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A Bride For The CEO episode 41


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Episode Forty One
“Wow!!!” George said as he saw his kids, they just came out of a salon that was meant for unisยฃx. He was leaning on the car, waiting for his kids and TJ.

“We sure do look awesome” Adrian said smiling, TJ was behind them smiling.

“Do you have a wife TJ??” Ashley asked, TJ was shocked.

“Oh, c’mon Ashley” George said rolling his eyes.

“Dad, serious, he know everything that a lady should know” Ashley said smiling and looking at TJ who smiled too.

“Yeah, I do have a wife, well a pregnant one” TJ said shyly.

“Oooh!!! Is TJ shy, oh my gosh” Alexa said smiling.

“Well, you have told the right people, we will get alot of names for the baby” Adrian said as they all entered the car.

“Congratulations man” George said as TJ started to drive the car.

“Thank you sir” TJ said.

“I thought ya, he so sweet” Ashley said.

“A boy or girl” Alexa asked as George hit his head playingfully frustrated.

“A girl” TJ said and both Alexa and Ashley squealed “And plus, she is gonna be my first” he added and this earned a joyful shout from the girls.

“We won” Ashley said.

“In what actually???” Adrian asked looking back at his sisters that sat in the back seat after his own, both TJ and George were watching the kids laughing silently.

“Well, don’t be upset because we won again, Who rule the world???” Alexa asked laughing.

“Girls!!!!” Ashley yelled happily.

“Seriously? Well girls you are outnumbered OK” Adrian said as he pulled his tongue out towards his sisters.

“A baby girl plus first born and first girl will soon be born, we rule the world” Alexa said.

“Actually babies, it’s men who rule the world” George decided to join in the discussion.


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Ashley said and smirked.

“Yep” George and Adrian answered.

“Well, Your first born and child was a girl and that me, and also TJ’s is also a girl, so how do you boys rule the world??” Alexa said, George rolled his eyes, Adrian looked at his sisters. And they continued to argue playfully.



are here!!!” TJ said as he drove the car into the parking lot, the kids squealed happily as the all got down, Michael too got down, they were all in beautiful dresses and they all look dashing, they made their way into the big and expensive restaurant, they walked straight to the swimming pool section, they all sat down on around each other.

“Wow!!” Ashley said as she looked around.

“This place is beautiful, thanks TJ” Alexa said.

“Absolutely beautiful, thanks TJ” Adrian said.

“You are welcomed” TJ said.

“So what are you waiting for, enjoy your birthday to the fullest” Michael said and the kids smiled happily.


we will capture every moment for godfather!!!” The kids said happily.

“Yeah” George said smiling, the kids followed TJ to get their swimming trucks. They all came out with beautiful trucks, Ashley has a floatie, they dived into the water laughing and splashing water on themselves, TJ was taking videos of them.

“Guys, am gonna get us some drinks” George said.

“Okay” They all responded including TJ who had his legs in the water and a white singlets, the kids and he were busy splashing water on themselves and laughing loudly, George was thankful that they were not only the ones there, he stood up and went to the drink, he looked back to see his kids when they were laughing, and as he wanted to turn his face back to where he was going to he collided so hard into someone.

“Jeez” The person said and immediately he reached for the drink and gave it to her.

“Am sorry” George said and looked at the person, he had bumped into and immediately she smiled at him, he looked stunned at the beauty he was staring, he was still in his world of fantasy when she tapped him.

“Hmm…. Excuse me sir, you are still holding me” Gabe said as she looked at his hands which were holding her elbow.

“Oh am sorry” He said and immediately let go of her but still didn’t leave her front.

“My lucky day, These bastards are here before me, well Mission started” Gabe thought to herself, anger eating her up as she remembered what those women said about them “No problem sir” She said smiling her best smile, which got George rooted on the spot.

“Am George and you are???” George said smiling.

