Village In Confusion

Village In Confusion – episode 10

Episode 10
Ngozi left the house after Mr Adaka also left. Already, she had gotten enough information to broadcast to her friend, Chioma. She’s also the type that doesn’t hide anything and say her mind at anytime and any moment not minding the consequences or who the person she’s referring to is. Nevertheless, she hurried to Chioma’s residence.
On the other hand, Ubiji was on his way coming back from his uncle whom he had told his plans of getting a loan from the bank. He walked gently on a lonely road thinking about his life to the extent he hardly noticed a passerby. He wore a yellow T-shirt and a pair of jean trouser. Though, he came from a poor background but dresses neatly. As he was deep in thought walking sluggishly on the way, Adaku, chief Ebube’s daughter passed him after greeting, but she was surprise that he didn’t answer the greeting. So she had to stop and touched him before Ubiji realized himself.
“What has taken your mind to the extent of not noticing me or my greeting?” Adaku asked.
“I’m sorry” Ubiji looked at her from up to down to behold another damsel standing before him. Adaku also wore a pair of jean trouser that gave her butt a shape that every man would like. She was quite tall but was not as fair as Chioma. Though, she had not always been in the village but Ubiji recognised her. Therefore he said, “I heard about what happened last night. Sorry for that”
“Thanks, but you have not answered my question” Adaku looked straight into his eyes. “What bothers you?” she asked again in a low concerned voice.
“Nothing, don’t bother yourself. It’s a personal issue”
“Then make me your personal person and tell me the personal issue”
Ubiji smiled at her words then remained speechless. As he wanted to explain, Ngozi came around. Seeing both in a close position, she gathered another news to be broadcasted. “Good-day, Ubiji” she greeted but didn’t look at Adaku.
“Good-day, Ngozi” Ubiji replied.
“Have u seen Chioma?”
“No, i guess she’s at her place”
“That’s where I’m going now” Ngozi began her journey again.
“Okay, my regards to her” Ubiji concluded then concentrated on Adaku again who had been smiling for a reason best known to her. “What?” Ubiji asked her.
“Nothing, i know little about Chioma but..” she paused.
“But what?”
“Why would this girl ask you about her?”
“Coz Chioma is my fiancee”
“Really?” Adaku became surprise and at the same time slightly jealous. “Is okay, i guess you’ll tell me your personal issue next time. Your name is Ubiji, right? Bye..” she walked out smiling which Ubiji didn’t understand the meaning. He exhaled deeply then walked out too.
Ngozi got to Chioma’s residence and made sure her father, Dike wasn’t present before she start broadcasting her info. Already, Dike had gone to see his boys for the sharing of the money stolen the previous day.
“Chioma!” Ngozi called in a loud voice, but finally met Chioma at the backyard washing clothes.
“Ngozi, why shouting my name?” Chioma replied.
“Why won’t i shout your name? Is it better than my own name?”
“Abeg, carry your troublesome character go” Chioma smiled.
“Guess what?” Ngozi took a seat.
“What, Asiri girl?”
“You know i will always say what i hear and see”
“What have u seen and heard this time around?”
“You know Adaku..”
“Chief Ebube’s daughter, abi” Chioma interrupted. “I heard they were robbed yesterday after they came back from the city. Adaku use to be my friend but ever since she left the village, she has totally forgotten me. Even as she’s back, she’s claiming big girl for me” she paused then Ngozi stared at her quietly. “What?”
“Look at how u just interrupted and jumped into my own gossip” Ngozi replied and Chioma laughed.
“Overtaking is allowed”
“Overtaking my foot! Anyways, that’s not what i wanted to tell you”
“What else?” Chioma became enthusiastic.
“I saw Adaku and Ubiji discussing on my way here” Ngozi replied then Chioma left the cloth she was washing and thought for a while.
“It doesn’t mean anything. U just saw them discussing na” she continued washing.
“But i don’t trust that girl oh”
“Abeg, change topic. Ubiji i know can’t be stupid”
“You think so? Anyways, let me help u wash” Ngozi began to wash with her totally forgetting the other information she gathered from her father and Mr Adaka.
Ubiji came out from his house but couldn’t believe who he saw. So he stood er-ct staring at the person. “Adaku?” he called.
“Hi” Adaku replied smiling seriously. She was then on leggings trouser.
“Ha-ha-how did you know my place” Ubiji stammered.
“It’s obvious”
“Umm.. why are u here?”
“Won’t you offer me a seat first?” Adaku requested. Ubiji brought her a seat but she refused and said, “I want to stay inside the house”
“Sure” Ubiji led her into the house. Unfortunately, Chioma was on her way coming too..

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