A Night With Him

A Night With Him episode 19



🍂Chapter 19


Irene screamed but the unknown woman didn’t make her scream for long before pushing her into the water.

She was a good swimmer but the shock almost made her drown and when she could finally manage to bring out her head.
All that escaped from her mouth was “Help”
Going unconscious, the last thing she heard was running footsteps.

“Irene, Irene” She heard faintly. It felt like she was in a dark enclosed state and trying to open her eyes kinda seemed impossible.
“She’s breathing” She heard a familiar voice said and then she felt a warm hand touch hers.
Her eyes opened almost instantly and she saw pairs of eyes staring down at her.


The first person she recognized was Harold.
He’s wearing such a worried look, same with Nola and then Tom, Eric,Ivory and Alex!

She remembered what had happened in an instant and her mouth went unpleasantly dry.

“Irene!” Ivory called and she realised it was the girl’s warm hand that had taken her out of the dark state.
Her eyes were filled with unshed tears and she tried not to hug Ivory.

“Are you okay?” Harold asked her.
She nodded.
He’s still clad in his office wears and his tie was the only thing out of place.
She felt bad, knowing she must have worried everyone.
“What happened?” Nola asked, staring down at her in pity.

“Where was she anyway?” Irene wondered as she stared at the ceiling.
This isn’t her room ceiling and the bed she was lying on doesn’t feel like hers either.

She couldn’t get to look around properly cause they were all hovering over her, blocking her view in the process.
She needed space but of course she couldn’t tell them that and she was still so confused.

What had happened to her?
Did someone really pushed her or was it just hallucination?
Had she slipped?
She blinked in confusion, not wanting to believe someone had pushed her.
She shuddered at the thought.
“Y’all should leave” Harold said sensing Irene needed time to herself.
“And Alex,give Doc Fern a call not to bother anymore” Harold said.
“Okay Mr Harold” Alex said.
They all left but ivory refused to.
“Ivory, including you” Harold said and she pouted.
“C’mon” Harold said.
She hesitated “Will she be fine?”
“Yes she’ll be, just go join Nola in the kitchen” Harold said and she walked away.
“I don’t know what you did to my daughter” Harold said and Irene,even though in a confused state, smiled.
She noticed she wasn’t laying on a bed after all,she was on a couch in the living room.
A thick towel was draped over her and it shifted slightly as she sat up.
She was still clad in her wears which clung tightly to her body.
Harold sat gently beside her and sighed.
“So, what really happened?” He asked and Irene stared at him beneath her lashes.
She hates bothering anyone.
She resumed days ago and she’s already keeping everyone on their toes.
What the hell is wrong with her?
Was it clumsiness?
No, she was never clumsy.


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sorry to have bothered you,Mr harold” She said feeling so bad.
“No, don’t be sorry over that. I should be glad you’re fine” Harold said.
Irene who couldn’t ignore how her heart kept beating fast simply because of how close Harold is.
Her whole body was at alert and she hated herself for feeling that way.

“Did you..rushed down home because of me?” Irene asked.
“Not really, i was actually done at work when i got the call” Harold said rubbing the back of his neck on sighting how Irene’s vest had clung to her [email protected]
It’s almost turning him on and he secretly cursed himself.

He shouldn’t be thinking of this!
This lady just got rescued from drowning!
He sighed and unbottened the first button on his shirt.
“Irene, you shouldn’t have swim if you’re not very good at it . Or you should have called Tom to put you through” Harold said.
He had almost tripped while rushing out of his office after he got Tom’s call.