“I don’t tell strangers my name, only friends not strangers” Gabe said childishly, Goerge laughed at her behavior and for a moment Gabe was lost in his laughter, but she regained herself and almost slapped herself.


be my friend then or please will you be my friend???” Goerge said as he looked her in the eyes.

“Hmm…” Gabe said looking at him with her hands on her forehead.

“Please?!!” He pleaded.

“Okay, Am Gaberialle” Gabe said and yelled mentally “And your down fall”

“Gaberialle, What a beautiful name for a beautiful lady” George said grinning childishly.

“Awwnnn.. Am flattered” She said smiling.

“Can I get you another drink???” He asked, she nodded. George went to get drinks, a smile of triumph crept to her lips. George was back with the drinks, He gave Gabe hers and he went to give his kids theirs while Gabe went to Stella.


Stella was talking with a young man who was talking to her via signs, Stella was answering him with smiles while making the signs with her hands, She was in the pool while the young man was standing at the side of the pool. Gabe walked up to them. She looked at Stella who winked at her, Stella told the guy something with her hands and the guy give her the towel, he was holding and her notepad, still in the water she dried her hands and took her notepad, wrote something and passed it to Gabe.

“We just met, he is a nice guy, we are friends now” Gabe read the note, looked at Stella who smiled and nodded.

“Hi, I am Raphael” He said smiling at Gabe.

“Hi, am….”

“Her Sis, Gabe, she told me already” He said.

“Oooh, OK, I will leave you guys to enjoy yourselves” Gabe said and both she and Stella winked to themselves which went unnoticed by Raphael.

George gave his children their drink, including TJ, but his eyes never left Gabe who was at the other side of the pool, as she went to sit down, he walked up to her after some minutes.

“Oh hi, Mr George” She said as she motioned for him to sit down, he sat down and muttered a ‘thank you’ to her.

“And you too Mrs or Miss Gabe” He said.

“Oh, just call me Gabe” She said smiling at him.

“Same just Goerge too” He replied and they laughed “This place is so beautiful” He added.

“Yeah…. So….” Gabe said and with that they started to talk, laugh and smile at each other.

After sometimes, they all finished what they were doing, George, his kids and TJ after celebrating for some hours, they left, with George waving at Gabe who returned the wave also, with that they left the restaurant.

“First step accomplished” She said to herself with an evil smile, just then Stella tickled her and show her a note.

“Tell me everything, don’t leave out any detail” Gabe read and rolled her eyes “Seriously Stella” She said and Stella nodded.

“Fine, go wear your clothes and tell Raphael goodbye, on our way to the mall, I will tell you” Gabe said Stella nodded and went to change her clothes and told Raphael goodbye, Who gave her a piece of paper with that they left the restaurant.


Michael slumped on his bed after doing some tiring works both online and on his laptop, He was very tired and before he knew it, he was dozing off. Then his phone started to ring, he picked it up sleepily without checking the caller.

“Yes???” He answered sleepily.

“Hello, you sound sleepy” Becca said as she heard Michael’s voice, as he heard her voice his sleep vanished, a smile found his way to his lips, the smile became bigger and he ended up grinning wildly.

“Just a minute please” He said as he connected his phone to his little bluetooth device, which he in turn plug into his ear, he stood up “Yeah, I was about sleeping when you called”

“Awnn, am sorry, I will call back later then” She said.

“Oh no, don’t worry, am fine now, I actually wanted to do something which was very important, so am supposed to be thanking you for calling, so thanks alot” He said smiling and Becca at the other end of the phone was also smiling. Michael got to the kitchen and began to cook.

“You are cooking again right???” Becca asked.

“Yep” he answered “So how do you end up on the streets” Michael asked and Becca became silent over the phone “am sorry, if you don’t wanna talk about it, it’s fine when you are ready you can tell me OK” he added.

“Thanks” She said and laughed.

“You welcomed” Michael said.

“You don’t seems to be from here”Becca said “like, I have been meaning to ask you because your accent is different and sophisticated” She added and Michael laughed.

“Never heard of unsophisticated accent” Michael said and they both laughed.

