Zoe – episode 8

ZOE ( The missing Seal)
Episode 8.
Written by Amah

The same thing continued for months, Rolf refused listening to all Zoe’s plead.

She couldn’t speak to anybody of the wickedness of Rolf.
And he also warned her to remain shut and not tell anybody
But for how long will this continue. Lord Amos and everyone else is counting on her, looking at her stomach incase of any sign of pregnancy.
She can’t keep mute any more, even Hadar was confused and started giving her some mixture that will boast fertility.

Zoe feels so troubled, her conscience was not at peace anytime Hadar forces her to drink those mixture.
She wish to tell Hadar that she wasn’t at fault, she wish she can open up and tell Hadar about the shameful act of Rolf but she held back.

Zoe begged Rolf every night to reconsider her and give his late brother his seed to be conceived but Rolf was not ready to agree to such.

” Never… never. And I mean every word of my mouth. Kuwe is a lazy fool when he was alive, he never contributed to anything in this household yet he was most favoured. He had his time to get you pregnant but he was so self centred and heartless. He cares about nothing except to gamble, make trouble and fight. Father did nothing serious but only scold and leave him to be, mother was always in support of his ill behaviour. Now he is gone they wants me…me that he inflicted with so much pain in our early years, they want me to give my first seed to carry Kuwe’s name… hahahaha, very funny…

Zoe, sat up looking at him while he vent angrily.
This was another fertile month for her what is she supposed to do.

Hadar has thought that there was a problem somewhere for Zoe not to have conceived in the first and second months.
She has mixed up some herbs, root and different mixture and gave her to drink.

Lord Amos has asked Hadar if Zoe has conceived after the second month passed by but Hadar stood in Zoe’s defence.

” Body changes my Lord, the timing was not so perfect like I have calculated it to be but do not worry my Lord, she will take in soon and bore a child that will carry Kuwe’s name, Zoe will multiply your household soon… worry not, is all going to work out…

Lord Amos find Hadar’s word consoling but not totally as he looked out for the news of Zoe carrying a child.

Another night came Zoe charged towards Rolf.
And just when he was about to pull off and spill his semen on the ground.
Zoe held onto him as if her wh0le life depends on it
She held on tight and strong.
When Rolf saw what she was about to do he forced free from her and poured the content on her body.
Zoe cried out in anguish.

” You are far more wicked than your brother. They said you were different from Kuwe but they never knew your own wickedness is cunning. You are here condemning your brother but what difference are you. His own wickedness was obvious and could be seen but yours is tricky and cunning. Why do you get married to me if you know you won’t fulfill what the law required… why?

” Because I deeply cared about you, I love you Zoe but I hate Kuwe and will always do. Stop crying… let’s enjoy ourselves and find comfort in each others arms. I hate to hear all this whining and complaining coming from you all the time. I really hate it everytime you go on this nagging and crying thing over a spilled semen. My very own which I chose to discard… why all this.

” When you deny your brother a child you also deny yourself. Do you want to remain childless for the rest of your life all because of the hate you have for your brother. Unforgiveness has blinded you. I can’t do this anymore. I have to speak with your father about it. you claim to love me, but you have a strange and harsh way of showing it. Love isn’t selfish Rolf. My first question still remains do you want to be childless all because of your late brother…

” I don’t care, I’m enjoying my life Zoe. If my first seed will belong to my brother then i will rather remain childless. If the love I show out to you isn’t still enough then I don’t know what to do for you again. Telling my father will do no good. I have instructed you not to speak to him but if you still want to go ahead then is fine, I don’t think father will have much to do in my private life. Lastly… don’t try what you did earlier again. Forcing me to go against my wish will land you into my trouble. Don’t do it next time. Zoe, please… you have to relax and have fun with me. Why must we have this conversation all the time… why?

” Rolf, I did not become part of Lord Amos household for fun. There’s a purpose and that is to multiply… and that is what I supposed to be focused on not having fun.

Rolf ignored her, he was obviously tired of constant argument with Zoe.
He decided to let her be.
The only thing he will still not do no matter how Zoe cries is to pour his semen in,side her for her to be able to conceive s child which will first belongs to his brother. He will not bring an heir that will carries his wicked brother’s name. His own child will continue the line of Kuwe, all the inheritance that belongs to his late brother will belong to the son he will bear for Kuwe. Never, he will not do such and there’s no God of the land or of heaven that will make him change his mind.

Hadar set up the evening fire, and cooked up the herbal mixture she usually prepared for Zoe.
Zoe sat and watch her in silent.
Hadar was speaking to her but her mind was far.
When she was given the cup of hot mixture juice which will boast her fertility.. Zoe set it aside, she sighed heavily and refused to take it.

” What is wrong child, drink up and stop worrying because you will conceive soon. Also try and give some to Rolf. This drink has a strong power to heal a dry and infertile womb and also have the ability to make a watery sp**m active. I don’t understand what is happening, but I know it may not be from you. I checked your body and I’m certain that you don’t have issue with getting pregnant. so is either the strange spirit in this household is holding you from conceiving or their is another problem somewhere. I keep v-rgil most night trying to chase such invisible spirit that maybe fighting against your conception. I keep a long night v-rgil, beat the tiny drum, stuck up the room with moringa root and even sprinkle hot scented oil just to keep such spirit away. I will not weaver until I see result. Please drink up Zoe…

Hadar carried the filled cup to her face, urging her to drink.

“Hadar, no matter how much of this I take nothing will ever change if Rolf do not change. Hadar you are working so hærd in making my conception a reality. It breaks my heart to watch you do all this but nothing will ever change if Rolf refused to do the right thing.

