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Episode Forty Two
“Seriously?!!! You gotto be kidding me!!” Ruth yelled as Stella told her about Goerge by writing on her notepad.

“Stop exaggerating issues, we just met, he collided into me and we got talking, it not a big deal OK” Gabe said as they all walk through the jewelries aspect in the mall, both Stella and Ruth looked at Gabe and winked at her.

“For him to even talk to you and you talked back to him then I think something will surely happen” Stella wrote and Ruth read.

“Ofcourse, Stelly, you are right on this one” Ruth said “And she even told me you were smiling non stop, oh my goodness!!!” Ruth yelled happily as she hugged Gabe.

“You guys are crazy, please let’s buy what we want and get out of here before…..” As Gabe was saying someone yelled calling the attention of others.

“Nthanda David Ruth!!!!!” Someone yelled and every other people looked Ruth’s direction.

“Oh my goodness!!!, we are so not gonna leave here, Ruth am gonna kill you” Gabe said quietly as people began rushing to Ruth.

“Oh hi!!! Please don’t rush or crash into yourselves, I will answer every one” Ruth said and the people stop rushing and they all walked towards her and her friends, she took pictures with them, gave autograph and shook hands, after some minutes they all left happily.

“That’s been a friend of a celebrity, a popular actress, book writer \story writer, motivational speaker and to top it all the CEO of Starlight companies and also wife to the CEO of Nthanda’s group of Companies” Gabe said rolling her eyes, Stella grinned, Ruth laughed.

“Am sorry” Ruth said laughing and they continued to buy what they were buying.

“But sincerely Gabe, you will soon get yourself a husband, yeah!!” Ruth said and Stella did a thumps up.

“Jeez!!! Let’s go” Gabe said and they all went to pay for what they bought.


“godfather, wow this is delicious” Ashley said as they were all sitted around the dinning table including TJ.


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that’s true” Alexa said and they all nodded.

“godfather, you know it our birthday, so we are not gonna obey table rules today please!!!” Ashley pleaded, blinking her eyes lids.

“Fine but be careful” Michael answered.

“OK, godfather, who rule the world??” Ashley asked, Adrian rolled his eyes.

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“Girls??” Michael answered more like a question.

“Told ya” Alexa said grinding at both Adrian and George while Ashley proceed to tell him the whole story if what brought about the issue.

“Of course girls rule the world” Michael smiling. “Wait! You mean TJ has a pregnant wife and the unborn child is a girl!!” Michael squealed and both Ashley and Alexa nodded “Congratulations man” Micheal said and winked at TJ , TJ smiled.


they were all through with eating, TJ took his leave while the family sat down in the sitting room.

“Seriously!! We won’t be able to finish this cakes” Adrian said looking at the cakes.

“Yep,you guy will take some to school while I and Michael will take some to the office,am sure you school allows celebrations” George said.

“Of course,a girl did a birthday in the class too” Adrian said happily.

“Thanks Dad” Ashley said smiling. Alexa walked up to Goerge collected is phone and gave it to Michael.

“We captured all the moments” Adrian said happily.

“You gonna love it” Alexa said smiling, Michael smiled took the phone and did some connections and the next thing,they were all watching it on the television. After few minutes of watching, George was with his laptop while Michael was still watching and laughing with the kids and they suddenly on their faces were looks of surprise.

“George??!!” Michael yelled.

“Daddddd??!!!” The kids yelled also. George almost jumped, he raised his head up and looked at them.

“What!!??” George answered confused as why they were looking at him as if he was a ghost, Ashley motioned for him to look at the TV, which he did, his eyes almost popped out “What?!!! , guys I can explain” he said as what was on the TV was he and Gabe.

“Wow, Dad is in loveeeeeeeeeee” The kids shouted happily.

“Nope, it’s not like that right Michael??” George asked, Michael grinned “Not you too!!”

“Dad held her hands, he didn’t want her to go, he leaned towards her and…..” Adrian was saying when George groaned.

“Seriously!!?? Guys c’mon, I collided into her and her drink fell so I helped her get another one, you know like a gentleman” George said trying to defend himself.


true but something sparked??” Alexa said.

“Yes” George blurted out before he knew it, Michael yelled, Adrian touched his chest dramatically, both Ashley and Alexa fanned themselves with their hands, and acted as if they are about to faint “Stop guys, I mean Noo, nothing sparked” George said as he was unsuccessful in keeping his grin away.

“Awwwnnn, Dad is in love!!! Love!!! Love!!!” Ashley said winking at her Dad.

“What’s her name???” Adrian asked sweetly.

“Gaberialle” George said again “Uhmm I don’t know” he added.

