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Wounded episode 28 part 2


(Part 2)
“Thanks to Cynthia I’ll have to suck down those scary looking medicines down my throat.” I sighed.
The door opened and Samuel walked in. He breathed out a sigh and walked up to the hospital bed to give me a hug.
“Thank goodness you’re okay!” he breathed on my neck.
“Well thank goodness” I added.
We both disengaged the hug and Samuel sat on the bed beside me.
He dropped my purse beside me and I smiled at him.
“I don’t know what I could have done if something had happen to you!” Samuel sighed.
“It’s okay” I smiled at him.
“But I still don’t understand why Cynthia would do such a thing.” tochi said with a befuddled look.

“She’s your best friend and you want to tell me you don’t know she has a crush on Samuel?” Kingsley asked.
“I didn’t.” Tochi said shaking her head.
“Maybe she did a pretty decent job hiding it from you then.” I shrugged.
“Oh and Bridget.” Kingsley called and I turned to him.
“You should have seen the way Samuel yelled at Cynthia, it was like another Samuel, I’ve never seen him yell before and tonight he was just roaring at Cynthia like a lion.” Kingsley explained and I glance at Samuel and lets out a smile.
“Really?” I giggled.
“And do you know what got me shook?” Kingsley added and I shook my head Negatively at him.

“he said ‘What if this is the real me and I’m just putting on a facade for everyone’ what do you think that statement meant, tell us samuel? What is the real you? What is this facade you’re putting on. Are you pretending to be nice when you’re not? To be honest I got scared by that statement” Kingsley stated crossing his arms over his chest.

“I was just angry and I just spat nonsense…” Samuel stated.
“Oh really?” Kingsley raised a brow.
“Yes…” Samuel sighed. “I know people were watching us and listening to the Cynthia’s and I bickering and I was just very angry and I said that because… Maybe because I don’t want anyone to think I’m nice, I wanted Cynthia and everyone else to see I could be someone else, I wanted them to see that I could get angry too, I’m sick of people seeing me like a shell, I wanted that shell to crack a little bit, at least they’ll understand that I’m not perfect and nice all the time.” Samuel explained.
“Wow” I mumbled. “I know it sounds weird, but I really do want to see Samuel angry and yelling” I laughed.
“it was epic” Kingsley added.
“You’re both funny” tochi laughed.
“And it only took a bottle smashing over Bridget’s head to unleash that lion in Samuel, maybe I should smash another bottle over your head Bri… And then you can see Samuel get angry” Kingsley blurted and Samuel glared at him, causing Tochi and I to laugh.
“You see… They found it funny, stop looking at me like that” Kingsley scoffed at Samuel.
After a small chat with the doctor and all, he said I could go home that my head injury wasn’t too serious and I just passed out because the bottle kind of hit a sensitive place in my head but I’m fine.
The four of us left the hospital and
Samuel wouldn’t let me go home with Tochi, he told me to go home with him, cause seeing me his night and mind will be at ease.
I said good night to Tochi and left with the boys to my ‘second home’
Like usual, Samuel prepared a late night meal, or should I say a too early breakfast.
Because it was by 2am and the three of us were still awake and in the living room, eating and complaining about the movie we just watched. Complaining on which actor’s better.
Seeing how I was yelling and arguing with Kingsley, Samuel pressed his hand against mine. “Remember your head!” He stated.
“I know” I smiled.
“You know what I’m done arguing, I still think Carla’s a better superhero though, anyways I’m so sleepy, I’m going to bed now.” Kingsley stood up stretching his body.
“Well good night, I’m not sleepy yet” I smiled at him
“It’s 2am and you’re not sleepy yet? You’re sure Cynthia’s attack didn’t ruin something in your head?” kingsley asked and I threw one of the chairs pillow at him.
“I’m just kidding” he laughed before walking away.

“I think we should rest too” Samuel said standing up.
“Okay then” I stood up too and he immediately swoop me off the ground carrying me bridal style.
“What is this?” I laughed?
“I don’t want you stressing yourself even in the Littlest way” Samuel expound and i shook my head.
“Can you be less cheesy and drop me back down” I asked and he shook his head. “No can do” he said.

“Okay then.” I shrugged and wrapped my hands around his neck.
He laughed and took me to his room.
Feeling comfortable in his clothes, I snuggled on bed sheets as he dropped me on the bed.
“Now this is the best place to sleep” I dramatically stated and Samuel laughed and got on the bed. I quickly wrapped my hands around him. “And you’re the best comfort” I smiled.
He smiled and suddenly kisses me….
T. B. C

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