“Im a good swimmer but I..i hadn’t even attempted to swim” Irene said.
Harold noticed that was true cause she was brought out of the pool fully clad.
If she had wanted to swim,she would have changed into something else.
“So what happened?” Harold asked and observed Irene had a faraway look in her eyes.
“I..so..i was standing by the edge of the pool…” Irene paused still failing to believe someone had actually pushed her.
“And?” Harold prompted.
“I think i slipped and fell into the pool” Irene concluded.
“You think? You’re not sure?” Harold asked.
“I am. I’m sure i slipped” Irene said.
“Ohh, I’m glad you’re fine now. You have to be extra careful from now on” Harold said and Irene nodded.
“Thanks Mr Harold and I’m sorry for bothering everyone once again” Irene said.
“Com’on, it’s cool. ” Harold smiled and her heart skipped a beat.


about him is just so desirable.
His smile alone can melt hundreds of heart including hers even is she’s not ready to admit it.
Why hadn’t she noticed it before?
She had been trying so hard to ignore how he makes her feel just in a short period of time .
“Go get changed into a dry wear,so you’ll feel better” Harold suggested.
“Ohh” Irene stared down at her body.
“Thanks” She said,slowly rising to her feet”
A thick strand of w€t hair clung to her forehead and Harold found himself reaching out to tuck it behind her ear.
He smiled at her after she looked at him in surprise.

Did he just tuck her hair behind her ear?
A billionaire had just…
And she had trembled under his touch.
No, she had trembled because of the cold right?

“I’ll walk you to your room” Harold offered.
“Never mind Mr Harold, I’ll be fine” Irene said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes” She said, hugging the towel tightly.
She’s feeling so cold.
“We’ll meet over dinner then” Harold said and Irene nodded.

She walked up the stairs with her mind occupied.

Her sudden feelings and what had happened at the pool really puzzled her.
What’s going on with her?
She should be able to remember if she had slipped but the thought of someone pushing her kept replaying in her memory.

If someone did pushed her.
Who could it be?

No, no one had pushed her.
She should just leave it that way.

She walked into her room and closed the door behind her.
She dropped the towel and slipped out of her clothes before walking into the bathroom.
She felt incredibly refreshed after taking a warm bath.
She dried her body as she riffled through her wardrobe for a simple wear.
She finally settled for a thick cream sweater her stepmum had made for her and blue shorts.
She stood in front of the oval mirror drying her hair after getting dressed.
It wasn’t completely dry so she left it to fall down her waist.
She should rest as she’s having signs of headache but she needed to go help Nola with dinner.
She knew Nola wouldn’t mind if she doesn’t help her but she just want to be with someone and engage in a healthy conversation.
She hates to think about what just happened to her.

It’s so weird.

She slide her feet into her footwear and walked out of her room .


“Hey there” Nola said as Irene walked into the kitchen.
She was setting down ingredients,about to start preparing dinner.
Irene gave a short smile.
“I hope you’re fine now?” Nola said.
“Yes Nola” Irene said.
“You should have just rested, i would have called on you when dinner is ready”
“No, i don’t want to be alone” Irene said washing her hands in the sink.
“Ohh. Harold told me you slipped into the pool, please next time, you should be very careful” Nola said.
“Thanks Nola” Irene said as she wiped her hands off a clean napkin.

“So, what are we having for dinner?”


“Yummy” Ivory giggled.

They were having dinner and atmosphere seems cool.
“Yeah, i must admit the meal’s great” Harold smiled.
“Irene, i love your sweater” Ivory said.
“Ohh… really? Thanks” Irene smiled.
“Dad i want one too” Ivory said.
“Okay. Irene which designer made it?” Harold asked.
“Well…it’s handmade. My mum made it” Irene said proudly.
“She’s so talented!” Nola exclaimed.
“Yes, she’s extremely good at knitting,she performs wonders with her hands” Irene said.
“Uhmm, that sounds nice” Harold said.
“Can you please tell your mum i want one too” Ivory said.
“Ivory” Harold chided.
“Ohh…never mind Irene” Ivory said, noting the look her father gave her.
“No, it’s completely fine Mr Harold, my mum would gladly make it for her” Irene said.
“That’ll be stressful, never mind Irene” Harold said.
“No! I want Ivory to have one too” Irene insisted and Harold sighed glancing at his daughter who so much admired the sweater.

“Okay then, you should tell me the price later” Harold said, biting into a spicy chicken.
“How can i possibly charge Ivory for just a sweater? I can’t and I’m sure my mum would even scold me for the charges. It’s free and my mum would gladly make more for you if you want” Irene said.
“Yaay” Ivory giggled.
“Thanks Irene” She added and Harold sighed in resignation, leaving them to continue their conversation.


