A Guy Named Available

A Guy Named Available Episode 32 -34


A Guy Named Available Episode 32 -34

When I got to the hospital Ndaweni was downcast and in so much thought, I handed him a flask
cup that had some hot chocolate and I placed the basket next to us that had some food. I was
about to start opening it when the nurse called me aside.
“Madam due to many casualty cases, it isn’t safe to eat from here. Carry your food and eat from a
car or something”
“Thank you…” I responded tiredly.
“Who is she to you?” the nurse asked.
“She is my boyfriend’s mother. That’s my boyfriend” I said as I pointed at Ndaweni.

The nurse nodded her head before she went back to work. I explained everything to Ndaweni and
we headed to the car where I forced him to eat some food, he was very quiet and I could see the
pain in his eyes. I had questions for him. I really wanted to ask why he did this to me but now
wasn’t the time. I decided to stick around and just be human enough to see past his foolishness.
When he ate his food we went inside the hospital and waited there. It was cold but we shared one
couch and even dosed off at some point. I heard a woman talking in my sleep and opened my
eyes; it was then that I saw a woman that resembled Ndaweni so much. She was his older sister,
the first born.
“Hai my dear” she greeted as I got out of my sleep.
“Halo..” I said
“Please you and Ndaweni can go and rest.. We will be here. Thank you so much my love” she

Ndaweni helped me up and asked me to go to the car while he spoke to his two older sisters. They
were both very kind and even told me I was really a wonderful lady. When Ndaweni and I headed
to my apartment I was very quiet, I drove all the way to my house and I was thinking he would just
pick his car but he asked to take a nap as he was exhausted. He begged me to wake him up when
the water was hot so he could take a bath and eat some food. I asked what he wanted to eat and
he mentioned he would love to have some oats if I had some. I always had oats in my house and
so I hurried on to prepare some while the geyser became hot.
When I took the porridge to the bedroom Ndaweni was peacefully sleeping and I shook him.
“Your breakfast is ready..” I said.
“What time is it?” he asked reluctantly as he rubbed his eyes
“It must be 6 now.. we arrived at 5” I responded.
“oh it was so dark.. thought it was still late. Let me have my bath first. Is the water hot?” he asked.
“yes… I have a spare toothbrush and face cloth” I said as I made sure the food was safely placed
on the cupboard.


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picked the face cloth and tooth brush and handed them over to him. While he had his bath in my
bathroom I decided to equally shower from the communal bathroom, I was still uncomfortable
looking clumsy in the morning in his presence so I quickly showered. Ndaweni took much longer in
the shower but I was well changed into a pink dress and chitenge. I didn’t realise how I became
sleepy and I was already dosing on the bed when he got done with his shower. I heard his phone
ring and that’s when i woke up. He was by the dressing mirror and I pretended to still be asleep
when he picked his phone. He was talking to his sister and from the look of things his mum had
woken up in the morning. I heard him thank his sister and it seemed his sister was asking him to
relax and that he should have enough rest. I noticed one thing; Ndaweni was babied in his family,
everyone treated him like a child.

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Anyway that was none of my business.
I felt Ndaweni cover me before he begun to eat his cereal, I pretended to still be in deep sleep but
my heart was dying to just ask many questions. Ndaweni had his food and I heard him walk out of
the bedroom and headed to the kitchen where he washed the dishes before returning. Being with
Ndaweni at the hospital had awakened something in me, I had serious love for him and seeing him
again especially in that state left me in a lot of confusion. I decided to wake up and maybe face
him, I wasn’t helping myself by being quiet but then again I did not want to seem inconsiderate, his
mother was unwell.
When I opened my eyes Ndaweni had just tacked in next to me.
“How was your trip?” I asked as a part of me crashed in inside.
“it was tiring and i just had to return to this” he replied
Hearing those words felt like a blade cutting through my chest. Ndaweni curled up next to me but I
sat upright and leaned my back against the headboard.
“Ndaweni I know there will never be a better time for me to discuss this.. I don’t want to pretend. I
am not ok” I said.


the matter honey? If it’s about the silence I already apologised. Please understand. I love
you honey and I really want to make it work. I love you” he said.
I cleared my throat… “No… It’s not about that. It’s about Natasha” I said.
Ndaweni swallowed hard and I knew he wasn’t innocent already. Every thought I had in my mind
about Natasha being delusional was false. He was actually guilty.
Ndaweni looked me in the eyes and repeated the most pathetic lie I had ever heard in my life.
“She is my sister’s niece; she comes to live with my maid when I travel. I just hate to leave the
maid alone you know I can’t trust the maid completely” he said.