“Wow!!! Dad is blurting out words, oh my gosh!!! Gaberialle has stolen Dad’s heart” Alexa said and they laughed.

“Wait??!! If she stolen Daddy’s heart and I was told in school that heart is the most important of all, is Daddy gonna die” Ashley said looking scared. Michael went to where she was sitting down and squatted to her level.

“Ofcourse not, Daddy isn’t gonna die, just that he loves the lady more and more and can even become love sick because of her” Michael said and smiled at George who sent daggers looks at him.

“Ohh OK” Ashley said as she jumped on Michael who carried her and sat down in his seat with Ashley sitting on his laps.

“So Dad let’s be serious, do you love her” Alexa asked.

“Jeez!! Baby girl, I only met her today, but I like her” George said as he scratch the back of his neck, something that is already an habit of his.

“Ooooh, Awwnn, when Dad scratches the back of his neck, it means what???” Adrian said smiling, George was shocked.

“It means he is super nervous” They all said, George was stunned.

“We know you Dad” Adrian said and they all laughed.

“So what next, the you guys, you know..” Alexa said rubbing her hands together and winked at her father who was horrified.

“Wait!!! What??? We didn’t…..” George was saying when Michael laughed out loud.

“George shut up, she is asking if you told her you will like to meet up with her or something not what you are thinking, seriously!” Michael said laughing.

“Oh Ok” George said relaxed.

“Oh my goodness!!! Dad… You thought she said…..” Adrian said and immediately Alexa covered his mouth and whispered.

“Ashley is here bro” She whispered and Adrian nodded, when Alexa removed her hand, they both burst into laughter. Ashley also smiled.

“Yeah, I gave her my phone number, I prays she calls” George said.

“Someone is in love with an African lady, oh, oh” Adrian said in a sing song, they all laughed.

“godfather, I noticed something about you too” Ashley said, she left Michael’s laps and stood looking at Michael intensively.

“What’s it???” George asked.

“Seriously Dad?? Both I and big sis noticed too but we thought we were just thinking things” Adrian said while Alexa nodded.

“What are you talking about??” Michael asked.

“I know you don’t keep something away from us except things which are harmful to us, but this is different” Ashley said looking more serious.

“Yeah, it’s different, like you are happy” Adrian said.

“But you godfather is always happy” George said looking at Michael who just stared at the kids.

“No, it’s different, you understand what am saying, I know you do” Alexa said and the kids nodded.

“No… I…..” As Michael was saying his phone rang and the phone was beside George, who took it to give him.

“Stop Dad… Wait is that not a picture” Adrian said and the kids scurries to George and they all stared at the picture that was displayed on Michael phone, a beautiful lady’s picture.

“Jeez!! Bad timing” Michael said to himself.

“Queen Becca” Alexa read out with popped out eyes.

“With a love emoji” Adrian said looking at the phone.

“godfather??!!” Ashley said looking at Michael who rubbed his fore head.

“I know that gesture” George said referring to Michael rubbing his fore head.

“He has been caught doing something” The kids chorused. The phone stopped ringing and stared again but this time, it was some else.

“Veronica My World” Adrian read out.

“With a love emoji again” Alexa said.

“Jeez!!!!” Ashley said.

“Veronica…. That’s name sound familiar” George said thinking, Michael just watched them.

“People bears Veronica Dad” Ashley said rolling her eyes.

“No that…. Some….. Mum” George said the kids stared at him “She is your Mom” George said looking at Michael.

“Mom???!!!!” The kids yelled shocked.



“Maybe he is busy” Becca said to herself as she sat down on her bed, then suddenly her expression changed, Jemima who just came in from the bathroom with towel wrapped around her body and water dripping from her body.

“Becca, are you OK??” Jemima asked as she began to dry the water dripping from her body.

“Am fine” Becca said with a faked smile, Jemima just stared blankly at her not buying her lie “Well, its about Michael, have been trying to call him for over a week but he hasn’t been picking nor replying my messages, what if…. You know, maybe he doesn’t want me as his friend again or maybe he has forgotten about me” she said sadly, Jemima sighed, she sat near Becca.

“You are too beautiful be forgotten, am sure he has not forgotten about you,sure he is just busy, stop brooding over it” Jemima said as she patted Becca slowly.

“Thanks” Becca said with smiles “So, aren’t you going to school today???” She asked, Jemima rolled her eyes, stood up.

“Are you really living on this earth or do you have problems with Saturdays, that you don’t remember any time it’s Saturday, or have you ever dated Saturdays, that it broke your heart” Jemima said hitting her fore head playingfully, Becca burts into laughter.

“Very funny” Becca amidst laughter “Not only dated, married”

“Ehen, abi na” Jemima said as she was now fully dressed.

