried to my office, closed myself in, so that no body would bother me.. Was this all real or am I hallucinating? Dreams can’t project themselves as mirrors, it’s just impossible.
I felt a lump in my throat, I quickly went to my toilet and vomited 🤢.. Shortly after that, I left the toilet and passed out in my office.
Some people say if you keep dreaming about something over and over again, its either you’ve been with that something or that something will happen to you. In my case it was both.
I later woke up, finding myself on the thighs of Mrs. Amelia and some of the faculty who were trying to revive me, as I was staring at them one by one.. I saw Christen again.. I sat up quickly looking dazed 😳 and scared.. Why was I seeing this things? The colleagues tried to ask if I was alright, but I ignored them all and left the office.. I hurried to my car and drove out of the campus, I didn’t know where I was driving, my foot was just on the pedal.. Minutes later, I stopped the car in the middle on nowhere, came out and shouted out loud kicking the tire.. I later stopped after I was exhausted myself.. As I sat inside my car wondering over my plight, I recognized the place where I parked my car.. It wasn’t far from my parents house.
As I was about to leave the place, I saw Christen’s ghostly figure standing close to the bushes, I stared at her trying to figure out what was happening; in that moment, she started going into the bushes.. The only thing my body told me was to run as fast as I cam but my mind was saying another thing and tag was to follow her..
Without any hesitation, I came down from my car and followed her. I ran so that I could catch up with her but she was to fast, as I got deeper and deeper into the forest, I can to get a strange but familiar feeling, finally, I reached at a dead end, there was nothing there but an open space and an old Iroko tree. I looked around if I would see the ghostly Christen but she wasn’t there.. Feeling tired and beat, I decided to sit under the Iroko tree and rest, and as I placed my hand on the tree, I began to see images of my dream, unlike before they were much more clearer and more realistic. In that moment, my mind was showered with lots of images of things that seemed absolutely crazy and impossible.. Images of witches, death, romance and most of all magic, the last image I saw was myself in a court with Christen.. She was crying and we shared a kiss and after that, everything became blank.
After jolting shock, I sat down on the ground wondering about what I just saw.. It was possible that this things sure happened but I’m having a hard time trying to believe it myself.. And the only person, that could confirm these was Christen. But where do I start finding her?
In that moment, I got a phone call from the Chairman of (I. A. S) Chief Olushegun. I answered the call to see what he wanted.

Riley ➡ Hello sir.

Olushegun➡ Riley! Where are you? .. There’s something I’d like you to see.

Riley ➡ I’m somewhere sir but I’ll be on my way.

Olushegun ➡ Come quick.

After the call, I stood up and went to my car, entered it and drove to (I. A. S) building. Minutes later, I arrived at the place, Chief Olushegun was outside with some men when I arrived. After parking the car.. I went to his place.
We exchanged pleasantries with him and the men, after that The chief showed me what he wanted to show me.. It was a statue of a woman, she had something in her hands, like some circle.. I observed the circle and notice it looked familiar but where.. In that moment, I remembered Mrs. Amelia, she had a tattoo of that circle on her neck.
I asked the chief about the statue 🗿 and he said it was just for fashion and that these particular men wanted to buy it.. I agreed cause the statue had no use.. There was nothing we could find or study on it.
Hours later, I returned home, feeling tired, bored and hungry.. As I got into the house, I took a nice bath after that, I tried to make myself some meal as I was about to head to the kitchen I heard a knock on my door, I went and opened it and to my surprise it was Amelia.

Riley ➡ Amelia!? How did you… What are you doing here?

Amelia ➡ Oh sorry sir.. You forget your stuff back at the office so I brought it back for you and also I made something for you to eat.

I wanted to refuse her offering but it wouldn’t be nice and I was hungry. So I allowed her to come in, She walked in smiling as she always does.. But there was something strange about her.. Her dressing was a bit casual and a bit too much.. She wore a nice shirt and short skirt that reached her knees. I just hope she’s not up to something..
After a while, Amelia served the meal she cooked, it was delicious really but I would have enjoyed it more if I was eating alone.. While I was eating Amelia was just staring at me, She would stare and stare and stare without blinking an eye.. Who lives like that?.
After I was done, Amelia packed the dishes and washed them for me.. I was grateful for what she did and I wished I could repay her in kind but turns out, this Crazy broad had something in pain..
While I sat on the couch trying to rest and let the food digest, Amelia came and stood in front of me, asking if there was anything I needed.

Amelia ➡ Sir.. Is there anything you need? Anything at all.

Riley ➡ Yes.. I’m good..

Amelia ➡ Are you sure?.

Riley ➡ Absolutely..

Amelia ➡ Anything..

Riley ➡ Look Amelia, I said I’m okay.. Why are you asking me this questions.

Amelia ➡ Nothing sir.. I just, I mean..

Riley ➡ Look, I’m grateful for the meal okay.. But I’d like you to leave.. If there’s anything you want.. Say it now cause I’m going to bed.