“Thanks for your care earlier Ivory” Irene said as she tucked Ivory in bed.
Ivory nodded ” Dad said you slipped into the pool”
“Yes” Irene said.
“Are you sure?” Ivory asked curiously.
“Huh? ”
“No one has ever slipped into the pool, though i have my own pool and can’t be so sure but I’ve never heard anyone slip into dad’s pool but there’s a first time for everything right?” Ivory smiled and Irene nodded.

She definitely hadn’t slipped!

“Someone had pushed her!” Irene breathing hastened as she accepted the cold truth.

“So to our bedtime stories” Ivory grinned.
“Ohh.. yeah” Irene said.

Irene walked into her room slowly.

She’s scared.
Those cold hands that gripped her neck..
“Oh no!” She swallowed, quickly sitting on her bed.
Thinking of it alone made her knees weak.
Someone is after her.
That gunshot in the car too…

It hadn’t been for Harold, that gunshot had been meant for her.
All these started the moment she resumed here.
No one has ever tried to hurt her or even tried to kill her.
The only time she knew she was threatened was when she still worked for Madam Perse.
Other s£x workers had threatened her out of jealousy but that’s definitely not the case now.
Who could be after her life?

Is she also gonna die like her parents?
“Who’s gonna take care of her Damien and her mum” She thought,tears burning the back of her throat.

She hugged Harold’s robe around her body, trying hard not to cry.
“You’re strong Irene, you’re strong” She whispered to herself.

She sniffed back her tears when she heard a knock on her door.
“Hey Irene it’s me” She heard Harold say and she sat upright.
What does he want?” she thought as she stood up.

She walked to the door and sighed before opening it.

And truly, he was standing there in another cool robe of his .
He’s obviously ready to sleep.
“Hey” He said.
“Hi” Irene replied nervously.
“Is Ivory asleep?” Harold asked rubbing the back of his neck.
“Yes she is” Irene said.
“Okay” Harold said,still not knowing how to ask Irene to join him in the library.
He already set the fireplace and placed wines and glass cups.

“Do you want me to do anything for you?” Irene asked.
“Not really but are you ready to go to bed now?” Harold asked.
“I might still stay up for some minutes, I’m not feeling sleepy yet” Irene said, thinking of going to the library.
Reading will at least take her mind off those thoughts.
“Okay, will you come with me to the library? I lit the fireplace already” Harold said and saw Irene’s eyes brightened.
He smiled, knowing she won’t refuse him.

“Yes!” Irene said, embarrassed she had allowed her excitement show.
“You should at least have some pride Irene!” She scolded herself inwardly.
“Okay, come with me” Harold said and Irene stepped out of the door and closed it behind her.
She walked side by side with Harold and she have to admit she felt inferior.
Harold is way taller and huger than her, one could easily feel his presence anywhere.


“Wow!” Irene exclaimed as she stepped into the library.
“You never told me there are wines too” She smiled, walking closer to the fireplace.
“Yeah, just to keep us awake while reading” Harold said.
“Thank you” Irene said wondering why he’s being so nice to her.
He’s nice to other workers top but he’s nicer to her.

She searched the collection of books for the one she’ll read.
Just so sad Harold adores mystery novels.
She doesn’t enjoy them.
“Here, i bought you some romanctic novels” Harold said behind her.
“Huh?” She said turning in the process.
Her hands flew to her mouth when she saw the novels on the table.

Not one, not two, neither three but more than dozens which she couldn’t even count by just standing here and looks like they were all her written by her favorite author.

Lynne Graham.

“Oh…my” she said slowly.
She didn’t know what to say or do next.
The next minute she found herself screaming in excitement and flying into his arms.

She heard him laugh and was he hugging her back?

Well…she didn’t care at that moment.
She was just too excited to think of any other thing.

“Alex what are you doing here?” Irene heard Harold said and her excitement died down immediately.


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