“So will I get to taste your food???” Becca asked.

“Yep, very soon…. I wanted to ask you… You know to go to a restaurant” Michael said and Becca on the order side of the phone laughed.

“Oooh OK no problem” She said “Are you sure you know how to cook because men don’t know how to cook anything” She said playfully.

“I bet my food is more delicious than yours” Michael said.

“Overconfident Cook are you sure??” She asked playfully.

“Super duper sure” Micheal said.

“But you know,a lady’s food will and always be more delicious than yours because we have that spirit in us” Becca said and Michael burst out laughing.

“Cooking Spirit?” Michael asked still laughing.

“Of course” Becca answered.

“Well, a new theory founded by queen Becca” Michael said and they both laughed “Yeah , Becca I hope you’ve stopped fighting and you have stop street fighting because I told you,you shouldn’t the last time” Michael said.

“Well…. About that…. Am sorry” Becca said slowly.

“Becca??!! Seriously!!! You fought again right???” Michael asked knowingly.

“Yes…. But it was my fault, they started it and I hate oppression and bully, I don’t just like it…. Am sorry” She pleaded to Michael who was quiet “Don’t hang up, am really sorry but I love what I do, maybe we will talk next time then” She said sadly, as she wanted to end the call.

“Jeez!!! I almost got my hands burnt” Michael said and She laughed

“Sorry cook” She answered and was very happy he wasn’t that mad at her.

“Cmon, am just concerned about you, I really don’t want you to get hurt, you know that…. If you get hurt, I won’t like it right” Michael said in his sweetest voice which made Becca smile like a child given a candy.

“Yyyesssss” She stammered, Michael laughing quietly. “Stop feeling on top of the world because I stammered OK” Becca said.

“But my sweet and cute voice made you stammer, your Majesty” Michael said playfully.

“No it didn’t”

“Yes it did”

“Nope, it didn’t”

“Yes, it did… Why do you ladies deny things, seriously!!!” Michael said feigning frustration.

“It’s the truth, you know that…. OK fine, yes, it did, happy???!!” Becca said rolling her eyes.

“Yep, I won!!!! Michael -1, Becca – 0, Yepee!!!” Michael said happily, Becca smiled.

“Well, Not for very long, queen Becca will still beat you 100 to nothing” Becca said.

“Keep boating, I will be your King soon” Michael said and laughed, Becca smiled but she was wondering what he meant “Queen Becca – 0” he added playfully.

“FYI, you have only one not ten yet, keep the happiness down, I may even have to snatch your one away from you soon, so watch out” Becca said.

“Well, here you come again, what game have it’s rules like that!!!!” Michael shouted.

“Well, our game” Becca said laughing.

“Wanna video call???” He asked.

“No!!!” She shrieked.

“What’s up???” Michael asked.

“I would have said the ceiling fan but sadly, I got no ceiling fan, so the roof is up” She said pretending to be serious.

“Seriously??!! Becca” Michael said laughing “Why did you sound like that???” He asked.

“Because I was going to take my bath before I called you” She answered.

“And?????” He asked.

“I know you understand what I mean, you pretending”

“How would I know if you don’t tell me your highness” Michael said smiling wildly.

“Well, am under covered” She said shyly and Michael laughed.

“Never knew, you were an under covered agent” He said, Becca laughed “Don’t you think this is the best time to see you” He added.

“Jeez!!! Michael!!!” She yelled.

“What???!!!” He answered feigning innocence.

“You are something else, I gotta go, my water will get cold” Becca said laughing.

“Okay your highness, I will call you back later and yeah, let’s chat when you are through…. Oops, am sorry your highness don’t punish me…. May I call you back later and please would you chat me up when you are through with taking your bath” He asked as if he was talking to a queen, Becca laughed.

“Yes, you may” She said giggling.

“Don’t spend eternity in there because you ladies do that alot and when I say alot, I mean aaaaaaallllllotttttt” Michael said with more emphasis on the last word

“But……..” Becca tried to protest.