Hadar, looked at her strangely. She became inquisitive, so many questions crossed her mind. She was eager to know what was happening.
She knew Rolf was different and he was always eager to have Zoe all to himself.
He has never raised a fist at her or use harsh words for her in public like Kuwe use to do before his death.

So what exactly could be the problem this time.

“He spills his semen away Hadar. He refused his brother a child. He said none of his seed will belong to Kuwe and he kept to his word. He pours it on the ground, the bed or on my body but he avoids it getting in…

The cup of herbal juice fell off from Hadar’s hand.
She opened her mouth and eyes in shock.
It sound unbelievable, she has never heard of such evil before.

A long silent settled in, every word Zoe said was like a striking thunder to her ears.

” I’m tired Hadar, I have pleaded, cried and fight Just for him to have a change of thought but he is stiffed neck. I’m not the problem but very soon people began to think I am. They will say I’m evil that was why God shut my womb, they will call me barren and tag me different names but nobody will consider Rolf because they believe he is doing what he was assigned to do but I’m the one that is cursed. Hadar… I don’t know why I was chosen to be part of this wicked household, Rolf threat me like a harlot. He betrays his father and brother and I’m at the centre of it all.

Hadar sat hærd on a chair, she Just realized that after all is not evil spirit that is preventing the baby from coming.
Rolf was the wicked spirit working against Zoe’s child bearing.
She looked at Zoe, and felt so pity for the poor child who has passed through alot.

Hadar has worked so hærd but is all in vain because Rolf was spilling off his semen. He was far more wicked than his late brother.
In doing so he was also preventing a child for himself except he doesn’t want a son who will bear his own name.

Hadar gently drew Zoe into her arms. that was the only thing she can do to prevent the tears rushing up her own eyes.
She blinked severally to stop it but it flows down her face.

” Don’t give up child, there should be another way.

” There’s is no other way Hadar, I have exhausted ideas of what to do. I have tried so many things yet it never works out. He warns me not to speak to anybody about it not even his father should hear of it. He also said nobody will make him change his mind, not the God of his fathers or Lord Amos himself.

“Let’s get him drunk… real drunk.

Hadar said it while standing on her feet to face Zoe.
There was so much seriousness in her voice. She went down on one knee and held Zoe’s hand.

” We need to act fast. All the sons of Lord Amos seems to act alike. Their evil burns so deep and they don’t care who gets hurt. Let’s make Rolf do the right thing with force. Since he is cunning we also have to be cunning. Don’t worry, let all sins or fault that will come from this be upon me. I will mix the wine which you will offer to him. The moment he gulps it down he will become so s€×ually active and weak. After he lays with you, Rolf won’t even know when he will pour it in. He will spills it all into you and you will become a mother. The drink will work like magic. Don’t be afraid. Your purpose in this household must be fulfilled. Lord Amos is already having doubt about your fertility, people are watching out to hear the news of your pregnancy, many are already having doubt about your ability to have kids. And all this while I was thinking is a strange spirit that is preventing you. I was thinking something was wrong but never have I thought Rolf was the wicked spirit, I never thought he will do such thing yet he claims to Love and care about you but he is making you a laughing stock in Lord Amos household, he is exposing you to further reddicule and giving his mother something to hold against you and make all her accusation to look real. We have to do whatever we can to make him do what tradition demands, he accepted to do what the law of the land requires only for him to turn away and start doing his own desires without considering you or his father. Cry no more Zoe because we will force him to do what is required of him. Since he wants to be forced that is what we are going to do…

And that was what they did.
Hadar mixed the content into the wine pitcher.
She set it on Rolf table, placed a shining lamp beside it to keep it mild.

She made it in a way that it will look less suspicious.
Hadar instructed Zoe on what to do.

There was a full hope since Zoe was in another of her fertile month.
Once little of Rolf semen makes contact with her ready eggs, Zoe will take in and Rolf will be left with no choice than to accept it.
Hadar was ready to take all the blames and bashing that Rolf may want to throw at Zoe if he realized that she has conceived.
Hadar was determined to save Zoe from further future trouble.

That night after a long day at the field and store house where he usually go to supervise things on his father’s behalf. Rolf came in that evening tired.
Zoe set his bath and he washed up and retired for the night.
She brought food and wine to him.
She was smiling and making him feels happy with her presence.

Rolf looked at Zoe, there was something different about her.
She appears lively, and smiling all through.

” What is making you happy tonight…tell me. Do you win a betting or there is something you aren’t telling me?

Zoe walked to his side, still smiling. She poured the mixed wine into a cup and offered Rolf who took it without thinking.
He drank a little and held the remaining in his hand.

” I have decided to listen and obey your words. Instead of complaining all the time I want to enjoy every of our togetherness. Take warm in each others arms and feel the passion of one another. Drink up the wine my Lord, it will help you relax and forget all your day stress. Drink so that we can return to bed and find solace in each other….

Rolf smile and drank up, Zoe quickly poured in another wine mixed with the content again and urged Rolf to drink again.

” Do you want to get me drunk? This wine has a strange taste. You already know that I’m not much of a wine person…. I’m not like Kuwe who drinks himself to stupor. He was a wasted being and that was the kind of person they want me to give my seed to. May God of my forefather strike me dead if i ever do such. Zoe, I have taken a full cup aleady, that should be enough. My body is already yawning for you. Come let’s get together…

“..Not until you finish the cup of wine i poured again for you. Finish it all up my Lord before we start our night of bliss.

Rolf obeyed and gulped down the drink.

Zoe smile deeply, she went to put the wine pitcher away.
 Rolf was hot all over.
He started hurrying her up.

The mixed wine he took has taken effect fully.

Zoe silently hope this night will be different from the others.

To be continued

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