“Oh is it?” I asked
“Yes my sisters husbands niece… so she’s basically my sisters niece” he said
“I see… so she lives with your sister?” I asked.
“No, she is a student at the university. She is studying economics and almost finishing” he said.
I took a deep sigh and smiled. Ndaweni had taken me for a serious fool but not for too long.
“Ok. I see… so why are you sleeping with your niece?. Since she was 17years old, no need to ask
how I know. She told me herself” I said.
Ndaweni swallowed hard as he tried to come up with an excuse but I was not buying anymore of
his lies.

“Ndaweni, please just leave my apartment. I have heard enough of your lies, you really think I am
a fool. Why did you just have to come into my life to waste my time? why? What did I ever do to
you? All this while I did nothing but love you. I was really into you and even though…”
My heart ached as I stopped. “Just get out” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks
“Really Thandiwe? Now? Now is the time you feel the need to discuss all your emotions? My
mother is in hospital for crying out loud! she is in pain and I don’t know whether or not she will
make it and you feel now is the best time to discuss your insecurities?”
“My insecurities? Don’t use mums illness as an excuse… Ndaweni do you know how this feels?”
“Enough!” Ndaweni yelled.

“You are so hell bound on just ruining my day, my day is hard enough. I am nursing my mother in
hospital and you are talking about foolish things.. Natasha really? What could she have possibly
told you that you believed? She is a child for crying out loud. What would I be doing with a child?
She is so young she can’t even be anything to me and she is my niece! Are you that crazy that
you are desperately looking for an excuse to blame me for you decision to leave?”
“Ndaweni, do you seriously think I am that crazy to come up with something that serious? She told
“Fine… let me leave your house. You have already chased me anyway, let me not waste my time
here” he said as he got up.
“or maybe we can call Natasha and hear what she has to say about this” I said angrily.

“Can you even listen to yourself? I don’t even have her number… look Natasha only comes when I
inform my sister that I am travelling. She calls her and asks her to be by my house and she usually
leaves when I return. I drop her back at school if I arrive very late but I usually arrive early. We
don’t have any connection whatsoever. She is just a girl I use to take care of my house when I am
away. You better believe me. I know nothing much about her character but she has never been a
problem, she gets along with my maid and in fact she got along with my ex too… Perhaps she
doesn’t like you because your reception was rude” he said.
I looked at Ndaweni with so much pain in my heart. Surely this guy had the audacity to lie to me.
Or was he telling me the truth? I was actually believing him.

“By the way, So you came to my house even when I said I wasn’t around? Just to prove I am not
cheating on you? Look if you have so many trust issues why are you with me? I’m not every man
and you are rubbing off your brokenness on me.. I am not doing anything and this is not helping us
in any way”
“Oh… so me coming to your house means I’m insecure? I have the key and as your woman I
would just like to pop by my man’s house just because I can. It’s my man’s house!! why on earth
did give me a key??”

“Really? Can you even listen to yourself? Look Thandiwe you can’t fool me. I know your intentions.
I know the reason you came to my house and pretending will not resolve a thing. You are free to
come anytime but just not to spy on me. Why are you with me if you don’t trust me? And as for
Natasha, I don’t believe she told you any of that stuff.. That is so ridiculous gosh! Really
Thandiwe? Look. My mother is unwell the last thing I need is this. You have wanted to leave me
for a while now, you go out without me, you throw parties without me , you even have a man
feeding you cake. Look Thandiwe you can’t fool me, if what you want is this relationship to end
then please just say it… I have no time for this…” he said before storming out.
I was so surprised. How could he be so angry? Did he really think I was lying?
“Ndaweni!” I shouted as I chased after him
Ndaweni drove off and I stood there looking foolish. Henry was just stepping out for work and he
greeted me.
“Neighbour are you ok?” he asked.
“You really don’t look fine” Henry said as he escorted me back inside the house.
“How is your patient and what time did you come?” he asked.
I relaxed on the couch while he stood waiting to hear my response.
“She is fine I guess… I don’t know… well… sorry I’m a little stressed. I really don’t feel like talking
right now” I replied.