“Cmon, you wanna argue that again???” Michael said rolling his eyes.

“Fine” She said.

“Again!!! Michael – 2, Becca – 0” he said mockingly.

“Seriously!!!! Was that the game again???” Becca said.

“Well, yeah your beautifulness, don’t be hurt your highness, you still gonna win one maybe after I get to fifty, OK” Michael said laughing.

“Mike!!!!!” She shouted.

“What????” He answered still laughing.

“I will so kill you” She said playfully.

“Wow!!” Michael said still laughing “Behind you” he said seriously, Becca heart skipped and she screamed, she turned back only to see Jemima staring at her as if she Becca has gone mad “Yeah that got you” Michael said laughing.

“You scared me” Becca said as she sighed softly.

“Michael – 3, Becca -………”

“Don’t even dare” She threatened.

“Zerroooooooooooooooooooooo” Michael said dragging the word.

“Mike!!!!!!” She yelled.

“Oops, sorry queen Zero” Michael said and ended the call, each began to laugh after they dropped the call.


Gaberialle came down from her car, she was putting on a short blue flair gown and white sneakers, she held her keys. She walked into the building after reading its description “PRISON”.

She smiled to herself as she walked in.

“Oh my goodness!!!” Someone yelled happily “It’s RED” the person said and Gabe looked at them smiling at them, a woman walked up to her and saluted her, she saluted back with smiles.

“I am here to see him” She said and immediately her smile vanished, the woman led her to a room, she sat down, the woman left and almost immediately Jimi appeared smiling but immediately their eyes met, his smile faded, he stopped in his track, after some minutes, he walked up to her, sat down in front of her.

“Good day, Cherry so good……” He was saying when Gabe hit her hands on the table.

“Don’t call me that greedy traitor, no one is allowed to call me that, no one not even you, I give permission before you call me that and I am never gonna allow you call me that again traitor” Gabe said angrily.

“Am not a traitor Gabe, am not, I was your father’s best friend for over twenty years, why would I do all these to his family, why???” Jimi said sadly, as he looked into the eyes of the ruthless girl in front of him who was once fond of him.

“So says the traitor who killed his best friend’s family and even his own family, just because of money” Gabe said furiously as she held back her tears.

“I didn’t do anything, I wasn’t the one, I was only protecting your father from the real enemy which is Gerry”

“Oh really!!! Spare me your lies, if not for the trained and learned lawyer you had, you should have been six feet down the group rotten and decayed” Gabe said with so much hatred “You should be thankful, you had a life imprisonment and I will make sure you rot here, greedy bastard” She added.

“No matter what happens, am still your father’s best friend….. I will always stay by you and love you, you are my family” Jimi said as his eyes became teary.

“Keep the deception to yourself, ingrate…… Well I came here to tell you, that soon men like you will be eradicated from our world, am bringing two men like you down soon” She said with a evil smile.

“Gerry has brainwashed you, Gabe” Jimi said and that almost earned him a slap from Gabe who had her hand stopped on her own accord.

“Have fun in there traitor” She said, stoop up and pushed the table down with her feet, the table in turn pushed Jimi down, he hit his body hardly on the cemented floor “Rot in jail” She said and spat, She walked out of the building and drove off.

Jimi still on the floor, shook his head sadly and tears came crawling down his eyes….. His mind wondered far.

~~~~ FLASHES ~~~~

***** “Martins you have to be careful with Gerry, he is dangerous” *******

***** “Martins, why are you so adamant, Gerry is a liar and liar can’t be trusted” *****

***** “Martins, You can’t be serious, you seriously going to believe that traitor, he can’t be trusted” *****…….

**** PRESENT ****

Jimi cried so much that he couldn’t stop as he moved back to his cell, he layed his face down crying profusely, after some minutes, he dozed off.


Thanks for waiting guys ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’–โค๐Ÿ˜

Love yo โค๐Ÿ’‹

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