“Are you going somewhere???” Becca asked and this time Jemima hit her own head in frustration and groaned.

“Seem, Sir Michael took all your thoughts.. Sis, am going to my school’s extra lesson that you paid for” Jemima said looking at the smiling Becca.

“Ooooh, wait for me then, let’s go out together” Becca said standing up to put on her sandals, Jemima looked at her with furrowed brows.

“Where to???” She asked.

“Oops, I forgot to tell you, I got a job in a petroleum station” Becca answered as she stood up and they made to go out of the house.

“Hmm… Okay be careful while working please” Jemima said after locking the door and they began walking to the road “So about Sir Michael, you like like like like him riiiiiiight” She said smiling and winking at Becca who threw her face to the other side smiling sheepishly.

“W…. What are you saying??? I don’t understand” Becca said as she failed to keep a straight face.

“Hmmm…. Queen Becca, hmmm…. Hmmm… Hmmm…” Jemima said in a sing song.

“Start going to your lesson” Becca said laughing as she flagged down a cab which stopped some distance away from them.

“If or when your need relationship’s talks or advice, we are here, chief – adviser on relationship’s talks and advice” Jemima said as she walked towards the cab.

“What??!!! What do you know??? Wait… Don’t tell you you have a…….” Becca said with widden eyes.

“Sit down there and be doing like novice, we..” Jemima said pointing at herself “are master of relationships”

“Mima!!!!! “Becca screamed while Jemima winked at her, Becca ran after Jemima who quickly ran into the cab and it drove off, Becca could see Jemima’s waving hands, the cab came back taking a U turn.

“Just joking Sis, I wanted you to laugh because you are looking like a bride who got dumped by her husband on the alter on her wedding day!!!!!” Jemima screamed with laughter as her head was already seen outside the cab, passing through the window, She withdrew her head after.

“Mima!!!!!” Becca yelled laughing as the car finally made it turn and drove off, She flagged down a cab with a big grin on her face, she entered and the cab drove off.


Becca just finished with her morning shift, she sat down some distance away under a shade and was eating, then she suddenly noticed a very beautiful and wealthy woman who just came down, a guy was talking to the woman but her expression was somehow. Becca wanted to push the urge of going to check out what is happening but she couldnt look away. She stood up and walked towards them.

“Good afternoon Ma’am” Becca said with all smiles and immediately she knew something was up.

“Good afternoon” The woman answered nervously while the guy whose face was covered in a hoodie, she noticed his hands were stucked in his cardigan, he was standing beside the woman, as the guy turned his head sideways, the woman blinked nervously and suddenly it hit her.

“Bastard!!!” Becca said as she snatched the hoodie away from the guy’s head “Wait??? What???!! Scorpion!!??” She said shocked and immediately the guy wanted to pull the woman to himself but Becca already pushed the woman behind her.

“Becca, what’s is your problem??? Whay are you disturbing my hustling??” Scorpion asked angrily as he punched Becca across her face, the corner of her lip began to bleed, the woman gasped.

“Stay where you are ma” Becca said as the woman made to come nearer to her as Scorpion dealt Becca blows, Becca suddenly raised up her head and her face was greatly injured, she punched him in his neck, before he could recover, she kicked him, he fell down, she sat on him and started to beat the hell out of him, crowd were gathered around looking at them.

“Someone should separate them!!!” Someone screamed.

“You say what!!???, if you love yourself better stay where you are, this is a fight either showing territorial boundaries or their street fight” Someone answered.

“At last the Queen of the street and Scorpion fought finally, the two has been at logger heads” Another person said,Becca stood up from the wounded and weak Scorpion.

“Have always told you, find something meaningful to do with your useless life, idiot, so you want to robbed the woman right, you wanna rob her of her hard earned money right???” Becca questioned angrily “If you do this again, it will be a bad ending fool!!!” She screamed at him, as someone came to the scene took Scorpion and left, both looking at Becca scornfully “Dismiss” She said and immediately everybody left leaving Becca and the woman.

“Thanks alot……” The woman was saying when Becca began feeling dizzy and drowsy “Hey!!!” The woman called “Are you alright???” She asked as she tapped Becca, who stood still and shook her head voraciously.

“Am fine ma, I hope he didn’t do anything to you, or stole anything from you???” Becca asked looking at the woman, who was wearing a short black gown with a white sneakers.

“He didn’t do anything and thanks for coming in time, hmmm, sorry I gotta go now, please treat your wounds and do give me a call” The woman said and handed a card to Becca, who took it but shock was written all over her face when she read the card.

“Oh my goodness!!!, Madam Veronica!!!” Becca screamed extremely shocked.


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