Yemisi episode 6

Episode 6
(The bakre compound)
(Outside the compound Olori 2 seated with her son prince rokanmi and mama yemisi and hana yemisi discussing while taking palm wine and kolanut)
Baba yemisi: I accept your proposal of course ,we need to fix the date of the wedding as soon as possible
Prince rokanmi :I think next week will be the wedding ceremony, I can’t wait to marry yemisi
Mama yemisi: we should wait and hear from the bride first before making conclusions
Bans yemisi: I stand for yemisi and I say the wedding takes place next week Saturday at the palace ground
Yemisi: (enters the compound)hmm
Baba yemisi: my daughter is here
Yemisi: ekansun! (greets in yoruba dialect and she kneels sighting the same necklace she saw on kunle neck on rokanmi neck )what!!!
Mama yemisi: my child what happened ?
Yemisi: hmm nothing nothing am just too glad to see the prince in our house !
(They all laughed)
Baba yemisi: ohh my son you are free to talk to your future wife alone !
Prince rokanmi: ese sir! (stands up as he holds yemisi hands and tales her to the back yard) my na…
Yemisi: hold it ,no matter what you say I won’t marry you and that’s final ,I ll make sure I don’t marry you so before you are embarrassed on that day ,go and tell everyone that you have lost interest in me
Prince rokanmi: impossible my angel
Yemisi:hmm you better make it possible, have said my own and I don’t have or want to know anything about you!(hissed as she exits angrily)
(The following morning)
(Awele palace)
(Kabiyesi room)
(Kabiyesi laying on the bed helplessly as Olori 2 enters with Gbenga)
Gbenga: what are we doing here and why do you want my son to get married to a girl he barely knows
Olori 2:rokanmi is not your son you stupid excuse of a man
Gbenga: well you can’t deny it ,rokanmi is and will forever be my son ,only if he knew that he isn’t the biological son of kabiyesi! He is the son of a servant
Olori 2:that was years ago gbenga
(Awele palace)
(Kabiyesi room)
Gbenga: years my foot, I ll go out there and tell adewunmi everything you have done since you arrived this house ,I tell her that you were the one who ordered me to kill her son and that son is or may still be alive
Olori 2:(laughs) why are you so foolish? that’s the reason I never married you ,go on ,go tell everyone ,you ll be banished no one will believe you adewunmi isn’t around neither is the chief priest ,lets take advantage and kill this old hag
Gbenga: I will not do that bamike, If you want to do it you can do it ,I ll never kill the king of awele, have said my own !(exits)
Olori 2:(looks at kabiyesi with hatred) if I can’t then I will do it ,and he will be blamed yes ,he will be blamed for it and will be banished from this very kingdom (laughs)oh bamike you are so intelligent and wise (takes the pillow as she pressed kabiyesi)
Kabiyesi: argh!
Olori 2:die die die!!!!!
Kabiyesi: (dies slowly)
Olori 2:yes !hmm! (exits to gbenga room)
Gbenga: what are you doing here?
Olori 2:I just came to tell you that you are right !(takes Gbenga watch from the table without him knowing)I can’t and will never kill the king
Gbenga: hmm maybe I actually spoke some senses to your thick skull
Olori 2:(smiles as she exits going to kabiyesi room, laughs)foolish man!
(The stream)
(Labake, yemisi and Lara discussing)
Lara: so you mean you are getting married to the prince next week ?
Yemisi: hmm!I won’t marry the prince
Labake: you cant do anything this time around yemisi, the prince is more powerful than you
Yemisi: no labake, I have a plan!
Labake: what is it?
Yemisi: I ll tell you only when I have spoken to kunle about it first
Lara: hmm ok
Labake: kunle ke? tell us ,besides we are your friends and we kept your secret for so long so why the suspense
Yemisi :you must not tell anyone,please promise
Lara: you know I don’t have a problem in hiding secrets
Labake: my l-ips are sealed as always

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