Amelia said nothing, so I stood up trying to head to my room but before I could even take a step, Amelia jumped and me and started lavishing me with kisses.. I tried to push her off but the damn lady was strong and stuck to me like magnet.. Her tongue was forcing its way into my mouth and she was using her charms to seduce me by force.
As we both struggled, we fell on the couch, Amelia who didn’t stop for a minute, continued forcing herself on me.. At last I finally submitted to her will because I was aroused as well, Seeing that I was on the same page with her, Amelia quickly stripped down my shorts, bringing out my hard rock d*ck, she stroked it nice and slow before sitting on it.. We both m0aned out loud as we felt each others genitals, after that, Amelia began to ride me fast and hard, she was really moving her waist like a pro, she held on to my shoulders, squatted on her legs and bounced her on my d*ck. Her c*nt was squeezing me hard and good, her pink vaginal walls were rubbing my d*ck and it was driving me nuts..
In that moment I grabbed Amelia and turned her around placing her back on the couch, As if she knew what I was about to do, she balanced her legs on my shoulders, she grabbed my scepter and planted it inside her.. After that, I rammed her c*nt hard.. I ploughed into her hard and deep, hammering my way to her womb.. Amelia m0aned out louder, tapping my ass, as she squealed out in pleasure.. In that moment, my house was filled with m0ans and smacking sounds as I hammered her c*nt.. I kept ravishing her and pleasuring myself, at least to let out some steam.. As I banged her, her c*nt got tighter around my d*ck, before long, I felt my d*ck twitching inside her, I had reached my limit.. So I rammed her harder than ever for a few minutes making her m0an for a while before I pulled out and release my seed outside her honey pot. Amelia stroked my d*ck as I came on her pu**y, after that, I took my sit to rest… I couldn’t remember the last time I made love to a woman..
Minutes later, Amelia cleaned herself up and left my house, as for me, I went to bed and slept off.
Later that night as I was dozing off, I had another dream, but this time it was different.. In this dream, I was together in an open space with Christen by my side.. We kissed, laughed and played with each other but after that, she stopped doing what she was doing with me and started moving back away from me.. I tried following her but I couldn’t reach her.. The ground where I stood on started to collapse, before I could notice, I too fell, I tried calling for Christen who was up above me to help me but I couldn’t say anything my mouth was shut, Christen however was looking at me with tears in her eyes.. The only thing she did was throw me a necklace and tell me to come find her….
After that, everything went dark, I woke abruptly looking dazed, I looked at my hands to see If the necklace was there but it wasn’t.. This time around I was dreaming ; after a short prayer, I went back to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and got ready for work.. After my usual morning routine, I left for work.. As I was driving, I had a craving for milk, so I stopped at a nearby super market to get one.. After getting the milk drink I wanted, I went to the cashier to pay for the milk, as I waited in line, I saw something I never hoped I’d see.. Christen.

It was her.. In the flesh, right across the street standing alone on the road…. I pinched myself several times to see if I was dreaming but I wasn’t.. I asked the cashier to hurry up but the idiot was busy doing things slow.. So I dropped the milk and ran out of the store. But as I got outside she was no where to be seen. I asked the people if they had seen her, but no one answered me.. As I was about to leave, a small boy called me and said, she had entered a black car and drove away..
I couldn’t believe it.. So I wasn’t hallucinating at all and those dreams were real? Christen was the only person to clarify these dreams for me and now she’s gone.
After that, I thanked the boy and went to my car, I started the engine and drove straight to work… I couldn’t believe she was gone.. She was just right there, just right there and now finding her will be like finding a water in the desert.
Minutes later, I arrived at campus, parked my car and went to my office. Before I could get into my office, I was intercepted by Amelia.

Amelia ➡ Good morning sir.

Riley ➡ Morning Mrs. Amelia.. How’s your night?

Amelia ➡ It was great thanks to you.

Riley ➡ Ahem.. Is there anything else you want to report to me..

Amelia ➡ Oh yes.. Uhm.. The new staff just arrived minutes ago.. I’ll bring her to your office.. Is there anything you need sir?

Riley ➡ A nice cup of hot coffee ☕️ would do.

Amelia left in a hurried with that usual smile on her face.. God.. What kind of woman is this?
Shortly after wards I was seated in my office, going through some lecture notes, when Amelia came in with the cup of hot coffee.. And man was it hot!

Amelia ➡ is it too hot sir?

Riley ➡ No.. By the way.. Where’s the new staff that you said you’d call?

Amelia ➡ Oh she’s waiting outside.. Should I send her in?

Riley ➡ of course.

Amelia went out and told the lady to come in, Shortly after wards, the door opened and the lady came in, I was busy sipping my coffee, I didn’t notice her, it was Amelia tat notified me she was inside, as I looked up and saw her, my mouth dropped and the coffee I held in my hands fell to the ground… I couldn’t believe it.. It was Christen…….


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