Henry nodded his head before walking out. I was thinking about what to say to Ndaweni when I
realised how rude I must have been to Henry. The guy was so nice and he helped me out the
previous night, the least I could have done is be polite. I figured a sorry via text message would
actually be misinterpreted. I decided I would apologise when he was back.
I gathered enough strength to slaughter the chickens that I had put in a well-ventilated box in the
kitchen, to think they were still alive was shocking. I figured I would prepare one with some fried
rice and veggies. Perhaps that’s what i would share with Henry to say sorry. I was so exhausted
by the time I was done cleaning the chickens that I went to lie on the couch. I had made sure that
one was well marinated and put in the fridge to soak in the spices.
Khetiwe rang my phone around lunch hour as I had been very quiet, she was checking on me to
make sure all was well and i lied. I said all was well because at that point I just didn’t want my
mind confused with so many thoughts. Khetiwe would start with her lectures and i would be mad at
myself all over again for letting Ndaweni get away with making me feel foolish.
“I am fine…” I said confidently.
“Well I am proud of you and you will be better. One step at a time, he doesn’t deserve you” she

I listened attentively all the while thinking of what to say to Ndaweni, he seemed offended by my
insecurities. I really did have insecurities. I had not contacted Ndaweni the whole morning and
noon but after talking to Khetiwe I decided to drop him a text letting him know how much I loved
him. Ndaweni did not hesitate to respond letting me know he really loved me too. I was chaffed by
that message and my heart was at rest. I sent him another message explaining how I just feared
that the silence would tear us apart and he stated that he would do his best to make it work but he
was not cheating and I should never doubt him again.
I took a short nap in the living room and I didn’t realise Ndaweni had left me a text message
explaining that he would pass by after visiting his mum. I was fast asleep until I heard a knock on
my door. When I opened Ndaweni was by my door.

“Hai…” he greeted with a wide smile
“You look surprised to see me” he added
“Yes… I guess I wasn’t just expecting you” I said.
“Oh… I left you a text”
“you did?” I asked wonderingly.
“Yes… just check”
I let him in and headed to the kitchen to get him some cookies and a glass of juice.
“Thanks honey… let me first wash my hands” he said.
“No problem… Feel free” I said.
“To be honest even just a shower will do.. I am exhausted. I want to relax” he said.
In my mind I was wondering if this meant he wanted to pass the night but I let him know the geyser
was hot and he could shower if he so wished. Ndaweni headed to the shower and I handed him
my towel. He already had a face cloth and tooth brush in my bathroom so that was sorted.

“I have a t-shirt that you can wear.. I believe its big enough but I have no trousers… you would
have to recycle” I called out as he began his shower.
“ok.. thank you honey” he replied.
I took a deep sigh before drugging myself to the living room, I had no idea if I was doing the right
thing but I was doing it anyway so I guess I just had to continue. As Ndaweni showered, I put the
chicken in the grill and got started on the fried rice with veggies that I had planned to share with
Henry. Ndaweni joined me in the kitchen with just a towel which had covered his bottom.
“that smells good honey” he whispered as he pecked my cheek and wrapped his arms around my

I sensed he was trying to get too close and I asked him to allow me to cook first.
“ok honey.. I will be in the bedroom. Where is the remote by the way? I wanted to catch some
sport” he said.
I escorted him to my room and changed he channel for him before I returned to get dinner ready.
Luckily, I was just getting done when I heard Henry pull over. Ndaweni was too busy focussing on
his game and the bedroom was far anyway so he couldn’t hear me. I scooped some food on a
plate and carried a bottle of wine from my fridge; I hoped Henry would accept the gesture and
hopefully forgive me. I placed the wine bottle down and then knocked on Henry’s door.
“Who’s there?” he asked.
“Your neighbour”
Henry quickly opened and he was quite surprised seeing me with a plate of food.

“I wanted to apologise for how rude I was this morning so I prepared dinner for us to share but my
boyfriend popped up. Well I decided to come and give you some nonetheless… I shouldn’t have
been that rude” I said.
I realised the whole time I was talking Henry was staring right into my eyes which made me very

“ok.. here” I said as I handed him the plate and I quickly picked the wine bottle and handed it over
to him too.
“I hope you forgive me, enjoy your food and lovely night” I said as I hurried away.
Henry remained standing there like he had seen a ghost.

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